Joy of Life - Chapter 612 - The East Wind Blows

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Chapter 612: The East Wind Blows

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Hearing the coldness in Fan Xian’s words, Lin Wan’er’s heart trembled. She knew that her husband, who had stayed calm after returning to the manor, was actually extremely angry. She placed a bowl of warm tea gently in front of Fan Xian and said in an even voice, “Ruoruo is still in the medical shop, should we have her come home for a few days and not show herself outside?”

Fan Xian shook his head and said, “Right now, she views the practicing of medicine above all else. Don’t disturb her with this matter. I’ll handle it myself. If He Zongwei relies on the Emperor’s edict and tries to get close, he’ll be doing exactly what I want.”

Rou Jia’s head was in a whirl. She wanted to go home to see her father and have him go into the Palace to deal with the matter. Rising, she bowed and hurried home.

After she left, Fan Xian and Wan’er looked at each other.

“You are too cunning, to purposely say such things in front of Rou Jia. Are you forcing King Jing to go into the Palace to fight with the Emperor?”

“The King hasn’t entered the Palace in a long time. I am forcing the King to go to the Palace for the sake of their relationship. The Emperor should be thanking me,” Fan Xian said shaking his head. His words carried a trace of anger.

Lin Wan’er furrowed her brows. “But Uncle Emperor knows it is impossible for you to agree to this marriage.”

Fan Xian was lost in thought and sighed. “These two years, the Emperor has shown great favor to He Zongwei. He truly hopes that I will be able to get along with the Imperial Censorate. He also thinks that since Ruoruo doesn’t like Hongcheng, then surely she should like He Zongwei that… great… talent. It’s not like the Emperor has any bad intentions.”

There were many examples of bad things being done with good intentions. The wise Emperor was not an exception. Fan Xian was able to understand the Emperor’s intentions. He couldn’t resist his disdain of that toad, who was the least worthy person for the words “great talent.”

The cup of tea went cold.

Fan Xian touched his hair. There was not a trace of anger left on his face. “The Emperor has spoken ruthlessly to me. He is going to protect He Zongwei. I don’t want to become hostile with the Palace at this time. Furthermore, every time He Zongwei has run into me these, he has always acted submissively. I can’t find any excuse to take action.”

Wan’er quietly said, “The Emperor only wishes for you to get along with Sir He in court. He didn’t think he would rub your scales the wrong way.”

“I am not the Emperor or a dragon, I don’t have any scales,” Fan Xian said. “For the sake of Ruoruo’s marriage, I made a huge ruckus. I even moved Ku He to the Qing Kingdom. If the Emperor thinks he can control my life and surroundings, then he thought wrong.”

Fan Xian said with slight ridicule, “The Emperor truly likes this marriage. If I oppose him to the end, he will have no choice but to take back the edict. However, the crime of opposing an edict is not a light one. Who knows what else he will take away from the Overwatch Council or palace treasury?”

Actually, Fan Xian had misunderstood the Emperor’s intentions this time. Although the Qing Emperor was the foremost person in the world, he was still a normal person. After hearing the news of Fan Ruoruo returning to the capital, his heart had jumped. He had naturally thought of the yet unmarried He Zongwei. He thought that there was no more hope for King Jing’s side, so he wished for there to be a match made in heaven between his officials.

He Zongwei was a young man above the average marrying age. Fan Ruoruo was a young woman above the average marrying age. The Emperor had thought he was doing a good thing. He had only asked lightly to see if the matter was viable. He thought An Zhi would understand his intentions. Unexpectedly, his reaction was to clash with him in the royal study.

It was already an extra-judicial favor for the Emperor to not convict Fan Xian of a failure of etiquette before him. He just could not understand why. An Zhi was a loyal official. He Zongwei was also a loyal official. The joining of two loyal officials through marriage was a wonderful thing that would be eulogized for all eternity. Why was he so angry as to forget himself?

Did you have some other idea? No one knew whether the Emperor would have these gloomy thoughts in his heart. Just as Lin Wan’er said, the Qing Emperor was a valiant ruler, if Fan Xian had asked him nicely, perhaps there would still be an opportunity to turn this matter around. However, Fan Xian clashed with him head-on, which made the Emperor more resolute in his decision.

He did not allow anyone in the world to oppose his edicts, not even his most trusted and favored Fan Xian.

In a flash, the news of an imminent marriage between the Fan manor and He manor spread throughout the entire Jingdou. Although the Palace had not sent out a public edict, according to those with inside information, this matter was already set in stone and would not change.

Amidst the officials’ surprise, they thought about this carefully and found this marriage was indeed beneficial to the court. The Emperor was far thinking. However, everyone knew of Fan Xian’s attitude toward He Zongwei and that he would oppose it. No matter how powerful Fan Xian was, he was, in the end, only an official. Could he be more powerful than the Emperor?

