Lady Cultivator - Chapter 108 - The Situation in the Battlefield

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Chapter 108: The Situation in the Battlefield

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As she watched the surging smoke and dust below her, Mo Tiange couldn’t help but furrow her brows.

It had never crossed her mind that the situation outside would actually be this chaotic.

Crowds of people were fleeing here and there while low rank demonic beasts were chasing after them. Those who couldn’t escape or lagged behind were overtaken by those demonic beasts and ended up either badly mangled or devoured into the demonic beasts’ stomachs.

Mo Tiange clenched her fists and bit her lips. However, in the end, she still retained a bit of rationality. She stared at Master Daoist Suxin, who was leading them and called questioningly, “Martial Uncle Suxin?”

Master Daoist Suxin was a cold-looking woman. At this moment, she looked even colder as she raised her hands, launching a horsetail whisk towards the demonic beasts below.

Upon seeing her actions, Mo Tiange and the others also started to attack.

Blood splattered everywhere and limbs were scattered. These were all low rank demonic beasts. Faced with the attacks of several dozens of disciples, they were completely taken care of in just a short while.

Mo Tiange, who was wiping the bloodstains off her hands, looked at Luo Fengxue.

Luo Fengxue’s face was rather pale. She whispered, “How could things have ended up like this…”

Luo Fengxue was trembling slightly. Even though she had been a disciple of a prominent school ever since she was a child, she had never encountered such a bloody situation. Mo Tiange held her hands and said, “Senior Martial Sister Luo, we just need to kill the demonic beasts.”

It took Luo Fengxue quite a while to regain her composure. She then shook her head and said, “Don’t worry, I can get used to this.” She revealed a bitter smile before she proceeded to say, “In fact, Xuanqing School has always been vigilant even in peaceful times. Most of our disciples have gone through close-quarter combat. But I’ve always liked doing chores for the school. I’ve never once thought that one day, I would have to go and fight. Alas, I’ve been too indulgent towards myself.”

Most of the crowd fleeing towards them consisted of either mortals from market squares or mortals born in certain clans. Now that they had been saved, they kowtowed towards Mo Tiange’s group. Some of them were even begging piteously to be taken to a safe place.

A slight ache shot through Mo Tiange’s heart, making her turn around to look at Master Daoist Suxin.

Master Daoist Suxin shook her head. “We still have other important things to do; we can’t be held up here.”

Mo Tiange knew Master Daoist Suxin wasn’t making excuses. Their group only consisted of about twenty people in total. If they took all these people away, they might be delayed until who knew when. The longer they delayed, the worse the situation would be. Since it was beyond their power to help, they didn’t need to force themselves to do so.

Nonetheless, someone still shouted, “Martial Uncle, if we ignore them, I’m afraid these mortals will lose their lives!”

Master Daoist Suxin tossed a cold glance at that person before she said, “Even though we, Dao school, strictly abides by Dao rules, it’s also important to know what’s appropriate or not. Nowadays, taking care of this major incident is more important. If these mortals leave Kunwu Mountain Range quickly, they still can save their lives. We don’t need to get involved. Let’s go!”

Having finished her speech, she maneuvered her flying magic weapon and left the place in a flash.

The road to immortality wasn’t really without any compassion. It was just that the amount of compassion was limited. Although Mo Tiange sighed in her heart, she remained silent.

Several days later, everyone finally arrived at their destination.

Mount Taikang had its Great Mountain-Protecting Formation in place. Demonic beasts had once suffered many losses under this Heaven and Earth Self-Killing Formation before, so they didn’t dare to attack Mount Taikang directly. Instead, they constantly harassed the small cultivation groups and clans affiliated with Xuanqing School that were located in the vicinity of Mount Taikang.

It was also precisely because of this matter that Xuanqing School couldn’t stay out of the riot. Many of the resources provided for disciples of large cultivation groups came from these cultivation clans and small cultivation groups. Without them, half of Xuanqing School’s foundation would be broken.

Before they left the mountain, Mo Tiange learned that the battle in western Kunwu was mainly taking place on Luoyan Cliff. Most of these cultivation clans and small cultivation groups had also moved here.

From a distance, everyone could already see the huge formation covering the cliff. Inside the formations, tents could be found all over, almost like they covered the entire area.

Upon seeing this, a deep frown appeared on Master Daoist Suxin’s face. She then led everyone to stop outside the formation.

A group of patrolling cultivators immediately came towards them, respectfully saluting before asking, “Senior from Xuanqing School, may I know Senior’s Daoist name?”

