Joy of Life - Chapter 192

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Chapter 192: Si Lili’s Secret

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“Do you wish to keep on living?”

Si Lili didn’t know what to think as she stared at Fan Xian, whom she had not seen in many days. Hearing his sudden question, she felt it was a strange thing to ask. “Even the ants value their lives. I, your servant, am no exception.”

Fan Xian did not like how she referred to herself as his “servant”, but that was her temperament. After all, she wasn’t a true, veteran spy who would be much more vicious.

The carriage once again began to move forward. Taking advantage of the shaking, Fan Xian sat next to Si Lili, who inconspicuously moved away from him, as if trying to keep some distance. Fan Xian frowned and said directly, “You have poison in your body. I believe you are not aware that.”

Si Lili’s sparkling eyes gazed into Fan Xian’s own. After a period of silence, she asked, “Really?”

“I see you don’t seem surprised.”

“I got out of prison alive. What could surprise me anymore?” Si Lili mocked herself as she sighed. “Sir Fan, you’re adept at using poison. Since you say there’s poison in my body, it must be true. I had guessed the Overwatch Council must have ways to keep me in check.”

Fan Xian looked at the woman’s beautiful face and didn’t speak for a while. Since coming to the capital, Si Lili was the most charming and beautiful woman Fan Xian had seen.

“It’s not to keep you in check,” Fan Xian explained with a smile. “It’s to deal with the emperor of Northern Qi.”

At this point, Si Lili could no longer pretend to remain calm. She covered her mouth in shock. After a while, she asked, “What do you mean?”

Seeing her reaction, Fan Xian somehow felt a bit of discomfort in his heart. While he had guessed what her reaction would be, after discovering that young emperor held a special place in Si Lili’s heart… He smiled and replied calmly, “This poison will be passed onto the emperor through your body.”

Si Lili, looking into Fan Xian’s eyes, suddenly bit at her lip and asked hatefully, “Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I know you want to change it before you accomplished your goal.” Fan Xian smiled warmly, “So I hope you’ll tell me what method Chen Pingping used to keep you under control.”

Si Lili fell silent and didn’t answer him. She took on a bright smile and said, “Well, since you’ve told me that I’m going to Shangjing, there would surely be ways to cleanse the poison. Thank you.”

Fan Xian mocked her. “True, it is not a potent poison. But other than me, probably only those Imperial doctors in the palace can cleanse the poison in you. Are you going to let them know you’re poisoned? If you really tell them, I’m afraid you’ll be barred from the palace for your entire life, no matter how much feeling the emperor of Northern Qi has for you.”

Si Lili said stubbornly, “So what? At worst, the council’s Operation Red Sleeve will fail. That has nothing to do with me, your humble servant.”

Fan Xian finally got angry. “I said I dislike you using that term.”

For some reason, Si Lili was on the verge of crying. Looking at Fan Xian, she clenched her teeth. “In your heart, am I lower than a servant?”

Staring at her beautiful face, Fan Xian frowned harder as he tried to deduce exactly what she was thinking. After a moment, he said quietly, “Miss Si, I believe you understand your current situation. Your life, at least for now, is not in your control… As for what will happen in the future, that’s another matter. I also think that you never thought about those very… nonsensical things.”

“Nonsensical things?” Si Lili looked at him in cold mockery. “Very nonsensical indeed. You and I are merely a pair that met one another by chance. We’re using each other, which is realer and more reliable than warming up to each other.”

“Miss, I’m very glad you understand that,” Fan Xian responded calmly.

“Why are you so curious about my agreement with Chen Pingping?” Si Lili sneakily turned around to wipe her eyes. She then calmed herself and smiled sweetly like a blossom in spring. “You are the Commissioner of the Council. You should know all the details of Operation Red Sleeve.”

Fan Xian replied in self-mockery, “I know about the plan, I just don’t understand how Director Chen persuaded you.” He paused, and then asked, “Miss, since you knew Chen Pingping is using you as pawn to deliver poison, why didn’t you tell me the whole story?”

“How would I benefit from that?”

Si Lili forced herself to remain calm. Looking at the bright and handsome face before her, hatred made her heart itch. Somehow, during this short journey, she was gradually falling for that face, which occasionally flashed an innocent smile. But as soon as she remembered those cold words Fan Xian had spoken, her hatred returned. She asked coldly, “Can you give what Chen Pingping promised me?”