After hearing that Hu the Scholar personally went to the Fan manor to urge Fan Xian to accept this marriage, the rumors grew to a fever pitch.

The officials who had been tormented by the Overwatch Council, and the people who usually trembled under Fan Xian’s power, all waited for the day the young lady of the Fan family married into the He manor. They all waited to see the expression of Sir Fan junior swallowing a fly life and the best joke in the world.

Ever since Fan Xian entered the capital, he had behaved too perfectly and given too many people pressure. No one wanted to miss the rare chance of seeing Sir Fan junior out of control, angry, and helpless. Thus there were countless people secretly cheering for He Zongwei.

Out of everyone’s expectations, Fan Xian didn’t do anything. He didn’t go into the Palace to fight with the Emperor again. He didn’t kick down the door to the Imperial Censorate and beat up He Zongwei. Everyone felt that this was strange. The story of Fan Xian personally giving He Zongwei a black eye in his manor was one that had traveled around Jingdou for a long time. Presently, Fan Xian watched as his sister was to marry Sir He, yet he still appeared to be so calm. Had Sir Fan junior’s nature changed?

In a few days, everyone understood the reason for Fan Xian’s calm. It turned out he had never planned to put on a show for the officials to watch. Instead, he quietly sat to the side and waited to laugh at someone else’s expense: the Emperor’s.

King Jing, who had not entered the Palace for two years, entered the Palace one night and argued loudly with the Emperor. According to the eunuchs in the Palace, they had argued with unusual intensity. In the end, King Jing had even smashed a blue and white porcelain brush cleaner in the royal study.

Finally, King Jing angrily left. In the past, the King could not win against his brother in fights. Now, it looked like he didn’t win the argument either.

The next day, King Jing went to the Imperial Censorate. With no regard to his position as a King, he pointed at He Zongwei and shouted at him loudly. Under this onslaught, He Zongwei’s expression changed drastically. He could only repeatedly nod his head.

King Jing’s status was too noble. Neither the Taichang Temple nor Internal Court dared to restrain him, so neither could the Jingdou government and City Gate Guards, the yamen responsible for keeping the peace.

It was only at this time that everyone remembered the Palace seemed to have had an edict three years ago. It was to have the young lady of the Fan family marry King Jing’s heir, Li Hongcheng. Thus, everyone watching the show closed their mouths, terrified that King Jing would one day come knocking on their door.

King Jing wreaked havoc in the Imperial Censorate, and the Duke cleverly opposed the universe.

With Fan Xian sitting peacefully in his manor drinking tea and listening to the opera and King Jing set out to do something, one of him was worth two others. If the Emperor wanted to thoughtlessly appoint a wedding, he would have to deal with a person who was afraid of nothing.

The Emperor knew Fan Xian was secretly responsible, but there wasn’t much he could do to this brother of his. He could only have the Internal Court go to the King’s manor and announce an edict, giving him a thorough scolding. He couldn’t do anything substantial to prevent the manor from undermining this.

From King Jing’s perspective, his son, Li Hongcheng, had waited bitterly in Dingzhou for Fan Ruoruo for over three years. Yet, the Emperor suddenly turned and gave the young lady of the Fan family to He Zongwei. This was truly shamelessly letting him down.

Fan Xian sat peacefully in his manor and watched the progression of this drama. As long as the Palace’s edict for marriage did not enter the manor, he had time to watch. Although King Jing had not been involved in matters for a long time, his status was still present. The Emperor would have to consider his brother’s feelings.

After a few days, the situation in Jingdou calmed a great deal. The Palace and Fan and Jing manors were still engaged in a tug-of-war. He Zongwei himself had not expressed any opinions. The firsthand information Fan Xian obtained from the Palace was that the Emperor had already brought up this marriage to him and Sir He had been indifferent. He only thanked the Emperor for his favor and expressed his willingness.

Although the matter of the young lady’s marriage had a large impact, it could not affect the running of the court. Behind this marriage, it was the Emperor’s intention, as well as the future harmonious development of two of the Qing court’s departments, that were important.

Sharp people noticed this trial of strength between the Emperor and Fan Xian was not just as simple as a matter of face. It was more oppression and counter-oppression between a ruler and an official. In this world, it was either the east wind crushing the west wind or the west wind crushing the east wind.

The Emperor was probingly blowing out an east wind. Unexpectedly, it had accidentally struck King Jing.

It was already winter. The frigid air seemed about to freeze but was loosened by the warmth of the stove in private residences. While the icy western wind battled with the warmth of tens of thousands of family stoves, Thirteenth Wang, who had stayed in Qingzhou to recover, and Ye Ling’er finally returned to Jingdou.

Because of the Second Prince’s suicide by poison, Ye Ling’er still had not completely forgiven her father. Thus, she only sent a letter to the Ye manor and moved into the Fan manor with Lin Wan’er for company.

