Joy of Life - Chapter 510 - Miserable Tears

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Chapter 510: Miserable Tears

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Everyone, at certain times, will think back on their life. They will consider some past events and look ahead to the future. This is often done by people who already feel weary of life or after they have achieved a set goal. This was true for an old man sitting beside some water. As he fished, he would sigh about how life and the water beneath his feet flowed away, never to return.

Fan Xian was not Ku He. He didn’t have any interest in fishing and was still young. His life had one more repetition than everyone else in this world. Counting carefully, he should be 39 years old—a middle-aged man who almost knows destiny. However, he was forced to stay in this beautiful skin.

He didn’t hold a beautiful woman and sigh that he never contributed to the beautiful justice of mankind. Rather, he was looking for clarity in the chaos. He was trying to find his resolution and clear goal because he was lost.

After he was reborn, he had always been a man with a firm goal. On the precipice, he had once expressed three great wishes to Uncle Wu Zhu with three symbols as their foundations. Up to today, the three wishes had mostly been realized. Except, Fan Xian did not overly lust after women, so it was impossible for the number of women around him to increase.

The foundation of the three great wishes was to survive. For this goal, he had always worked hard and been tough and unyielding. Furthermore, a hidden branch of the three great wishes, or perhaps it should be called an additional attribute, was the ideal he had spoken of to Fan senior.

In the present-day Qing Kingdom, under heaven, Fan Xian could truly live up to the words “powerful official.” Wherever he walked, there was no one who did not respect him or fear him. However, now that this day arrived, it confused the young man who was about to know his destiny. Was this truly the life he wanted?

He walked by himself on the path from Hua Garden to the Jiangnan Governor’s manor with his head lowered, with an air much like a philosopher. Behind him followed a few Tiger Guards. A number of secret agents from the Overwatch Council on the sides of the streets secretly protected him.

“Sir Fan junior.”

“Young master.”

“Imperial Envoy.”


A whole series of warm fawning and slightly fearful greetings rang out from his side. Fan Xian abruptly raised his head to find that he had already walked into the Jiangnan Governor’s manor. The Jiangnan Road officials stood on either side and looked at him with an affectionate gaze that held indescribable warmth and kindness. It seemed that the entire department had arrived with him. Instantly, there were countless people fawning over and trying to curry favor from him. It was deafening.

Fan Xian unconsciously scratched his head and didn’t notice that this action somewhat reduced his prestige He smiled self-mockingly. He was completely removed from the things that had been spinning around his head earlier. Right now, it seemed a bit too early for him to start doubting life. It was not until Newton was old did he truly become a god. The second half of young Ai’s life was spent struggling with the unification. Both of these incredible returned to the simple life after washing away the extraneous things. But did he count as one of them?

In the end, he had to admit he was a common man. Although, he still enjoyed some of the benefits brought by glory, power, money, and reputation.

As Fan Xian waved amicably to the officials he headed toward the study in the Governor’s manor. He thought to himself that he was not the same as Ye Qingmei. It was better for him to not sprinkle himself with the glory of idealism.

In this world, no, in all worlds, idealists were lonely and isolated, and all died easily. These were two things Fan Xian could not accept. It was better to just be a powerful official.

After he walked into Xue Qing’s study, he lowered his head. He talked to Xue Qing for a long time before his inner-self began to mock itself again. Was a power official something one could be just because one wanted to be? That had to depend on whether or not the Emperor allowed you to do so. A mediocre and useless Emperor may be turned into a figurehead by a powerful official. But, someone like the Emperor, how could he give him this kind of opportunity? He had lived for 30 years. How could he be so naïve?

He stretched and looked, with narrowed eyes, at Xue Qing sitting in the advisor’s chair. He quietly cursed in his heart and said, “For something like checking accounts, it’s enough for the Ministry of Revenue to do it. The palace treasury has always been managed by the Overwatch Council. Why is the Imperial Censor suddenly getting involved? Didn’t all the Imperial Censorates go to prison a few months ago? How are there enough people in the Imperial Censor to check the accounts? Even if there are enough people, if those people who only know how to do things by the book see the numbers of the account, they might faint. Sir Xue Qing, you have to submit a memorial about this. Jiangnan is doing fine. I cannot understand why these people are coming.”

