Joy of Life - Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: Si Lili

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“How did that saying go? When the master is put to shame…” Fan Xian looked at Teng Zijing.

Teng Zijing was quick to pick up: “… the servant dies.”

“How impudent. If you die, I gain nothing out of it. So it’s natural that someone else must die. Do you know how to do it?”

Teng Zijing responded without hesitation, even though he knew that beating Guo Baokun in the streets would be a serious crime, and that was without taking Guo Baokun’s relationship with the prince into consideration. If Count Sinan wouldn’t take responsibility, then he, as the main perpetrator, would most likely have to escape the capital and go into hiding for many years. Despite knowing that, he did not refuse, because he believed in the young man standing in front of him. Teng Zijing believed the young man would definitely escape his present ambiguous standard of living. Teng Zijing’s trust came not only from Young Master Fan’s knowledge in various methods, but also his own instincts.

Fan Xian nodded in acknowledgement, but said something odd. “You don’t know how to do it.”

Ten Zijing was startled. He didn’t understand what the young master meant.

“The beating is a must, or else how can I relieve this foulness in my heart?” Fan Xian said, carrying the gentlest smile which contrasted with his words so much that it made Teng Zijing shudder. “The problem is how to beat him. Who should beat him? We must figure out how to beat him to our hearts’ content without fear of corporal punishment!”

“I originally did mind dirtying my own hands, but if I asked you or some other guards back home to do it, it’ll bring all sorts of trouble in the future when dealing with the officials. And I believe father would not alienate the Guo household for the sake of a few servants.” Fan Xian continued to explain while smiling, “If I do it, however, the consequences would not be as severe, for my status is different. Besides, with the union between the Fan and Lin families, father and that esteemed one in the palace who want this marriage to follow through would rather not let anything happen to me.”

Teng Zijing was worried. “Young Master, you mustn’t do it yourself. Not to mention, scuffles between sons of powerful families really aren’t that big of a deal in the capital. If you bring the Master and aid from the palace, that’s a little too…”

Ten Zijing then shut his mouth, but Fan Xian finished his thought. “Lose a lot to save a little? Make too much of a scene?”

He then smiled and shook his head. “I was only speaking theoretically. Truthfully, I wasn’t planning on giving him the chance to bite me back.”

Startled by the revelation, Ten Zijing felt his heart go cold. Could the young master be planning on murder?

Fan Xian guessed what he was thinking and laughed. He asked without explaining himself, “Has Crown Prince Jing been invited?”


“What’s the location?”

“The Drunken Immortal Tavern.”

“Quite an extravagant name for a restaurant.”

“…Young Master, it’s a brothel.”

Fan Xian did a double take and replied with an awkward smile. He then asked, “Is the bag ready?”


To the east of the capital was a flowing river. Before it reached the mountains, it gradually slowed and formed a pond whose surface was as tranquil as a mirror. Every night, many decorated boats floated across with their beautiful lights, making the pond look like a crystal palace.

The people all knew what went on in those boats, but the knowledge was passed around so much that no one really objected.

The Drunken Immortal Tavern was not the biggest of these brothel boats, but it was of the highest class. The boat was intricate and beautiful, with two elegantly-built levels. The most important aspect was that Si Lili, the most popular girl in the capital, was there.

Si Lili’s appearance spoke for itself. She was also quite talented, being able to play instruments and sing. While she didn’t really have many actual achievements, the many scholars in different capital cities had praised her enough for her to receive a reputation as a talented entertainer.

But that wasn’t the only reason for her sudden rise above other women of the same occupation. On a much grander level, there was a rumor that Lili’s family name was not actually Si, but Li, denoting royal lineage. Supposedly, this young woman was the remnant of the royal family which first founded this kingdom, but due to her ancestors’ committing a grave mistake, she ended up in her current state.

The ones who truly understood the royal family tree scoffed at such rumors, and the common people actually knew such rumors were false, but Si Lili never bothered to explain. If some people believed the rumor, then let them. It’s not like the emperor would care about the family name of a prostitute. That was an understandable thing to do, since her various clients would probably be quite delighted if they believed her to be a “distant relative” of the emperor.

She was the reason why the Drunken Immortal Tavern was so popular despite its high prices. The boat was rowdy every night, and countless people had willingly thrown away all their valuables in order to become one of Si Lili’s regulars. But today, something was different. The decorated boat was docked at shore, but the usual crowd of eager young nobles was not allowed to board. A few fierce-looking strongmen stood guard at the boarding plank. A fight would have erupted had the madam not come down to explain that the entire brothel had been rented out by someone for the day.

How much did it cost to rent out the whole place? As those young nobles left in a bad mood, they all secretly cursed the one who rented out the Drunken Immortal Tavern as a disgraceful and wasteful brat.

Fan Xian stared at the intricate pastries on the table as he drank high-class alcohol from a pair of delicate hands. He too felt he was being a disgrace to his family. The money had come from Count Sinan’s treasury. Although Fan Xian’s father was in charge of the Kingdom of Qing’s finances, the Fan treasury was but a measly one. It pained Fan Xian to think about the amount of money he had spent on this. Fan Xian was also restless from not knowing how his father would react once he learned official funds were used in this way.

What really made him restless, however, was the young woman in his arms.

Si Lili’s brows were sharp and shapely like willow leaves, while her dark pupils were lively and expressive. Her lips were colored red with lipstick and parted slightly, giving her a natural expression. Most enticing of all was her voluptuous figure. Sitting on Fan Xian’s lap, the lightest touch would put him in a slight daze.

Feeling the heartbeat of this pretty rich boy gradually getting faster, Si Lili snickered to herself. Having confirmed this young master from Fan manor was still new to such matters, she stopped teasing him and got off his lap. She poured some more alcohol, raised the cup to his lips, and drizzled it in.