Fan Xian could only personally go to the Bureau of Military affairs to let Ye Zhong know. After the foremost figure in the Qing military heard this news, he gave a long and gloomy sigh. He patted Fan Xian’s shoulder without further expression.

Ye Zhong had no problems with his daughter living in the Fan manor. Thinking of Fan Ruoruo’s recent marriage affairs, he couldn’t resist asking Fan Xian about it.

As the head of the Bureau of Military Affairs, he didn’t understand why the Emperor was set on making Fan Xian lose face. He also didn’t understand why Fan Xian had to oppose it. In his opinion, Sir He had already entered the Hall of Governmental Affairs and was worthy of Fan Ruoruo. As long as Fan Xian nodded his head, King Jing’s side wouldn’t be able to find another excuse to make trouble and everything would become peaceful again.

It looked like everyone knew of the Emperor’s dedication but had forgotten Fan Xian’s dedication. In Fan Xian’s life, no one had ever been able to force him to do something he didn’t want to do, not even the Emperor.

Fan Xian didn’t explain to Ye Zhong. He only laughed a little and left the Bureau. He didn’t return to the manor. Instead, he took the carriage in the direction of the Imperial College.

His wife and Ye Ling’er were gossiping in the manor, but he was to go see gossip. Ye Ling’er and Thirteenth Wang had returned to the capital. Hongcheng had also returned. King Jing had almost broken under the Emperor’s attack. He had to personally go out and light a fire.

The carriage stopped outside Dongchuan Street. Fan Xian went into a restaurant not far from the bookstore and ordered a few small dishes. As he slowly ate, he watched in the direction of the bookstore. Across from Danbo Bookstore was a medical shop. Fan Xian had personally come up with the name. Shu Wu had written the characters.

The medical shop of the young lady of the Fan manor quickly gained a great reputation throughout Jingdou. Her medical skills were exquisite. She also charged very little. Regardless of the social status of the patient, they took a number to be seen to and get their prescriptions. In a small amount of time, she received the praise of the common people of Jingdou. It was now almost dusk, but there was still a long line in the cold wind outside the medical shop. Lin Wan’er sent over a few capably family servants to maintain order outside the shop and give out hot soup. All the details were taken care of.

Fan Xian watched with narrowed eyes and saw the official with a slightly dark complexion. If it was not He Zongwei, who else would it be? Under pressure from the Palace, he couldn’t punch He Zongwei each time he saw him. Furthermore, he realized that He Zongwei was indeed clever. He had figured out that everyone’s words were fake. Only a nod from the young lady of the Fan family herself was real.

After He Zongwei left the court conference, he would always come to the medical shop to greet Fan Ruoruo and go home. The separation between men and women in the Qing Kingdom wasn’t as strict as it was in Northern Qi. Additionally, Fan Ruoruo was a practicing doctor and could not care about such things. Thus, no one was able to stop He Zongwei’s polite greetings. Everyone in Jingdou new about this. It had already become a story that captured the imagination of the people.

Fan Xian saw clearly that his sister would occasionally say a few things to He Zongwei while seeing to patients. This did not surprise him. He learned in Yishi Tavern five years ago that his sister and He Zongwei knew of each other. They had probably met at the poetry conference in King Jing’s manor. At the time, the young lady of the Fan manor was one of Jingdou’s female talents. He Zongwei was also a Jingdou talent, so the two of them knew each other.

He sighed in his heart, thinking of how everyone in Jingdou had changed these years. He couldn’t help but feel a little odd.

Back then, He Zongwei’s pride had still been present. His face was as black as charcoal. He had wanted to curry favor with him. It had appeared unnatural, so Fan Xian had not thought of him at all. Unexpectedly, after a few years, he was now energetic and composed. Perhaps there was still some pride in his bones. When he acted, there was not a trace of it. He had matured quickly, which was truly astonishing.

It was no wonder he was still able to obtain the support of most of the officials in court, as well as the favor of that one in the Palace despite Fan Xian’s purposeful vilification.

Fan Xian sat in the restaurant and watched with cold eyes. He wanted to see if He Zongwei had the ability to suddenly act and resolve this stalemate between him and the Emperor’s trial of strength.

A rider flew in from the opening of the street. Fan Xian put down his wine cup and narrowed his eyes, thinking that his surprise attack had finally arrived.

The heir of King Jing, Li Hongcheng, had returned to the capital to debrief. He had just come out of the Palace. Without returning to the manor or off his armor, without even bringing a personal attendant, he asked about the location of the medical shop. He came unaccompanied to the medical shop.

Fan Xian watched from a distance. He saw Li Hongcheng dismount and calmly greet He Zongwei. He then said something to Ruoruo. The distance was too great, so Fan Xian didn’t know what they talked about. He could see that his sister’s mood had become joyful at seeing an old friend. Immediately after, Li Hongcheng said something and began to argue with Fan Ruoruo.

