Joy of Life - Chapter 416

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Chapter 416: A Play Inside The Admiral’s Manor

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Just as expected, the admiral’s manor, which had already become absolutely silent, became even more silent. The officials stared dumbstruck and speechless at Fan Xian in the doorway. A few navy generals unconsciously pressed their lips together. They could already smell the upcoming storm. Everyone present sank into a strange silence and atmosphere that hid the air of confrontation.

Deep in that confrontation was the generals’ fear. Everyone under heaven knew Fan Xian’s identity and what the Overwatch Council did. For the Commissioner of the Overwatch Council to investigate the distant navy with an imperial edict, it was obvious that this was not a small matter.

The Navy generals hid the worry in their eyes. Quietly looking at each other, they all guessed that perhaps the matter on the East Sea had erupted.

Unlike the generals and officials, those singers and dancers who had been chided to the side had bright eyes that glowed. They stared at Fan Xian’s handsome face. First, it was not easy to see an immortal-like figure like Sir Fan junior. Second, everyone knew that Sir Fan junior was a leading figure. If they took his fancy, their future would be bright.

However, the girls were not stupid. Feeling the strange atmosphere in the inner hall, they knew there wasn’t much of an opportunity to play the honey trap today.

After the leading officials finally recovered from their shock, Dang Xiaobo, under the circumstances while the admiral was not present, became the representative of the navy. He smiled slightly and rose in welcome. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the Jiaozhou Zhizhou, he bowed toward Fan Xian.

None of the officials dared to sit anymore. They all stood up, somewhat in fright, and greeted Fan Xian.

“Greetings to the Commissioner.”

“Greetings to the Imperial Envoy.”

Because the martial and civil were different, the navy and Jiaozhou government used different titles for Fan Xian.


Fan Xian’s chin moved slightly in a nod. Without looking to the side, he walked forward surrounded by the officials and then .sat down in the chair that had belonged to the admiral.

The eight Overwatch Council officials followed him over and stood behind him with their hands holding the hilts of their knives. They stared ferociously at all of the officials in the hall.

It was a bit arrogant, but he had this right.

Dang Xiaobo watched as this major figure acted tough. Although his appearance was not happy, he was quietly happy in his heart. As long as he was a domineering type, he would be much easier to defeat. It looked like the rumors of Sir Fan junior’s darkness were not true.

He coughed lightly and raised his hands in a respectful gesture. “Greetings to the Commissioner. What case has brought you to Jiaozhou this time?”

“You are the deputy general of the navy. Even if I needed extra hands to help with the case, I cannot have you transfer them to me,” Fan Xian said calmly. He turned to the Jiaozhou Zhizhou and said, “Today, I am handling a case by imperial edict and don’t have enough people with me. I’ll have to trouble you, Sir Wu, to transfer a camp of the provincial soldiers to me.”

The Jiaozhou Zhizhou’s, Wu Gefei, was a third-ranked candidate during the old government and had once tried to connect with Prime Minister Lin and the Fan manor. Suddenly hearing that Sir Fan junior knew his surname, his heart warmed and his body felt cozy. He smiled widely and said, “Please give your orders.”

Sir Wu had one thing in his favor: the silver that he should be greedy and take, he would take it, but he did dare not to have any thoughts he should not have. He was very much well-behaved. In a place like Jiaozhou, where everything was controlled by the navy, not only were there many government affairs they did not cooperate with, if there were any benefits to be taken advantage of, he never had a chance and instead was a very clean official.

Wu Gefei had long wanted to transfer to a wealthy province, except he did not have any influential official in Jingdou to help speak for him. Hearing such warmth in Sir Fan junior’s tone, he was so overjoyed he had long forgotten his mother’s maiden name and that if the Overwatch Council wanted to move troops, they needed an order from the Council and the Bureau of Military Affairs. He directly said something to his advisor. The advisor took the orders and left, not wasting any time.

