Lady Cultivator - Chapter 105 - Demonic Beast Riot

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Chapter 105: Demonic Beast Riot

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The Inferno Beast was a kind of spiritual beast that was very easy to raise. It didn’t need specific food and didn’t require a very good environment to thrive. Even if it was raised sloppily, it could still live. This kind of little spiritual beast wasn’t considered rare in Kunwu; even low-level cultivators liked to catch one or two of them to use them for concocting medicinal pills or refining tools. Hence, Mo Tiange wasn’t at all worried about how to raise it.

After catching this little Inferno Beast and bringing it home, Mo Tiange usually kept it in the spiritual beast room or in the small valley behind her cave. In any case, she didn’t have too many things inside her cave and the medicinal fields in the valley all had restrictions on them, so this little guy could only gnaw on the grass at most; it wouldn’t be able to create much mess. If it was hungry, she just needed to feed it with Aura-Nourishing Pills. If it was thirsty, there was a spring in the valley. Besides, there weren’t any predators here. Very soon, the little guy actually became very plump.

A few months passed by. Mo Tiange finally achieved some familiarity with using Soul-Refining Art, and the Inferno Beast also didn’t show any resistance towards her, so Mo Tiange began concocting medicinal pills again.

The most basic medicinal pill for Foundation Building cultivators was Soul-Strengthening Pills. After concocting Constitution-Enhancing Pills, this pill wasn’t that hard to concoct. The only problem was that the materials needed weren’t as cheap as the materials for medicinal pills for Aura Refining cultivators. Several thousand spirit stones would only get her 100 portions of the materials. Fortunately, she received the rations of an elite disciple. Coupled with the few thousand spirit stones she originally had, she did manage to buy the required materials.

Mo Tiange took the Inferno Beast to the concocting room then shut herself inside, immersing herself in studying to concoct medicinal pills.

Remaining in this situation, several months passed in a flash. It was only after a certain day when Mo Tiange suddenly heard the bell ringing outside that she realized how much time had passed.

She stopped concocting medicinal pills and walked out of her cave. As she did so, she happened to run into Wei Jiasi, who had a worried expression on her face as she too came out of her cave. Mo Tiange stepped forward, greeted her and asked, “Senior Martial Sister Wei, did something happen?”

Wei Jiasi shook her head and said indifferently, “I too just heard the bell, so naturally, I don’t know what’s happening. This is a call to gather disciples; disciples of every peak have to go to the main peak when they hear it. We’ll find out when we get there.”

Having finished speaking, Wei Jiasi no longer looked at Mo Tiange. She flew to the main peak while riding her flying magic tool alone.

Mo Tiange watched her surroundings. Han Qingyu still hadn’t returned ever since she went missing. Luo Fengxue’s Immortal’s Cave was also deserted; she was probably still in the steward’s hall. As for the others, she was really unfamiliar with them. Because of that, she simply took out her flying sword and flew by herself towards the main peak.

She saw that although all the disciples were rushing from every corner of the mountain, they weren’t in a panic. Disciples in the Foundation Building realm and higher were maneuvering their respective flying magic tools, and Aura Refining disciples rode the public Thousand of Miles Cloud from their respective peaks, rushing towards the main peak.

Upon watching this scene, Mo Tiange couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. This was the real elegance of a great, prestigious school. Despite being summoned so suddenly, these disciples were still composed, and several thousand of them were all moving in an orderly manner. Presumably, even if something had happened, they would still handle it without the slightest confusion or anxiety.

When she finally arrived at the main peak, Mo Tiange dropped her head to look at the scene below her. The school’s square was already full of people. In front of the entrance to the Temple of the Three Pure Ones stood several dozen Core Formation cultivators as well as two Nascent Soul cultivators who both had solemn expressions on their faces.

Mo Tiange quickly searched for the spot where the other Foundation Building disciples were standing. When she found it, she got off her flying sword, neutralized her facial expression and stood respectfully.

Several dozen Core Formation and two Nascent Soul cultivators were gathered there… If someone told her nothing important was happening, she definitely wouldn’t have believed it. Could this perhaps have something to do with the disappearance of Senior Martial Sister Han?

Although she had shut herself inside her cave and focused on concocting medicinal pills, Mo Tiange knew that ever since Senior Martial Sister Han went missing, they had no news of her at all. Several martial uncles also left the mountain to look for those groups of disciples but couldn’t find any trace of them. During that time, she occasionally went to see Martial Uncle Xuanyin. Each time, he always had a worried look on his face.

