Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2375 Raw 2482 : Back Then, Rosy Clouds Came after the Bright Moon Finale

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Chapter 2375 Raw 2482 : Back Then, Rosy Clouds Came after the Bright Moon Finale

“Chu Chaoyun!”

This arrival shocked Xiao Chen. Unexpectedly, Chu Chaoyun came just when Xiao Chen needed help the most.

What was even more shocking was Chu Chaoyun’s smile. While in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, he had been extremely gloomy, feeling very unsettled; he had not smiled so carefreely in such a long time already.

“Stop staring into space and kill this black loach already!” Chu Chaoyun shouted, rushing towards the stunned Xiao Chen as the blazing sun hung high in the sky.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. “Got it.”

The sun and moon shone together in the boundless Desolate Sea at this moment.

The blood moon, which the Wings of Time had transformed into, and the blazing sun of the Universe Origin True Flame’s origin flame materialized an unprecedented sight in the Desolate Sea.

The two showed tacit cooperation.

Chu Chaoyun used the Universe Origin True Flame’s origin flame to drive all sorts of killing moves, relentlessly harassing the Black Dragon King.

The blazing sun above was made up of the Universe Origin True Flame’s origin flame, which the Divine Master had collected since the beginning of the Martial Epoch.

The Divine Master had accumulated all of the Universe Origin True Flame’s origin flame for an entire epoch for this day. No matter how thick the Black Dragon King’s skin was or how shocking his defense, the Universe Origin True Flame’s origin flame still hurt him as it burned him, making him shriek.

The Black Dragon King roared furiously. Then, he used his aura of destruction that merged with the Heavenly Dao to materialize countless attacks, continuously launching them at Chu Chaoyun.

“Little bastard, I’ll kill you!”

However, Chu Chaoyun cultivated the Primal Chaos Great Dao. His figure flashed, and ripples appeared in time and space. Everywhere he passed, time and space turned chaotic. Even the Black Dragon King could not pinpoint his precise location.

The Black Dragon King’s horrifying attacks looked incomparably scary. Just the shock waves could severely injure Chu Chaoyun.

However, the Black Dragon King’s attacks could not hurt Chu Chaoyun at all. On the contrary, Chu Chaoyun seemed to be toying with him.

Rage filled the Black Dragon King’s heart, causing him to expose openings. Xiao Chen seized these opportunities to use Heavenly Slayer to drive the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation, materializing all sorts of killing moves with the sea-like Heavenly Dao’s killing intent.

Xiao Chen’s Flawless saber Dao, which transcended the epoch, firmly suppressed the Black Dragon King in the first place. However, the other party had the Heavenly Dao protecting him. As a manifestation of the Heavenly Dao born to destroy the epoch in the first place, a calamity, the Black Dragon King possessed practically unlimited lifeforce, preventing Xiao Chen from killing him.

However, Xiao Chen now had this vast ocean of the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent at his disposal. When he attacked with the help of the Heavenly Dao, the result was starkly different.

Although the Universe Origin True Flame burned the Black Dragon King, inflicting incomparable pain—even burning his soul—it was not fatal. However, it was different with Xiao Chen’s attacks when they contained the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent.

These attacks directly affected his origin of destruction.

Clouds gathered and clouds scattered; the sun rose and the moon set.

The bleak blood moon and the blazing sun in the Desolate Sea’s sky attacked in tandem, showing the perfect scene of the sun and moon shining together, an unprecedented mysterious phenomenon.

The initially hopeless situation instantly turned around.

Blood splattered as saber lights pierced holes in the Black Dragon King’s body. His lifeforce continuously ebbed.

The Black Dragon King showed a sullen expression. After his initial roars, he fell silent.

Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun exchanged glances. They immediately understood what was going on, realizing that the Black Dragon King was preparing a powerful counterattack.

Since the two already knew, naturally, they would not give the Black Dragon King that opportunity.

“Eternal Primal Chaos, Everlasting Sword!” Chu Chaoyun roared as the Primal Chaos Great Dao burst out from his body. His body immediately became like a black hole revealing Primal Chaos. It looked like the primordial times, where heaven and earth had yet to split, where day and night did not exist.


Then, a sword light suddenly shot out from that Primal Chaos, turning into an iridescent laser. This sword split heaven and earth, birthing the sun and moon, everlasting and immortal.

“Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique, Merciless Killing!”

Xiao Chen drove the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation and gathered the boundless Heavenly Dao’s killing intent into his body.

Saber hums rang out endlessly in Xiao Chen’s body as a terrifying tear appeared in the sky. A deep abyss lay beyond the tear. It felt like an eye slowly opened within it.

If heaven had feelings, it would also age. The ancient Heavenly Dao was the most emotionless.

Anyone heaven wanted dead had to die. It would kill them…without mercy!

The two worked perfectly with each other. They observed each other’s expressions and made their moves, executing their powerful killing moves and striking the Black Dragon King simultaneously.


A sword light and a saber light pierced the Black Dragon King. A sorrowful dragon roar came from the Black Dragon King’s body, spreading into the world.

“Pu ci!” The Black Dragon King’s face twisted as he vomited a mouthful of black blood. His lifeforce ebbed continuously.

“Bang!” The saber light and the sword light surged around wantonly in the Black Dragon King. Then, they mixed and exploded.

In that instant, the unparalleled Black Dragon King’s body exploded.

The sun and moon shone together in the Desolate Sea.

Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun showed fatigued looks as they slowly approached.

“Is he dead?” Xiao Chen asked doubtfully. He did not believe that they destroyed the Black Dragon King just like that.

Chu Chaoyun peered through the Starry Heavens and saw a flash of iridescent light disappear.

“This blazing sun should be a trump card left by the Divine Master, right?” Xiao Chen said as he looked at the blazing sun shining together with the blood moon. Then, he shifted his gaze to Chu Chaoyun.

Xiao Chen had wondered about this countless times before. The blood moon was Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun’s trump card, created from the Wings of Time. In that case, whose trump card was the blazing sun in the Desolate Sea?

After he thought about it, there was only one possible answer.

Chu Chaoyun did not deny it. He laughed softly and replied, “You are right. I’ll tell you more about the connections after I sever them.”


Right after Chu Chaoyun spoke, a dragon roar suddenly rang out. The expressions of Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun flickered.

The two looked up and saw an unknown object falling slowly towards the Desolate Sea from the Starry Heavens. When the two made out what it was, their expressions changed dramatically.

The object was actually a black dragon head. Even though it was just a head, it was larger than the entire Desolate Sea.

“It’s the Black Dragon King’s main body. He executed a Forbidden Art. We cannot let it land. Otherwise, the entire Central Great Realm will suffer a calamity!” Chu Chaoyun said quickly, appearing shocked.

The two roared furiously and threw a palm strike in unison. A sun and a moon rose; the blood moon and the blazing sun soared together and crashed into the Black Dragon King’s head.


The shock waves spread throughout the Central Great Realm. From the eight great empires to the Xuewu Dynasty, the Yanwu Dynasty, the Shenwu Dynasty, and the Tianwu Dynasty. They all shook violently. The world spun around as though it was the apocalypse.

“Let’s go.”

Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun leaped into the air and instantly arrived in the boundless Starry Heavens.

After clearly seeing the Black Dragon King’s main body, they both inhaled sharply. As the Black Dragon King’s gargantuan body spread across the Starry Heavens, the sun, the moon, and the stars around it were like marbles in the hands of a child.

“We absolutely cannot let him land on the Central Great Realm!”

The two immediately made up their minds. If the Black Dragon King’s horrifyingly huge body landed in the Central Great Realm, it would be an irreparable disaster.

“Chu Chaoyun, do you trust me?” Xiao Chen asked as he looked at Chu Chaoyun.

“If I did not trust you, why would I come to help you?”

Right after Chu Chaoyun spoke, the two simultaneously revealed smiles. They felt like they both said some pointless things.

“I have a Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram. If I can control the blood moon and your blazing sun to materialize this Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram, we definitely can knock him back.”

“I understand.”

Xiao Chen did not need to say anymore. With the wave of his hand, he spread out the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram.

A painting unfurled in his hand, then covered the vast Starry Heavens. Xiao Chen took the lead and implanted the blood moon into it.

The Black Dragon King roared in the depths of the Starry Heavens. As he charged over, countless stars shattered, presenting a horrifying sight. The entire Starry Heavens trembled.