Dang Xiaobao watched coldly from the side, feeling slightly startled. He thought, The Commissioner had just arrived in Jiaozhou and had not yet made anything clear, yet he was borrowing troops from Jiaozhou. What was he preparing to do? But after thinking for a while, he felt slightly more at ease. The power of the Jiaozhou officials was weak. Even the provincial army was only a measly few hundred people and their training had always been bad. They were no match for the navy soldiers. If the Overwatch Council was really here to cause trouble for the Jiaozhou Navy, then Commissioner Fan would certainly bring more than seven or eight people in. He would also not mobilize the provincial troops right in front of him.

Thus, Dang Xiaobo was not very afraid, but he was just a bit confused. Just what did the Overwatch Council want to do today?

“Where is the admiral? The Emperor has an edict. Why has he still not come out to receive it?” Fan Xian furrowed his brows tightly and asked.

Dang Xiaobo’s expression was embarrassed. He also found it strange. There was such a commotion outside, how could the admiral not have noticed it? Even if he was playing with women in the back, he should have come out by this time. If he truly offended Fan Xian, no one would have pleasant days.

He gave Fan Xian a forced smile and explained a little. Then with a glance, he had a manor guard go to the back garden to inform the admiral.

Fan Xian looked at this scene with cold eyes, but in his heart, he was quietly calculating the time.

After three breaths, a wretched cry arose from inside the admiral’s manor. The sound cut through the silence of the Jiaozhou night and traveled far.

Everyone in the hall was harshly shocked. Before anyone had time to say anything, weapons were drawn in a panic from under tables and everyone ran toward the back garden. Although no one dared to believe that something would happen in the admiral’s manor, that wretched cry was not fake.

Dang Xiaobo’s gaze was strange. He did not go, he only stared strangely at Fan Xian.

Fan Xian did not even look at him. A glimmer of worry appeared in his furrowed brows, “Did we come late?”

When had finished saying these words, he had already grabbed the crying Jiaozhou Zhizhou Wu Gefei. His body lifted and arrived in the back garden along with the anxious navy generals.

It was a bloodbath in the back garden.

Seven or eight soldiers of the admiral’s manor lay tragically in the blood. Some had their heads separated from their bodies, and some had thick blood on their chests.

Seeing this scene, the Jiaozhou civil officials felt their legs turn to water.

While the navy generals were staring fixedly at a black-clothed man beyond the pools of blood, their expressions were wild as if they wanted nothing more than to charge forward to tear the person into pieces and devour them. However, they were just anxious and angry, but did not make a single move.

In the hands of the black-clothed man was the body of Jiaozhou Navy Admiral Chang Kun!

A line of fresh blood slowly slid down Chang Kun’s body and dripped onto the ground. While the head of this local leader was lowered, it was impossible to tell whether he was alive or dead.

Looking at the bodies around the garden and the admiral, whose status they did not yet know, the eyes of the navy officials were red and bloodshot. How could these valiant generals, who had spent years killing on the sea, have thought that an assassin would dare to act in Jiaozhou, and would dare to kill so many brothers in front of their face?

“Put down the Admiral!”

“You bastard! Put the sword down!”

The navy officials shouted and surrounded the black-clothed man, but because they were scared of hitting bystanders, they did not move.

Fan Xian coldly put down the Jiaozhou Zhizhou, Wu Gefei. Gazing at the black-clothed man present, he seemed to be talking to himself as he said, “You are indeed earlier than me.”

Dang Xiaobo had already woken from his shock. He felt deeply that this matter was strange. Why did the Commissioner of the Overwatch Council come personally to Jiaozhou? Why would he directly charge into the birthday feast rather than investigating secretly? Why did Fan Xian’s expression earlier show that he knew someone was coming to assassinate the admiral? Why did Fan Xian say earlier that the other party had arrived earlier than him?

His mind spun quickly. He knew that this matter definitely had something to do with that little island on the East Sea. However, he was not Chang Kun, he did not know about the existence of the Junshang Conference. He only vaguely knew that the admiral was serving some organization. Hearing Fan Xian’s purposely affected tone, he couldn’t stop himself sinking into an absurd imagination.