Xue Qing smiled and silently cursed in his heart, thinking, The Ministry of Revenue is run by your old man. The Overwatch Council is managed by you, as well as the palace treasury. What is there to check? Jingdou has long had objections about this matter. The Hall of Governmental Affairs has come up with a new idea. All this is because they’re afraid you are stealing and selling things from the palace treasury.

During the year and a half that Fan Xian had been in Jiangnan, he had worked well with Xue Qing. There was great mutual understanding between the two of them. Xue Qing had scooped up innumerable profits from him, so these words could not be said openly. After thinking a moment, he said, “It fine for people to come check. However, there is hate between you and the Imperial Censor. If they come to check, who knows whether or not they’ll use a public matter to avenge a private matter?”

These words could only ever be spoken privately by high-ranking officials.

“Can it not be delayed further? Are Shu Wu and Hu the Scholar bored with nothing to do?” As there were no outsiders in the study, Fan Xian spoke angrily. He knew that the orders, which came in name from the Hall of Governmental Affairs, were actually from the Emperor. Him holding onto the palace treasury and Overwatch Council was an inappropriate situation. In Jingdou, He Zong was the sand poured into the Overwatch Council, but he had been suppressed to the point of suffocation by Chen Pingping. Now, Jiangnan was joining in.

Fan Xian was on guard because perhaps the Emperor had not believed his explanation about Zhaoshang money house and had become vigilant about the relationship between himself and Northern Qi. As for the smuggling matter, he didn’t care much at all. The Eldest Princess had done it for a dozen years. He had only earned one year’s worth of money and had immediately given a dazzling amount of silver to the national treasury. The Emperor would certainly not be so stingy.

Seeing Fan Xian’s slightly unhappy face, Xue Qing laughed and said, comfortingly, “It’s nothing more than a show for the people in court. What are you worried about? Even if he sent an imperial envoy to lead the three departments to investigate, you could flip your hand and who would be able to find anything. Don’t forget, you are also an imperial envoy.”

Xue Qing turned his hand and took the opportunity to pick up the teacup on the table and take a drink.

Fan Xian stared at his steady hands. A thought flashed through his head. Xue Qing knew a little about the smuggling, but he didn’t know the details. Thus, he appeared so composed. If he knew that Fan Xian was secretly damaging Qing Kingdom’s interests, the old man would probably be so shocked he would drop his cup onto the ground.

He was just about to add more fuel to the fire when, unexpectedly, he saw Xue Qing’s expression become serious after he placed down his teacup.

When interacting in officialdom, particularly between people like Xue Qing, a local Emperor, and Fan Xian, a prince, the most important things were said in a laughing way to prevent each other from feeling too socially distant. This could create coldness and an unpleasant situation. Thus, it was Fan Xian’s first time seeing such a serious expression on Xue Qing’s face. He couldn’t help but furrow his brows.

Xue Qing was silent for a long time. He then slowly opened his mouth and said, “Naturally, you know more about the Jingdou matter than me. I wonder what your thoughts are on it.”

Thoughts? Bullsh*t! For such a major thing as this, I don’t have any thoughts about it. Fan Xian kept his mouth closed and didn’t say a word. He only smiled and gazed at the beard on Xue Qing’s chin, as if he enjoyed it greatly. Other than a few Great Grandmasters and the Emperor, he wasn’t afraid of anyone else in this world. He could easily put on a blank face.

Xue Qing coughed. Looking at Fan Xian’s expression, he knew that his question had been asked without any skill. Fan Xian’s impatience was far more skilled. He smiled self-mockingly and, after some consideration, said, “To speak clearly, the Emperor wants to depose the heir.”

Fan Xian started as if he didn’t hear the words clearly. A moment later, he came to his senses and abruptly stood up. He started into Xue Qing’s eyes without saying anything for a long time.

He was shocked. He wasn’t shocked at the deposing of the heir or that Xue Qing was discussing this with him. Rather, he was shocked that Xue Qing said this to his face. This was certainly not something he was guessing. The Emperor in the Palace must have already let it slip to his loyal servant and, at the same time, used him to spread the word.

Was the public going to start talking about it?

Xue Qing’s fingers lightly knocked against the table. He gazed at him with a slight smile. “Why are you so shocked? Was this not within your expectations?” He suddenly sighed as a pitying look flashed across his brows. Slowly, he said, “I’m not afraid of you knowing. I have already written to dissuade the Emperor of this idea, but it was to no avail.”