The square was gradually filled by people. When every disciple from every peak was finally present, an old Nascent Soul Daoist, who seemed to be the leader, cast a glance to the side. A Core Formation cultivator immediately stepped forward and yelled loudly, “QUIET!”

Truth be told, his voice wasn’t really loud, but it was conveyed clearly to each corner of the square. The disciples who were originally whispering to each other immediately shut their mouths.

The Core Formation cultivator looked grave. With a heavy tone, he said, “You were summoned because the school has something to announce. Several months earlier, there were some abnormalities with the demonic beasts in the southern forest. We sent several elite disciples to investigate, yet unexpectedly, all of them went missing. To avoid causing an upheaval, we didn’t make this matter public before. These past few months, we’ve continued to receive news, yet the number of missing disciples continued to increase, so we gathered everyone to begin sealing the mountain.”

What he said instantly threw everyone in the square into an uproar.

Sealing the mountain… Although many disciples hadn’t personally experienced that, they had heard about it. Sealing the mountain meant activating the Great Mountain-Protecting Formation; the monastery would be sealed off and would no longer receive visitors. Aside from disciples who received special orders, the others could only enter but wouldn’t be allowed to leave, completely severing any contact with the outside world.

Mo Tiange had been shut inside her cave and focused on concocting medicinal pills for several months, and she also rarely saw Luo Fengxue, so she naturally had no idea that the missing people had such a big impact that one of the greatest cultivation groups in the Celestial Pole would close their monastery and seal the mountain. The severity of this matter was clear.

At the moment, the old Nascent Soul Daoist standing in the middle raised his hand, causing the Core Formation cultivator to retreat. Mo Tiange heard about this Nascent Soul grandmaster from Luo Fengxue before. He was the Head Grand Supreme Elder of Xuanqing School as well as the number one person in Xuanqing School. Reportedly, his cultivation level was already in the late stage of the Nascent Soul realm, making him one of the most powerful people in the entire Celestial Pole.

The Head Grand Supreme Elder, whose eyes had been closed, finally opened his eyes. He swept his sharp gaze over the disciples standing in the square. After a while, he said, “Do you think that sealing the mountain means Xuanqing School is on the verge of encountering a great enemy?”

The square was dead quiet, but from everyone’s expressions, they obviously thought he was correct. Ever since Xuanqing School was established, the mountain was only sealed once every several hundred years and every time it happened, the school faced a great catastrophe.

The old Daoist closed his eyes again and said slowly, “Xuanqing School isn’t the only one. All of Kunwu is currently preparing to face a demonic beast riot. Furthermore, according to what the other disciples reported back, the demonic beast riot this time is different. Nowadays, Xuanqing School’s power could be considered tremendous, but we have to always remember the phrase ‘the higher you are, the easier it is for you to fall.’ Being too strong will always attract disaster. For the sake of Xuanqing School disciples, the Grand Supreme Elders of the school came up with the decision to seal the mountain until the demonic beast riot is over. During this period, disciples of Xuanqing School must obey the order – leaving the mountain without permission isn’t allowed!”

Once the Head Grand Supreme Elder finished speaking, Mo Tiange snuck a look at the Foundation Building cultivators around her. She noticed many of them were frowning deeply. Some looked worried and some looked excited, while some others looked frightened.

She heard about the demonic beast riot before. The vast majority of the cultivation groups in the Celestial Pole were established in the Kunwu Mountain Range. The southern part of Kunwu Mountain Range was a vast forest stretching as far as the eye could see. This forest was one of the greatest spiritual grounds in the Celestial Pole. Most parts of Kunwu Mountain Range were home to many cultivators, while the forest area was where numerous demonic beasts thrived.

High rank demonic beasts had human-like intelligence. Under normal circumstances, they didn’t leave the forest. However, every once in a while, the great demonic beasts in the forest ordered low rank demonic beasts to attack various parts of the mountain and steal medicinal pills, spirit tools, and so on to aid in their cultivation.

Every time humans and monsters fought, there was both suffering and gains to be made. Monsters wanted to steal medicinal pills while humans wanted to kill them to obtain their beast cores or remains. This wasn’t about good or evil; fights were simply meant to obtain what each party wanted.

