Joy of Life - Chapter 503 - A New Generation Of Strange Little Creatures

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Chapter 503: A New Generation Of Strange Little Creatures

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The voice in the straw hut was filled with mocking and an almost maniacal arrogance. It harshly scolded the most powerful brother and sister in Qing Kingdom and said, “Imprison? Only an idiot would believe that. The brother and sister have been playing god and the devil for a dozen years. How could they suddenly turn against each other? Even if they did, there needs to be a reason… Reasons Qing court has tossed out recently, can they even be considered reasons?

Yun Zhilan’s knees hurt a bit. He knew that his master was caught up in his own mumblings and had clearly forgotten that he was still kneeling there. Rubbing his knees, he climbed up with a forced smile on his face. He thought that his teacher’s life, for the most part, was absurd. But, he always had an admirable patience when it came to the big picture. In some details, he was also struck by genius, like his little brother disciple.

At this moment, his teacher’s words had clearly become absurd again. Did he think that the huge incident in Jingdou was purely because the Emperor and Eldest Princess had nothing to do? That they didn’t care about the face of the royal family and acted out a play for people to watch?

No matter what, Yun Zhilan did not believe in this. He said a few words to express his opinion.

The Great Grandmaster in the Sword Hut fell silent. It seemed that he felt his deduction did have some problems. However, in his heart, the Qing people, particularly the Qing royal family, were, without question, the vilest, shameless, filthiest, lowliest, and black-hearted of all creatures. It was not easy to have him believe that such a gap had truly appeared in the Qing royal family.

He unconsciously wondered if Qing Kingdom was preparing to scapegoat him for something again. This thought made him angry and dark, so he couldn’t absorb Yun Zhilan’s words.

As the leading disciple of Dongyi’s Sigu Jian, other than the two times he was invited by the Eldest Princess to Qing Kingdom, Yun Zhilan represented his teacher’s intentions at other times. He cooperated with the Master of Dongyi to maintain the peace in the city and surrounding small countries. As for politics, he was much cleverer than the Great Grandmaster, who the world labeled an idiot. Ever since the incident in Jingdou, he acutely sensed that a precious opportunity had appeared in front of Dongyi.

If they could grasp this opportunity, Dongyi’s greatest threat could be removed. They would never again have to be like a big tree on the fence, sacrificing between the nobles in Qing Kingdom.

Since the Eldest Princess didn’t die, this confirmed Yun Zhilan’s judgement. Very sincerely, he related it to his teacher.

The straw hut once again fell silent. Sigu Jian didn’t speak. He stayed silent. After a long time, that voice slowly said, “We can’t interfere right now. How do we know it’s not a trap?”

Yun Zhilan showed that he understood, but in his heart, he was laughing bitterly.

He didn’t understand. The great swordsman in the Sword Hut and the idiot Great Grandmaster had not just been scared by Qing Kingdom’s black heart. If Dongyi wanted to use Qing Kingdom’s internal fighting, they needed a good opportunity. As the most powerful country in the world, this kind of opportunity couldn’t be created by outsiders. They could wait until the people inside Qing Kingdom issued an invitation.

Regardless of whether it was Sigu Jian or Ku He, they were both giant trees outside of Qing Kingdom. These two trees could not lightly express their opinion or casually go where the wind blew. Once they leaned toward one direction, if they wanted to come back, it would not be an easy thing.

“Wait and watch. Let’s see just what trick the Qing people are playing.”

The noise rose once again in the straw hut and gave out orders to Yun Zhilan. He did not tell his disciple that some people in Qing Kingdom could deliver important messages through some channels. He was still weighing that information.

“Yes, teacher.” Yun Zhilan got ready to go to the manor of the Master of the city to discuss it when he suddenly remembered something. He turned and said with furrowed brows, “Qing Kingdom’s Eldest Princess has already lost power. Fan Xian should be safe there now. To prevent others from discovering little brother disciple’s identity, should we call him back?”

