Joy of Life - Chapter 627 - Old Man

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Chapter 627: Old Man

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What is your mother’s surname? My mother is surnamed Ye.

Before coming to Dongyi, Fan Xian had expected he would meet someone or something related to the old Ye family. After his mother, Ye Qingmei, came to this world, she had first gone to Dongyi.

When he was 16, Uncle Wu Zhu had told him everything about Ye Qingmei. At least, everything that amnesiac remembered. The origins of the Ye business started in Dongyi. Their first taste of wealth was also plundered from Dongyi. It was only later, for some reason, that Ye Qingmei had eventually chosen the Qing Kingdom, which had not been that powerful at the time. In other words, she had chosen the now unusually powerful Emperor.

After Ye Qingmei left Dongyi, he didn’t know if she had ever returned. Fan Xian knew that this large city must have been important to her. He had not thought that Sigu Jian would abruptly bring up this matter, especially as such an awkward and coarse excuse.

“Never mind, never mind.” Fan Xian glanced at Sigu Jia and smiled awkwardly. “I understand what you are trying to say. However, she was her, and I am me.”

“Can that be separated? Would your mother want to see the Dongyi she had once fought so hard for to become a county of the Qing Kingdom that was no different to any other?” Sigu Jian smiled mockingly. “One cannot forget one’s roots. You are her son, so you are also a Dongyi person.”

Fan Xian furrowed his brows and sat down on the empty ground by the wheelchair. His two legs hung above the sword grave, swinging through the empty air. Smiling coldly, he said, “Although I didn’t witness for myself what happened on Dong Mountain, I still know some details. I also heard of the things you once told Uncle Wu Zhu.”

“You want me to be the Master of Dongyi just because of my half Dongyi status?” Fan Xian twisted his head and glanced at Sigu Jian. “Have you only thought of this response after hiding in the Sword Hut for so long? Don’t forget, I am still a Qing person. The relationship between the Emperor and me is already set. Don’t think that the status of a Master of the City is enough to provoke the Emperor’s suspicions and force me to split with him.”

He waved his arm and calmly said, “That is impossible. I will not be the Master of Dongyi.”

Sigu Jian said coldly, “You’re so afraid of death. You’re afraid the Emperor will kill you. I never thought you would take over Dongyi. I am just reminding you that you don’t have to innately think about the interests of the Qing people. I am just consoling you. Even if you think on behalf of Dongyi, it is not a treasonous act.”

“I have thought enough for the people of Dongyi.” Fan Xian did not compromise a single inch. “Those words I said earlier, do you think anyone would give up so many benefits other than me? Who would brave the danger of the Emperor’s anger to convince him to accept these conditions?”

“Is this enough?” Sigu Jian closed his eyes. “Or, have you never thought about how your mother had died?”

Deep inside the Sword Hut, the countless swords in the giant pit began to tremble in the same moment, making a mournful sound. They shook endlessly. It was as if they would shatter neatly in the next moment. Fan Xian’s legs hanging over the sword grave also stopped moving. A serious look appeared between his brows as an indistinct emotion appeared in his eyes.

There was no one else around. Given Sigu Jian’s realm, there was no worry that anyone would eavesdrop. Fan Xian still felt his heart beginning to tighten. With each twist, there was a wave of pain.

He sucked in a deep breath. His face was an unusual white. Quietly, he said, “You have a suggestion that can convince others?”

“I don’t,” Sigu Jian said indifferently. “I am just guessing. For someone like your mother, how could she die so mysteriously? If she could be killed by the empress, that pig, or the empress dowager, that old whore, then your mother would not be your mother.”

“That is all?”

“Ku He could guess. Chen Pingping could also guess. Why can’t I guess?”

Fan Xian’s lips trembled slightly. He quietly said, “Such a thing as a guess, it is better to not speak of it. People could die.”

“Is that so?” Sigu Jian suddenly laughed loudly. Boundless malice and mockery were contained in his laugh. “It is truly rare to see someone as afraid of death as you.”

Fan Xian knew what he looked down on. Without any change in expression he said, “It is always rare to meet someone who can kill their entire family with such ease.”

Sigu Jian’s expression changed. An unexpected ruthlessness appeared in his eyes. It was as if he could act at any moment to kill Fan Xian. A heartrending sword intent began to fill the space again. This time, it was like Fan Xian could not feel anything. Disdainfully, he glanced at him and said, “If you’ve done it, are you afraid of people talking about it?”

“As for me? There is no need for you to worry about my affairs.” He furrowed his brows tightly and sighed helplessly. “Sometimes, I truly cannot understand what you important people, and old creatures, are thinking exactly. Why must you push me to stand against the Emperor? Do you really think that I have the power to oppose him? Most importantly, do you really think I want to oppose him?”

He looked at Sigu Jian with stormy eyes and shook his head. “No matter what, he is still my father. I do not understand your thinking.”

