Lady Cultivator - Chapter 113 - Sunu Art of the Origin

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Chapter 113: Sunu Art of the Origin

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Having finished cultivating her macrocosmic orbit, Mo Tiange stopped and opened her eyes.

Since she started cultivating in this place, she discovered that her cultivation was progressing at an unimaginable speed. Since she was endowed with five spiritual roots, it was normally hard to retain spiritual aura inside her body, but in this place, there were lots of five-elements spiritual auras present, resulting in her spiritual aura absorption rate to be several times quicker than it was on Mount Taikang!

Normally, the density of spiritual aura influenced the speed of spiritual aura absorption, but since her spiritual roots were bad, even in areas with dense spiritual aura, her spiritual aura absorption speed was only twice as fast at most and had never reached outrageous speeds of four to five times quicker like this. In addition, in the six months since she entered the Foundation Building realm, her cultivation level had always been stagnant, but in the two days since she arrived here, her cultivation level was unexpectedly progressing at an incredible speed.

From the moment she handed the manual for the Art of Sunu to Zhong Muling, he had shut himself inside to study it. The other master, Yuan Bao, was very friendly and told her many things. From him, she finally discovered why her cultivation was progressing so quickly.

This place was called Virtual Sky World. Reportedly, in the Distant Past era, men of great divine power shattered the void to create their own independent spaces where both water and light existed, where they could sustain life cycles of their own, and where other people wouldn’t be able to enter without permission—in other words, in those spaces, the masters were Gods.

In the distant past, a Virtual Sky World was also considered magical; only men of great divine power could have one. In today’s world, it could even be considered as a heaven-defying existence. In this place, both the spiritual aura and the environment were identical to the world in the Distant Past era, so cultivation would progress very quickly. Zhong Muling happened to obtain one by chance.

Mo Tiange was quite envious. It was practically a portable Immortal’s Cave—one that had dense spiritual aura, was extremely safe and suitable to serve as a hiding place, and was a first-class tool to escape if anybody came to kill you. When she discovered that after reaching the Deification realm, its master could fly it the way others controlled magic weapons, she became even more envious.

However, she also knew these spaces weren’t ordinary things. Even in the eyes of reclusive Deification experts, these were also considered as heaven-defying. Daoist Yuan Bao also said that according to their knowledge, aside from them, only one other reclusive Deification cultivator had one of these Virtual Sky Worlds. Hence, Mo Tiange only thought about it for a bit and did nothing more.

Regarding Senior Yuan Bao, Mo Tiange actually felt very curious about him. It seemed like he hadn’t met any outsiders for a very long time, so he told her many things with excitement, allowing her to learn a lot.

As it turned out, not only did her Great Ancestor, Zhong Muling, possess the Spiritual Roots of the Origin, the amounts of Yin and Yang inside him were also equal—his body was an example of the purest Neutral Body. Zhong Muling’s blood was called Blood of Heaven’s Origin. This Blood of Heaven’s Origin was possessed only by people with both Spiritual Roots of the Origin and a Neutral Body—an excellent primer for concocting pills.

When Zhong Muling was young, he entered a cultivation group that specialized in pill-concocting. His master treated him very well, so he never realized that his constitution was special. Later, after his master passed away and his martial uncle imprisoned him, he finally realized he wasn’t the same as others. He then fled the cultivation group and encountered a lot of things. Despite struggling along the way, he managed to cultivate until the Core Formation realm and his situation finally improved slightly. After that, while relying on the wonderful effects of the Art of the Origin and Blood of Heaven’s Origin, he advanced into the Deification realm in one go and went into seclusion.

After listening to all of this, Mo Tiange suddenly felt a bit closer to this ancestor. Her Pure Yin Constitution had always caused misfortune in her life, so she always had to be very cautious about everything. This inevitably made her feel depressed. However, this ancestor unexpectedly had similar troubles to her. The fact that he was able to cultivate to the Deification realm despite being in similar circumstances as her gave her a huge boost of confidence. Since he could do it with the Art of the Origin, she had to do it too!

As for Daoist Yuan Bao, he said his life was much simpler. He was born in a large cultivation clan and grew up inside a prominent cultivation group. Because he was born with a Pure Yang Constitution and a single spiritual root, he was treasured by his division and clan ever since he was young. Furthermore, he had a pure mind, so he cultivated smoothly until the Nascent Soul realm then made a breakthrough into the Deification realm. Deification cultivators were usually indifferent about worldly affairs. Coupled with the fact that Yuan Bao’s friends and immediate family had all passed away, he felt that his life was dull, so he eventually left his group and clan.