The last disciple of Sigu Jian, Thirteenth Wang with the green banner, had always been a mysterious figure. In these two years, many people, including Yun Zhilan, only knew that the teacher loved this young disciple very much. But, they did not have the opportunity to enter the hut to see what the young disciple looked like. It was not until after the fight between the Jiangnan Ming family and Zhaoshang money house that Yun Zhilan found out for the first time that his teacher had sent him to Fan Xian’s side.

Yun Zhilan did not understand and felt faintly uncomfortable. Within Qing Court, it had always been the young man named Fan who was Dongyi’s greatest enemy. During these years, he had ruined a number of Dongyi’s plans and killed many people from Dongyi.

Even Yun Zhilan himself had almost died by the Overwatch Council’s assassination attempt. The ace assassins from Dongyi had conducted guerrilla warfare against the Overwatch Council’s Sixth Bureau in Jiangnan for half a year. After finding out about his teacher’s change in attitude toward Fan Xian, Yun Zhilan accepted it but was conflicted in his heart.

“I know what you are thinking,” The voice in the straw hut said with ridicule. “You still think that it is wrong of me to help Fan Xian. Actually, you are wrong. It is not that Fan Xian needs our help. Rather, we need Fan Xian to accept our help.”

“It’s already over for Li Yunrui’s side, at least in the palace treasury. We need Fan Xian. The Ming family is also done for, but it did not affect Dongyi. What does this mean? This means that Fan Xian has already accepted our help.”

Yun Zhilan lowered his head slightly and said, “But, in this way, at least 30 percent of our channels are controlled by Fan Xian. This young noble from Qing Kingdom turns his face like turning pages in a book. If he decides to turn against us, he will not be easy to defeat.”

“Why would he decide that?” In the straw hut, Sigu Jian’s analysis stepped onto a wise and farsighted path. He could see everything clearly. “In the past, the two sides have only bickered slightly and did not involve their roots. The reason we clashed previously was because Li Yunrui was in between. Now that she has been imprisoned, there is no longer a clash of interests between me and Fan Xian. Why would he run the danger of everything turning against him and decide that?”

Yun Zhilan’s heart jumped. He understood his teacher’s words “between me and Fan Xian.” Did this not mean that the teacher already, to some extent, admitted on the surface that Fan Xian had the right to sit and talk with him as an equal?

“If we could work with Li Yunrui before, we can now work with Fan Xian,” the voice in the straw hut rang out again. “In Qing court, there are only these two who do not fear the Qing Emperor. Remember, Qing Kingdom doesn’t belong to Fan Xian. He has no reason to suffer losses for the sake of the interests of Qing Kingdom.”

Yun Zhilan thought for a bit but still didn’t fully understand it. If Fan Xian was present, he would raise a thumb toward the straw hut and praise that the idiot had a relatively high emotional intelligence.

“Before the incident, I had your younger brother disciple throw in his lot with Fan Xian. This is the so-called attitude.” The voice in the straw hut paused briefly. “The right amount of attitude has to be shown. Let your disciple brother do his work by himself.”

Yun Zhilan furrowed his brows closely and thought, That mysterious and pitiful younger brother disciple was thrown like this to Fan Xian to do hard labor. Was it just to express his and Dongyi’s attitude?

“Of course, I also had other reasons for having him go to Qing Kingdom.”

Yun Zhilan’s attention was piqued. He didn’t know what secret he was going to hear next. However, the words that finally entered his ears shocked him. After thinking for a while, he realized that this was indeed the case. There was no other matter more important than this.

“Back when the Northern Qi royal family was faced with armed rebellion, why was that woman in Northern Qi able to hold onto her son and sit firmly on the throne and turn the sorrowful cries into what Northern Qi is like today?”

“Because Ku He stands on her side.”

“Why have Dongyi and other countries caught between the two most powerful countries manage to continue on despite being pushed left and right, despite it being impossible to completely protect themselves, and despite paying out tributes and silver? The ambitions of the Qing Emperor and his people are boundless. Why have they yet to try and use their powerful military force to take over Dongyi?

Yun Zhilan had no need to think. With a trace of respect, he said, “Because Dongyi has you and the sword in your hand.”

