Lady Cultivator - Chapter 109 - Fighting

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Chapter 109: Fighting

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“… Mo Tiange!”

Upon hearing her own name, Mo Tiange stepped forward. Beside her stood around seven or eight cultivators. Just like her, their names were called and would receive the same assignment.

Master Daoist Xuanyin solemnly swept his gaze over them. He said, “Your group will be led by Wei Jiasi. The mission is to help and save our injured fellow Daoists, understand?”


Master Daoist Xuanyin waved and said, “Go.”

Mo Tiange silently followed Wei Jiasi and left the place.

Their group consisted of Foundation Building cultivators who were either injured or had a rather low cultivation level. Hence, Master Daoist Xuanyin obviously gave them an easy assignment on purpose.

As they flew away from Luoyan Cliff, the fight hadn’t yet begun. Eight of them stood for a while on the hillside before they finally saw demonic beasts appearing one after another, running or flying towards the cliff. On Luoyan Cliff, cultivators also started to come out to meet their enemies.

After a while, Mo Tiange heard Luo Fengxue’s whisper: “Look over there.”

Mo Tiange looked up, only to see a long-tailed demonic beast appearing in the sky. From its momentum, it was a fifth rank beast at the very least. It could fight against a dozen Foundation Building cultivators at once, and it wasn’t at a disadvantage at all.

Its tail was at least several dozen feet long. Every time it swung its tail, if anyone didn’t dodge it in time, they would fall from their flying magic tool. In response, Wei Jiasi said, “Go save them.”

All eight people in their group flew towards the injured, picked them up and took them to the back of Luoyan Cliff which, ever since the war began, had become the place to tend to the injured.

Once they approached, someone came up to greet them.

Wei Jiasi called, “Senior Martial Brother Kuang!”

That person was wearing Xuanqing School’s uniform. He was already in the peak stage of the Foundation Building realm and had a very indifferent attitude, yet every movement of his revealed his gracefulness. He simply nodded to Wei Jiasi before he turned around to call someone. “Xiaobai!”

An early stage Foundation Building youngster ran towards them from behind.

“Senior Martial Brother Kuang Zhu.”

After the injured were taken, Senior Martial Brother Kuang spoke while making his way back, “Is the medicine ready? You can begin!”

“En.” The youngster only gave them a nod before he followed Senior Martial Brother Kuang.

Upon being treated so coldly, the eternally-proud Wei Jiasi unexpectedly didn’t look unhappy. She simply cast a glance at the rest of them and said, “Continue.”

Mo Tiange flew behind her and continued to work with Luo Fengxue to find the injured and bring them back.

Once they were a distance from Wei Jiasi, Luo Fengxue whispered, “Aren’t you curious?”

Mo Tiange, while looking at the battlefield that lay not too far from them, nodded.

Luo Fengxue displayed a mysterious smile and said, “Senior Martial Brother Kuang Zhu is the number one person among the Foundation Building disciples, the most popular male disciple in the school aside from Martial Uncle Shoujing.”

“Really?” Mo Tiange asked. When it came to appearance and mannerism, this Senior Martial Brother Kuang was indeed handsome and graceful.

“Yep…” When Luo Fengxue saw that Mo Tiange was still distracted, she sighed and said, “Forget it, I’m not going to try to make you smile anymore. It might be a bit too hard for you.”

“Senior Martial Sister Luo…” There was no way Mo Tiange didn’t realize Luo Fengxue was trying to amuse her. It was just that she really couldn’t smile right now.

Luo Fengxue hinted at Mo Tiange that she didn’t need to explain. The two of them proceeded to keep searching for the injured. Occasionally, they would see mutilated corpses and scattered body parts, and Luo Fengxue’s face would turn pale, causing Mo Tiange to worry about her. Fortunately, Luo Fengxue got accustomed to it very quickly.

With the passage of time, the fight became more and more intense. Occasionally, fifth rank or even of higher rank demonic beasts approached. When that happened, Core Formation seniors immediately came to face them head-on. Fights of magical power between cultivators and beasts of that rank could make the ground shake and mountains change; naturally, low level cultivators would get injured. With so many people injured, Mo Tiange and Luo Fengxue had no other choice but to save people separately.

As Mo Tiange hastened on her way, a gale suddenly blew towards her, causing Mo Tiange, who was standing on her flying sword, to become unsteady and nearly fall. She promptly stamped on the flying sword and made a u-turn to see what was coming after her.

It was unexpectedly a third rank demonic beast!

Cold sweats suddenly trickled down her entire body.

The demonic beast’s eyes showed an ominous glint. It clapped its paws, creating a red beam that shot towards her.

