Joy of Life - Chapter 483 - The Third Generation

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Chapter 483: The Third Generation

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It was like the happy news in the Fan manor had grown wings and immediately flew out over the high garden walls of the various noble manors. It flew past the cautious gazes of the waiters in various teahouses and became something everyone knew. This was both the hot topic of conversation amongst the nobility and most cheerful thing after a meal for the common people.

Naturally, this news flew into the palace. It completely ignored the boundaries of the mighty palace walls and entered the ears of the Emperor and empress dowager. According to Eunuch Yao, who had quietly let it slip, in the instant that the Qing Emperor had heard this news, he had stoked his beard and looked very pleased. That night, he made another trip to the little tower. After the empress dowager heard about this news, she had rushed to the back of Hanguang Temple to worship. Her fingers moved endlessly over the prayer beads, and her face was full of smiles.

Speaking of which, it was strange. Including Fan Xian, the Qing Emperor had five royal sons. The Third Prince was still young, so he could be temporarily put aside. The Great Prince wasn’t young and had been married for a long time, yet he still did not have issue. It was the same with the Second Prince and Crown Prince. Looking around, the child in Fan Xian’s Sisi’s belly was actually the first of the third generation of the royal family.

The nobles in the Palace were delighted. However, the empress dowager felt a slight regret. It would be better if the woman with child was Wan’er. Putting aside that she was a princess and Fan Xian’s true wife, after all, she was her most favored granddaughter.

Given Fan Xian’s current power and position, this joyful news brought countless gifts and well-wishers. In the following days, there was a stream of horses and carriages outside the main door of Fan manor. Endless officials from all places came to visit. Teng Zijing and his wife almost wore their legs out from running back and forth.

Other than some important figures, such as the people from King Jing’s manor that Fan Xian came out personally to welcome, all other guests were single-handedly blocked by the Minister of Revenue, Fan Jian.

Fortunately, these guests were just giving generous gifts and didn’t disturb them for long. In reality, the people in the court and palace all had their agendas. Although it was big news that Fan Xian was having a child, the person with child was his concubine. If, at this moment, they appeared overly warm, who knew what that princess in the manor would think?

To curry favor with one side but to offend another was not a good deal. Furthermore, these officials didn’t know just how happy the Palace was.

Three days later, the joy in the Palace was demonstrated in front of the officials and people of Qing Kingdom in two ways. First, there were flowered edged newspapers organized by the internal court that used a page printed in red to announce the good news to everyone in the world.

The internal court newspaper always joked about the competition between the officials, the funny things in history, and the story of Chen Pingping’s first love. Although it was pointless and unamusing, it was good at attracting the eyes. However, ever since Fan Xian took over the Overwatch Council and rectified the Council to make to more transparent, he had ordered the Eight Bureau to stick up countless notices outside the First Bureau. It transformed the conflicts in officialdom into a detective novel—regardless of his previous life or this one, it was always easy to sell stories about domestic arguments. The internal court’s newspaper only had domesticity and little arguments, so all of its popularity was stolen by the notices outside the First Bureau.

Fortunately, Fan Xian was having a child. The Emperor implicitly allowed the internal court’s newspaper to make a big deal over this matter. They wrote in a great detail about Fan Xian’s story from Danzhou to Jingdou into a lengthy fantastical story. It faintly mentioned the princess, the Northern Qi sage girl, his interactions with that young mother in Fan manor, the night of poetry in front of the palace, the interactions in Jiangnan…

This was a summary of Fan Xian’s brief 20 years of life. It was very splendid. After the newspaper came out, it was a sensation. All the young ladies in various manors pleaded with the elders in their family to spend a large amount to purchase a copy to keep in their rooms as a souvenir. At the same time, they prayed that the temple would grant them a man like Sir Fan junior.

The internal court newspaper was finally able to use this opportunity to successfully once again conquer the Jingdou people stopped by the notices outside the First Bureau.