A disciple of Master Daoist Suxin stepped forward and answered, “My master’s Daoist name is Suxin. We’ve been ordered by our division to come and provide some assistance.”

“Oh, turns out it’s Master Daoist Suxin. Please forgive junior for not welcoming you sooner. Junior is Hongyuan of Shangqing Sect who’s currently in charge of patrolling Luoyan Cliff. Junior doesn’t intend to offend Master Daoist and hopes Master Daoist can forgive junior, but could Master Daoist please take out your school identity tablet?” This Hongyuan was very polite, but he didn’t forget his duties. Although they were wearing Xuanqing School’s uniform, he still remembered to examine their identity tablets.

Master Daoist Suxin nodded then took out a jade tablet.

Having personally verified the identity tablet, Hongyuan respectfully said, “Senior, please wait here for a moment. Junior will inform Senior Lingxi to open the formation.”

Once he received Master Daoist Suxin’s approval, Hongyuan sent out a Sound-Transmitting Talisman. Before long, they saw a Core Formation cultivator in Xuanqing School’s uniform walking towards them with several disciples. That cultivator said happily, “Senior Martial Sister Suxin, you’ve come too.”

Although Master Daoist Suxin’s expression was still cold, her gaze seemed to become a bit gentler. “Junior Martial Brother Lingxi, what’s the situation like now?”

Mo Tiange had never met this Master Daoist Lingxi, but this person appeared young. Presumably, he had outstanding talents.

Master Daoist Lingxi said, “Senior Martial Sister, please come inside first. We’ll talk about the details slowly.” After he said that, he led everyone into the formation. He then told his disciples to gather the other Foundation Building cultivators while he led Master Daoist Suxin towards a large tent.

Mo Tiange and Luo Fengxue both accepted the arrangements provided for them without complaining.

On the other hand, when Master Daoist Suxin walked into the tent, she was completely stunned. This large tent was jam-packed with about twenty seated cultivators who were all in the Core Formation realm. Most of them belonged to Xuanqing School while several others were cultivators from small cultivation groups affiliated with Xuanqing School. Most of the cultivators Xuanqing School dispatched to go to war were there. Why were they gathered in one place now?

“Junior Martial Sister Suxin, you also came!” Master Daoist Xuanyin exclaimed after seeing her. Including Suxin, of the seven Core Formation cultivators existed in Clear Spring Peak, four of them were there. The number of Core Formation cultivators from the other peaks was also more or less the same. Thus, half the Core Formation cultivators Xuanqing School had were already in the middle of this demonic beast riot.

When Master Daoist Suxin finished greeting everyone, she sat beside Master Daoist Xuanyin and said, “Senior Martial Brother Xuanyin, what’s the situation like now?”

Master Daoist Xuanyin shook his head. “A few days ago, several of our Core Formation comrades perished.”

“What!?” With a frown etched on her face, Master Daoist Suxin swept a gaze around. There were about seven or eight Core Formation cultivators from Xuanqing School who weren’t there. She asked, “What about Junior Martial Brother Qingyuan and Shoujing?”

Master Daoist Xuanyin said, “Junior Martial Brother Qingyuan is out on duty, and Junior Martial Brother Shoujing…” He paused, making Master Daoist Suxin anxiously ask, “What’s wrong?”

“Junior Martial Brother Shoujing is missing.” Master Daoist Xuanyin frowned and proceeded to say, “In the battle several days ago, Junior Martial Brother Shoujing fought against a seventh-rank Shining Beast. We haven’t been able to get in contact with him. At that time, other Core Formation Daoists were also present. Several among them perished while several others also went missing. In fact, this is the matter we’re discussing now.”

“Missing…” Master Daoist Suxin shook her head and said coldly, “Although a seventh rank Shining Beast is equivalent to a late stage Core Formation cultivator, Junior Martial Brother Shoujing has always been smart. Furthermore, he possesses magic weapons for escaping, so his life shouldn’t be in danger. I’m afraid he’s injured and is hiding somewhere to heal his injuries.”

“That’s what I think too.” Master Daoist Xuanyin nodded, but the worry on his face hadn’t faded. He said, “However, the situation really is far from good. Junior Martial Brother Shoujing being missing really makes me worried.”

Master Daoist Suxin could only nod. After a while, she asked again, “Senior Martial Brother Xuanyin, how are our opponents in terms of strength? We have so many Core Formation cultivators; are we really unable to get the upper hand?”

