Joy of Life - Chapter 659 - Covered In Rain, I Came From The Sea (3)

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Chapter 659: Covered In Rain, I Came From The Sea (3)

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The rising sun in the east arrived and shone on the mountain behind the hut. The slightly warm light carried no trace of joy as it gradually enveloped the mountain’s summit. The dozen disciples and the master of the Sword Hut all stood in the warm light with their heads raised. They looked just like an oil painting.

At the foot of the mountain, three generations of Sword Hut disciples, sword boys, servants that had served Sigu Jian for countless years, and officials watched the scene. They knew that the Grandmaster of Dongyi had reached the last moments of his life. Countless people could not restrain their cries of sorrow and knelt on the ground, kowtowing repeatedly in the direction of the mountain.

At the mountain residence at the waist of the mountain, Fan Xian and the Shadow looked in that direction. Although their expressions did not change, they were moved in their hearts. Fan Xian suddenly felt that his mood was strange. Through these years, his relationship with Dongyi had always been complicated. He actually didn’t have any deep understanding of Sigu Jian. He only knew that he was a powerful warrior and an incredible person who could change the fate of the world with just a sword in his hand. For much of the past, Sigu Jian had been his greatest enemy. With the passing of time, a great change had occurred in the relationship between them.

However, Fan Xian did not have any extraneous feelings of affection toward Sigu Jian, even after last night. He and Sigu Jian’s discussion was a cooperation based on a common goal. Fan Xian could not feel much for a Great Grandmaster who had killed many of his subordinates and many Qing people.

The sun came up. Fan Xian couldn’t resist a bitter and self-mocking smile. Looking at the thin figure on the summit, he wondered if he was going blind to see this Great Grandmaster as a revolutionary man who had protected the world and loved the people.

The Shadow took a step toward the outside of the mountain gate. Silently and dazedly, he watched Sigu Jian at the summit. He watched this brother, who had twisted and hurt his life, take his last breaths in the mortal world.

Fan Xian retreated into the shadow behind the mountain gate and fell silent. For some reason, his blood was roiling. The zhenqi of two different natures in his body slowly circulated, particularly the Tyrannical zhenqi behind his back. Following his two arms, it released outward and wrapped around the outside of his palm before returning and forming a smooth zhenqi return path. It was only half an inch from his palm, but it was a sensitive output of zhenqi.

He felt something. Turning his gaze, he looked out over to the east toward the edge of that boundless sea and waves forming and breaking under the red rising sun.

On the summit, Sigu Jian’s gaze also landed on the waves.

In the distance, the wind came carrying droplets of rain. A thick and heavy cloud rolled above the rising sun in the sky. The storm came like a kind of baptism.

Other than Fan Xian and the almost dead Sigu Jian, no one felt the aura that person purposely sent out. Silently, Fan Xian left the mountain residence from behind the bodies of everyone kowtowing around the Sword Hut. He swept into Dongyi and increased his speed to his quickest. In a short amount of time, he stepped past the private residences and businesses, through the ports and boats, and arrived at an isolated beach outside Dongyi, neighboring a shore of the East Sea.

The rain was falling densely by the shore. Striking the sand, it formed tens of thousands of holes.

A grey shadow swept by and stopped valiantly on a rock by the beach. It was Fan Xian. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the small holes the rain was striking into the sand. Suddenly, he remembered watching half a small boat sink below the precipice in Danzhou many years ago and the traces it left on the beach.

The storm didn’t grow larger. It just blew and fell in a gentle and cold way. The morning sun rose higher and climbed behind the rain clouds. All of the light in Dongyi grew dimmer, particularly on the sea. The waves slapped against the rocks and set up a watery mist. Mixing with the light rain falling from the sky, it added a mistiness.