“You want me to also write to the Emperor?” Fan Xian looked at him.

Xue Qing said with light mocking, “Everyone knows about your relationship with the Crown Prince. I am not so stupid.”

He paused for a moment and then quietly said, “The Emperor has made up his mind. As officials, we can only do as the orders say…” Xue Qing suddenly stopped, as if he was very confused. The Crown Prince had clearly been growing more and more mature during these two years and had become very serious and sincere. He was improving in all areas, so why did the Emperor suddenly want to depose the heir? However, he vaguely guessed that there had been a problem within the royal family. He didn’t vocalize his confusion in front of Fan Xian, an illegitimate child of the royal family.

Fan Xian thought for a while and then asked, “How many people know about this?”

“In the Jiangnan area, it is certainly just the two of us that know,” Xue Qing said. “However, I believe that the Governors of the Seven Roads have all received the Emperor’s secret edict. It would depend on when they follow it.”

Fan Xian laughed coldly in his heart. The Emperor was truly ruthless, to the point of being muddle-headed. The Crown Prince had behaved this year. During his long trip to Nanzhao, not only did he do nothing wrong, he also won the praise of many in the court. Presumably, the Emperor wanted to depose the heir. But, it was too difficult find an excuse, so he used the battle tactic of the outer encircling the inner.

Although the words of the Governors of the Seven Roads were powerful, they were only officials. Who would take the lead in doing such a thing? Even if the Emperor had passed down a secret edict, the seven Governors were not idiots. Presumably, they didn’t believe their participation in the battle of the throne would bring them any good.

Xue Qing seemed to see what he was thinking and slowly said, “I am, presumably, the first official to write to the Emperor to dissuade him of deposing the heir.”

Fan Xian started and gazed into Xue Qing’s eyes. He knew that this man was loyal to the Emperor to death, but he hadn’t thought that he was loyal to such an extent.

“What was your reason?”

Xue Qing smiled slightly and looked at Fan Xian. “This is the reason I invited you here today. The Emperor’s meaning was very clear. It is time for the Eighth Bureau to take action.”

Fan Xian had already sat back down in the chair. His head was slightly tilted as his mind wandered. If the Emperor wanted to depose the heir, he would have the use the Eighth Bureau of the Overwatch Council to make a start. After all, a great deal of information that could be used against the Crown Prince had fallen in the hands of the internal court and Overwatch Council. In addition, there was the Ming family court case in Jiangnan concerning the heir’s natural right to inheritance. No matter how this matter was looked at, if the Emperor wanted to depose of the Crown Prince, Fan Xian should be the runner before the carriage.

His expression was very calm. The storm inside his heart could not be seen. A moment later, he said, “A region is a region. Jingdou is Jingdou. If it is only these actions, the counter-push in the court will be immense. The scholars in the Hall of Governmental Affairs are not going to watch as the Crown Prince is deposed for no reason.”

What he said was the truth. The civil officials were wholeheartedly for Qing Kingdom and stability. They would be greatly opposed to the Emperor’s seemingly absurd suggestion. There would probably be countless battles ringing out in court again.

“The Overwatch Council, in particular, cannot make an appearance.” Fan Xian lowered his head. “I cannot make an appearance. The Overwatch Council is a special organization. The Crown Prince and I have never gotten along. If some of the things came out of my mouth… It will only have an opposite effect.”

“Your words are reasonable. I will report to the Emperor,” Xue Qing said. “There is something the Emperor wanted me to tell you. In a few days, he is going to go worship heaven.”

Fan Xian was shocked again. He furrowed his brows for a long time before slowly coming to an understanding. Although the practice of ghost and spirits did not flourish in Qing Kingdom, nor did it take it to heart as much as Northern Qi to Tianyi Dao, they still had great respect for the illusory temples. If the Emperor could truly conjure up some sign from heaven…

With public opinion attacking the Crown Prince, followed by memorials from the Governors of the Seven Roads, and officials coming out to accuse him of losing his virtue and not being fit to succeed, the Emperor would be caught in a difficult position. He would personally visit the great temple to worship heaven. He would receive the will of heaven and depose the heir.

Fan Xian shook his head and asked, “When?”

“In a month.”