“Correct. Even though the title Great Grandmaster has little meaning, it is still pretty good for scaring people and using it as a weapon.” The voice in the straw hut suddenly sounded a bit lonely. “Have you thought about if Ku He dies and I die, what would this world look like?”

Yun Zhilan’s back felt cold. As for this scenario, everyone under heaven had thought about it, but no one dared to speak it out loud. They knew that given Qing Kingdom’s powerful military and hot blood at the root of the Qing people’s hearts, once the two Great Grandmasters, who didn’t belong to Qing Kingdom died, the entire world would sink to battle again. Putting aside Northern Qi, it would at least be difficult to protect Dongyi. Sincerely and resolutely, he said, “Teacher, you won’t die.”

“What nonsense! Who doesn’t die in this world?”

The voice in the straw hut became desolate again. “Even if I don’t die, people will always become old. Ku He is at an advanced age now, and I am also not young. Do you think that a withered old man who can’t even lift a sword anymore with his shaking hands is he still a Great Grandmaster?”

After Yun Zhilan was silent for a moment, he asked the question in his heart. “But, what does this have to do with young brother disciple entering Qing Kingdom?”

“Originally, there were no Great Grandmasters in the world,” the Great Grandmaster in the straw hut said coldly. “About 30 or so years ago, a few of us strange creatures came out. There were none before, and who knows if there will be in the future. Presently, of all the aces in the younger generation in the world, there are few people who have the chance to reach this realm.”

Yun Zhilan’s heart jumped. He watched the calm and closed door.

The voice inside laughed. “It’s a great pity, you are too old. It will be very unlikely. Many people have climbed out of my sword pit in Dongyi. It has perhaps produced the most ninth-level aces in the world. If we are talking about who has the chance to become the strange creature of a new generation, perhaps there is only your younger brother disciple alone.”

Yun Zhilan opened his mouth slightly. In Zhaoshang money house in Suzhou, he had once faced off with Thirteenth Wang. At the time, when he learned that his younger brother disciple had already entered the ninth-level at such a young age, he was shocked. He felt that his young brother disciple’s realm was far from being as integrated as his. Why was it that from the teacher’s perspective, he was the person most likely to enter the realm of a Great Grandmaster?

“This is a matter of one’s nature.” Sigu Jian’s voice had finally changed and become confident and tranquil. “There are some things to be desired, and some things that should not be cared about. You can’t do it. Neither can the one called Lang Tiao under Ku He’s tutelage, who plays with knives. During these years, presumably Ku He has been like me, troubled with the question mentioned earlier. Once we become old and die, what will happen to the land we leave behind? So, we have to resolve this question before we die.”

“I chose your younger brother disciple. Ku He has chosen Haitang.”

“What a coincidence. They are both final disciples.”

“What is even more coincidental is that, Ku He had sent Haitang to Fan Xian’s side…” Sigu Jian’s voice carried a glimmer of ridicule. “Even if he didn’t send her, he must at least be happy that something happened between her and Fan Xian. Since he can send someone, I can also send someone. However, Haitang is a girl, so she has a great advantage.”

Yun Zhilan was dumbstruck and speechless. He had no idea how the plan of raising a Great Grandmaster brought the subject back to Fan Xian. He didn’t understand why Ku He and his teacher, these two Great Grandmasters, one after another sent their last disciples to Fan Xian’s side.

“Are there truly only four strange old creatures in the world?” Sigu Jian gently asked rhetorically. “Yes, perhaps there are only four strange old creatures. The other strange creature seems not to age. You should know of him, that blind man…”

Yun Zhilan’s heart became cold. He knew that his teacher was speaking of the mysterious figure that had secretly passed through Dongyi many years ago.

“However, you do not know that Fan Xian is that blind man’s disciple.” The person in the straw hut laughed. “Is this not a very amusing matter? It is right that the last disciples of the strange old creatures should gather together to fight and to talk, It will help them progress a great deal. This is what is called ‘practice.’ Of course, presumably, Ku He thought the same as me. To have one’s disciple at Fan Xian’s side is also to dip into his good fortune.”

“Fortune?” Yun Zhilan stared at the tightly closed door.

