Joy of Life - Chapter 624 - Each Emperor Has His Own Officials

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Chapter 624: Each Emperor Has His Own Officials

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As their lips touched, the earth shook with thunder and storms whipped up. The two people began to bite at each other like two cubs on the grasslands. There was not much gentleness and charm. There was only hatred and stimulation. The blood moving across the tips of their tongue was slightly salty and wet.

This was not intimate or teasing. It was purely a battle. The battle between men and women. The battle between tongues often went the route of Su Qin or Zhang Yi. No one had thought that kissing could cause bleeding or that a tongue like an orchid could be so stubborn, elastic, full of struggle, forceful, and turn into a boundless symbol in an instant.

It was either the east wind crushing the west wind or the west wind crushing the east wind. The soft and fragrant form between lips and teeth fiercely and alluringly demonstrated the process of the fight. It made the root of one’s tongue hurt and also extend out the gradually stored thoughts of love.

Li Ao had said that when a man saw a woman, everywhere became soft except one place. Although Fan Xian was a person with a strong will, under such an alluring attack, he was naturally straddled by the little Emperor. He was not satisfied and tried to resist by using both his hands to strike her rear, the delicate part that was usually hidden under a dragon robe. It made one unable to resist asking whether he was hitting someone or teasing them.

Outside the quiet room, dusk was growing darker while the temperature inside rose higher. The air seemed to be filled with the dual aura of battle and intimacy. The auras mixed and accompanied a faint scent of sweat and periodic moans. It particularly made one’s heart sway with excitement.

Someone bit the other’s tongue. There was a cry of pain. Someone shattered the other’s moon. There was a quiet moan. Someone spread out the other’s long hair on the snow-white skin. Someone held the other’s waist and angrily scolded in a low voice and even more intense rubbing.

A small wound appeared at the corner of Fan Xian’s lips. He looked at the little Emperor on top of him, her beautiful shoulders, jade-like chest, and stubborn eyes that would not admit defeat. With a muffled groan, he flipped his body and pressed her against the bed. Pressing down on her body, he stared at her ruthlessly.

The little Emperor didn’t show any weakness. She stared ruthlessly back. She bit down on Fan Xian’s shoulder and threw out a fist. Tensing her waist, she wanted to flip up and regain control.

This flip was particularly ecstatic. Fan Xian’s expression finally changed. The large wooden bed in the Sword Hut creaked as he pushed down heavily on the little Emperor’s shoulders. Breathing heavily, he stared at her without a word. He only looked into her eyes, trying to see something relatively substantial and not the strange things he was seeing now.

Unfortunately, he saw many things in the little Emperor’s eyes, such as hatred, resentment, hopelessness, release, thick desire and a faint confusion. He didn’t see a trace of calculation or other things.

The battle between men and women was often like this. After finding out that the other person had already been sucked in, one would often jump in after them. Feeling the endless struggle of the tender body beneath him, the rising and falling of the curves beneath him, the slightly cold but sweat covered skin, and particularly the shape and elasticity pressed tightly against his body, the calmness in Fan Xian’s eyes disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Following the little Emperor’s light moan by his ear, it flew up into the heavens. He couldn’t control himself anymore.

His hand slid down from her shoulder and tightened gently, lifting up the top half of her body. Her lips slid from beside his ear to his shoulder. She bit down ruthlessly.

He felt pain, so tightened his grip, changing the shape of the thing in his hand. She felt pain, uncomfortable and strange. She trembled, unconsciously holding onto his body. Straightening the top half of her body, she laid against him, feeling the beat of his heart and her own disappointing heartbeat, along with that strange but complicated feeling of stimulation.

Inside the quiet room, there were no other sounds except heartbeats, breathing, clothes rubbing against each other, and the occasional sound of punches and two cries of pain.

The noises became louder and louder. The bed could not endure such torment for much longer. The creaking sound became clearer. It was as if it would fall apart at any moment. It was confused. What were the man and woman doing on top? If they were going to do it, they should do it properly. Life was only a short 70 years, why seize this minute?