The second demonstration of the Palace’s joy were wards.

No one knew whether it was the Emperor’s idea or the empress dowager’s, but the gifts from the Palace flowed like water into Fan manor. Although the one with child was Sisi, from Fan Jian to Lady Liu, even Lady Fan, who was far away in Northern Qi studying, received generous rewards. Fan Xian’s proper wife, Lin Wan’er received the most generous gift of all.

Silk and satin fabrics, gold and jade wares, food and playthings, all were densely laid out in the manor. It drove the Teng wife absent-minded with business. She thought to herself that when the young master had rescued the Emperor, there wasn’t even this much reward.

Sisi was granted a gift and given some kind of title. In any case, Fan Xian didn’t understand this title. It was the unborn child who got ahead and received a title.

The newspaper and gifts announced the joy of the Palace to every inch of Jingdou. The officials who had given gifts earlier could finally relax.

It was only Fan Xian who was not very happy. He looked at the list of gifts that Eunuch Yao had brought over and shook his head. A complicated emotion grew in his heart. He said to his father beside him, “What are the people in the Palace thinking? What does me having a child have to do with them?”

“You’re speaking from pique,” Fan Jian chuckled and said. “I had thought you were more mature now. Who knew you could still speak in a fit of pique. What does it have to do with them? What do you think? This is the first one in the third generation. The empress dowager has been anxious for years. Finally, she can hold her great-grandchild. Since she’s happy, naturally, the gifts will surpass the rules.”

Fan Xian laughed coldly. “Hold her great-grandchild? Tomorrow, I’ll send Sisi back to Danzhou and have the child born and raised in Danzhou. I’ll let grandmother play with them.”

He was still speaking in anger. Sisi was pregnant. She couldn’t travel thousands of li. Fan Jian laughed loudly and couldn’t be bothered to scold him. Ever since four days ago, after he had learned the news of Sisi’s pregnancy, this usually severe and orthodox Minister of Revenue could no longer hide his true personality. From his face to his bones, pride and happiness shone through.

In this world, there were very few people who could fight with the Emperor for a son and win. Furthermore, this son was about to give him a grandchild. Nothing could stop Fan Jian feeling comforted and strangely pleased.

“Don’t forget to go back to the Palace give your thanks tomorrow.” Fan Jian drank a mouthful of tea and glanced at his son to discover that his son had clearly not heard his words.

“To speak of it, why does the Crown Prince still not have a main wife?” Fan Xian suddenly thought of something and furrowed his brows. “Even just looking at it in order, presently, the Great Prince and the Second Prince have all married. A year has passed. Is the Palace not anxious about the Crown Prince?”

He naturally and cleverly hid the probing intention of his words. It was clear that Fan Jian, in his happiness, did not notice his son was testing him. He furrowed his brows and said, “Three years ago, the empress dowager was already anxiously planning for the Crown Prince’s wife. The empress chose people from various manors in Jingdou and had even reached our manor…”

Fan Xian shivered and thought that if his sister had indeed become the taizifei…that would have been terrible. Not for his sister, but for him. Would he not have had to immediately fall to the Crown Prince’s side and properly plan with his brother, the Crown Prince, about fighting for the line of succession?

Fortunately, this did not happen.

Fan Jian continued, “But for some reason, the Crown Prince never agreed…this was a strange matter that year. You know the Crown Prince, when he was younger, was quite preposterous and liked to hang out in education houses and brothels. He is someone greatly interested in the matters between men and women. However, he refused to marry a wife.”

Fan Xian thought for a bit then said, “But for the marriage of the Crown Prince, it’s not something he can delay just because he doesn’t want it.”

“This is where the Crown Prince demonstrates his cleverness,” Fan Jian smiled and said. “To convince the empress dowager and empress, the Crown Prince put a lot of thought into it. First, he said that the Great Prince and the Second Prince had both not yet married. As Qing Kingdom governed the world through filial piety and was particular about respect between brothers, as the younger brother, how could he marry before his two older brothers? At that time, the Great Prince was still in the West, warring with the Hu people. It was impossible to organize the marriage at that time. Thus, he delayed it until later.”