Mo Tiange flew around on her flying sword to dodge, holding talismans in one hand and hurling the Shuttle of Flying Apsara with her other hand.

The Shuttle of Flying Apsara transformed into a golden light which soon became a thin blade that rushed towards the demonic beast.

A third rank demonic beast was equivalent to a middle stage Foundation Building cultivator. After Mo Tiange advanced to the Foundation Building realm, she hadn’t fought against anything yet, so she was very cautious right now. She controlled the Shuttle of Flying Apsara and at the same time, her other hand started hurling out talismans.

These talismans were bestowed to her by Master Daoist Xuanyin before she left the mountain. Furthermore, when they arrived here and went to greet Master Daoist Xuanyin, he gave them a lot more for self-protection.

“Rustling Wind and Rain” and “Blowing Wind Chaotic Cloud” – several high level wind element talismans fell and pushed the demonic beast several steps back. Mo Tiange promptly withdrew the Shuttle of Flying Apsara and controlled the flying sword to flee.

However, demonic beast skin was thick. In most cases, the strength of attacks on their bodies was low. One second later, that demonic beast already started coming after her.

Mo Tiange turned around to look back. People around her were engrossed in their own fights; no one was coming to help her.

The demonic beast was very quick. In just a short moment, it had almost caught up with her. She raised her hand and released the Shuttle of Flying Apsara once again.

The demonic beast was already in the third rank, so it was more intelligent than a wild animal – it knew the Shuttle of Flying Apsara’s power, so it immediately made a swatting motion with one of its front paws. All of a sudden, fire element magic emerged from its paw.

Mo Tiange controlled her flying sword and flew around the demonic beast. The Shuttle of Flying Apsara was continuously hurled and withdrawn, controlling the demonic beast’s movements. When it attacked, Mo Tiange moved back, and while the beast was preparing to perform its magic, she sent the golden blade forward to stab it. Upon repeating this several times, the demonic beast practically went crazy from anger.

A rain of fire suddenly fell from the sky. Mo Tiange was petrified; she had never expected the demonic beast could perform this kind of magic. She rushed forward with all her might to avoid the rain of fire. Nevertheless, she suddenly felt pain radiating from her back. She wasn’t fast enough and had been burnt by the attack.

Mo Tiange’s hand trembled, almost making her lose control of the Shuttle of Flying Apsara. The demonic beast was about to swing its huge paws again but suddenly, a flying sword rushed towards it from the side and plunged into its head.

As the demonic beast howled with pain, Mo Tiange grabbed this opportunity to recall the Shuttle of Flying Apsara before once again sending countless golden needles to its head. With another gesture, golden needles burst out from its body. The demonic beast roared loudly before it finally fell to the ground.

Mo Tiange turned around and saw Wei Jiasi’s cold figure standing by the side.

“Thank you, Senior Martial Sister Wei.” Mo Tiange gratefully cupped her hands toward her.

Instead of answering, Wei Jiasi only uttered a soft “hmph” and directly turned around to leave.

Mo Tiange couldn’t help but smile wryly. Although this Senior Martial Sister Wei saved Mo Tiange, that didn’t mean this Senior Martial Sister liked her.

However, looking at Wei Jiasi’s back, a frown gradually formed on Mo Tiange’s face. This direction…

She had no time to think deeper. Ignoring the still-aching wound or her back, Mo Tiange went to follow her.

When she was fighting the demonic beast, she was already far away from the main battlefield. She originally thought Wei Jiasi happened to pass by, but it looked like that wasn’t the case.

Although Wei Jiasi seemed to be pursuing a demonic beast, Mo Tiange knew that Wei Jiasi was supposed to be helping the injured, so she basically had no reason whatsoever to pursue demonic beasts.

She hadn’t walked too far when she spotted Luo Fengxue’s silhouette. After contemplating for a moment, she sent a Sound-Transmitting Talisman to her.

After receiving the Sound-Transmitting Talisman, Luo Fengxue looked up to find her position and flew over.

“What’s wrong, Tiange?”

While pointing at a certain area in the distance, Mo Tiange said, “Look, it’s Senior Martial Sister Wei.”

Luo Fengxue shifted her gaze according to Mo Tiange’s fingers but still didn’t understand. She said, “What happened to Senior Martial Sister Wei?”

“Look at the direction she’s going in!”

Luo Fengxue turned around. She watched attentively for a while before her expression finally changed. She said, “Senior Martial Sister Wei is leaving!”

Mo Tiange nodded and said, “Senior Martial Sister is injured, so she doesn’t need to fight now. She certainly doesn’t need to go looking for demonic beasts. Besides, there aren’t any people in that direction.”

