Lady Cultivator - Chapter 101 - Offering the Constitution-Enhancing Pill

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Chapter 101: Offering the Constitution-Enhancing Pill

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Mo Tiange was standing in the middle of the main hall, cautiously examining the Immortal’s Cave that looked more like a palace than an Immortal’s Cave.

Stairs made of spiritual jade, pillars made of unique stones, dragons and phoenixes carvings, and abundant Immortal’s aura – all of it made her secretly sigh with admiration. Compared to this Immortal’s Cave, Hu Clan’s hall in Tiandao Sect simply looked like it belonged to a rich man from the secular world. It was really incomparable.

But what surprised her the most more than this palace was the person who was sitting – no, the person who was reclining – on the dragon couch.

This middle-aged man looked slightly younger than Martial Uncle Xuanyin. He was black-haired and short-bearded and had elegant looks. His face had some resemblance to Qin Xi’s, but the lazy, carefree vibe his whole body emitted was completely different from the vibe Qin Xi gave off.

At the moment, the man reclining on the dragon couch was surrounded by two Foundation Building maids; one offered him tea while the other softly massaged his shoulders. They were very calm and incomparably gentle.

Mo Tiange was puzzled. This Lord Daoist Jinghe – why does he not look like a Nascent Soul cultivator in the slightest? Besides, Xuanqing School is a Dao school. Which aspect of him has even a bit of the tranquility and self-disciple that cultivators from a Dao school usually have?

As she pondered, his gaze from the dragon couch suddenly fell and swept over her. Mo Tiange hastily hung her head, fixed her gaze on the floor, brushed her sleeves then obediently kneeled down. “Disciple Mo Tiange greets Grandmaster.”

Qin Jinghe didn’t answer. He took the tea offered by the maid and told both maids to withdraw.

Sensing that he was scrutinizing her leisurely, Mo Tiange couldn’t help but hold her breath. She was a bit afraid that this grandmaster was dissatisfied in her failure to build her foundation. If Grandmaster Jinghe no longer recognized her as his registered disciple, she would certainly be in an awkward position.

Her mind was a complete mess. However, after a long time, Grandmaster Jinghe faintly said, “What do you think about your failure?”

Mo Tiange froze. Although she had just thought about this, she hadn’t expected Grandmaster Jinghe would ask her so directly. How should she answer?

After pondering for a moment, she answered, “Disciple doesn’t have any thoughts.”

“Oh?” Qin Jinghe was somewhat astonished by her answer. He frowned and asked, “Doesn’t have any thoughts? Doesn’t that mean you have no plan?”

With that frown, the might of a Nascent Soul cultivator was revealed. Even though it was emitted inadvertently, how could a tiny little Aura Refining cultivator endure it?

After using all of her strength to steady her mind, Mo Tiange said, “Disciple didn’t make any mistakes during the foundation-building process. What disciple lacks is only good natural endowments. Regarding disciple’s natural endowments, it really isn’t something disciple can control. Therefore, disciple doesn’t have any thoughts. Disciple can only continue to persevere.”

Once she finished speaking, she immediately sensed that her body had become light.

Qin Jinghe slowly became lost in thought. This baby girl is indeed quite interesting. She’s only a small Aura Refining cultivator, but she can be so calm and patient. Furthermore, even though she was under my spiritual aura pressure, she calmly answered my question. It seems that she has a very staunch resolution… That brat is very astute in judging people. If she wasn’t encumbered by her natural endowments, this child would definitely be quite successful.

Thinking up to this point, he revealed a faint smile and gently said, “Get up.”

Mo Tiange finally released the breath she had been holding. She reverently kowtowed and said, “Disciple thanks Grandmaster.”

Because Qin Jinghe was still watching her absent-mindedly, Mo Tiange obediently kept her head lowered.

This was her first time meeting a Nascent Soul cultivator. It was only now that she realized how terrifying a Nascent Soul cultivator’s spiritual aura pressure was. Under this spiritual aura pressure, even talking was extremely hard.

While she was immersed in her own thoughts, she suddenly heard Qin Jinghe ask, “When you tried to build your foundation, what kind of medicinal pill did you take?”

This question appeared simple, yet it immediately frightened her.

When she tried to build her foundation, aside from the Mind-Fortifying Pill he bestowed, she also took a Constitution-Enhancing Pill and Foundation-Refining Pill. Since this grandmaster asked such a question, he must’ve detected something.

Her mind turned as fast as lightning as she immediately answered, “Grandmaster, disciple used a Foundation-Refining Pill and a Constitution-Enhancing Pill.”

Qin Jinghe, who was about to drink his tea, stopped moving. His gaze once again fell on her body. “Foundation-Refining Pill and… Constitution-Enhancing Pill?”

“Yes,” Mo Tiange calmly answered.