“What conditions are needed to be a strange old creature? Cleverness, wisdom, nature, and hard work. But, the most important is still good fortune.” Sigu Jian sighed., “There are countless people who practice the martial arts. In the end, only a few people succeed. Is this because heaven is not fair or something else? It is actually only because our luck is better than some other people’s.”

In the end, he said, “The reality is that 30 years ago proved that in order to become a Great Grandmaster, this kind of fortune is needed. So, one must meet the blind man, but no one knows where the blind man is. Since it is so, then one can only go meet the blind man’s last disciple.”

Yun Zhilan was confused by these mysterious words. A moment later, he asked, “Younger brother disciple, Haitang, and Fan Xian… Teacher, of these three people, who do you think is the most likely to succeed?”

Among these three young aces, other than Thirteenth Wang, who had no reputation, Haitang and Fan Xian stood, without question, at the peak of the year group. They had both already entered the realm of the ninth-level at a young age and had very good teachers. Furthermore, at different times, people had thought they were Tianmai Beings.

When people discussed who would be the next Great Grandmaster, they would think of Fan Xian and Haitang Duoduo.

“Haitang.” Sigu Jian’s judgement came simply. “She is very good, thus, she is very quick.”

“What about younger brother disciple?”

“Also possible. That child’s nature is bright and thorough. He is not below Haitang.”

“And Fan Xian?’

It was silent inside the straw hut for a moment. “Fan Xian is the least likely.”

“Why?” Although he very much detested Fan Xian, Yun Zhilan still unconsciously raised an opposing opinion. “Although his realm sways within the ninth-level. He is very unstable and not as good as Haitang Duoduo. His progress speed could truly be said to be inhuman, particularly when it comes to his nature. According to what I have seen, it is rare to see such unswerving determination among the young people in this world. As for hard working, although he was born into power, he has practiced endlessly since his youth and is very hard working.”

“He meets all the conditions, but Fan Xian is missing the most important part.” Sigu Jian made his judgement. “He doesn’t have heart. This young man has no heart toward this world. Since he has no heart, he has no nature to speak of. If he wants to enter the heavenly realm, he has to give up everything. Do you think he could?”

Fan Xian was a common man, so, naturally, he could not.

“Although the blind man is an incredible person and can bring fortune to his opponents, his own fortune is not very good. Furthermore, it is impossible that he is a good teacher.”

Sigu Jian said. “I miss the blind man a great deal. It is a great regret that after he disappeared for a dozen years, he went looking for Ku He after he came out. Yes, it’s a great regret.”

Yun Zhilan heard the sound of a sword suddenly being drawn inside the hut.

Among the Great Grandmasters, Ye Liuyun was an unfettered person who never took disciples, while Sigu Jian took on many disciples. If the disciples that did not follow him all the time were included, there were at least 50. Thus, the disciples were of all different levels. Although there were ninth-level aces like Yun Zhilan and mysterious youths like Thirteenth Wang, there were also those who were not as successful. As for the Northern Qi Imperial Advisor Ku He, he didn’t accept many disciples. But, each was an ace like the Northern Qi Emperor’s martial arts teacher, the ninth-level ace Lang Tiao, or the one who wore flowery clothing and was rumored by the people to be a Tianmai Being, Haitang Duoduo.

The blind man Wu Zhu also had disciples. However, his first and last disciple was the same person, Fan Xian.

What Sigu Jian said wasn’t wrong. The Great Grandmasters were also people. They also had to think about what comes after them. Thus, these strange creatures gave a great deal of attention to their last disciples. Of course, this was done secretly. They would not allow this kind of pressure to interfere with their disciples’ cultivations.

Haitang, Fan Xian, and Thirteenth Wang had, up to now, never appeared at the same place at the same time. If such a day arrived, it would certainly be an interesting sight.

Sigu Jian got one thing wrong, or perhaps involuntarily forgot one thing. The Northern Qi Imperial Advisor Ku He once again took in disciples last year. Taking advantage of the auspicious clouds, he had accepted two female disciples. One had entered a Palace as a royal concubine and another was picking medicinal herbs in the mountains. This meant that Haitang was not the last disciple of Tianyi Dao. Fan Ruoruo was.