Joy of Life - Chapter 415

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Chapter 415: Charging Into The Manor Again

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Fan Xian carried Admiral Chang Kun’s body and strutted out of the bathroom. He had the Tyrannical zhenqi in his body. With the additional support of Tianyi Dao, his strength wasn’t much below that of King Kong, so he did not feel tired.

On the ground outside the bathroom lay a few dead people. These were the personal guards Chang Kun had tried to call earlier to save his life. These people’s martial ability had been very high, but now they were lying on the ground dead.

Seeing the yawning Shadow, Fan Xian threw the body in his hands over and scolded, “Killing the admiral in his manor! You should be careful.”

“Celebrating the ether birthday on his birthday feast,” the Shadow replied with great wit. “You also know that this matter has become big.”

There was not a trace of worry to be seen on his pale face. As the true leader of the Sixth Bureau of the Overwatch Council and the top assassin in the world, perhaps assassinating an admiral was truly not enough to make the Shadow overly worried. Furthermore, given the Shadow and Fan Xian’s current ability, even if someone found out right now about Chang Kun’s unusual death, they could escape lightly before they were surrounded.

After all, Fan Xian was also a professional assassin.

The Shadow grasped the back of Chang Kun’s neck, holding him like a wooden puppet. He lowered his head to take a glance. A strange look flashed through his eyes. He turned his head to ask, “Deal with it as planned?”

Fan Xian hmm’ed and smiled, “There’s no other way…in any case, your family has long become accustomed. I will move quicker, but you should be careful. Don’t let anyone see.”

The bathroom was in an isolated area with bushes and trees hiding it from the outside. The servants in the manor rarely noticed this area, particularly now as the night was gradually growing dark. Without the light of a candle, everything was pitch dark. No one knew what had happened. However, the bathroom would eventually be used by someone. Fan Xian also knew that the Shadow could not conceal his tracks for too long. After saying these words, he rose to the tips of his toes and his body lifted up like a streak of smoke. He floated toward the side of the courtyard wall and placed the tip of his fingers on the wall. His entire body flipped out of the courtyard like a large bird disappearing into the dark night.

The back garden of the manor was completely silent. Faint sounds of drinking and laughter came from the front. The birthday feast was at its liveliest. A few pieces of the dancing girls’ clothing had probably fallen to the floor already. No one had noticed that the admiral’s bathroom visit had gone on for too long, and no one would have thought that the he was already dead.

The admiral’s manor was only a distance of two streets from Hou Jichang’s home. Following this straight line toward the north and making two turns, there was an unremarkable cloth shop. After Fan Xian had silently left the admiral’s manor, he made wildly in the dark for this place. He turned and swept through the door. His fingers came together to make a hand gesture. At the same time, he took out and showed the commissioner’s token tied at his waist.

The lights in the room were not bright so it would not attract the attention of the patrols outside. Seeing Fan Xian, the owner of the cloth shop was first startled. After confirming the other person’s identity, he immediately recovered his calm. He lowered his head and asked, “Immediately?”

“Immediately.” Fan Xian nodded his head. As he began to take off his clothes, he grabbed a cup of tea and gulped it down. Even though his cultivation was high, he had rushed the entire way. In this heat, he still felt thirsty. After getting rid of his outer clothes, he asked, “How many people?”

The owner of the cloth shop was, with his disciples, busy taking out clothing and related items. Hearing his question, he replied, “Seven people.”

Fan Xian extended his hand through the robe he was handed, nodded, and did not continue speaking.

This cloth shop was like the oil shop in Shangjing, Northern Qi; they were both secret houses of the Overwatch Council. But, this was not the Jiaozhou branch of the Overwatch Council. The branch’s manor had long been made public. Fan Xian wanted to catch the leaders in the admiral’s manor unprepared and so had chosen here.

He dressed hastily and removed his disguise. Fan Xian didn’t have to move. He allowed the owner of the cloth shop and a few subordinates to carefully and busily organize his body. This made him feel strange, like a male model changing backstage.

In a moment, Fan Xian had transformed back into the commissioner of the Overwatch Council. The black official robes on his body exuded a chilling, murderous intent, and even beat down the heat of the hot day somewhat.

The owner of the cloth shop was the true leader of the Overwatch Council stationed in Jiaozhou. Looking at this scene, he couldn’t help but shake his head as a great sense of confusion rose in his heart. He knew the process of the commissioner’s work tonight, so he did not understand why he first braved the danger of entering the manor, and then, after the matter, hurriedly changed to openly go to the manor to investigate the case.