Dang Xiaobo stared anxiously at that black-clothed man. Looking at the admiral in his hands, his temples throbbed with a red-hot pain. He wondered, Did the court want to investigate that organization, so that organization had to kill the admiral to keep quiet? Is this what made Sir Fan junior condescend to personally visit? Otherwise, why was Fan Xian so anxious earlier?

However, this thought was not enough to persuade him. In his heart, there was also a thread of suspicion about the Overwatch Council. At this moment, he couldn’t resist stealing a glance at Fan Xian.

Fan Xian’s brows were furrowed tightly. Looking at the black-clothed man beyond the bloodbath, there was an indescribable worry and concern as well as seriousness that was impossible to ignore.

“No one come closer. If anyone comes closer I will kill him.” The black-clothed man said in a raspy voice, there was a glimmer of viciousness and confidence in the tone.

The admiral was a major figure. His death would certainly shock the court, and it would affect everyone in the Jiaozhou Navy. Thus, although all of the Navy generals were anxious, they did not make a move. They were terrified that the black-clothed man’s hand would shake slightly and Chang Kun’s head would be sliced off.

The guards outside the manor had already crowded around. Taking the high spots on the garden wall, they all waited with taut bows aimed at the black-clothed man in the garden.

Surrounded by military, how could he escape?

However, no one dared to give the order to attack. None of the generals dared to take on this responsibility. Extremely angrily and carefully, they glanced at the Jiaozhou Zhizhou.

Nominally, this was happening inside Jiaozhou, so logically speaking, the Jiaozhou Zhizhou should handle it.

He was burned by these blazing glares and woke from his earlier fear and terror. He began to curse his heart, thinking, You lousy navy officials! Usually you think so lowly of me, but now that something big has happened, you want to push to the front as a shield. I’m not going to do that.

The Jiaozhou Zhizhou bit his lip. At this moment, the highest status was Overwatch Council Commissioner Fan, who had just charged into the birthday feast..

Thus everyone stared anxiously at Fan Xian. However, the generals were a little afraid. Sir Fan junior was famous for not valuing life and very considerate of the court’s face. If he had the soldiers fire arrows, the admiral would not survive.

Fan Xian’s brows were still tightly furrowed. Walking forward one step, he stared at that black-clothed man and said, “I don’t care who you are, but assassinating a court official is already a death penalty that will wipe out your family. I am Fan Xian, you should know my identity. Even if I let you go today, I can still find out who you are. Please believe me, as long as I know you are dead, your parents, your wife and children, your friends, your childhood playmates, your hometown people, even those village wives who gave you a cup of water to drink on the road…I will find them all.”

The glimmer of a warm smile rose to the corners of his mouth, “And I will kill them all.”

The scene was completely silent. Only the rapid breathing of the officials could faintly be heard, as well as the sound of the archers’ finger’s rubbing against the bowstring.

A general was greatly shocked. What was important was to rescue the admiral. What result will come about Fan Xian’s scare tactics? As he prepared to open his mouth to speak, he was stopped by Dang Xiaobo’s furrowed brows.

Dang Xiaobo used a strange gaze to look at Fan Xian’s profile. He knew that Fan Xian’s words were attacking the heart.

Fan Xian gazed at the black-clothed man and slowly said, “Put down the admiral and tell me who is giving you orders. I…will only kill you.”

“You can also kill the admiral, then I will kill you as well as everyone I said earlier,” Fan Xian stared at him and said. “As long as there is someone in this world with a connection to you, I will kill them all one by one.”

Dang Xiaobo’s heart was slightly eased. He knew the Commissioner had no other choice, they would have to see whether or not the assassin’s defenses were lowered.

“Sir Fan junior?” The black-clothed man laughed hoarsely. “I truly did not think you could come to Jiaozhou. I have miscalculated a little this time.”

“It has nothing to do with me. Even if I am not here, you cannot escape,” Fan Xian said coldly. “It was I who did not expect that you would act so quickly.”

The black-clothed man paused and suddenly smiled coldly. “Don’t try to trick me with words. I am only here to kill. I have no idea why we have to kill this admiral.”