“Although he has sufficient excuses, they are not very persuasive.” Fan Xian smiled bitterly. “After all this, it turns out I’m a representative of an early marriage. To be the first to have kids, it could be considered natural.”

“The same logic, but as it involves the domestic matters of the royal family, it had to come from a persuasive person’s mouth.” Fan Jian smiled. “The Crown Prince convinced the then-grand tutor to the Crown Prince, Shu the Scholar, who has a very stubborn personality and deeply believed that the Crown Prince’s words were reasonable. Not only did he write to the Emperor to put the Crown Prince’s marriage temporarily on hold, he even wrote to the Northern kingdom to ask Master Zhuang to speak.”

Fan Xian laughed. “So even Sir Zhuang Mohan has done such things before.”

Fan Jian suddenly saw a sign of tiredness between his son’s brows and sighed. “Have you not slept well these days? Go and rest.”

Fan Xian smiled awkwardly and retreated from the study.

He had indeed not rested well these few days. Since Sisi was pregnant, he had to be by her side constantly and be more soothing and caring. Additionally, although Wan’er didn’t show anything on the surface and was still happily managing Sisi’s days, everyone knew that her emotions must be very unhappy. Fan Xian’s heart hurt for her, so he also had to take out time to keep her company and comfort her. Having to look after both sides, he didn’t have much time to rest.

In the corridor in front of the study, he stretched and yawned. He shook his head in irritation and suddenly thought of the life logic he had once thought of in the garden of his own manor a long time ago.

Men, it was always a stupid idea to get married too early.

However, the Crown Prince’s refusal to marry early was probably because of a very stupid idea. Fan Xian yawned and sighed in his heart. Who would have thought that the Crown Prince was a romantic? It was truly an ill-fated relationship!

Suddenly, he saw Lady Liu walking in with a warm smile accompanied by an old man. Fan Xian’s wide open mouth couldn’t close for a moment. He jumped up and yelled loudly, “You’re finally here!”

The newcomer was not a guest, he was Teacher Fei Jie that Fan Xian greatly respected, trusted, and liked. It was the first meeting between the teacher and student in almost a year. There was a great deal of tension hidden between the elder and the youth as if they would throw out a poison at any moment for the other to try.

Lady Liu was a clever woman. Although she didn’t know the reason, she could tell this wasn’t a place to linger. She casually said a few words and left. Even Minister Fan was not informed of the important information of Fei Jie’s arrival.

“Sir.” Fan Xian looked at the strange color in Fei Jie’s eyes with a not-quite-there smile. “You’ve been hiding from me for a while, why are you here today?”

Fei Jie glanced at him without good humor and shook his head. “Don’t be too expectant. I’ve tried many times with the medicine and prescription you sent over. If you want there to be no problems at all, it is very difficult.”

Fan Xian shook his head in vexation. He had thought that since Fei Jie was willing to come to the manor, he must have solved the problem. He didn’t expect to hear such an imperfect answer.

In reality, he had never cared about whether or not Wan’er could have a child. He didn’t even care about whether or not he had descendants. In Danzhou, on the precipice, when he told Uncle Wu Zhu that one of his three main goals was to crazily have kids was nothing but a mischievous joke. However, Wan’er wouldn’t think like this. She really wanted a child, so Fan Xian was forced into nervousness.

The teacher and student sat in a quiet corner in the garden at the back of the manor. A servant came to bring tea and then left.

“For cousins to marry, will it have any effect on the later generation?” After Fan Xian was silent for a while, he asked a question he hadn’t asked in a long time.

Fei Jie glanced at him and said in a raspy voice, “Do you think your luck would be that bad?”

Fan Xian smiled and thought to himself, That’s right! It’s only a matter of probability and he was, without question, the luckiest person in this world.