“Chen Pingping is getting old. I’m still young.”

As soon as he said that, both he and Si Lili felt it wasn’t proper. This serious negotiation suddenly took on an ambiguous, flirtatious air.

Can you give what Chen Pingping promised me?

Chen Pingping is getting old. I’m still young.

The faint fragrance of cape jasmine began to spread. Fan Xian cleared his throat, while Si Lili’s blush stayed on her face for only an instant. The pair’s hearts weren’t in the right places, or else they wouldn’t feel so awkward after two very ordinary sentences. Si Lili rolled her eyes. She seemed to know that Fan Xian still fancied her. She couldn’t help but show a shy but haughty smile.

Fan Xian cleared his throat again and explained. “I can guess. Whatever was planned must be big. But Chen Pingping, as old as he is now, may or may not live another year or two. If you wish to cooperate with me, I believe the chance of success will be greater.”

Si Lili was slightly angry, but she forcefully kept it down. After some consideration, she said, “Sir Fan, you still haven’t told me how I stand to benefit.”

“I can cleanse the poison from your body. Should I take control of the Overwatch Council, I swear to mobilize the Qing forces in the north, and, with all my power, help you climb to the top in the palace of Northern Qi.”

Si Lili laughed coldly and shook her head, “The borders touch. As strong as Qing is, and as impressive as the Overwatch Council’s spies are, you cannot touch the inside of Northern Qi’s royal palace. And who told you I want a position in their palace?”

Fan Xian couldn’t say anything in response.

Suddenly, a light shone in Si Lili’s eyes. With her hand, she beckoned him to come close, like she was calling a pet. She giggled flirtatiously. “Sir Fan, come closer. This must not be heard by others.”

In his helpless situation, Fan Xian smiled bitterly. He knew this woman was trying to vent her anger over being ignored for several days. He did as he was told. Before hearing anything, however, he felt her body heat on his earlobe. Si Lili’s body heat and fragrance made Fan Xian’s heart skip a beat, but what he heard from her shocked him back to normal.

A long time later, this youthful pair parted from each other. Si Lili said, “I risked danger and told you the agreement. If I dare ask, can you help me?”

Presently, Fan Xian was frowning deeply, as he was still in shock. He shook his head. “I don’t believe you. What kind of person do you take Chen Pingping for? Even if he thought of this, he wouldn’t have told you.”

“Even you don’t believe it, so of course he’s not afraid of me telling others. No one in the world would believe that old cripple would think of something like that.”

Fan Xian pondered for a while and understood what was going on. He smiled. “I see.” He then suddenly said, “A long time ago, a rumor persisted that you were a descendant of someone from the royal family back when Qing was founded. The people always thought it was only a way for you to raise your price, but now… it appears to have been true.”

Si Lili closed her eyes slowly. After some time, she said lightly, “My real name is Li Lisi.”

Fan Xian looked at her smooth lower jaw and couldn’t help but gently twirl his fingers. He sighed. “No wonder Northern Qi’s emperor doesn’t care about your identity, no wonder you willingly let Chen Pingping use you. But allow me to advise you: you’re just a young woman. You’re far too innocent compared to those old snakes. It’s better to be careful. If you can settle in Northern Qi’s palace, let go of Chen Pingping’s plan, and pay him no mind.”

Si Lili looked into his eyes. She felt surprised, but also a bit of warmth. She smiled sweetly. “Than you for your concern. Now that I told you what you wanted to know, when are you going to detoxify this poison?”

Fan Xian replied, “Starting tomorrow, I must prepare some ingredients. Another thing… If this diplomatic mission goes smoothly, I will try to take over the issue regarding… your younger brother’s, or more precisely, the prince’s, safety. Please rest assured, under my hand, the prince sneaking into Qing shall never happen again.”

Si Lili was silent. She stood up in the cramped carriage. With great difficulty, she saluted Fan Xian in gratitude.

In the carriage in front of theirs sat Xiao En , his white hair tied back tight. His hands were in a strange posture, like a lotus flower about to bloom. His left pinkie finger was raised slightly, resting on the edge of the chamber pot.

Xiao En’s zhenqi began to slowly circulate. A faint, musky smell covered up the strange scent of the carriage. A drop of black, thick, sticky liquid was forced out along his gradually recovering meridians. That drop of liquid flowed along his pinkie nail and into the chamber pot.