“Is that so?” Fan Xian took a few more steps forward. Smiling slightly, he said, “How should I refer to you and Master Yun?”

Master Yun? Dongyi’s master swordsman, Yun Zhilan? The foremost disciple of Sigu Jian? Everyone in the garden looked at each other. They could never have expected Fan Xian’s words. The navy generals were particularly shocked. The Jiaozhou Navy always had an unclear connection to Dongyi. Why would Dongyi do something like this today?

However, to be able to enter the heavily guarded admiral’s manor and kill all these people not far from the main hall, it was probably only something that those ninth-level assassins from Dongyi could do, right?

The generals glared angrily at the black-clothed man. With Fan Xian and the Overwatch Council beside them, they didn’t dare to curse.

Dang Xiaobo still did not believe the judgment of his unconscious mind. He still didn’t believe that the black-clothed person was someone from Dongyi.

As expected, that black-clothed person coldly said, “I am not of Dongyi. Yun Zhilan has no connection to me. As for Sigu Jian, that old dog, don’t even mention him in front of me.”

Even if the man wanted to conceal his identity, if he was truly of the Dongyi Sigu Sword, he would not call Sigu Jian an old dog in front of everyone. Hearing these words, everyone knew that Fan Xian had judged incorrectly. This black-clothed man must be from somewhere else.

Fan Xian’s brows furrowed even tighter as if he could not believe that the black-clothed man was not of Dongyi. He laughed quietly and self-mockingly. “Seems like there are many people competing for business with me.”

The black-clothed man said in a cold and raspy voice, “Open a path, prepare three horses and three days’ worth of food and water three li outside of the city, and I will release the person in my hands.”

“How do I know whether the person in your hands is dead or alive?” Fan Xian’s tone was even colder than other man’s, appearing as if he did not care about Chang Kun’s life.

The black-clothed man paused, perhaps knowing that in terms of speaking and negotiating he was no a match for the Overwatch Council. Instead, he just shut his mouth.

“Are you not afraid I’ll put poison in the water?” Fan Xian continued coldly. “As well as the earlier threat, it seems like you truly do not care.”

“I won’t let you go.”

“If you are going to kill the admiral then do it. What does it have to do with me?”

Although he knew that Fan Xian was attacking the heart, looking at the admiral in the black-clothed man’s hands, he was still heavily shocked by these words. The navy officials began to cry out randomly and anxiously.

The black-clothed man looked around and smiled icily. “I don’t care, but someone cares. As for your earlier words…I am an orphan, and no one in this world has been kind to me. I don’t care that you will kill everyone I care about in this world after this matter.”

Fan Xian lowered his head slightly and a strong feeling of absurdness welled in his heart. Naturally, the black-clothed person facing him was the Shadow, however, after this negotiation, it seemed that the acting was becoming more and more real.

“Pretty boy, quickly make up your mind.” Seeing that no one in the garden would be able to defeat him, the black-clothed man coldly laid down his last notice. The cold sword in his hand was against the back of Chang Kun’s neck.

“Say those two words again?” Fan Xian’s eyes narrowed slightly and a cold light flashed out. A finger pointed coldly and full of murderous intent at the black-clothed man’s face.

The black-clothed man opened his lips, preparing to say something.

Fan Xian’s finger that was extended in the air shook slightly and a crossbow bolt hidden in his sleeves dissolved into a black light and silently shot out!

The black-clothed man let out a cry. He did not have time to use Chang Kun to block his body. His whole body arched back and flashed a few times strangely, and avoided that silent bolt.

In this instant, Fan Xian had moved forward. With a flick of his fingers, he flicked on his Meridians. His wrist flipped and he caught hold of the black-clothed man’s wrist.


Using the power of the Coffin-Breaker technique and some little tricks, even Fan Xian was quite pleased with this trick. His entire right arm shook and pulled Chang Kun’s body back toward him. Shortly after, his toes tapped against the group, and he and the black-clothed man wound up in one place.

In just a moment, the two of them had fought from the inside of the garden to the wall. Becoming two terrifying black shadows they fought with a strange speed. Swords struck out without wind, punches fired without sound, yet their strength permeated the surroundings and forced a gap between the archers on the wall.

