Joy of Life - Chapter 193

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Chapter 193: Eldest Princess’s Vision

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After the drop of concentrated poison went into the chamber pot, the glow in Xiao En’s eyes became livelier. He made another hand gesture and calmed his zhenqi. In the Overwatch Council, he was constantly subjected to torture and poison. The former head of the Seventh Bureau was very familiar with the state of his body, and so his methods were extremely meticulous. They made Xiao En hover right on the line which separated life from death.

Once outside the capital, Fan Xian’s methods were even more overbearing—injecting poison directly into the veins in order to greatly harm Xiao En’s bodily functions. As Fei Jie told Fan Xian long ago, the most important aspect of using poison was how you use it; more potent did not necessarily mean better results.

But after all, Fan Xian had little experience dealing with special people like Xiao En. He didn’t expect that Xiao En, after twenty years of suffering, had accumulated hundreds of types of poison inside his body. All those poisons seemed to have reached equilibrium; while Xiao En wouldn’t die from them, they also prevented him from cleansing himself using zhenqi.

The poison Fan Xian used this time was like a mountain-splitting axe, chopping directly into that complex equilibrium. It brought Xiao En intense pain, but it also gave him a chance to break free.

Xiao En faintly smiled. With his dried-up lips and his snow-white hair, he looked exceptionally terrifying.

Suddenly, he focused the cold gleaming in his eyes as his entire body seemed to wither, appearing much older. The smell of an old person began to emit from his body.

The envoy slowly came to a stop next to a lake and people began to search for a suitable camping spot. The Black Knights in the distance passed by on the right like a gust of cold wind. They patrolled the front before returning. Wang Qinian took out his keys and opened the tightly sealed iron door from the outside. With a respectful expression, he walked in and gave Xiao En some food and water. He then carefully wiped Xiao En’s face with a damp towel. Finally, he asked, “Would you like your hair combed today?”

Xiao En shook his head, his eyes gleaming. But then the cold gleaming died down. Xiao En asked in a slightly coarse voice, “When will Sir Fan come today?”

Xiao En was asking about when Fan Xian would come to inject the poison. Wang Qinian answered with a smile, “We’re getting close to the border, Mister Xiao. Sir Fan said there’s no more need for you to go through that every day.”

Xiao En’s face did not show any signs of joy. He closed his eyes and said, “I heard this Sir Fan will take control of Qing’s palace treasury next year?”

Wang Qinian thought Fan Xian told him, so he didn’t really mind. “Yes. That’s where all the money is.”

“More money than the Ye household?” Xiao En showed some scorn.

Wang Qinian was startled, then he recalled that strange name. He replied, “The Ye household broke apart a long time ago.”

“What?” For some reason, there was shock in Xiao En’s eyes, but he hurriedly hid his surprise. Seeing he didn’t want to talk any more, Wang Qinian let out a sigh of relief. He took the chamber pot and got off the carriage.

Pinching his nose, Wang Qinian took the chamber pot to another camping spot. Arriving at the center tent, he put down the chamber pot and complained, “So old, but still crapping so much every day.” He frowned slightly. “What a stink.”

“That move was a real stink.”

In the beautiful palace in Xinyang City, white mesh curtains were gently swaying in the spring wind. Although it was early spring, it was chilly inside the palace due to all the plums planted there, just like in Guangxin Palace back in the capital. Behind the white mesh curtains, a delicate and beautiful woman was half-reclined on a short couch, watching her trusted aide making a move on the checkerboard.

The aide’s name was Huang Yi. Though he possessed an ordinary name, he was adept at coming up with strategies. Hearing the Eldest Prince, he smiled and said, “In front of the princess, even a master can only make stinky moves.”

“Not necessarily.” Eldest Princess Li Yunrui took on a bright expression. For seemingly no reason, she began laughing. “That child is a smart one. Don’t think he got by so smoothly because of Fan Xian and my brother. Although I am still puzzled, why does Chen Pingping like that good son-in-law of mine so much?”

Huang Yi shook his head and lightly slapped his leg. “There is no explanation. If I were to force one, I could only guess that His Majesty likes Fan Xian.”

“It’s possible that my brother, the Emperor, likes Chen’er, and therefore likes Fan Xian by association. Besides, that child excels in both literature and martial arts, which can give the Emperor some pride.” The Eldest Princess smiled meekly. “But it’s too bad he fancies himself smart, and ultimately ended up making a stinky move. While the envoy seems to be taking a safe route, in reality they are crossing vast plains and lakes that are good places for escaping.”