There was no time to waste. “Take it,” Chu Chaoyun shouted, implanting the blazing sun into the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram.

“Sun and moon cycling endlessly!”

Xiao Chen thrust his hand forward. Immediately, the blood moon and the blazing sun materialized as two fish—black and white. A Taiji Yinyang Star Chart formed in the boundless Starry Heavens, turning into a light screen that slammed the Black Dragon King back.

The two combined their powers to materialize this Taiji Yinyang Star Chart, continuously forcing back the Black Dragon King in the boundless, pitch-black universe of the vast Starry Heavens.

The Black Dragon King’s colossal body repeatedly crashed into the star chart, but he could not resist its impetus.

Two forces clashed in the Starry Heavens. Everywhere they passed, stars exploded and shattered.

“Crack! Crack!”

Cracks started to appear in the Taiji Yinyang Star Chart. Xiao Chen quickly shouted, “Withdraw!”

The two withdrew the blood moon and the blazing sun. Then, they each landed on a different star.

The star Xiao Chen landed on was desolate and lacked Spiritual Energy. When looking around, all he saw was an endless, barren plain that stretched to the horizon.

Just as Xiao Chen wanted to soar into the air to rejoin Chu Chaoyun, the ground under him exploded. A black spear appeared without any warning, thrusting at Xiao Chen.


Closely following that, the star exploded. Intense flames erupted, sweeping out from the core of the star.

It was a claw of the Black Dragon King that shattered the star, nearly injuring Xiao Chen.

However, it was not over yet.

The instant the star exploded, the surrounding space continuously shrank as a suction pulled on Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen felt startled. He knew that the Black Dragon King’s claw had grabbed him.

However, the other party’s dragon claw was simply too big. Before the Black Dragon King could bring Xiao Chen over, Xiao Chen had already sent out a saber strike that lit up the surrounding Starry Heavens, chopping off the claw, then leaping out.

Nonetheless, the danger remained. The Black Dragon King erupted with extremely strong combat prowess in the depths of the universe after he used a Forbidden Art. Although Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun did their best, they were too insignificant before him.

Chu Chaoyun, cover me for a while! Xiao Chen sent a voice projection to Chu Chaoyun. Then, he merged Heavenly Slayer into his body and blood as he continuously retreated.

What are you doing?

Chu Chaoyun showed a grave expression as he looked at Xiao Chen, sensing something off.

We already severely injured the Black Dragon King, so he executed a Forbidden Art out of desperation. In reality, he is a spent force. I just need to execute a Forbidden Art and revert to my ancestry. That will allow me to destroy him in one go.

In that case, I’ll cover you. I promise not to let you get injured before you succeed in executing your Forbidden Art.

Right after that, Chu Chaoyun stopped speaking. He bit his lip, drawing blood as he overdrew on his lifeforce without care for anything else, bringing out his Primal Chaos Great Dao to its limits. Countless stars continuously flew towards him.

As the stars approached Chu Chaoyun, the Primal Chaos Great Dao shattered them, causing space to twist and a gigantic black hole to appear.

Chu Chaoyun paled as he let out a fierce war cry, continuing to drive his Primal Chaos Great Dao, recklessly overdrawing on his lifeforce.

The horrifying black hole prevented the Black Dragon King from continuing forward.

The Black Dragon King sensed some danger. As he looked at the black hole formed by consuming countless stars and twisting space, he was still afraid despite his current body. He sensed the aura of the Primal Chaos God Demons in there.

However, the Black Dragon King knew that he had to continue forward when he sensed an increasingly dangerous aura from Xiao Chen, who had merged with Heavenly Slayer. So, he opened his mouth and continuously spewed out pitch-black dragon flames of destruction at Chu Chaoyun.

The Black Dragon King wanted to threaten Chu Chaoyun with death to force him to stop driving the Primal Chaos Great Dao.

However, Chu Chaoyun let the waves of dragon flame strike his body, not moving at all as he maintained the Primal Chaos Great Dao.

“Dragon’s Gate Forbidden Art, Nine Heavens God Demon Body Unsealing Technique!”


Xiao Chen’s eyes turned bloodshot when he saw Chu Chaoyun using his body to block the Black Dragon King’s attacks.

He had long felt anxious and incredibly irate.