Behind the watery mist, the shadow of a giant ship slowly appeared. The ship was enormous. It was an open ocean merchant ship that could resist tens of thousands of li of ocean and giant waves. The ship was unable to come to the shore covered with reefs. It could only show itself far away in the ocean. Although it was very far away, the sense of pressure that seemed to come from nowhere still made Fan Xian feel a sliver of nervousness.

The sea suddenly fell silent. Although the storm continued, the rain fell noiselessly into the sea and sand. There was no sound in the world. The waves no longer smashed violently into the shore. They only rose and fell slowly like the breathing of the land. Faintly, a small boat came from the white fog.

Fan Xian took a deep breath and stepped onto the slightly wet and soft sand toward the seashore, welcoming the arrival of this little boat.

A person stood at the head of the small boat. He had his hands behind his back. His long white hair was tied behind his head with a strip of cloth. His expression was strange. His eyes were clear and unfathomable. He wore a straw hat on his head. Although the hat was small, it prevented the warm but dense storm from coming near the little boat.

A person sat at the head of the boat also wearing a straw hat. His hat did not cover his uniquely colored hair or the strange and terrifying smile at the corners of his lips.

Ye Liuyun had come. Before Sigu Jian died, he had finally come to see him off.

Fan Xian felt slightly stunned. He then looked at the person sitting at the tail of the boat and smiled warmly. Sir Fei Jie had also come. Seeing someone he was close to when he was physically and mentally exhausted helped dilute the shock of Ye Liuyun’s sudden appearance.

The little boat came near to the seashore. Ye Liuyun calmly stood at the head of the boat. His gaze pierced through the trees and mountains by the seashore and into the distance. Sigu Jian was probably far away in that direction looking wretchedly and coldly at the seashore.

Fan Xian stood in the storm and wiped the rainwater from his face. He looked silently at Ye Liuyun and raised his lips slightly. In the end, he didn’t say anything.

The sound of water grew. Fei Jie jumped down from the tail of the boat and walked through the shallow water to reach the shore. Fan Xian quickly hurried forward and helped his teacher onto the bank. The teacher and student looked at each other. Their gazes were filled with warmth and affection.

Fan Xian didn’t talk about the problems in Jingdou, Ten Family Village, or Chen Pingping. He knew Fei Jie’s desire to travel the ocean was the dream of his life. This poison-using Great Grandmaster liked freedom. If it had not been for Fan Xian, he would probably have long left the Qing Kingdom. Since Chen Pingping had tricked him into leaving, Fan Xian had to continue the lie.

“These two years, I’ve been wandering around the islands in the South,” Fei Jie looked at the disciple he was most proud of and said with a smile. “I had originally decided to head to the West this year.”

“The West is very far away.” Fan Xian glanced at Ye Liuyun standing woodenly at the head of the boat and did not pay any attention to the Great Grandmaster. Taking his teacher’s hand, he walked further away and said worriedly, “Given your temperament, how many years is this trip the West and back going to take?”

Fei Jie looked at him with a smile and said, “Given my and Master Ye’s age, once we leave, there is probably no return.”

Fan Xian’s throat felt like it was being blocked by something. He had thought that he would never see his teacher again. He had unexpectedly seen him now, but it was another permanent farewell. After a moment of gloominess, he forced himself to smile and pointed to the sea. “With such a large boat, you can go anywhere in the world.”

Fei Jie turned his head and looked at the faint shadow of the giant ship behind the fog. With a rattling laugh, he said, “We bought many foreign servants and some foreign women. They don’t look like our women here. If you saw them, you would certainly like them.”

“I have stayed with Ma Suosuo for a time before,” Fan Xian replied with a smile. “How come you are here today?”

Sir Fei Jie had wanted to speak about this earlier. He turned his head to look at Ye Liuyun standing at the head of the boat, who had not disembarked. After a moment of silence, he said, “He seemed to have sensed something and knew that Sigu Jian was going to die. He wanted to send him off.”