The man and woman were seizing the moment. They had hurt each other, loved each other, and toyed with each other. They had each pulled away and then pulled close again. They elt the other’s burning temperature and suddenly separated with thudding hearts only to come together again.

Sweat fell on the thin blanket that floated lightly above their bodies. It was as if lifted by the hot atmosphere in the room and turned into a light fog, hiding the man and woman twisted together within it.

The silent battle progressed to the most critical moment. With their clothing like snow that had long melted in the three months of spring, the two people panted and stared dazedly at each other, stuck together. In the end, the little Emperor managed to flip and be the master, sitting on Fan Xian’s abdomen. Her hands pressed down on Fan Xian’s well-shaped and firm chest. Her hair fell forward, half hiding the snowy mounds on the front of her chest. Breathing unevenly, she spoke in a low voice.

“I want to be on top.”

The atmosphere was thick between the two of them. Sweat dripped down her black hair and landed on Fan Xian’s chest and her hands. Fan Xian looked at the woman on his body and felt a strange movement below. His heart pounded violently, but he forcefully maintained his composure. In a raspy voice, he asked, “I want to know your name.”

The little Emperor was not a common woman. She was used to being a man and not a beautiful and pampered woman. Even at such a moment overflowing with sexual tension, she still wanted to be on top. As an Emperor, she could only ever ride on others and never be ridden. She had to be on top.

Fan Xian didn’t care about this. He was a modern man. Riding and being ridden were actually the same. He just had to know her name before that moment happened. The woman, who become one with him must be one with a name, must be his woman and not just a female Emperor. Because “Emperor” was just a symbol while a name represented much more.

At this moment, the top of the Northern Qi Emperor’s body was naked with her clothes piled at her waist, barely hiding a glimpse of something intimate around her waist and rear but it could not hide her inner fire and sticky touch. Her eyes now lacked the earlier hopelessness and resentment, there was only a desire for victory and a powerful curiosity toward foreign things as well as an Emperor’s habitual bossiness.

At this moment in the quiet room, they had no idea how long they had romped around, how long they had hurt each other, how long they had been intimate but this was the first time they had spoken. After these two sentences, the atmosphere in the room seemed to undergo a very slight change, particularly after hearing Fan Xian ask her name. The little Emperor allowed her black hair to sweep over his handsome face. Stretching out a finger, she slid it dazedly over his picturesque face and said in a raspy voice, “At this moment, you may call me Zhan Doudou.”

“Zhan Doudou?”

Fan Xian only had time to repeat it once in his heart before he sucked in a cold breath because she had gently moved her lower half and sat down slowly on his lower abdomen. As she sat, her brows furrowed together as if in great pain.

The way was narrow, although it was already covered in slick, it made it more difficult to traverse. One wished to cross the Yellow River but it was covered in ice, one wished to climb the Tiahang Mountains but they’re covered in snow.

Fan Xian’s chest rose and his hands unconsciously slid down her alluring waist, and he gently placed it on the two soft mounds hidden deep in her clothes. Squeezing gently, he fished by a stream and dreamed of sailing toward the sun.

The road is difficult, with many paths. Which to choose? She gently bit down on her lip, feeling the slight pain but she did not ease up her pressure on Fan Xian’s shoulders for a single moment. Firmly, and even somewhat tyrannically, she slowly moved her body. The burning pain made her appearance particularly serious, like a monarch conquering all the difficulties in the world.

Fan Xian’s expression was deeply moved by this sight and even a bit lost. Unconsciously, his hands began to stroke. After an indeterminable time, the ice gradually melted, the wind brought the waves gradually across the ocean. The two slowly came together, holding each other tightly. Trembling because of the pain, trembling because of the intoxication, trembling because he had finally entered her innermost delicacy.

Time gradually passed, dusk gradually darkened. The man and woman on the bed abruptly moved up and abruptly moved down. Although silent and stubborn, alluring and stubborn, neither would admit defeat and neither would lower their head. Each Emperor has his own officials, but on this bed, the line between ruler and official had long been blurred.

