Joy of Life - Chapter 662 - Opening The Hut

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Chapter 662: Opening The Hut

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Fan Xian wanted to smile but could not manage it. It was as if the expression on his face had been frozen by the wind and snow outside the Temple. He stared in a daze at Thirteenth Wang in front of him. He looked at his young friend’s calm but stubborn face. After a long time, he sighed deeply and felt a chill in the depths of his heart.

He knew Thirteenth Wang was speaking the truth. He was not one to speak in hypotheticals, which was why he had felt a chill.

If the future did not develop in the way Fan Xian and Sigu Jian expected it to, if the people of the world thought that Fan Xian was only plundering Dongyi’s strength without considering the interests of the Dongyi citizens and merchants, perhaps Thirteenth Wang would actually turn against him.

With Sigu Jian’s final orders and the Taiping money house, the disciples of the Sword Hut had already paid out too much interest and power in his gamble. If Fan Xian went back on his word, these people would feel anger and hatred from the marrow of their bones. Without even needing to think about it, Fan Xian knew how terrifying the revenge of the 13 crazed disciples of the Sword Hut would be.

Furthermore, he had a very close young friend with whom he had a good relationship by his side. Fan Xian did not wish to fight to the death with Thirteenth Wang.

He was particularly worried about the crazed revenge of the Sword Hut. Even though they couldn’t directly harm Fan Xian, who was protected by the Overwatch Council, attacks by these ninth-level aces could certainly harm the family he cared about, his friends, and his subordinates.

The Qing Emperor could endure these losses because, most of the time, he didn’t see most of his family and subordinates as people. Fan Xian could not do this. He knew the attitude Thirteenth Wang expressed represented the determination of the disciples of the Sword Hut. He had no choice but to secretly put up his guard.

Fan Xian narrowed his eyes. The chill grew in his eyes and then dissipated again. Looking at Thirteenth Wang, he calmly said, “There is one thing you and your brothers must understand. Your teacher begged me to do this. I did not ask it of him. In this so-called cooperation, that is only your thoughts. I won’t accept threats in any form.”

Thirteenth Wang was silent. He knew Fan Xian was speaking the truth.

Fan Xian stared at him and said, “This is something that has confused me for a long time. Sigu Jian gave me 12 swords, but how can I trust your loyalties and not be worried each night that you will stab me in the back?”

“If someone who wants to stab you, I will block it.” Thirteenth Wang lowered his head gloomily. “As long as you don’t go back on your promise.”

Fan Xian gave a cold and mocking smile. “I have the Shadow behind me. What need do I have for you? I dislike this kind of feeling. What kind of person am I? I am not someone who can be threatened into doing things. The Sword Hut must fix its attitude. If Yun Zhilan or Li Bohua do not trust me, then there is no need for us to continue negotiating. We can end things right here. In a few months, I can bring the army and talk then.”

Thirteenth Wang raised his head and glanced at him with doubt and pain. “You are also threatening.”

“I am just responding in kind,” Fan Xian said looking at him seriously. “I am troubled by the wish you have presented. I don’t wish to be controlled by someone through you.”

“We don’t have such desires, but, to speak truthfully, we don’t understand the teacher’s final orders. Since the other disciples haven’t had much interaction with you, they don’t know what kind of person you are. They do not believe that you would disregard the interests of the Qing Kingdom and be concerned with the survival of Dongyi.”

“Whether they believe or not is their problem. I just require that they accept it.” Fan Xian rose and gently patted his shoulder. “We are friends. I don’t want you to become a friend that stands by my side and watches each and every one of my actions.”

“Friends should believe in each other and support each other, not question each other,” Fan Xian said seriously as he looked at Thirteenth Wang. “You are the attitude that Sigu Jian demonstrated to me and my attitude that I demonstrated to Sigu Jian. Because of you, Sigu Jian and I were able to build this trust between us. I hope, in the future, you will learn to have your own attitude. A person must live for themselves. In this world, there are already too many people who carry the weight of vengeance for country and family. Your nature is not suitable for such things.”

“You are suitable?” Thirteenth Wang asked faintly. He had understood what he meant.