“Hmm…” Fan Xian lowered his head slightly and slanted a glance at Ye Liuyun, who stood like a statue in the rain at the head of the boat. With a complicated expression, he laughed gently and said, “Wasn’t Sigu Jian killed by him and the Emperor?”

Fei Jie shook his head and didn’t say anything. Fan Xian stopped this topic of conversation. He looked at Ye Liuyun’s figure and followed his teacher in shaking his head.

Ye Liuyun stood silently at the head of the little boat and looked silently in the direction of Dongyi. The straw hat on his head seemed to have lost its effectiveness and allowed the wind and rain to strike his body before sliding into the boat and making everything wet.

After a long time, this Great Grandmaster suddenly lowered his head and thought for a moment. He then waved at Fan Xian.

Fan Xian was startled slightly, but his expression did not change. Steadily, he walked over and stood in the knee-deep ocean water. He looked at the little boat less than five paces away and offered his greetings respectfully.

“I am leaving,” Ye Liuyun said looking gently at Fan Xian, “perhaps never to return. Do you have anything you want to ask me?”

Of the four Great Grandmasters in the world, Fan Xian had never seen Ku He. He had only learned of the Northern Qi’s Imperial Advisor’s power through Haitang, the later preparations done by Northern Qi, and Xiao En’s memories. As for Sigu Jian, he had personally experienced his shocking sword intent and was fully aware of his battle line. As for the Emperor, Fan Xian knew in his bones of his incomparable strength. It was only Ye Liuyun who Fan Xian had seen in his youth, as well as in Jiangnan when he had amazingly sliced the building in half. That was the first time he had a complete understanding of the Great Grandmaster’s realm.

Ye Liuyun was fundamentally different than the other three Great Grandmasters. He took a path like a leisurely cloud. His entire life was spent floating across the land, occasionally staying and then leaving again. He was like a light spot without a tether, completely free.

It was precisely because of these reasons that Fan Xian had a particular affection for Ye Liuyun and admired him the most. After Junshang Conference and Dong Mountain, Fan Xian finally understood that it was impossible for one to be wholly above the common populace in this world.

If it were possible, it could only be achieved by Uncle Wu Zhu, not this Great Grandmaster standing aboard the little boat.

Fan Xian knew why Ye Liuyun had spoken now. After a moment of silence, he didn’t ask him any questions about martial arts. Instead, he straightforwardly asked, “Why did you come?”

In the rain, Ye Liuyun raised his face slightly, fully revealing his strange face from under the straw hat. It seemed he had not expected Fan Xian to ask such a surprising question with this precious opportunity.

After only a moment of silence, Ye Liuyun said, “I am here to send him off.”

“Why are you leaving?” Fan Xian continued to ask.

“Because I want to,” Ye Liuyun replied with a slight smile.

“Why did you attack in the first place?” Fan Xian finally asked.

“Because… I am a person of the Qing Kingdom,” Ye Liuyun replied seriously.

Fan Xian thought about this for a long time. A person of the Qing Kingdom. He was also a person of the Qing Kingdom. In this world, belonging could truly determine the motivation for everything. Even a Great Grandmaster was not an exception.

Fan Xian took a deep breath and said with a smile, “I don’t have any other questions. I am just curious if you will come back.”

“Who can know what will happen in the future?”

Fan Xian shook his head and didn’t say anything else. Given Ye Liuyun and Sir Fei Jie’s realm, even though it was the mysterious and distant Western lands, there was probably nothing there that could hold them or hurt them.

Fan Xian had no more questions to ask. It seemed Ye Liuyun had something to say. He looked at Fan Xian and said with a gentle smile, “Ever since the Wei Kingdom, the world has been in chaos and there have been battles all around. The common people wander homelessly and live incredibly difficult lives. I helped your father sweep aside the last obstacle. The matters of the future are for you young people to do.”

It was true, Ye Liuyun, in his status as Great Grandmaster, endured quietly for 20 years and secretly cooperated with the Emperor’s plan. In one move, they swept aside all internal opposition in the Qing Kingdom and the two main obstacles unifying the world, Ku He and Sigu Jian.