Mo Tiange only needed to think a little to understand what her fellow Foundation Building disciples were thinking. The excitement was naturally there because this was a good opportunity. If they could deliver a great service to the school or perhaps obtain some fated chances, their cultivation levels would progress very quickly. The fear they felt was because missions would certainly have to be carried out outside the mountain and Foundation Building disciples like them were probably the main forces in this kind of situation, but if any accidents occurred, their skeletons might not even be left behind.

Mo Tiange was unexpectedly calm. In any case, she was Grandmaster Jinghe’s registered disciple, so they definitely wouldn’t let her throw away her life handling dangerous matters. Moreover, she really wasn’t afraid. During the seven years she wandered around with Second Uncle, she went to all kinds of places and ran into danger countless times. She didn’t think there was anything she needed to be afraid of.

“All right, Aura Refining disciples should return to their caves. Cultivate peacefully and keep your heart calm; Foundation Building disciples, stay.”

Upon receiving these instructions, Aura Refining disciples left the square one after the other while glancing at the Foundation Building disciples with both sympathy and envy.

When there were finally no Aura Refining disciples remaining in the square, the Core Formation cultivator from before once again stepped forward. He said, “Martial nephews and nieces, many among you experienced the demonic beast riot fifty years ago. Presumably, I don’t have to explain the details again. Demonic beast riots can’t be handled just by sealing the mountain; we still have to go and exterminate our enemies. Aura Refining disciples haven’t yet entered the Immortal’s Gate, so it’s you, Foundation Building disciples, who are the foundation of my Xuanqing School. You have to work hard in resolving this matter. We’ll dispatch six Core Formation cultivators and a hundred Foundation Building disciples. You should go and prepare yourself and wait for notification from us.”

Finished speaking, the Core Formation cultivator then hinted at them that today’s meeting was over. Mo Tiange was filled with questions. She followed the crowd back to Clear Spring Peak while wondering why the meeting was over so soon. The names of the disciples who would leave the mountain to exterminate demonic beasts hadn’t been announced yet.


Right after she returned to Clear Spring Peak, a voice called her from behind. It was Ye Jingwen.

“Big Brother Ye!” Mo Tiange called. He looked almost like Luo Fengxue – he was completely worn out. This wasn’t right… He, like her, held no job in the school, so why was he so exhausted like this?

Ye Jingwen waved his hand then tucked it inside his sleeve before walking towards the cave. He said, “Let’s talk inside.”

Mo Tiange immediately opened the door to her cave and invited him in.

Once they were inside, Ye Jingwen said, “Tiange, in several days, I’ll leave the mountain to carry out the mission.”

“Huh?” Mo Tiange was startled. Ye Jingwen was well-known among the elite disciples. He was young, but his cultivation level had already reached the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm. He normally wouldn’t be sent out in such a clueless situation.

“Big Brother Ye, how could they have picked you?”

Ye Jingwen revealed a bitter smile and said, “I had no other choice; my master was chosen, so I have to accompany him.”

“En? Have the people who have to go been decided already?”

Ye Jingwen nodded. “Before this was announced, the martial uncles knew about it and already agreed on who’ll leave the mountain to exterminate those demonic beasts. The six peaks will dispatch one Core Formation senior each. For our Clear Spring Peak, my master, Master Daoist Qingyuan, will go.”

“Oh…” In that case, with his master present, it shouldn’t be too dangerous for him.

“For Foundation Building disciples, the minority are elite disciples like us and the majority are common disciples, so you don’t have to worry – they shouldn’t choose you. However, everything depends on the situation. If the situation doesn’t look good, everyone will probably have to go. If things go extremely well, disciples who’ve just built their foundation like you might be sent out to have a field experience. I came just to tell you about this. You have to prepare yourself.”

“En, I understand.”

Seeing as she understood, Ye Jingwen stood up without even drinking his tea and said, “All right, I’ll take my leave now.”

“Big Brother Ye has to be careful.”

Ye Jingwen looked back to smile at her then left hastily.

Mo Tiange, full of thoughts, turned around and went back into her cave.

Although Ye Jingwen warned her, she wasn’t afraid. They might leave the mountain to slay demonic beasts, but each group would be led by a Core Formation cultivator, so it shouldn’t be too dangerous. It was just that she had just built her foundation and still couldn’t use the Soul-Refining Art, so her abilities were rather inferior. If she had to participate in this war, she really didn’t feel confident.

Forget it, I should still make some preparations. If I get my turn, at least I won’t be flustered. Furthermore, I have to prepare some life-saving strategies.