“I have no choice. I was forced into action.” Fan Xian’s mouth was bitter, and his heart was sorrowful. The corners of his lips twitched. He gazed outside the quiet room. With a sigh, he said, “Look at that dark cave. Is that a den for thieves? Should I allow them to do as they wish? Are they real thieves? Am I a thief? I don’t want to charge forward, much less kill all of them.”

Thirteenth Wang gazed at him calmly and suddenly said, “In this world, who could force you to do these things?”

Fan Xian was silent for a very long time. He then said, “I don’t know, perhaps, in the end, it is just me who wants to do this.”

As for the matter concerning the Emperor, Fan Xian had thought far and deep enough. Just as he told his father, he did not want to turn against the Emperor before Uncle Wu Zhu returned. Furthermore, he had no reason to turn against the Emperor. Although there was that tragedy from decades ago, as a spirit floating through this world, even if he wanted to exact vengeance for that woman, there was always some hesitation when faced with his own flesh-and-blood father.

Additionally, the Emperor was still very powerful, to the point of being invincible.

Fan Xian only wanted to make this world a bit gentler, more in line with what he wanted. This was probably the first thing all time-travelers wanted to do after they arrived in a completely different world.

He didn’t know that Ye Tao had done this, Wu Anguo had done this. Even Ye Qingmei had done this. Probably only Shi Yue had not done so.

This was actually the destiny of all time-travelers. Or, perhaps it was the destiny of all talented time-travelers. One could not be hedonistic for a lifetime. Luxuries could not soothe one’s spiritual needs. Humankind’s innate desire to explore and control would force one to go in that direction. Any person with sufficient influence and power would attempt to use the power in their hands to change something.

To stalk through the night required the determination of an old monk. Even when an old monk was about to die, he would be unable to resist asking Shakespeare.

For people like Fan Xian, after he had established himself in some position in this world, he would always put on pretty clothes and stand under the sun to do the things he wanted to do in the way he wanted to do them.

For this world, it might not be a good decision. He thought that at least it was a good decision. History was a ball of dough to be shaped by powerful people. Some thought that it was best molded into pretty girls while others thought that it should be shaped into a large bread knife to be swung around in a lively marketplace.

As to who was right and who was wrong, only history could decide. Before history could come to any conclusion, the powerful people had long turned into bones. However, they had to do it. Only then could it be absolute enough, rejuvenating enough, and not be in vain.

Fan Xian had spun into his second life. At the end of the 10th year of the Qing calendar, he finally climbed to the tallest peak he could reach. The young and powerful official of the Qing Kingdom held the power of the Overwatch Council. He also had money. Most of the money in the world were faintly within his control. Furthermore, he had a reputation that was bright and incomparable to anyone else.

Most importantly, he had achieved great deeds. White smoke rose all around Dongyi, and white spirit-summoning flags fluttered in the thick and dusky spring wind. Sigu Jian’s funeral was about to begin. The negotiations between the Qing Kingdom and Dongyi had come to an end. A fundamental change had happened to the major powers under heaven. From now onward, the territorial maps would appear unfamiliar.

Dongyi had finally become part of the Qing Kingdom in name. Other than a smudge of green in the West and the country that had maintained its silence in the North, the entire mainland had come under the iron hooves of the Qing Kingdom.

Furthermore, the Qing Kingdom had not sent out a single soldier to achieve this goal. All of this was because of Fan Xian. At this moment, his popularity reached a historical high. What he did would certainly enter into the history books.

Fan Xian stood calmly in front of the door of the Sword Hut with Thirteenth Wang behind him. The other 11 disciples of the Sword Hut stood calmly not far away. The Qing diplomatic group stood on his other side while the secret agents and swordsmen of the Overwatch Council did not show themselves. They stood in various directions and cautiously watched everything.

It was the opening ceremony of the Sword Hut in the 10th year of the Qing calendar. This ceremony should have happened long ago, but Sigu Jian had been sick and near death. Additionally, the Sword Hut had important news to announce to the world and had invited many important figures to attend.

