Joy of Life - Chapter 225

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Chapter 225: Things Aren’t as You Imagined

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“Who’s Fei Jie?”

“Who else has the surname Fei in the Council?”

“You mean old Fei?”

“That old monstrosity, yes.” Having finished the preparations, Fan Xian called for a tub of warm water and washed his hands. Drying them, he told Yan Bingyun, “You were under torture too long. They damaged your meridians and greatly crippled your martial abilities.”

After saying that, Fan Xian carefully observed Yan Bingyun’s face and discovered he was calm, as though he hadn’t heard anything. Fan Xian couldn’t help but be impressed, and he was even more determined to make this seemingly haughty and aloof young man one of his companions.

“After we return, take good care of yourself. Your nails will eventually grow back. Your bones healed wrong. I’m going let that baldy from the Seventh Bureau break them again and reset them. And with my treatment on top of that, there’s no way you’ll end up an old cripple like Chen Pingping.”

Fan Xian was joking, but it gave Yan Bingyun a strange feeling. There wasn’t anyone in the entire Council who would dare to call Director Chen an old cripple!

Yan Bingyun slowly squinted, trying to see the truth behind all of this, like… why Fan Xian had become the Commissioner of the Overwatch Council at such a young age. At that moment, a burning sensation slowly rose from his abdomen to his chest. As indominable as he was, the sudden pain still made Yan Bingyun’s brows flinch.

“Don’t worry, it’s to combat the poison. Since I don’t know what kind of poison is in you, the medicine I chose was on the strong side. But with me watching over you, you won’t die.” Fan Xian helped Yan Bingyun get dressed. “Hang in there.”

Sweat began to pour from Yan Bingyun’s forehead; he was in extreme pain. In a low voice, he said, “Damn! This is worse than being poisoned. What medicine is this supposed to be?”

Fan Xian was overjoyed. Clapping his hands together, he said in awe, “You just cursed. That’s right; who are you putting on that cold front for? Playing cool in front of those Brocade Guards was fine and all, but don’t do it in front of me. I’ve seen enough of it back when I was little.”

What he had seen enough of was, of course, that thoroughly cool Uncle Wu Zhu.

“Who taught you to cleanse poison this way? I don’t believe you,” Yan Bingyun asked in a chilling voice. The medicine Fan Xian applied to Yan Bingyun’s wounds also started to hurt.

“I already told you.” Fan Xian looked at him with a smile.

A chaotic look flashed in Yan Bingyun’s eyes. Forgetting the pain in and on his body, he asked in a coarse voice, “You’re Fei Jie’s disciple?” His tone was full of surprise. “Fei Jie never had you as a student.”

“Who was the one who claimed to know all about me up until I was twelve?” Fan Xian started to pack up the bottles by the bed. “You don’t even know who my teacher is.”

Yan Bingyun stared at Fan Xian for a while without talking. Fan Xian stared back innocently, staring at Yan’s body which was riddled with wounds, and asked quietly, “Brother Yan, how come I always feel you’re looking at me in anger?”

That had been a thorn in Fan Xian’s heart for some time. Since he wanted to win over Yan Bingyun, he had to know the reason behind such strong negative emotions, or else things wouldn’t be easy in the future.

There was a long silence. Yan Bingyun didn’t seem to want to talk about it. For some reason, as his pain gradually dissipated, he started to become dizzy. Looking at Fan Xian’s handsome face invoked an unfounded hatred. Thinking back on his exhilarating life in Northern Qi, words began to pour from Yan Bingyun’s dry lips.

“Sir Commissioner, do you remember that still unsolved murder case in Danzhou five years ago?”

Fan Xian didn’t stop packing things away, but he was inwardly surprised. Of course he remembered that murder case; it was the first time in his two lifetimes that he killed someone. Even today, the cold chestnut on that assassin’s throat seemed to still be irritating Fan Xian’s palm.

“I know what you’re talking about.” Fan Xian frowned. “What does it have to do with us?”

“That assassin was under the jurisdiction of the Fourth Bureau. Because of that incident, I got chased up north to become a rat.”

“That’s why you hate me?” Fan Xian sank into silence. A moment later, he suddenly laughed. “I believe you should be grateful.”

“Why?” His dizziness faded somewhat, Yan Bingyun regained his indifference after some surprise.

Fan Xian stared into his eyes. “Because I can see it; I can see you were born to be a spy. You enjoy this kind of life… I imagine lurking in Northern Qi for the past four years, being high-strung day and night, was a fulfilling and exciting life for you.”

Yan Bingyun replied. “If you think you’d enjoy it, you could try it too.”