Inside the walls, Dang Xiaobo had already leapt forward and caught Admiral Chang Kun’s body. The eight members of the Overwatch Council did not go to help Fan Xian. Instead, they stood nervously in front of Dang Xiaobo’s body, terrified a few more assassins might pop up and kill Sir Chang. Their anxiety was obvious.

Dang Xiaobo looked at the two streaks of black light on the wall and cried out anxiously, “Sir Fan junior, retreat. Fire! Fire!”

Never mind the fact that Fan Xian had just saved the admiral, just given Fan Xian’s own identity, there were still soldiers who dared to fire at him in the Qing Kingdom.[JW1]

An explosive cry came from the wall. Fan Xian took a hit to the shoulder and sprayed out a mouthful of blood, at the same time, his body shrunk in and removed the black dagger from his boot and stabbed it directly into the black-clothed man’s chest.

At the same time, the archers were in a mess. It seemed like there was someone intentionally causing chaos and making the gap much larger.

The heavily injured black-clothed man covered his chest and swept away quickly. Swinging his sword, he sliced a number of people and disappeared into the dark night.

A few navy generals were going to lead soldiers to give chase, but found that the Jiaozhou night was a deep black and there was no trace of the assassin’s trail.

Fan Xian held his left shoulder, a bit mad that the Shadow had actually struck so heavily. Coughing a few times, he coughed up a few threads of blood. Using a vicious gaze, he looked around and said, “Everyone, come back. There is no need to give chase.”

The navy generals were unsettled and had a lingering fear, and they all looked at Dang Xiaobo. His eyes flashed and he furrowed his brows. “The Commissioner has an order, who dares to not obey?”

Only after hearing these words, the generals hesitatingly stopped their pursuit and hurried back to look at Chang Kun’s injury.

Fan Xian also walked over. Lowering his head, he saw that the wound on Chang Kun’s chest was a bit wider. It was easy to guess without even thinking that the Shadow’s tricks had hidden the wound he had left very well. Chang Kun was on his last breaths, barely breathing, it seemed that he could die at any moment. But for some reason, he just wasn’t completely dead yet.

“Everyone, move.” Fan Xian glanced with loathing at these generals and walked over.

Seeing his superior’s tragic state, Dang Xiaobo had no idea what to do. He suddenly remembered that Sir Fan junior’s other identity as a medical god. Immediately, a bit more hope bloomed in his heart.

Fan Xian had a quick look and took a pulse, then, at last, shook his head, “Still alive, but can’t be saved.” What need was there to take the pulse? He had killed the person, and he had kept him barely alive. He could not be clearer on Chang Kun’s situation.

The generals look like they had been struck by lightning, but they knew that Sir Fan junior would certainly not lie. They couldn’t help but look at each other with no idea what they should do next.

Dang Xiaobo’s body swayed a little as his face went pale. With great difficulty, he managed to steady his body. He silently summoned a close guard and said something quietly in his ear. He had the guard rush out of the city to bring the soldiers in the navy camps back.

Everything was still unusually strange. Although, Dang Xiaobo was grateful for the Overwatch Council’s help, he still felt the matter was strange. Forcing himself to focus, he bowed toward Fan Xian, “Your noble body, I am unspeakably grateful…”

Before he had finished speaking, Fan Xian already said, “When the assassin escaped earlier, what happened?”

Dang Xiaobo’s heart jumped, thinking, Did the assassin have someone on the inside in the Navy?

Fan Xian turned and coldly said the still shaken Wu Gefei, “Where are the provincial soldiers I had you mobilize? Immediately close the city gates and search for the killer. At the same time, surround this manor. All of the navy soldiers are to await questioning. No one is allowed out of this manor!”


Two voices rang out at the same time. Wu Gefei had very happily accepted this task while Dang Xiaobo felt a great unease at Fan Xian’s words and wanted to oppose it.

[JW1] This might be a typo in the original text. It seemed like it should be a rhetorical question or a negative statement, but it’s neither.