Lady Cultivator - Chapter 110 - Advice

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Chapter 110: Advice

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Luo Fengxue sneered. She had always been a slick person; if she encountered humans, she would speak their language, and if she encountered ghosts, she would speak their language. She had never confronted others right to their faces. However, she didn’t care about that right now. Ridicule was apparent in her stare as she said, “Second Martial Sister, with your present condition, I wouldn’t be attracted to you, let alone Martial Uncle Shoujing!”

Wei Jiasi was originally a pretty woman, but right now, she was angered by Luo Fengxue to the point that her face distorted. She stretched out her hand, and a scarlet-red little flag appeared in that hand.

Luo Fengxue neither moved nor showed any weakness. Instead, she took another step forward and said, “Don’t tell me you even want to attack your fellow disciples? Second Martial Sister, stop making mistakes!”

A conflicted expression appeared on Wei Jiasi’s face. Although she was angry, she was also remorseful for taking her magic tool out. In the end, she recalled the flag back.

Seeing her like that, Luo Fengxue’s expression also softened. She said slowly, “Second Martial Sister, I’ve been master’s disciple ever since I was a child. When I was a child, you and eldest martial sister always took care of me, played with me, taught me to cultivate… You’re a very intelligent and respectable person. Although we’re not as close as we used to be, I still don’t want to watch you walk down the wrong path.”

“Second Martial Sister, think about it; Martial Uncle Shoujing is already in the middle stage of the Core Formation realm now. With his cultivation speed, it’s possible he’ll form his Nascent Soul within the next 100 years. If he forms his Nascent Soul, will a mere Foundation Building disciple attract his attention? You know perfectly well that aside from cultivating, Martial Uncle Shoujing doesn’t like anything else. If your cultivation level cannot match his, how would he possibly pay attention to you?”

Shock emerged on Wei Jiasi’s face. Soon afterward, her gaze fell onto Mo Tiange’s body.

Mo Tiange didn’t understand. She knew Wei Jiasi’s gaze meant Wei Jiasi was afraid of her hearing these things. But she had already heard most of it; was there anything left that she shouldn’t hear?

Just as Mo Tiange was thinking to herself, Luo Fengxue already understood Wei Jiasi’s meaning. She turned towards Mo Tiange and said, “Tiange, we’re far from Luoyan Cliff. There might be some demonic beasts in the vicinity. Could you please stay on the lookout for them?”

Mo Tiange instantly understood her meaning. The relationship between the two of them was deeper than their relationship with her; maybe there were some things that couldn’t be said freely in her presence. Thus, she nodded and said, “You two can talk. I’ll go take a look around.”

“En.” Luo Fengxue only gave a short response, yet her eyes revealed that she was grateful.

Mo Tiange smiled, turned around and left.

Once she saw Mo Tiange’s silhouette fading away, Luo Fengxue waved her hand, creating a Sound-Insulating Barrier that surrounded her and Wei Jiasi.

“Senior Martial Sister, if you have anything else to say, you can say it now. Maybe there are some things you’re misunderstanding…”

Wei Jiasi was staring at the spot where Mo Tiange was earlier. Her gaze seemed to contain some mixed feelings. At this moment, she dropped her gaze and said in a low voice, “Fengxue, since you already know, I won’t hide it from you. At first, I didn’t dare to hope for too much, but ever since she came—”

“… Senior Martial Sister, are you saying Martial Uncle Shoujing treats Tiange differently?”

Wei Jiasi nodded. She then said with a bitter smile, “I know you’ve always looked down on me in this matter. How could I be willing to let others look down on me? However, you’ve never fallen for anyone. You can’t understand…”

“Senior Martial Sister, I did feel disdain about this matter before, so please forgive me. Although I don’t understand romantic feelings, I know we’re not mortal women. Naturally, we mustn’t act the same as mortals. In the cultivation world, the only thing that matters is our cultivation levels. Maybe Martial Uncle Shoujing has never eyed any woman for so many years because there’s never been a woman worthy enough. Senior Martial Sister, don’t you like Martial Uncle Shoujing because he’s different from ordinary male disciples?”

Wei Jiasi was silent. Luo Fengxue was speaking so directly, but Wei Jiasi couldn’t deny any of it. Not to mention Martial Uncle Shoujing’s looks and identity – all of this was superficial in the end, but why had she fallen for him then?