In a split second, she had decided to come clean. She couldn’t conceal anything in front of a Nascent Soul cultivator. If she vainly tried to conceal it and angered this grandmaster, he might kill her directly. Therefore, it’d be better for her to confess everything. At least she was still his registered disciple now, so if she took the initiative to offer the pill recipe for the Constitution-Enhancing Pill, he wouldn’t have any reason to get angry with her.

“Constitution-Enhancing Pill…”Qin Jinghe muttered. He then asked, “These Foundation-Refining and Constitution-Enhancing Pills you mentioned – what are they used for? Where did you get them?”

Mo Tiange hung her head and answered honestly, “Disciple used to be in Yunwu Sect in eastern Kunwu. Yunwu Sect had a clan surnamed Jiang and the Foundation-Refining Pill was an heirloom of that Jiang Clan. Reportedly, it can increase the odds of success during the foundation-building process.”

“As for the Constitution Enhancing Pill, disciple happened to run into a fight between an Aura Refining cultivator who owned the pill recipe and two other cultivators. As it happened, neither side won, giving disciple a chance to obtain the pill recipe. This medicinal pill is used to strengthen the effects of other medicinal pills. Hence, disciple took this medicinal pill together with the Foundation-Building Pill with the hope it could increase the efficacy of the Foundation-Building Pill.”

After listening patiently to her explanation, a glorious light flashed in Qin Jinghe’s eyes. Correct! It’s the Constitution-Enhancing Pill!

Two hundred years ago, he also heard about the emergence of the pill recipe for the Constitution-Enhancing Pill. However, he was still in the early stage of the Nascent Soul realm, so he wasn’t powerful enough to obtain it. Later on, this pill recipe went missing and had never appeared again… Is this child really that lucky that she obtained the pill recipe so easily?

His gaze once again fell on Mo Tiange’s body, seemingly pondering whether her words were true or not.

Mo Tiange looked calm. What she said was the truth, so even if he wanted to use some kind of lie-detecting technique, she wasn’t afraid.

Qin Jinghe finally withdrew his scrutinizing gaze. He then asked indifferently, “Where’s the pill recipe?”

Mo Tiange straightaway took out a Jade Slip and offered it to him. She said, “Grandmaster, this is the pill recipe for the Constitution-Enhancing Pill.”

Qin Jinghe only raised his hand, but the Jade Slip suddenly flew towards him and landed in his hands.

A moment later, a happy expression appeared on his face. He said, “Constitution-Enhancing Pill! This is really the Constitution-Enhancing Pill! The Heavens are helping me!” He then stood up in excitement and walked back and forth for a while before turning towards Mo Tiange. With a gentle tone, he said, “Mo Tiange, by offering the recipe for the Constitution-Enhancing Pill, you’ve provided a praiseworthy service. What kind of reward do you want?”

Mo Tiange heaved a sigh of relief. She had placed her bets correctly. Even though this grandmaster directly, not to mention arbitrarily, took the pill recipe for himself, he also intended to reward her in some way. That being the case…

Mo Tiange looked up and revealed the perfect amount of surprise in her expression. She appeared like she didn’t realize this pill recipe was actually this important. However, she promptly said respectfully, “Disciple obtained this recipe pill by accident. If Grandmaster needs it, disciple will naturally offer it with both hands. However, since Grandmaster is benevolent and wants to reward disciple, then disciple will be bold and ask bluntly – could disciple get a Foundation-Building Pill?”

Qin Jinghe was dumbfounded but soon burst into laughter. “Alright, alright, alright, you’re indeed frank!” In her words, she had clearly implied her respect for him in addition to putting forth her blunt request for a reward. This was just to his liking! After all, if you obviously wanted something, why would you bother putting on an act like you didn’t?

He muttered to himself before saying, “I can give you the Foundation-Building Pill. There’s already a rule in the school which says that a disciple who makes a great contribution can be bestowed with a Foundation Building Pill. This Constitution-Enhancing Pill is a rare, legendary medicinal pill, so I’ve decided to give you three Foundation-Building Pills.”

Upon hearing what he said, Mo Tiange was overjoyed. Although she knew her request would most likely be granted, she hadn’t expected that this grandmaster would be this generous and directly give her three Foundation-Building Pills! She kowtowed and thanked him at once. “Disciple thanks Grandmaster.”

“En.” It was clear that Qin Jinghe, who was holding the pill recipe in his hand, was already preoccupied with it and wasn’t in the mood to deal with her. He said, “You should head back first. I will order someone to deliver your reward later.”

“Yes, disciple will take her leave.”


Mo Tiange stopped, completely scared by his call. She asked, “Does Grandmaster have any further instructions?”

Qin Jinghe said while waving his hand, “This matter is of great importance – don’t mention it to others.”


It was only after she left the cave and stroke her forehead that she realized her whole head was drenched with sweat.