There was no longer a purpose for Ye Liuyun to remain on this land. That was why he had come to take a look before he left and say these things to Fan Xian.

In the eyes of this Great Grandmaster, Fan Xian would be, without question, one of the most powerful warriors of the younger generation. It was not just his martial prowess but also his ability to plot and usual attention toward the common people. That was why Ye Liuyun was telling him this.

Ye Liuyun did not know Fan Xian’s heart. It was also an impossible task for a Great Grandmaster to see through to one’s heart.

After saying these words, Ye Liuyun did not continue speaking with Fan Xian. He continued to stand at the head of the boat and looked toward that summit and the person, perhaps friend, who was about to die.

Fan Xian lowered his head and was silent for a moment. He then returned to the shore to say something in a low voice to Sir Fei Jie. It was almost time to say goodbye. He had many things he wanted to say to his teacher. Even if it was only some small memories from his childhood, there would not be many more opportunities to reminisce.

Fan Xian took out the little notebook Ku He left him and handed it to Sir Fei Jie. “It’s what Ku He left behind. It should be related to magic. Find someone in the West and ask them about it. Directly read the sounds out. Those people should be able to understand. It’s probably somewhere related to Italy and Rome.”

Seeing that he took his matter seriously and it was something Ku He had left behind, Sir Fei Jie furrowed his brows and accepted it. Tucking it into his clothes, he said in a raspy voice, “Don’t worry. No one will be able to take these things from my hands.”

Fan Xian’s eyes were sharp and had long seen the little trick he had played on the notebook. Smiling he said, “If those thieves aren’t afraid of death.”

“Since it’s something Ku He left to you, it must have its uses. Why don’t you keep it yourself?”

“I memorized it last night.” Fan Xian pointed at his head and reminded his teacher with a smile. Ever since his youth, he had a strange memory.

Fei Jie smiled, remembering each day and night of all those years that he spent teaching this strange creature in Danzhou.

The wind and rain by the East Sea gradually calmed. Fan Xian and Fei Jie sensed something at the same time and ceased chatting. They turned their heads to look at the little boat gently rising and falling with the waves next to the shore, at Ye Liuyun on the head of the boat.

The smile of Ye Liuyun’s face grew more gentle and relaxed. It was as if he had seen through some matter and was greatly relieved.

A wave broke. The little boat trembled slightly. Ye Liuyun took this opportunity to lower his body in a deep bow toward some small mountain and grass hut in the direction of Dongyi.

Fan Xian’s heart sank, he knew the person was gone.

Fei Jie silently watched his scene and said, “I am leaving.”

In the end, the long-legged mosquito in the grass hut could not endure the torment of time. Just as the days were getting warmer, the happiest time of life, he could no longer stand in the corner of the wall. Hopelessly, he stared at the thick blankets on the bed and empty space devoid of any person in the blankets. Decrepitly, he fell from the wall and landed on the floor before he was blown to an unknown location by a gust of wind through a crack in the door.

On the small mountain behind the grass hut, that small and weak figure was lying in his disciples embraces, devoid of all life.

By the seashore, the little boat slowly left, heading toward the large ship in the fog. Fan Xian stood on the sand in a deep bow as a send-off.

Until the very end, Ye Liuyun still did not abandon the boat and step onto the land. Perhaps this Great Grandmaster had given himself a boundary. He never again wanted to step on this land that was filled with slaughter and helplessness. He didn’t know if he could leave again once he had stepped onto this piece of earth.

This was the ease and determination of being able to toss aside and abandon.

Fan Xian watched the little boat gradually disappearing into the wind and rain. He thought that this was the so-called small boat disappearing from here so the rest of one’s life could be lived on the rivers and seas. Although, some people had left, more people were unable to leave. When would he be able to go toward the free rivers and seas?