“Will it…be difficult to have a child?” Fan Xian suddenly furrowed his brows and asked.

“Who said that?” Fei Jie understood he was talking about blood. “A hundred years ago, the Emperor of Wei Kingdom raped his own daughter for a dozen years and had seven kids in a row.”

“Of course, of the seven, there were very few normal ones.” Fei Jie shrugged.

“Chaos…the royal family is indeed the most chaotic place in the world.” Fan Xian sighed with feeling.

Fei Jie furrowed his brows. He wasn’t sure whether or not his student’s words were pointed in any way. However, that matter’s involvement was too broad. In order to protect Fan Xian, neither he nor Chen Pingping would say anything to Fan Xian before the matter.

“What are you here to teach me today?” Fan Xian asked sincerely.

Fei Jie thought for a bit then said, “The Director guessed that your home would be uneasy, so asked me to come put you at ease.”

“At ease.”

“Yes, give me another half year and I might be able to solve the problem you two are worrying over,” Fei Jie smiled slightly and said. “And, I must remind you of something. Your leaving date is almost here. Don’t use Sisi’s pregnancy as an excuse to not go to Jiangnan.”

Looking at the attitude of the Palace, Fan Xian might be kept back in Jingdou because of this matter. This was what Chen Pingping and Fei Jie were truly worried about.

Fan Xian nodded after thinking about it for a while. He faintly felt that the Chen Pingping and Sir Fei did not want him to stay in Jingdou for too long. It looked like they had already sensed that something big might happen in Jingdou.

He finally couldn’t resist anymore. Fei Jie was his childhood teacher. In his eyes, he was the least likely person in the world to hurt him. After hesitating for a moment, he asked, “Is something going to happen in the Palace?”

Fei Jie smiled and said, “What could happen?” A glimmer of worry flashed through his eyes, but he managed to hide it from Fan Xian.

He looked at Fan Xian’s face, which was as clear as it had been a dozen years ago, and involuntarily remembered the time when he had taken Fan Xian to dig up graves to split open their stomachs and take out their intestines. His heart darkened slightly, and he laughed gently. “When you’re by yourself in the future, you have to be careful. Don’t be like when you were a kid, always been tricked by others.”

Fan Xian paused. A strange feeling surged in his heart. He hurriedly asked, “Sir, what do you mean?”

Fei Jie scratched his head and didn’t care that his dandruff was flying everywhere. “I don’t mean anything by it. As you know, I spend a great deal of time wandering in the mountains and am rarely by your side…yes, I never explained the Iced Smoke medicine to you. That was my fault.”

Fan Xian was very moved and quickly said, “What are you saying, without you, the two of us would have died many times over.”

Fei Jie smiled and didn’t say anything more.

The next day, Fan Xian went into the Palace to give his thanks. Although Fan Xian was unwillingly, he still pushed a sincere and thankful smile on to his face and walked all over the Palace. Particularly in front of the empress dowager and the Emperor, he held up his thankful heart and smeared a layer of a first-time father’s confusion and excitement over it. He gave a masterful performance.

As he walked, the snow had already disappeared amongst the palaces. It was quiet and elegant. Fan Xian sat in the Eastern Palace and looked at the Crown Prince in front of him, chatting casually. He looked at the Crown Prince of the Eastern Palace in his light-yellow clothes and sincere face. As he thought of what would happen soon in the future, for some reason, he actually felt a bit apologetic about it.

The Crown Prince was urging for him and his aunt, which was Fan Xian’s mother-in-law, to ease up on their relationship. It could be seen that the Crown Prince was speaking from his heart. However, Fan Xian didn’t know whether he was considering the problem from Fan Xian’s side or the Eldest Princess’.

“Never mind the things in the past. Just like what I said to you in Baoyue Brothel, why should we let the elder’s problems affect our present?”

The Crown Prince spoke calmly and patted Fan Xian’s shoulder.