Master Daoist Xuanyin forced a smile and said, “Our opponent has about five or six seventh rank demonic beasts, and more than a dozen fifth and sixth rank demonic beasts. They outnumber us by a lot, and their cultivation levels are quite high. It’s really…”

“They actually have so many seventh rank beasts?” Master Daoist Suxin was completely shocked. A seventh rank beast was equivalent to a late stage Core Formation cultivator, yet on the cultivators’ side, only a few were in the late stage of the Core Formation realm!

“Yes, so this is extremely troublesome…” Master Daoist Xuanyin said while shaking his head.

“What!?” When Mo Tiange, who was staying in the temporary tent, heard the news Luo Fengxue managed to acquire, she was astounded.

Luo Fengxue continued to say, “From what I heard, Martial Uncle Shoujing fought a seventh rank demonic beast before he went missing. It’s been about seven or eight days.”

Mo Tiange stopped the work she was doing. She sat down and asked, “Then what about Senior Martial Brother Qin?”

“… He’s also missing.” Luo Fengxue cast a glance at Mo Tiange before she said, “Don’t worry, didn’t you say no news is good news?”

After sitting in a daze for a while, Mo Tiange continued to ask, “Have the others gone to look for them?”

“I only heard that Martial Uncle Qingyuan might be looking for Martial Uncle Shoujing, but there’s still no news for now, so it’s still unclear.”

Mo Tiange felt as if her breath was stuck in her chest and couldn’t escape. Nevertheless, her rational side told her she couldn’t do anything to help in this matter, and that worrying was useless.

She stood up, pondered, and sat down once again. She did this several times until Luo Fengxue could no longer bear it and said, “Calm down. With Martial Uncle Shoujing’s cultivation level, he’ll be all right.”

“It’s not Martial Uncle Shoujing I’m worried about!” Mo Tiange closed her eyes and took a deep breath. However, she realized it was useless; her heart was still beating wildly. She wanted to rush outside but she didn’t know what she could possibly do to help.

Luo Fengxue was lost in thought. She stared at Mo Tiange for a long time until all of a sudden, she asked, “Do you like Senior Martial Brother Qin?”

Mo Tiange was stunned but immediately shook her head. “No…”

“If you don’t, what are you so anxious for?”

“I… I’m just really worried…”

“You don’t like him, so what are you worried about?” Luo Fengxue frowned and said sternly, “Tiange, I’ll give you some advice – if you really have those kinds of thoughts, you better stop. He…”

“I know!” Mo Tiange slumped into the chair and covered her face with her hands. She said, “I admit that once I… But what you’re trying to say, I already know. I can swear that I don’t have any delusions. I only view him as a friend. If the one missing was you or Big Brother Ye, I’d also be worried!”

Luo Fengxue was silent for a long time before she finally heaved a soft sigh and said, “All right, I won’t say anything more. Although I think you definitely don’t know that…”

“Know what?” Luo Fengxue’s words were cut off by a voice coming from outside. Soon afterward, a woman lifted the tent curtain open and walked into the tent.

“Eldest Martial Sister!”

Upon hearing Luo Fengxue’s surprised voice, Mo Tiange looked up to see Han Qinyu watching them with a smile. She immediately stood up and called, “Senior Martial Sister Han.”

Han Qingyu was an amiable, gentle-looking woman. Although she wasn’t very pretty, she was very attractive and was always smiling.

Luo Fengxue threw herself at Han Qingyu and shouted excitedly, “Eldest Martial Sister, are you okay?”

“I’m alright,” Han Qingyu answered while intimately patting Luo Fengxue’s head. She was much older than Luo Fengxue. According to chronological ages in the secular world, she was old enough to be Luo Fengxue’s great-grandmother. She had watched Luo Fengxue grow up and had always considered Luo Fengxue her junior.

Having appeased Luo Fengxue, Han Qingyu shifted her gaze towards Mo Tiange. She smiled and said, “Tiange, I haven’t had the chance to congratulate you on successfully building your foundation. This trip must’ve been tiring, right?”

Mo Tiange smiled at her and said, “Thank you, Senior Martial Sister Han. I’m glad you’re alright; we’ve been very worried.”

Han Qingyu gracefully smiled and sat down. She then spoke softly to Luo Fengxue and reproachfully said, “Fengxue, in the future, you mustn’t say those kinds of words carelessly. There are many people here; someone might’ve heard what you said.”

“I know, Eldest Martial Sister,” Luo Fengxue obediently nodded and said.

Han Qingyu nodded with a smile. She once again shifted her gaze towards Mo Tiange and said, “I came to take a look at you both. At the same time, I wanted to tell you that with the current situation, you both may have to encounter the demonic beasts very soon, so you should be mentally prepared.”