Mo Tiange felt extremely envious of him. Although Zhong Muling was also considered a talented man according to the standards of the Distant Past era, he still had to endure a lot of hardships to make some achievements. This Yuan Bao, however, was born a genius and was always raised with the utmost care by his group and clan. His journey in cultivation was too smooth. It was so smooth that he made Mo Tiange, who was innately an attractor of many hardships, feel jealous. She couldn’t help but wonder if Zhong Muling’s nasty attitude towards Yuan Bao was perhaps caused by similar thoughts as hers.

Yuan Bao met Zhong Muling when he was in the peak stage of the Nascent Soul realm and was about to advance into the Deification realm. To become a Deity, he had to first become a person. Ever since he was a child, Yuan Bao had lived in either his clan or his cultivation group, so he didn’t have the slightest understanding of the world. For this reason, Yuan Bao left both his group and clan and wandered all over the world. One day, while he was staying at a certain market square in the cultivation world and was in a bored daze, he saw Zhong Muling repeatedly passing in front of him. On a whim, Yuan Bao followed him, planning to play tricks on him. Thus, the two of them were acquainted.

In the beginning, the two of them were nothing but “a senior teasing a junior,” but who would’ve guessed that Zhong Muling would also advance to the Deification realm? From that point onward, the two of them finally became real friends. Cultivating in this world was too hard. From among the few living Deification cultivators, they were the only two who were similar in age. Out of loneliness, the two of them lived in seclusion together to keep each other company and remained that way for several thousand years…

While he was discussing this matter, the loneliness in his gaze was very apparent. He also seemed very glad to have someone accompanying him. Mo Tiange couldn’t help but lament inwardly.

They had no idea how long Deification cultivators lived; after all these years, they still didn’t know the limit. Even Yuan Bao, who sounded like a simple-minded person, also felt lonely. Wasn’t having a long life the purpose of cultivation? If they still felt lonely and sad in the end, why would one pursue longevity?

Yuan Bao smiled and said that although having a long life was lonely, there were many beautiful things one had to live to experience. Therefore, if he had to choose again, he would still embark on the path of cultivation and walk on the road to longevity. Mortals’ lifespans were too short, and the several dozen years they had would be over before they got the chance to experience some things properly. Besides, there were inevitably some ways to combat loneliness, but if you died, you wouldn’t be able to experience anything.

In addition to this, Yuan Bao also told Mo Tiange some things about Mo Yaoqing. Mo Tiange’s suspicions were right; between Mo Yaoqing and Zhong Muling, they were only husband and wife in name, without the typical feelings between a husband and wife.

Years ago, in order to form her Nascent Soul, Mo Yaoqing lured Zhong Muling into her scheme and obtained an opportunity to perform Dual Cultivation. Because Zhong Muling, for some reason, really wanted to have an heir and because he owed Mo Yaoqing a favor, he didn’t pursue this matter. Later, after he advanced to the Deification realm, he finally discovered that Mo Yaoqing had indeed given birth to their descendant caused by the single night they spent together. Unfortunately, at that time Mo Yaoqing’s lifespan was already exhausted and she already passed away. Nevertheless, Zhong Muling still felt delighted and grateful towards Mo Yaoqing. Although he traveled around the world inside the Virtual Sky World, whenever he happened upon the Celestial Pole, Zhong Muling always checked in on his living descendants.

After he spoke about this, Mo Tiange felt quite relieved. Zhong Muling wanted heirs, and although his descendants were surnamed Mo, he always looked after them. In that case, he was certainly going to provide her with a bit more care.

Just as this thought flashed across her mind, a voice suddenly appeared in her ears. It said, “Tiange, come to my room.”

It was Zhong Muling’s voice. Mo Tiange stood up and straightened her robes.

Upon finding out that the master of this place was her own ancestor, she naturally felt ecstatic. However, ever since she started cultivating, she had encountered many things, so her mental state was already very tranquil and it only took her a short while to calm herself down.

She inherited her Spiritual Roots of the Origin from this great ancestor. Out of consideration for these spiritual roots, which had been hard to find for the past several thousand years, this great ancestor treated her extremely well. He even hinted that he was going to bestow a cultivation technique upon her. Mo Tiange didn’t have many wishes. As long as she could obtain a suitable cultivation technique, she would already feel satisfied.

“Greetings to Great Ancestor.”

Zhong Muling was sitting on a praying mat. He pointed at a spot across from him. Once Mo Tiange sat down, he asked kindly, “Do you perhaps know what’s great about Spiritual Roots of the Origin?”