Now that the Forbidden Art finally succeeded, he roared. An ancient dragon roar rang out in the Starry Heavens.

Then, Xiao Chen’s flesh continuously wriggled as he transformed into an ancient Azure Dragon. However, that was not the end. He continued to circulate the Nine Heavens God Demon Body Unsealing Technique, pursuing further reversion. Just as his mind neared exhaustion, he finally transformed into a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon.

When the ancient Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon appeared, certain mysterious existences in the depths of this Starry Heavens trembled in fear.

The Ancestor Dragon’s body was even larger than the Black Dragon King’s and displayed even stronger Dragon Might.

Fear flared in the Black Dragon King’s eyes. No matter how he resisted, he could not overcome the instinctual fear of seeing an Ancestor Dragon that arose from his Dragon Race bloodline, so he turned around in a fluster.

The unparalleled Black Dragon King, who claimed to be the manifestation of the Heavenly Dao and destruction, fled in fear.

“Trying to leave? You can forget about it!”

Xiao Chen roared ferociously, gathering the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent materialized by Heavenly Slayer in his dragon claws.


The Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon flew over and smashed a claw on the Black Dragon King’s body.

The Black Dragon King, who was a spent force, screamed. His gargantuan body quickly crumbled and exploded in the depths of the Starry Heavens.

After this strike, Xiao Chen’s thoughts fell into chaos as the ancient Ancestor Dragon’s many memories flooded his mind.

Feeling like his mind would explode, he squirmed restlessly. His gargantuan body crashed into stars and made them explode.

The side effects of the Forbidden Art kicked in. If Xiao Chen could not retain his consciousness, he would never recover his physical body. He would remain in this state until he drained all his energy and bloodline, and his mind and soul fell. Eventually, he would die of exhaustion.

After seeing the Ancestor Dragon enter a frenzy right after killing the Black Dragon King, Chu Chaoyun quickly backed off.

Xiao Chen nearly injured him.


Chu Chaoyun frowned slightly when he saw the situation. After a while, he gritted his teeth and risked approaching the Ancestor Dragon Xiao Chen. Then, he used his Soul Energy to project his voice, calling out to Xiao Chen and making his voice echo endlessly in the Ancestor Dragon’s mind.

Chu Chaoyun tried to help Xiao Chen remain conscious and not fall into chaos.

After a long time, just as Chu Chaoyun started to despair, the Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon showed a flash of spirituality in his eyes.

The berserk aura coming from the Ancestor Dragon scattered slowly. Then, the terrifyingly huge body shrank slowly and landed on a star.

“You finally returned,” Chu Chaoyun murmured, revealing joy on his face as he gave chase.

After about seven minutes, Chu Chaoyun landed on a desolate star. When he saw the utterly fatigued Xiao Chen lying on the ground, he smiled and asked, “Can you stand up?”

“Even you managed to survive. Naturally, I can stand up.”

Xiao Chen stood up with much difficulty. As he looked at Chu Chaoyun, he released his bated breath. Fortunately, this fellow survived. Seeing the Black Dragon King spew out dragon flames of destruction on Chu Chaoyun’s body had given Xiao Chen a bad scare.

“While I’m not dead now…I’m nearly there.” Who knew? The next thing Chu Chaoyun said stunned Xiao Chen for a while.

“What’s wrong? Hahaha! I thought that you had guessed it long ago, given your intelligence. Unexpectedly, you are still this shocked.”

Chu Chaoyun revealed a brilliant smile as he wiped off the blood at a corner of his lips. His laughter sounded carefree and clear.

However, Xiao Chen could not laugh. “I already sensed something off about you in Black Wind Ridge. When that blazing sun appeared, I got the general idea.”

Chu Chaoyun sighed, “Sometimes, one feels helpless in life. After coming to the Great Thousand Realms from the Kunlun Realm with much difficulty, I thought that I could be as free as a bird, soaring over the skies of the vast sea. I thought that I could have a new beginning. Unexpectedly, I still could not shake free of fate. It was the Divine Master who established the Tianwu Dynasty in the Kunlun Realm back then. I possess his bloodline. From the start to the end, I was always a pawn he used to suppress you.