She carefully thought back. In the beginning, when she noticed that this martial uncle wasn’t much older than her yet he was able to cleanse his heart, restrict his desires and cultivate diligently, she secretly admired him. Later, upon seeing how his means were indeed different from disciples like her and how quickly his cultivation progressed from one realm to the next, she gradually fell for him. If his cultivation level wasn’t high, how would she feel about him?

As she thought about this, a chill ran down her spine. She had always thought highly of herself, but now she finally realized that she was actually the same as those women!

“Second Martial Sister!”

Wei Jiasi regained her train of thought. She softly shook her head and said, “I’m all right.”

Luo Fengxue watched her with concern and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

For a moment, Wei Jiasi couldn’t come up with an answer. She hesitated for a long time before she answered, “Fengxue, do you perhaps think I’m just as frivolous as those female disciples? That because martial uncle is young but has a high cultivation level, I…”

“That’s perfectly okay.” Luo Fengxue laughed and said, “Martial Uncle Shoujing’s mannerisms and behavior are indeed different from those other senior martial brothers of ours; it’s only natural to be attracted to him. Senior Martial Sister, you also know I’m not too fond of cultivating; I’m more interested in the power of the school. I’m only a layperson, which is why I can see things clearly.”

“You… are the smart one here.” Wei Jiasi then looked in the direction Mo Tiange was headed and asked softly, “Fengxue, she and you have always been close. Do you think martial uncle really…”

Before she finished, Luo Fengxue already shook her head and said, “Second Martial Sister, you shouldn’t be overly suspicious. I don’t think Martial Uncle Shoujing has any feelings towards Tiange.”

“But then why does martial uncle want to keep his identity hidden from her?”

“…” Luo Fengxue also looked puzzled. “I think… Martial Uncle Shoujing definitely has his own reasons. If he really had some kind of intention towards Tiange, why would he let Tiange cultivate with us? I’ve seen the treasures she has; indeed, some of them belonged to martial uncle… However, although Martial Uncle Shoujing’s concocting technique is excellent, I’ve never seen any of his medicinal pills at Tiange’s place. The disciple’s rations she receives are also the same as ours. The only difference is the items grandmaster gave her.”

Wei Jiasi had been silent for a while when she heard Luo Fengxue speak again. “Second Martial Sister, you shouldn’t suspect Tiange. Ever since she arrived, I’ve always been with her. I know everything about her clearly. I’m going to be honest with you. In fact, Tiange and Martial Uncle Shoujing belong to the same kind of people. She has a firm will and has always cultivated whole-heartedly. Right now, she doesn’t have any such thoughts about him. However, if you continue on like this, you’re bound to be defeated by her in the future. In the future, I’m also afraid Martial Uncle Shoujing really will see Mo Tiange in a different way.”

Wei Jiasi looked shaken as she stared at Luo Fengxue.

Luo Fengxue smiled wryly before she heaved another sigh. She said, “Second Martial Sister, don’t think I’m saying this just to scare you. It’s been a long time since Tiange came and I’m the one closest to her. I might have no other skills, but I’ve always been accurate in judging people’s nature. With Tiange’s nature, reaching the peak stage of the Foundation Building realm will definitely happen sooner or later. Right now, she’s grandmaster’s registered disciple. As long as grandmaster gives her a bit more care, does she need to worry about being unable to form her Gold Core?”

“As for Martial Uncle Shoujing, his talent surpasses others’. In Xuanqing School, the only Core Formation cultivator whose age is similar to his is Martial Uncle Lingxi, but Martial Uncle Lingxi is a man. If Martial Uncle Shoujing really forms his Nascent Soul within the next 100 years and plans on performing Dual Cultivation, where would he find a suitable Nascent Soul cultivator to be his partner? Then he would most likely be left with no choice but to choose from among the female Core Formation cultivators. Furthermore, he would choose one who has the potential to form her Nascent Soul; that means he’ll only choose a female cultivator who isn’t too old… Second Martial Sister, if you don’t form your Gold Core soon, you won’t have any hope!”