Fan Xian’s heart clenched. He stuck out half his head. He was familiar with his sister’s icy personality and wondered if Li Hongcheng, that pig head, had said something inappropriate and offended his sister.

He Zongwei seemed to go forward to explain something, but Li Hongcheng didn’t even glance at him. He directly ordered the servants of the Fan manor to shut down the medical shop. Under Fan Ruoruo’s angrily gaze, he unreasonably picked her up and placed on her the horse.

Amidst the sound of hooves, the heir of King Jing, who had returned to the capital for the first time, captured the young lady of the Fan family and rode in the direction of the Fan manor, leaving behind a street of dropped jaws.

Looking at this scene, Fan Xian couldn’t help but be dumbstruck. His expression was very ugly. A few years ago, at least Hongcheng knew to watch the poetry conference and pretend to have elegance to boost his strength of character. After three years of fighting in Dingzhou, when it came to something he wanted, he had learned to be tyrannical.

The Fan family servants and servants of the medical shop, as well as the patients waiting to be seen, were all dumbstruck. However, the Fan family servants knew what had been happening recently and what King Jing’s manor had been making a fuss about. The Fan manor and King Jing’s manor were too closely connected, so these people pretended to not see what had happened.

The most dumbstruck was Sir He Zongwei, who had maintained his elegance and manner. The medical shop closed. Everyone gradually dispersed. Sir He’s lonely figure stood outside the door of the medical shop looking at the opening of the street in a daze. He didn’t go to the Fan manor because he was afraid that Fan Xian would actually hit him. Thus, he could only helplessly watch. This scene appeared to be extremely desolate.

Fan Xian slowly returned to his senses and recovered his calm. He knew Li Hongcheng wouldn’t act rashly. He had probably just exploded in anger after hearing about the news on the road, so he had behaved so tyrannically. If Fan Xian could choose his own brother-in-law, Li Hongcheng, who had stopped his playboy ways and turned over a new leaf, would be much better than He Zongwei. Thinking of this, a smile rose to his face.

“Invite Sir He up to sit.” He slowly put his cup down on the table and gave an order to Mu Feng’er standing behind him.

In a moment, He Zongwei came into the restaurant with his brows pulled together. He sat down across from Fan Xian. This was the first time in many years they had met in private. Fan Xian gently used his finger to spin the small wine up. He knew there were spies from the Palace downstairs. They were attendants the Emperor had awarded to He Zongwei, but he didn’t care much about them.

“Eat.” Fan Xian raised his chopsticks.

Although He Zongwei didn’t know why Sir Fan junior had summoned him, he wasn’t afraid. With great relish, he began to eat. Looking at his posture, he would not put down his chopsticks if Fan Xian didn’t call for him to stop.

Looking at this scene, Fan Xian liked the person a tiny bit more. There were not many people in the world who could act so naturally under his gaze, particularly as this person knew he loathed him a great deal.

Finished with the food and wine, Fan Xian calmly said, “You have come to check on the medical shop every day recently. As an elder brother, I have to say thank you.”

“You’re being too kind,” He Zongwei replied with a slightly tart smile.

Fan Xian’s brows raised. “You saw that scene earlier. You know what King Jing manor’s attitude is like.”

He Zongwei lost focus for a moment and then slowly said, “Good strategizing.”

“This has nothing to do with strategizing,” Fan Xian looked at him and said. “I haven’t had a chance to sit down and talk with you. Today is a rare opportunity, so I will tell you straightforwardly. This matter is impossible. You can forget all about it.”

He Zongwei’s slightly dark complexion froze. He then said sincerely a moment later, “Sir, I know…”

Fan Xian tilted his head and listened to the other person speak. It went in one ear and out the other. He Zongwei spoke of his admiration of Fan Ruoruo, explained his actions these years, and respectfully hoped Fan Xian would give him a chance.

“I don’t have any objections,” Fan Xian said. “Now, it is King Jing’s manor who has an objection with this matter.”

“Last time the Palace appointed the wedding to King Jing’s heir, you blocked it.” He Zongwei did not panic at all. With slightly lowered eyelids, a determined light flashed through his eyes.

“When the water comes, block with earth; when the edict comes, burn with fire. If I can block it once, I can block it twice.” These words were greatly treasonous, but Fan Xian chose to say them in front of He Zongwei. He was mocking him for not daring to use these words to report him to the Emperor. “Don’t get carried away by wishful thinking just because the Emperor has said something to you. And, don’t think that by getting on Ruoruo’s good side you can get around me. You know I don’t like you, so I don’t care if you offend me. But, I must remind you, offenses come in different levels. If you overly offend me, I will bring a cleaver to your manor to find you.”