“Do you find it strange? Back then, after the Azure Dragons were destroyed, the Divine Master noticed the Azure Dragon Palace, which preserved the inheritance seed, flying to the Kunlun Realm. He chased after the Azure Dragon Palace to the Kunlun Realm. Then, he established the Tianwu Dynasty in the Sky Dome Realm, leaving behind a backup plan.

“My fate has been tied with his from the very beginning. If he lives, I live. If he dies, I die. From the very start, I was a pawn he used to deal with you. When I learned the truth, my mind nearly crumbled. I tried to say something several times when I met you in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb but hesitated. At that time, I truly admired you. You clearly also lacked the freedom to act independently, but you dared to draw your saber, dared to make your own choice.”

Xiao Chen said, “Actually, I—”

“Stop speaking. Listen to me… You won’t be able to hear my voice again in the future, even if you want to.”

Chu Chaoyun interrupted Xiao Chen. He narrowed his eyes and revealed a faint smile. Then, he said softly, “Yesterday, I still wavered on whether I lacked a choice and had to follow the momentum, had to use the Divine Master’s hidden trump card to kill you and become the new Epoch Master, or whether I should not resist and just die at your hands.

“However, when you gave up on becoming the Dragon Emperor at Dragon God Plaza, on the Luck that the Divine Dragon Empire carries, I found my answer. No matter how lacking in freedom to act independently, one always has a choice in life, able to persevere in what they want.

“I do not want to be the Epoch Master; all the more, I do not want to be a pawn. I only want to be myself, to be Chu Chaoyun, to be your—Xiao Chen’s—close friend.


After speaking, Chu Chaoyun started guffawing. Boundless joy and pain filled his laughter. “Facts have proven that I chose right. I feel joy in my heart. From the moment I was born to now, I have never been this relaxed and happy before.”

However, Xiao Chen could not smile as he watched Chu Chaoyun laugh happily. This was clearly something sorrowful, but Chu Chaoyun took it so carefreely. If Chu Chaoyun did not become the new Epoch Master, then the Divine Master would definitely die.

When the Divine Master died, Chu Chaoyun, who had his bloodline and shared a fate with him, would die as well.

Throughout Xiao Chen’s life, he had friends, lovers, and masters, but he never had someone like Chu Chaoyun.

Chu Chaoyun was both an opponent and a close friend, someone tightly bound to Xiao Chen.

However, this person would soon die together with the Divine Master.

“Let’s go. I’ll help you with one final thing. The Divine Master is a very scheming person. He still has a trump card to hold for ransom against you. I’ll help you get it back and, at the same time, cut off my own connection.”

“What thing?”

“Come with me.”

When Chu Chaoyun turned around, he stumbled and nearly fell.

Back when Chu Chaoyun faced the Black Dragon King’s destructive dragon flames, he overdrew on his lifeforce to block them. Doing that was not as easy as it seemed.

The two had not gone far in the Starry Heavens when they came upon a corpse floating around.

“Zhen Yuan?”

Xiao Chen took a step forward and clearly saw the appearance of the corpse. When he did so, he showed a somewhat complicated expression.

After the Black Dragon King died, as the host whose soul perfectly merged with the Black Dragon King’s, Zhen Yuan had died as well.

It looked like Xiao Chen could not fulfill Venerable Xuan Bei’s request from back then.

“Let’s go, then.”

Xiao Chen did not feel much compassion for Zhen Yuan. This was a result of Zhen Yuan’s own doing.

After one hour, Chu Chaoyun led Xiao Chen to a dilapidated Faux God World.

The once-bustling Faux God World was now empty, showing no life at all.

All the Faux Gods had already died along with the destruction of the epoch.

The two arrived at the Divine Capital and made their way to the True God Palace step by step.

A masked, skinny old man lay weakly on a throne in the depths of the palace.

This old man’s breathing was weak, and his lifeforce felt faint.

When he heard the footsteps, he did not open his eyes. He said weakly, “Chaoyun, you returned. Have you killed Xiao Chen?”

“Yes, I killed Xiao Chen. I will become the new Epoch Master.”


The incredibly feeble old man, who was barely breathing on the throne, felt excited. He pushed himself up, speaking in an excited, trembling voice.

He looked like he gained new life and vigor, quickly opening his eyes.

Then, he happened to see Chu Chaoyun smiling craftily with narrowed eyes like a white fox. “Sorry. I lied.”

“Ka ca!”