After taking just an instant to think, Luo Fengxue said, “Let’s follow her and see.”

“This…” Mo Tiange hesitated and said, “We still have to help the wounded…”

“There are more people helping the wounded than just our small group. Besides, the battle is about to end now, so missing the two of us won’t cause any harm.”

Looking all around and realizing that all the fights had reached their respective outcomes, Mo Tiange finally nodded and said, “All right.”

The two of them proceeded to hide their presence and followed Wei Jiasi while maintaining a moderate distance from her.

After passing several low peaks and entering a forest, Wei Jiasi’s flying sword suddenly accelerated, blocking the way of a fleeing second rank beast in front of her. A small flag appeared in her hand. She waved the small flag, and loud rumblings of thunder were heard. The demonic beast before her fell in an instant.

Mo Tiange and Luo Fengxue glanced at each other. Both of them became even more convinced in their hearts. Wei Jiasi obviously didn’t need to exert much effort to exterminate this demonic beast, yet she had been chasing it into the forest. Something was definitely wrong.

Sure enough, after killing that demonic beast, instead of turning around, she kept moving forward. She was moving too quickly. The two of them almost couldn’t keep up with her.

The forest was becoming increasingly dense. They also went deeper and deeper into the forest. They don’t know how much time had passed, but Wei Jiasi eventually stopped. She examined the entire area as if she was looking for something.

“This won’t do!” Luo Fengxue whispered, “We’re too far from Luoyan Cliff; this is too dangerous! We should call second martial sister back first!”

Mo Tiange hastily put her to a stop and said, “But if you call her now, you won’t know what she’s trying to do.”

Luo Fengxue’s gaze suddenly sharpened. She fixated on Mo Tiange and grimly asked, “Tiange, are you suspecting that second martial sister is…”

“Of course not!” Mo Tiange cut off Luo Fengxue’s words. She seemed to be conflicted as she said, “Senior Martial Sister Wei just saved me. I know that although her temperament isn’t good, she isn’t a bad person. However, her behavior is definitely a bit strange.”

Luo Fengxue was silent for a moment before she said, “No matter what second martial sister is trying to do, I believe her.” Right after she said this, she directly went to chase after Wei Jiasi.

Mo Tiange wanted to stop her, but their movements had alarmed Wei Jiasi. With no other choice, Mo Tiange followed behind Luo Fengxue.

“Second Martial Sister!”

Once Wei Jiasi saw them, her expression turned cold. “You…”

“Second Martial Sister!” Luo Fengxue looked all around and saw that there seemed to be traces of fights of magical power. She asked, “What are you looking for?”

Wei Jiasi coldly said, “It’s none of your business.”

Luo Fengxue’s gaze returned to Wei Jiasi’s body. She stared at Wei Jiasi for a while then said, “Second Martial Sister, are you looking for Martial Uncle Shoujing?”

Not only Wei Jiasi, but even Mo Tiange was startled by her words.

Luo Fengxue slowly said, “From what I’ve heard, Martial Uncle Shoujing went missing a few days ago around this area. Moreover, at that time, he let you and other Foundation Building disciples return first. There are traces of fights of magical power here, so I assume you came here to look for Martial Uncle Shoujing.”

Wei Jiasi’s expression changed. In the end, she said through clenched teeth, “What I’m doing is none of your business. Fengxue, go back!”

“I’m not going back!” Luo Fengxue stared determinedly at Wei Jiasi and said, “Second Martial Sister, wake up! Martial Uncle Shoujing is a completely different person from us. There are some matters that aren’t possible despite your desires.”

Wei Jiasi “hmphed” and said, “I don’t want anything.”

“Then come back with us if you don’t want anything! Martial Uncle Shoujing’s whereabouts will naturally be handled by Martial Uncle Qingyuan. Is there any use in you secretly leaving? If Martial Uncle Qingyuan can’t find him, would you be able to find him?”

Perhaps because Luo Fengxue’s criticizing tone enraged her, Wei Jiasi scowled and said, “I already said it has nothing to do with you!”

“Then you also have nothing to do with Martial Uncle Shoujing!” Luo Fengxue ruthlessly continued to say, “Second Martial Sister, you’re such a proud person. Why can’t you see things clearly? Think about it – your natural aptitude isn’t that inferior to eldest martial sister’s, yet eldest martial sister already advanced to the late stage of the Foundation Building realm ten years ago but you’re still lingering in the middle stage now! Do you think master doesn’t know? Master just wants you to come around on your own!”

“LUO FENGXUE!” Unable to restrain her anger, Wei Jiasi shouted and glared at them.