“Father?” Sigu Jian withdrew into his wheelchair. He was like a sheathed sword no longer giving off any light. “When you’re really anxious, fathers and mothers can all be killed.”

Fan Xian’s heart trembled slightly. He shook his head with a bitter smile. He thought to himself, There really is no need to discuss human emotions with this idiot.

Concerning the true reason for Ye Qingmei’s death, during the most important moment of the Jingdou rebellion, the Eldest Princess had pointed Fan Xian in a direction right before her death. Chen Pingping’s intentional or not actions seemed to prove this point. However, Chen Pingping had never spoken explicitly about it, nor had Minister Shang. After these two old comrades experienced this matter and suspected each other for many years, they finally turned their gaze toward one person.

They did not want to tell Fan Xian about it. Other than Sigu Jian, this fearless old creature who only wanted to see the Qing Kingdom run into major problems, no one tried and lure Fan Xian onto a path with no return because of a guess.

“You are about to die. Don’t count on seeing the Qing Kingdom fall into internal conflict before you die.” Fan Xian nodded his head with some force like he wanted to convince Sigu Jian and himself. “Accept my sincerity and quietly wait for death. I will look and protect after the tens and thousands of Dongyi people on your behalf.”

Sigu Jian looked coldly into the distance for a long time. He then said, “Trust me, one day you will step onto the path the goddamn heavens have laid out for you.”

“I am going to go against heaven?” Fan Xian questioned with laughter. He began to cough during his laugh. It continued until his face was red. He was miserable.

Sigu Jian glanced at him with disdain.

Fan Xian was angered by this look and said in an icy voice, “Regardless of whether it is you or Ku He, you both entrusted you hopes to me. Is this not an absurd thing in and of itself? This is not the will of heaven. This is the selfish ideas of you powerful people.”

“Selfish?” Sigu Jian shook his head. “I don’t know what that old baldy did before he died.”

Fan Xian shrugged and said, “He sent his second disciple, of whom he is the proudest of, to Jingdou to extend Chen Pingping’s life. It seems he was hoping Chen Pingping would be the catalyst for unrest in the Qing Kingdom.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha…” Sigu Jian couldn’t help but laugh loudly. As he laughed, he cursed, “That goddamn baldy! That’s what he was thinking. It seemed like he expected the Emperor and Chen Pingping to have a falling out. You would be caught in the middle and forced into insanity. Yes, you deduced it correctly. He is like me. We both put our hopes in you. However…”

Sigu Jian twisted his neck and said disdainfully, “Ku He was too stupid. It is better to force you directly. Why bother going through Chen Pingping? Ku He misjudged that old dog’s loyalty to the Qing Emperor.”

“For god’s sake, I am right in front of you. Saying directly that you want to force me into a rebellion, is that not a bit too boring?” Fan Xian sighed as he pointed to the large pit in front of him. He pointed to the swords that had weathered from wind and rain and appeared particularly ancient. “I know clearly there is a pit in front of me. Do you think I’ll still jump in?”

Sigu Jian did not directly answer his question. He withdrew into himself and said, “It actually doesn’t matter whether you see yourself as a Dongyi person. I am not too worried about the stupid people in this city. Don’t forget, Lady Ning is a proper Dongyi person. Your Great Prince cannot be like you and not admit to his heritage.”

Fan Xian shrugged. He knew what he said was correct. The Emperor only had three sons left. The two grown ones both had too many connections to Dongyi. If the Qing Kingdom truly wants to send out troops, it would be troublesome.

“There are many pits in one’s life. You know that it is in front of you, but when you have no choice, you can only keep your eyes open as you jump down.”

Sigu Jian frowned and pointed his shoulder toward the depths of the sword pit. The scent of a dying old person and a difficult-to-oppose pressure mixed and mingled around his entire body. Faintly, he said, “Three years ago, I told Zhilan, I know that there is a bit pit in front of me, but I am still going to jump down.”

He was talking about the Dong Mountain incident. Before either Ku He or Sigu Jian moved to assassinate the Emperor, they had both thought about it countless times and suspected that it was a giant pit. Time waited for no one. The two Great Grandmasters had no choice but to jump. They fell wretchedly.

Fan Xian was silent for a moment. He then said, “There is nothing to say about this. After the diplomatic group arrives, what needs to be done will be done. There is no need for you all to worry about my affairs. So, should we talk about some relatively happy things?”

“Happy?” Sigu Jian suddenly scolded angrily. “I am about to die. It’s been two years since I left this stupid hut, how can I be happy?”

“Yes, you’re quite pitiful. Although you still have your cultivation, you cannot move freely or leave the hut as your wish. You have been forced by your first disciple to sit in here for many years,” Fan Xian said mockingly. “King Weiling was starved to death by his own son in his palace. If Yun Zhilan also plays this card, as a Great Grandmaster, you would die in such an unsightly manner.”