Fan Xian grinned. Taking his medicine chest, he walked out of the room like a doctor and closed the door behind him. Inconspicuously, he scratched out the sleeping drug from under his fingernail and into the corner of the chest. Fan Xian admonished himself that this would be the one and only time he drugged one of his own. Yan Bingyun was indeed impressive. He was able to quickly regain consciousness despite being under the influence of chloroform. If he found out about being drugged, the relationship between him and Fan Xian would be irreparably damaged.

Hearing what Yan Bingyun said moved Fan Xian greatly. At the same time, Fan Xian felt consolation after knowing the real reason behind Yan Bingyun’s unpleasant gaze.

No one could have thought he and Yan Bingyun would share such a strange part of their past. Because of a murder case in Danzhou five years ago, Yan Bingyun was chased up north and became the head spy for the Overwatch Council. Now, five years later, it was none other than Fan Xian who had come to take Yan Bingyun back to Qing. Thinking about this made Fan Xian laugh. Perhaps everything in this world happened in a full circle.

“Sir, Master Shen brought alcohol,” A servant said.

Fan Xian waved his hand. “Go receive it. I don’t want to see him.” The servant bowed and walked out. Fan Xian frowned. He had just finished disciplining Mister Cui when Xinyang’s letter came. That Eldest Princess sure was chasing closely behind. Presently, Wang Qinian walked in. “A letter from Sheng Huairen.”

Fan Xian read the letter carefully and flashed an expression of surprise. “What are they playing at?” Raising an eyebrow, he entered the back courtyard.

Yan Bingyun was very alert. His hand was already on the saber nearby when Fan Xian opened the door.

“Relax.” Fan Xian looked at Yan Bingyun, who still had his eyes closed. “No one here will come to assassinate you.”

Yan Bingyun slowly opened his eyes. Looking at Fan Xian’s face, there was a glint of harshness in his eyes. “What did you give me? Why have I been feeling dizzy?”

“I used some medicine that would calm your spirits,” Fan Xian explained calmly. “The toll on your mental state was too much. If you want to heal quickly, you need adequate sleep. I wasn’t expecting your body to be so resistant to the medicine, so it didn’t really do much, unfortunately.”

With that, the matter of drugging Yan Bingyun was covered up. Fan Xian’s pure and most innocent face was the best disguise for secret plots.

Yan Bingyun knew Fan Xian came into the room for a reason. Looking at Fan Xian’s hand, Yan Bingyun asked, “What is it, Sir Fan?”

Fan Xian shook the letter in his hand and laughed. “A letter from Eldest Princess.”

Yan Bingyun was surprised, but he didn’t show it on his face. He asked blandly, “What does it have to do with me?”

“Before we return to the capital, you are still the leading spy of the Overwatch Council.” Fan Xian smiled. “That’s why I have to ask for your opinion about what the Imperial court wants to do.”

“Please continue.” Yan Bingyun was unmoved.

After hearing the contents of the two letters, Yan Bingyun frowned. With some silver strands in his brows, he looked feeble. He asked quietly, “Why does Eldest Princess want to be involved with these things?”

Fan Xian said, “I’m only here for your opinion. Regarding this matter, does the Council need to be involved?”

Yan Bingyun shook his head. “The Council wants Xiao En dead, but Eldest Princess want us to cooperate with Shang Shanhu and rescue Xiao En. Two opposite objectives; how can we cooperate?”

Fan Xian took a seat. Looking at Yan Bingyun’s cold face, he said, “Putting that issue aside, I need you to tell me about Northern Qi’s current political situation.”

Yan Bingyun gave Fan Xian a look and raised three fingers, “There are three factions. One is the empress dowager’s, one is the emperor’s, and the other one is Shang Shanhu’s… However, since Shang Shanhu has moved back to Shangjing, his power has been greatly reduced. He must choose to side with either the emperor or the empress dowager.”

He spoke simply, but made very confident deductions—Fan Xian was silent, and then signaled Yan Bingyun to continue. “Going along with your views, if Xiao En is Shang Shanhu’s adoptive father, and if Ku He wants Xiao En dead, then Shang Shanhu is bound side with the emperor.


“Because the empress dowager is bound to listen to Ku He.”

Fan Xian raised his eyebrows and said hesitantly, “True, the empress dowager is still quite young… but does Ku He still have those kinds of thoughts?”

That caught Yan Bingyun off guard. It wasn’t until moments later that Yan Bingyun realized the young Commissioner misunderstood. Yan Bingyun gave Fan Xian a look of disdain and said, “Things aren’t as you imagined.”