After Chu Chaoyun spoke, a sword light flashed. He killed the Divine Master, who was on his last legs, with one sword strike.

Then, Chu Chaoyun stepped forward and searched under the throne.

He revealed a joyful expression as he took out an item. Turning around, he said, “Here, for you!”

“Pu ci!”

Before Chu Chaoyun finished speaking, he vomited a mouthful of blood. His pale complexion turned even paler.

“The dragon head!”

Xiao Chen caught the item Chu Chaoyun tossed over. This item greatly startled him. This was the azure mountain’s dragon head, which he once searched for.

Chu Chaoyun coughed intensely. He smiled and explained, “This old man is very sinister. If I failed to kill you, he would have used this to threaten you. If he destroyed this item, the Azure Dragons would never reemerge, even in the new epoch.”

After the Divine Master died, the lifeforce of Chu Chaoyun, whose fate was bound to the Divine Master, ebbed visibly.

However, Chu Chaoyun pretended ignorance. He looked at Xiao Chen and asked, “Do you have wine? I suddenly recalled that after knowing you for so many years, I have never had a proper drink with you before.”

Xiao Chen took out Heart Burn and poured each of them a cup.

“How unfortunate! I finally manage to live for myself, but it is time for me to leave. However, it does not matter. After this cup, let’s be good friends in our next lives. There will be no fate, no masks, no immortality, only friendship and companionship. My sword will wait for your saber!”

Chu Chaoyun raised his wine cup high and clinked cups with Xiao Chen.

A melodious ‘clink’ just rang out when Chu Chaoyun started coughing and vomiting blood again.

The blood fell into the two’s cups, dying the wine scarlet. This looked extremely heartbreaking.

“It’s dirty…Xiao Chen, change the cup—”


Chu Chaoyun suddenly lost his grip on the wine cup as he asked for the cups to be changed. The wine cup fell to the floor and shattered, and he fell over as well.

Chu Chaoyun seemed to fall asleep, closing his eyes with a smile.

“Chu Chaoyun!”

Xiao Chen rushed forward and caught Chu Chaoyun, shouting as he did so.

However, that handsome and outstanding Chu Chaoyun, who always showed a smile, truly entered an eternal sleep.


Xiao Chen closed his eyes, and a tear leaked out. The tear dropped into his cup, mixing with the scarlet Heart Burn.

Xiao Chen drank the cup of wine in one go. Although this wine was called Heart Burn, his heart no longer hurt.

This was a pain so extreme that his heart no longer felt pain.


Five years later:

After Xiao Chen dealt with the remaining matters in the Great Thousand Realms, he prepared to head to the Kunlun Realm with Liu Ruyue, Ao Jiao, and Mo Chen.

Before departing, Xiao Chen looked to the Starry Heavens and spread his palm open.

Xiao Chen let his Soul Energy merge with the Great Dao of the world and murmured, “I wish for all men to have the heart of a gentleman, to train every day and continuously grow stronger; I wish for all the women in the world to seek to improve themselves, to be a match for men and not concede to them—comparable to heaven; I wish for everyone in the world to be like a dragon, to have a heart of innocence. Not to seek eternal life, but to seek no regrets in life, chasing their dreams.”


After Xiao Chen spoke, a dazzling, transparent, crystalline seed flew out of his palm and flew into the sky.

“Big Brother Xiao Chen, what is that?” Mo Chen asked softly.

Xiao Chen replied gently, “This is the Epoch Heart that I formed. It is also a seed and the Divine Dragon Epoch that I want. I wish for everyone in the world to be like a dragon, to have a heart of innocence. Not to seek eternal life, but to seek no regrets in life, chasing their dreams.”

“However, why not seek eternal life?”

“It is because eternal life represents all desires. When one has eternal life, one lives only for one’s desires, not oneself. Such people live a life worse than death. If everyone lived eternally, the epoch would end sooner or later.”

Liu Ruyue, Mo Chen, and Ao Jiao—the three ladies—thought about this, seeming to understand but, at the same time, not.

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “Stop thinking. Let’s go. Let’s return to the Kunlun Realm.”

However, when Xiao Chen looked at the night sky, at the pure-white moon, a trace of bitterness appeared in his smile.

Back then, rosy clouds came after the bright moon…

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