Even the Shadow, who was fulfilling his orders in the admiral’s manor, did not understand Fan Xian’s thoughts. If they wanted to assassinate Chang Kun, the Shadow would have been enough. There was no need for Fan Xian to be so busy. It was even a little tragic.

All of this was only because before Fan Xian killed Chang Kun. He still felt things were a bit strange and had a deep fear of the hand behind Chang Kun. An unnamed enemy whose strengths were not known was truly the most terrifying.

Pushing open the door of the cloth shop, Fan Xian walked out with his head high and chest out. The summer wind stroked the corners of his black official robe, rustling them.

Behind him, the people of the cloth shop efficiently got rid of hats and shirts, revealing dull black colored official robes of the Overwatch Council. On their heads were official’s hats. They held a few important items in their hands. The owner of the cloth shop held a yellow scroll, and his disciple held a long sword.

Just like this, the group of eight people walked openly and loudly out of the door into the Jiaozhou night. Going along the heavily guarded long street they walked, perhaps it was bravery, or impetuousness, toward the admiral’s manor not far in the distance.

Other than the brothel which was still lively and the admiral’s manor, the rest of Jiaozhou appeared to be very quiet. For a strange group such as Fan Xian’s to suddenly appear on the silent long street immediately drew the eyes of many people.

Since this was not far from the admiral’s manor, immediately some soldiers, hidden in the darkness, walked out. Stopping the group, they prepared to ask questions.

Originally, it was the provincial troops who held the peace in Jiaozhou. But, because of the vast navy to the side, the troops were like half a master in the city. Gradually, they took the position of the provincial troops. These soldiers were also arrogant and overbearing. Today, they were responsible for guarding the admiral’s manor. They could only listen to the delicate singing of the performers inside and smell the scent of food and drink, but had to suffer in this hot night. They were already not in a good mood, so their tone was not very gentle when they came out to investigate.

“Stop! Who are you people? Why are you still on the street this time of night…”

The sound of the soldier’s questions suddenly stopped because the young man leading the strange group on the long street had smiled at him. His appearance was handsome, and his smile was warm, but it was in this warm and gentle smile that seemed to hold a power and pressure that could not be directly looked at.

The leader was a low-ranking military officer. Looking at this group of people, he felt it was very strange. Wearing all black at night…he unconsciously tightened his grip on the hilt of his knife.

This strange group of people did not even look at him. They treated the weapons in the hands of the dozen soldiers like branches in a summer night. Their expressions did not change, and their smiles did not waver. Leisurely and carefree, they walked directly by.

The officer became angry. He pulled out his knife and blocked it in front of the other party.

When the knife came out, it snapped. With a crisp clang, somehow the tip of the knife landed on the ground.

The owner of the cloth shop beside Fan Xian, who had already put on his official robes, pulled back the knife in his sleeves and flashed a token. In a cold voice, he said, “The Overwatch Council is investigating a case. All unconcerned people should withdraw.”

The officer was startled speechless and still holding the broken knife in his hands. The Overwatch Council’s relationship with the military had always been fairly good. They rarely investigated the military’s internal problems, so the Qing Kingdom soldiers were not afraid of the Overwatch Council. However, there were too many rumors in the public, so the horrors of the Council were entrenched deeply in people’s hearts.

Officers were soldiers, and soldiers were also people. Suddenly finding a group of cold Overwatch Council spies walking by his side and his sword chopped in half, the soldier could not help but be terrified.

By the time he had recovered, he found the Overwatch Council people had already walked to the street outside the door of the admiral’s manor. The officer’s heart clenched, but he did not have time to notify his colleagues in the manor. Thoughts spun around his head. He couldn’t decide whether to immediately report to his superiors or leave the city to inform his brothers in the camp.

The armed force standing guard outside the admiral’s manor was not just a small squad of navy officers. At both ends of the street, those officers responsible for safety had all discovered the oddness here and immediately recognized the identity of this group of black-clothed people.

Secret agents of the Overwatch Council!

No one knew what the Overwatch Council people wanted to do. They were all subordinates of the court, so the navy officers couldn’t immediately pull out their knives and hack the other party into meat sauce. They knew the Overwatch Council was a special organization directly subordinate to the Emperor, so everyone felt a chill in their hearts. They stared with gazes filled with enmity at Fan Xian and his group.