“According to reports, the Black Knights are with them.”

“I know that.” The Eldest Princess smiled. “So it’s up to Xiao En now.”

“Why would he escape?” Huang Yi asked, frowning, “In the agreement between you and Shang Shanhu, as long as Xiao En returns, there’s always another day. With the Imperial court conspiring with the master and disciple, there’s a reasonable chance of overthrowing the current royal family of Northern Qi.”

“Xiao En is not easy to control… just like Chen Pingping. If he returns to the North as agreed, he will be under the complete control of Northern Qi’s royal family; he may even be imprisoned again until he dies of old age. As for Shang Shanhu, there’s no help… I casted away my reputation, and casted away that poor official Yan Bingyun, for Xiao En’s freedom. Only then did Shang Shanhu commit… I shall not allow anyone to meddle with this.”

“What if Shang Shanhu turns back on his words? He is a great general in Northern Qi.”

“Would Xiao En willingly give his life for Northern Qi? Also, once I make a move, even if Shang Shanhu doesn’t go back, those stupid military people will force him to.”

Huang Yi smiled, “Eldest Princess, you are so resourceful. No one can match you.”

“Save your flattery.” The Eldest Princess hid her smile. “I don’t hold a candle to my brother.”

She suddenly sighed, staring through the mesh curtain to an unknown place. Her pensive appearance was as beautiful as a painting. Huang Yi stood no chance. He was stunned by her beauty.

“The propaganda incident hurt your reputation.” A long time later, Huang Yi freed himself from this beautiful scenery. In a low voice, he said, “Unfortunately, investigations never found anything, but according to information from Commander Ye, the Overwatch Council should be involved in the Guangxin Palace assassin case.

The Eldest Princess continued to stare at the sky, as though she did not hear. Moments later, she said, “Don’t worry about those trivial matters. What we need to do right now is win Shang Shanhu completely over to our side.”

There was silence from Huang Yi. Suddenly, with an angry expression, he said, “In my humble opinion, they are not trivial matters. Regarding the Niulan Street incident from last year, the obtuse civilians and officials with ill-intent only thought you tried to kill Sir Fan in order to regain the palace treasury. How would they know you were trying to find His Majesty a reason to march the army up north…? From this, Qing obtained much land, but who would remember your involvement in this?”

The Eldest Princess waved her hand in irritation. “There’s no need to say any more.”

“Then, regarding Yan Bingyun, that was planned out in secret, but now it’s been exposed by those despicable ones and every single civilian of Qing believes you are conspiring with a foreign nation. Those stupid people—do they not understand there is no benefit to you in doing so? People only see things on the surface. They could not understand how your brilliant plan would benefit Qing.”

The Eldest Princess looked at him coldly. Suddenly, she said, “Inform me when Yuan Hong arrives.”

Huang Yi stopped there.

A while later, the Eldest Princess chuckled. “Everyone laughs at me for being insane. I laugh at them for not being able to see through me. As long as my brother and Qing are well, I don’t really care.”

Huang Yi felt a chill. He vaguely sensed something, but dared not speak.

“Chen Pingping must have his own schemes.” The Eldest Princess smiled. “As does that child Fan Xian. Now that I mention it, everyone’s goals on the outside are more or less the same; they only differ on the inside… If Xiao En can’t escape this time, then after he goes to Shangjing and lets our people contact the diplomatic mission, we can make Fan Xian cooperate with us.”

Huang Yi was greatly shocked. How could Eldest Princess collude with the enemy?

As if guessed what he was thinking, the Eldest Princess said weakly but mockingly, “There are certain things you don’t need to think about. Did you say everything you did today to move me? Being persuaded by commoners like you is what I despise the most.”

“I wouldn’t dare.” Huang Yi began to sweat profusely. He raised his head and asked, “Then what about Yan Xiaoyi’s plan regarding Sir Fan? Does it need to be suspended for the moment?”

“Why?” The Eldest Princess looked at him with a smile, causing him to lower his head again. “I like that Fan Xian. My son-in-law did not let me down, so I really don’t want him too far away from me… Alive or dead, he’s still a very pretty boy.”

The most puzzling beauty of Qing slowly raised her head, her alluring face full of determination. Who said a woman can’t shine in the world? Since there had been one who shone, there was no reason she couldn’t be the second.