“I am not a useless wastrel like King Weiling.” Sigu Jian’s eyes were deeply sunken. He blinked with an icy light. “I just don’t wish to go out. It has nothing to do with Zhilan.”

“Sunbathing in a wheelchair does have the pitiful sense that one is old and near death. However, you should get used to it.” Fan Xian knew what he said was the truth. Even if the Great Grandmaster was about to die, if he wanted to leave the hut, who would block him? Who could block him?

“Yes, that makes sense.” Sigu Jian suddenly lowered his head and glanced at him. “The sun is nice today. How about you push me out for a walk?”

Fan Xian froze. He wondered how many aces were outside the Sword Hut, watching for him hungrily. Even if Sigu Jian spoke out and protected him, walking within Dongyi seemed far too difficult.

“The Northern Qi Emperor is still in the Hut,” he lowered his head and said in a quiet voice.

“Isn’t that your woman? We can go together.” Sigu Jian coughed. He summoned the child and had him go to invite out the Northern Qi Emperor. Before long, the already dressed Northern Qi Emperor approached them slowly from the other side of the sword pit. From afar, she saw Sigu Jian sitting on the wheelchair and Fan Xian sitting rudely on the ground beside the sword pit.

The clothing from last night had been torn long ago. The Sword Hut was well-prepared. The little Emperor Zhan Doudou was wearing a light blue robe. There was not a sense of charm. There was only a slightly soft aura.

Approaching the two of them, the little Emperor smiled slightly and said solemnly, “It is indeed difficult to meet the sword saint.”

Sigu Jian tilted his head slightly and rudely ignored this comment. Instead, he waved his hand to send the child far, far away. After a long time, the corners of his mouth finally turned up slightly. He watched the Northern Qi Emperor and quietly said, “Greetings, Your Majesty.”

“You’re too polite.” The little Emperor didn’t even glance at Fan Xian by her side. Such skill was first-rate in the world.

Her calm exterior was easily shattered by Sigu Jian. This Great Grandmaster smiled at the Northern Qi Emperor with a complicated expression. In a raspy voice, he said, “There is nothing interesting about an old creature like me. However, a female Emperor is the first in millennia. I am happy to be able to meet you personally.”

Hearing these words, the Northern Qi Emperor’s expression immediately changed. She angrily and coldly stared viciously at Fan Xian, but he did not react.

Sigu Jian looked at the little Emperor and smiled slightly. “I already know that Your Majesty is a woman. I am about to die and will not speak of it elsewhere. I am a strange man who likes to put candy in their own box and not share it with others.” Sigu Jian didn’t look at the little Emperor, whose expression flickered constantly. He continued in a quiet voice. “Since, I am about to die, we can speak more directly. Earlier, I was urging Fan Xian to rebel. Do you have any interest in this suggestion?”

The little Emperor took a deep breath and forced down the slight fear and unease in her heart. Calmly, she said, “I am interested in this suggestion. If Sir Fan junior’s rebellion fails, he could come to Northern Qi to live out his life.”

“That is also what I was thinking. Regardless whether he is the Master of a City or a male empress, presumably they’re both more comfortable than being a slave of the Qing Emperor. However, he won’t agree.”

Fan Xian sat beside the sword pit and said, “For a scholar to rebel, it takes more than 10 years. Do you not know I am the most famous scholar in the world?”

“That’s true.” Sigu Jian smiled strangely. Looking at the little Emperor, he said, “That is why we have decided to not continue this topic of conversation. Instead, we are going for a walk by the seaside. Will Your Majesty be interested in coming with us?”

“Can I say I am not?” The little Emperor said angrily.

Fan Xian answered from below, “Of course not.”

Sigu Jian was the god of Dongyi. Regardless of whether it was actively or passively, there had to be some distance maintained between people and gods. Thus, it was clear that it had been many years since the Great Grandmaster on the wheelchair had come out casually to see the street scene. He appeared relatively excited.

Fan Xian and the little Emperor walked slowly behind the wheelchair. Occasionally, their eyes met, but they didn’t speak. They were actually shocked that the three of them had so easily left the Sword Hut without the Sword Hut and Northern Qi aces outside noticing anything.

Even for Sigu Jian to be able to do this surprised Fan Xian. Walking through the streets of Dongyi, Fan Xian could sense no one was following him. Given Sigu Jian’s realm, if anyone followed them for more than a moment, they would probably be immediately split into countless balls of blood by the rootless sword intent coming from the wheelchair.

The three of them came to a large tree on the outskirts of the city. The treetop extended out widely. The green covered the sky and shaded the sun. They rested and hid from the blazing sun.

Sigu Jian lowered his head and looked at the yellow dirt by the wheelchair, as well as the cracks near the roots of the tree. Suddenly, he said, “Decades ago, I saw your mother and Wu Zhu, that damn blind man, for the first time under this tree. I forget whether I was watching ants moving a home or bugs rolling a dung ball at that time.”