The group of Overwatch Council officials walked to the front door of the admiral’s manor under the gazes of dozens of eyes. Fan Xian pulled his official’s hat up a bit and scratched at his slightly itchy hairline. He raised his head to glance at the red lanterns and pictures stuck on them at the door to the manor. Smiling, he said to the guards, “The Overwatch Council is investigating a case by order of imperial edict. Have your master come out to accept the edict.”

The six guards, who had been looking at each other, immediately let out a breath. A few of them looked at each other, and someone quickly ran into the manor with the message. The rest of them quickly opened the main door, preparing to welcome an imperial messenger.

Fan Xian was worried that the matter in the back of the admiral’s manor would be discovered by someone, so he didn’t pay attention to these regulations. Raising his foot, he stepped over the manor’s high threshold and directly charged in.

The navy officials looked at each other behind him, wondering how there could be such an arrogant person in this world. Even if you were an official of the Overwatch Council, even if you had an imperial edict with you, but…you’re not here to conduct a search. How dare you charge in like this?

The Overwatch Council people charged in, so Chang Kun’s personal guards did not dare to slight them and followed them in. Taking the most advantageous places, they stared alertly at Fan Xian and his group. Although no one thought they would strike out in a moment, they had to push back a little against the other party’s imposing manner.

Like he couldn’t feel anything, Fan Xian walked quickly to the door of the main hall, pushed them open, and entered. At once, he saw the guard that had gone in earlier to deliver the message had not been able to find the admiral and could only say something in the ear of a deputy general.

The music in the hall was still present, and the song and dance continued. Through the large doors came the sounds of Jiaozhou’s night.

Fan Xian stood just in the entrance and looked at the lively scene with cold eyes. He knew that Chang Kun’s death had not yet been discovered. Now slightly more at ease, his expression became colder and he smiled icily. “Everyone is in such good spirits.”

The hall suddenly fell silent. Everyone was startled by this uninvited guest. A few of the rude Jiaozhou Navy generals had already drunk too much. Hearing the singing suddenly stop, they stared at the beauty in their arms, who was staring outside the hall with a trace of fear and unwillingly, and turned their head to see the group of black-clothed people.

A general suddenly rose, thinking, Who the f*ck dared to disrupt my drinking? He was about to open his mouth to curse without restraint, then a few of the government officials felt their heart jump. In the blink of an eye, they recognized the true identity of the group of black-clothed people standing at the entrance. Although the Overwatch Council’s robes were not remarkable, they were too conspicuous.

Hou Jichang, sitting at the end seat, only smiled slightly and drank. He talked quietly with the courtesan beside him. His eyes did not even glance toward that direction.

The navy general who was about to curse without restraint forcefully swallowed his filthy words back into his stomach. He stared with great dissatisfaction at Fan Xian, secretly muttering that it was unlucky and wondering how come these black dogs of the Overwatch Council had suddenly run over?

A middle-aged man sitting to the side of the main seat slowly rose. He smiled at the center of the hall door and said, “What business do the members of the Council have here tonight?”

Fan Xian glanced at the man and knew that he was an important figure among the Jiaozhou Navy, one of Chang Kun’s right-hand men and who had made his name through his intelligence, Dang Xiaobo.

The owner of the cloth shop beside Fan Xian coldly said, “The Overwatch Council is investigating a case. Where is Admiral Chang Kun?”

A clamor rose in the inner hall. Everyone had confirmed the guess in their hearts and had become increasingly tense and alert, particularly the officials of the Jiaozhou Navy. Their eyes spun wildly as they calculated god knows what.

At this moment, the Jiaozhou Zhizhou had to come forward to speak. This half-a-century old man coughed and said self-importantly, “Sir, today is the admiral’s birthday. What matter cannot wait until tomorrow to be discussed?”

“I am a busy man. Please do not speak too much nonsense.” Fan Xian swept his eyes across the hall.

The Jiaozhou Zhizhou was slightly angry, thinking, there were at least five or six officials above the third-level sitting in this hall. Even the Overwatch Council could not be so presumptuous. Containing his anger, he said, “Please, may I ask your position and name?”

Holding back a smile, Fan Xian said, “I am the current commissioner of the Overwatch Council, Fan Xian, and my courtesy name is An Zhi.”