Too many people had shown up. There had been some unrest fermenting in the vassal states around Dongyi, as well as in some of the markets within the city. Volunteer armies had even appeared in some places. Fan Xian, as the symbol of the invaders, became the focus of the protection being provided.

Dongyi was not worried about Fan Xian’s safety. The person who could kill Fan Xian here should not have been born yet.

This judgment excluded the only Great Grandmaster in the world, the Qing Emperor. After all, no one thought the Qing Emperor would be crazy enough to come assassinate his illegitimate son, who had just accomplished such a great deed.

No one dared to stand shoulder to shoulder with Fan Xian. The day was very bright. The spring light was charming as the sun shone brilliantly. There was even a faint sense of summer heat. Thirteenth Wang was the person standing closest to Fan Xian, half a step behind him.

Fan Xian’s expression was calm as he welcomed the merchants who had come from all over the world. At the same time, he welcomed the diplomatic groups of the Qing Kingdom and Northern Qi in his position as a host. The officials of the Qing diplomatic group wore an expression of joy while the Northern Qi officials did not look so happy.

A large canopy had been erected on the empty land in front of the Sword Hut. Countless white paper flowers and curtains had been hung from it. It did not look festive at all. It was completely at odds with the opening ceremony and nominal surrender.

Fan Xian did not care about this. While the officials from the Qing Board of Rites were not happy, they didn’t express anything because everyone knew that this opening ceremony could actually be considered Sigu Jian’s funeral. The officials of the Board of Rites did not want to anger the powerful people of the Sword Hut at such a tense time.

The sun slowly moved higher into the sky. The temperature gradually rose. Fortunately, Dongyi was on the shores of the East Sea. A sea breeze blew ceaselessly, making the heat endurable. Plus, the large canopy hid the blazing sun. The guests who had come to attend the ritual had no resentments other than wiping away sweat.

Suddenly, the sound of countless firecrackers rang out from outside the Sword Hut. Scraps of paper flew up as smoke began to fill the air.

It seemed to be a signal. Within the massive Dongyi, every shop front and residence all lit the firecrackers they had prepared earlier. Even the brothels that usually hung out red lanterns and sang through the night had changed their lanterns to white and were letting off firecrackers in front of the building.

The girls had changed into plain clothes and were looking with unease and confusion in the direction of the Sword Hut.

Merchants and commoners stood in front of their doors, under their spirit-summoning banners, and watched as the firecrackers shattered in front of their eyes.

An infant in a woman’s embrace was woken up by the clattering of the firecrackers ringing out indiscriminately from every direction and began to wail.

All of Dongyi rang with the sound of whips and tears. A slightly pungent smell of sulfur followed the smoke and enveloped the entire city. The firecrackers were like one’s life, and the rising smoke was like a gradually leaving spirit.

Fan Xian quietly watched this scene. Suddenly, he thought of the firecrackers he had heard outside Shangjing in Northern Qi many years ago. He thought that regardless of whether it was Master Zhuang or Sigu Jian, they were similarly majestic in the eyes of the common people.

Under the great canopy outside the Sword Hut, following Yun Zhilan’s voice, everyone knelt toward the large black coffin.

Fan Xian also knelt down. He then heard Yun Zhilan’s announcement of Sigu Jian’s final orders on his behalf.

As expected, before he died, Sigu Jian had forgiven Yun Zhilan’s previous disobedience and ordered him to take over the position of Master of Dongyi. Yun Zhilan had always managed the secular affairs of the Sword Hut and was a master of the affairs of the world. Given the dissatisfaction in his heart, with him as the Master of the City, he would certainly be able to come to relatively perfect conditions with whichever Qing subject came to take over Dongyi.

Fan Xian did not care about this. He listened carefully and thought that if Sigu Jian had given the Sword Hut to Thirteenth Wang, he could he use the close relationship between the two of them to truly control those 12 terrifying swords.

As he thought this, he heard Yun Zhilan’s final words. His eyes narrowed involuntarily.

“Fan Xian’s maternal registry is Dongyi. I have personally instructed him in the skill of the sword and found him to be of great talent. I order that he is to host the opening ceremony.”