According to the rumors, this Grandmaster Jinghe was extremely fond of killing. Had she hesitated and concealed the truth, she probably wouldn’t have been able to leave this cave. However, he was also very generous. As long as one won his favor, the benefits would certainly be abundant. Fortunately, she had placed a correct bet.

For Mo Tiange, who had already gone through the foundation-building process once, those three new Foundation-Building Pills meant her odds of succeeding in building her foundation would be very high. As for the Constitution-Enhancing Pill recipe, despite giving it to Grandmaster Jinghe, she had long been able to concoct the pill. Today, not only had she not suffered any losses, but she also managed to leave Grandmaster Jinghe with a favorable impression. She had indeed gained some benefits effortlessly!

Once Mo Tiange left the hall, Qin Jinghe, who was still inside, suddenly burst into laughter without the slightest care for his image. He stared complacently at the Jade Slip in his hand and said, “Constitution-Enhancing Pill! Constitution-Enhancing Pill! With this, entering the late-stage of the Nascent Soul realm will no longer be wishful thinking!”

Everyone in the cultivation world clearly knew the importance of medicinal pills for cultivators. If talentless people routinely took medicinal pills, their cultivation progress wouldn’t differ much from those who were extremely talented but didn’t take pills. Unfortunately, medicinal pills were costly; they weren’t something everyone could afford.

This wasn’t a huge issue for Aura Refining cultivators as their medicinal pills weren’t too expensive; for example, the most common medicinal pills Aura Refining cultivators usually took, Aura-Nourishing Pills, only cost about two spirit stones. Therefore, most Aura Refining cultivators who cultivated wholeheartedly and had a fixed income would be able to cultivate until the tenth layer of the Aura Refining realm.

However, once they advanced into the next great cultivation realm, the cost of the medicinal pills needed would increase almost a hundredfold. For example, the basic medicinal pills Foundation Building cultivators usually took, Soul-Strengthening Pills, cost about 300 spirit stones! For this reason, most Foundation Building cultivators were trapped in the early stages of the Foundation Building realm.

As for those in the Core Formation and Nascent Soul realms, their situation was even more troubling. The spiritual panaceas for these cultivators weren’t easy to find, and their medicinal pills were also hard to concoct. Most of the time, they could only use a few medicinal pills each year. Since they had to rely mostly on absorbing spiritual aura, cultivating was often very difficult for them.

In fact, for Aura Refining cultivators, the usefulness of Constitution-Enhancing Pills wasn’t really apparent because they usually took basic medicinal pills like Aura-Nourishing Pills and Aura-Converging Pills. What would they need Constitution-Enhancing Pills for when most of them could obtain basic medicinal pills easily?

But if Constitution-Enhancing Pills were given to Core Formation or Nascent Soul cultivators, they would be extremely useful. Those cultivators could take only a few medicinal pills a year; coupled with the fact that obtaining the materials for Constitution-Enhancing Pills wouldn’t be hard for them, if a Constitution-Enhancing Pill was taken to accompany each medicinal pill to increase its efficacy, those few medicinal pills would have an effect equivalent to taking a lot of medicinal pills. Moreover, the medicinal pills Nascent Soul cultivators required were all unique or magical medicinal pills.

Qin Jinghe quickly regained his composure and sent out a Summoning Talisman.

A short while later, Qin Xi hastily rushed over to Qin Jinghe’s cave.

Right after Qin Xi walked in, he was forced to catch the Jade Slip Qin Jinghe threw at him. Confused, he asked, “Master, why did you call me over?”

Qin Jinghe raised his chin and said, very pleased, “Take a look at this pill recipe.”

Qin Xi doubtfully inserted his divine sense into the Jade Slip. In the next second, completely dumbfounded by its contents, he asked, “This… Where did you get it?”

Qin Jinghe finally laughed out loud and said between laughs, “It was a present from that newly received registered disciple of mine. What do you think?”

“How could that be? She… Why did I not know about this?”

Qin Jinghe sat back on the dragon couch and said carelessly, “Perhaps she never knew how important this was… That’ll do. Quickly concoct this Constitution-Enhancing Pill for me. I’ll enter Closed Door Meditation in a bit.”

Qin Xi was immersed in his thoughts and said nothing. He definitely didn’t believe Mo Tiange wasn’t aware of the importance of the Constitution-Enhancing Pill. It was probably precisely because she knew its importance that she hadn’t told anyone about it.

“Master,” he asked after pondering, “What kind of reward did you give her?”

Qin Jinghe held up three fingers and answered, “Three Foundation Building Pills. What do you think? It’s a good deal, right?” The value of Foundation-Building Pills might be beyond measure for most people, but for a Nascent Soul cultivator, they were simply worthless.

“I understand,” Qin Xi said then stored the pill recipe with a pensive look.