It was precisely: the path had been swept by a drunken guest, and my gates open a second time for you. Where did the peach blossoms go? Today, he returned to a place he abandoned once.

As this battle came to an end, Fan Xian still successfully returned to the top. He didn’t know much many times he had competed with this stubborn woman before finally taking back control while her entire body was loose and soft. This battle had been fought wildly and had been very violent. Fan Xian panted as he held himself above her and glanced at the wound on his shoulder. He saw that the woman below him had bitten him hard and couldn’t stop his heart thumping.

Lowering his head, he saw that the beauty in his arms no longer appeared as the lofty Emperor she usually did. Her cheeks were flushed with color, her eyes were distant, her thin lips slightly raised as she breathed out fragrant air, and she was very tired. What difference was there between her and a common woman? The only blinding thing were the bruises on her snow-white chest. Fan Xian’s heart thumped and he quietly wondered how he could have been so rough earlier.

After men had obtained their pleasure, they would turn from into false saints. They would want to lit up a cigarette and read a newspaper but they would certainly immediately leave the embrace of the woman. Fan Xian was not an exception but he gently held the little Emperor’s naked body and did not leave. Rather, he calmly looked at her, thinking about something.

This scene had actually already happened four years ago. However, at that time, Fan Xian had not been awake and had no idea what happened. Today’s feelings were real and he couldn’t help but feel absurd… this long-haired woman was the Emperor of Northern Qi, the ruler of a country. Yet, at this moment, she was curled up like a rabbit in his arms.

The little Emperor was tired. Her eyes were closed and her not very long eyelashes trembled slightly, she probably wasn’t asleep yet but she held onto Fan Xian’s waist, refusing to let go. The corners of her lips rose slightly and she gave a satisfied sigh.

Watching this, Fan Xian ought to feel proud of himself but for some reason, he suddenly felt a chill because he remembered a movie had watched in his previous life.

It was that film “When Harry Met Sally” that everyone liked. In the end, Meg Ryan, crying and sniffing, went to bed with her friend of more than 10 years, Billy Crystal. Then at the end, the corners of her wide mouth also lifted up and she gave a satisfied sigh – just like a female mantis that had been impregnated and was preparing to enjoy the feast of this male mantis in a moment.

The story of Fan Xian and the little Emperor in bed today was actually just as mysterious and right. She had also cried, in that moment earlier.

That was why Fan Xian felt scared, he was scared that he had become a male mantis.

At this moment, the little Emperor woke and opened her eyes. She didn’t grab the thin blanket to cover her naked body, she just revealed herself without fear in front of Fan Xian, as if this was still her land and Fan Xian was her subject.

She was silent for a moment then suddenly glanced at Fan Xian with eyes filled with complicated emotions. Smiling slightly, she said, “I am your woman now.”

Fan Xian didn’t know what he should say right now but hearing these words still sounded very uncomfortable. I want to be on top, I am your woman, I… I[JW1] … it was truly a headache-inducing word.

The little Emperor sat up and very naturally began to tidy her hair in front of Fan Xian. Her eyes looked at the darkness outside the window and said clearly, “I can promise you that I will never have another man. Of course, I will not ask that you not seek out other woman but you should understand… since I am your woman now, my country is also your country. You must take care of it.”

There were no lights in the dark room and no one came from the Sword Hut to disturb them. It was as if this was a forgotten corner. In the darkness, Fan Xian hear these cold words and furrowed his brows icily as he turned around. Unexpected, he saw a tear slid down from the corner of the little Emperor’s… no, Zhan Doudou’s eyes.

[JW1]The “I” that the Emperor uses is always the royal one (Chinese has a specific word that the Emperor uses to refer to themselves). It’s kind of like the royal “we”. Hence Fan Xian finds it strange when the Northern Qi Emperor continues to refer to herself with the royal pronoun during such a moment.