When Luo Fengxue finished, Wei Jiasi already understood she had taken the wrong path. Without a high cultivation level, Martial Uncle Shoujing would never pay attention to her. If she couldn’t form her Gold Core, she would only be abandoned. Sadly, all these years she had forgotten about her cultivation level which was supposed to be the most important matter. She had been neglecting the important thing and focusing on trivial matters.

“Fengxue, thank you.” As if she had just been enlightened, Wei Jiasi suddenly felt her whole body loosening. All these years, she had been shouldering her own feelings but had never dared to let others know. She couldn’t abandon them, she couldn’t throw them away, and she couldn’t part with them. Even her own pride and arrogance were lost in this arduous pursuit. However, she had forgotten the source of her pride and arrogance. Without a high cultivation level, on what basis could she be arrogant? On what basis did she want others to look at her differently?

Hearing Wei Jiasi’s remark, Luo Fengxue finally heaved a sigh of relief. Her taut nerves finally loosened. They were far from Luoyan Cliff, and there were a lot of demonic beasts in the forest – she had been extremely nervous!

“But…” Wei Jiasi hesitated. “Martial Uncle Shoujing is missing now. I came not because I’m holding onto some vain hope. I’m just really worried…”

“Second Martial Sister!” Luo Fengxue anxiously said. “Tiange will be better than you if you behave like this. Tiange is also worried, but she knew her own capabilities and waited wholeheartedly for news from Martial Uncle Qingyuan. If she also acted like you, wouldn’t that give master more trouble?”

Wei Jiasi suddenly frowned and said, “What do you mean? Didn’t you say Tiange doesn’t…”

Although she realized she had said the wrong things, Luo Fengxue continued on calmly, “She’s thinking about Senior Martial Brother Qin. But Senior Martial Sister, you shouldn’t be oversensitive. Tiange only views him as a friend.”

“Is that so—” Wei Jiasi suddenly stopped in mid-speech and took out both her flying sword and her magic tool.

“Second Martial Sister!” Luo Fengxue exclaimed with fright.

Wei Jiasi didn’t say anything. Her expression was extremely cold and a murderous intent emerged in her eyes. The flying sword and flag were deployed together.

Luo Fengxue frantically took out her magic tool, yet in the next moment, she suddenly heard a loud bang. She turned around and was stunned by what she saw.

Wei Jiasi controlled the flying sword while murmuring some incantations. Soon after, her spiritual aura was shot into the flag, causing it to swell and enlargen in an instant. Lightning cracked across the sky.

“Fengxue!” Wei Jiasi shouted. “What are you dazed about?! There are demonic beasts here!”

Luo Fengxue finally regained her composure. She couldn’t help but feel ashamed in her heart. She thought her senior martial sister wanted to…

Sensing the presence of demonic beasts arriving one after the other, Luo Fengxue was dumbfounded. Five demonic beasts in the second and third rank! The second rank was equal to the early stage of the Foundation Building realm while the third rank was equal to the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm. Of the two of them, one was in the early stage of the Foundation Building realm, and the other was in the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm. The difference in numbers on each side was too great!

Wei Jiasi, who was standing on her flying sword, took several objects and stuffed them into Luo Fengxue’s hands. She said anxiously, “Quick! I’ll block them for a while. Find Mo Tiange and run back!”

“No! Senior Martial Sister, if you’re alone, you’ll…”

“Go! Now!” Wei Jiasi shouted. Her eyes kept darting towards the approaching demonic beasts as she said impatiently, “It’ll be too late if you don’t go now! You just advanced to the Foundation Building realm and aren’t good in fights of magical power. Staying here will only be a burden on me! Quick, go back and find others to help!”

“But—” In mid-speech, they sensed that the demonic beasts were getting closer and closer. Luo Fengxue said, “Senior Martial Sister, we’ll go together!”

“No, they’re too fast! Then none of us can run! Hurry up! Do as I said!”

Luo Fengxue was originally a decisive person. In the next moment, she clenched her teeth and said, “All right, Senior Martial Sister, you have to hang on!”

She turned around then dashed towards the direction Mo Tiange went in. Nevertheless, she used both her divine spirit and eyes, but she couldn’t find a trace of Mo Tiange.

“Tiange!” Luo Fengxue anxiously yelled at her surroundings, “Quick come out! There are demonic beasts!”

However, she was still met by silence. There wasn’t even the slightest response; it was as if Mo Tiange had completely disappeared.