Mo Tiange answered, “Junior knows Spiritual Roots of the Origin is one of the unusual spiritual roots, but junior doesn’t know its real usefulness.”

Zhong Muling smiled and wasn’t at all surprised by her answer. After all, only a few knew the benefits of having Spiritual Roots of the Origin.

“The so-called Origin is the Primal Chaos. At the beginning of the world, the world was just a formless mass we now know as Primal Chaos. Then the five elements were born, and Yin and Yang started to grow, forming a world where the five elements reinforced and neutralized each other, a world where Yin and Yang moved in an endless cycle, and a world that could continuously grow and sustain itself. Spiritual Roots of the Origin refers to a kind of spiritual root that consists of five-element spiritual roots that are equal in power. Because their powers are equal, a balance can be achieved inside the body. Do you understand everything up to this point?”

Mo Tiange was somewhat shocked. The so-called Primal Chaos was the origin of the world. Could Spiritual Roots of the Origin really be explained like this? She composed herself, pondered for a moment then said slowly, “Great Ancestor means… people with Spiritual Roots of the Origin have to build a world of Primal Chaos inside them?”

Zhong Muling nodded and said, “Correct. This was a cultivation technique used during the Distant Past era but gradually disappeared. I dare say that aside from me, there’s no one else who can cultivate in this way now.”

“I see…” She had never thought that this Spiritual Roots of the Origin was actually related to the Distant Past era—so this meant her spiritual roots were excellent?

“I also obtained this cultivation technique by accident. If I hadn’t though, I would only be a cultivator with five spiritual roots; my spiritual roots would be nothing but wasted spiritual roots.”

“Your Pure Yin Constitution actually isn’t suitable to cultivate with Spiritual Roots of the Origin. Know this—the key elements of Primal Chaos are the existence of five elements as well as Yin and Yang. Back then, I happened to have a Yin and Yang Neutral Body, so my cultivation progressed rapidly. But you’re not the same. Pure Yin can’t grow, and Pure Yang can’t live.”

Once she heard Zhong Muling saying all this, Mo Tiange felt her heart suddenly becoming cold. She had just developed expectations of her spiritual roots. Had she felt happy over nothing?

Zhong Muling laughed when he saw her expression. He said, “A Pure Yin Constitution and Spiritual Roots of the Origin are both rare; you actually have both of them, but that ironically put you at a disadvantage as a result. Nevertheless, you don’t have to feel dejected. Pure Yin Constitution has its advantages. Furthermore, it’s not like you can’t practice the Art of the Origin. Whether it’s Yin or Yang, all have five elements. You should cultivate the five elements of Yin first. In these past two days, I’ve studied your Art of Sunu carefully and made a few modifications. I’ve mixed the Art of the Origin into it. Let’s just call it the Sunu Art of the Origin.”

Zhong Muling pointed at the two Jade Slips on the table and said, “This is the original Art of the Origin, known as Taiyuan Record. This is the Sunu Art of the Origin that I’ve modified. I don’t have a Pure Yin Constitution, so everything about this Sunu Art of the Origin came from my deductions. Therefore, I’m also giving you this Taiyuan Record. If you feel the Sunu Art of the Origin isn’t suitable for you, you can modify this Taiyuan Record.”

After Mo Tiange heard that, she felt quite overwhelmed. She already thought it was great that Zhong Muling was willing to modify her cultivation technique; it had never crossed her mind that he would directly give the Art of the Origin to her and even say those things.

“Great Ancestor, I…”

Zhong Muling said, “Although you’re my descendant, I can’t let you remain in Virtual Sky World. This Virtual Sky World is a space of the Distant Past era, and the speed your cultivation would indeed be quick if you cultivate here. However, without experiencing the outside world, your mental state would definitely be inadequate. That would become a problem when you form your Gold Core. Nowadays, you’re already an elite disciple of a prestigious school and your future looks clear, so I won’t keep you here. You can stay here for some time and practice this Sunu Art of the Origin to see if it’s feasible. I’ll also give you some treasures later on—consider them as a display of affection between blood relations.”

“Yes,” Mo Tiange answered. In fact, she had never had any delusions she could stay here. After all, she and this great ancestor were separated by several thousands of years; the blood relation between them was already weak. It was already great that he was willing to take care of her.

Seeing how smart she was, Zhong Muling appeared to feel quite sorry for her. He said, “In the next few days, you can directly ask me if you have problems. Although I won’t be able to take care of everything for you, I won’t let you be bullied by others.”