Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2370 Raw 2477 : Fight to be Dragon Emperor

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Chapter 2370 Raw 2477 : Fight to be Dragon Emperor

Ancestor Dragon City was the most ancient dragon city within the Divine Dragon Empire, inherited for a long time. Only the most talented Dragon Race disciples with the best bloodlines were qualified to reside here.

Those that could enter were either cultivators with Divine Dragon bloodlines or mixed-blood dragon cultivators with extremely high talent.

Ancestor Dragon City usually was not open to the public.

It would be opened to the public only for grand ceremonies or extremely important matters.

Clearly, the fight to become the Dragon Emperor fell under extremely important matters. It was nearly on the same level as making offerings to the Dragon God.

In the Divine Dragon Empire, the Dragon Emperor could remain in power for only five hundred years; then, a new Dragon Emperor had to be selected.

However, after the Azure Dragon bloodline went extinct, the Golden Dragon bloodline practically monopolized the Dragon Emperor position.

The other Divine Dragon bloodlines simply could not compete.

Right now, the current Dragon Emperor was the Golden Dragon bloodline’s Purple Gold Dragon Emperor. According to the rules, he still had over ten years to his reign.

However, he chose to abdicate on this day, starting the fight to become the Dragon Emperor.

The Six Colored Divine Dragons and the Heavenly Dragon Palace formed by the mixed-blood dragons were all qualified to send one candidate to compete to become the Dragon Emperor.

While it was called a competition, everyone knew that no one could beat Qin Ming, a disciple with a Grade 7 Golden Dragon bloodline who had received the Martial God Palace’s inheritance and become a 9-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

The so-called competition was merely a formality.

The Six Colored Divine Dragons and the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s upper echelon had assembled in the vast Dragon God Plaza in Ancestor Dragon City.

The ancient Dragon God Plaza was grand and boundlessly vast.

A dignified and serene sculpture of the Dragon God stood there. Many figures crowded outside the plaza; nearly all the elite cultivators in Ancestor Dragon City had rushed over.

Dragons gathered in the surroundings, winds blew, and clouds churned. The Six Colored Divine Dragons—the Golden Dragons, the Silver Dragons, the White Dragons, the Blue Dragons, the Green Dragons, and the Red Dragons—all were here today, each occupying an area.

The Golden Dragon Race enjoyed the most prestige. The Purple Gold Dragon Emperor sat on a throne above, surrounded by many Golden Dragon bloodline experts. Aside from them, experts from empires with Great Desolate Eon bloodlines were also present.

Qin Ming stood out from the crowd, wearing a set of Golden Dragon Holy Armor. When coupled with his handsome looks, he appeared extraordinary, different from the crowd.

Qin Ming exuded the Dragon Might of the ancient Golden Dragon, which manifested as intense pressure.

Even the Golden Dragon bloodline experts and the bloodline Sovereign Emperors of the other great empires here felt significant pressure.

The White Marsh Beast Empire’s Bai Yunfei and the Hound Lion Empire’s Xiahou Wu, who stood beside Qin Ming, sighed in their hearts.

The Martial God Palace had decided to nurture Qin Ming as a potential Epoch Master, giving him the Martial God Palace’s inheritance. He already left these two far behind.

“Qin Ming, you will win this fight to become the Dragon Emperor for sure. I can tell that the competitors from the other Divine Dragon bloodlines are not even ten percent as strong as you,” Bai Yunfei said in a relaxed manner after looking around and sizing up the competition from the various factions.

Qin Ming said indifferently, “The Dragon Emperor position is mine for sure. With the entire Martial God Palace supporting me, who would dare oppose me? Right now, I only want to know whether Xiao Chen dares to come or not!”

Upon mentioning Xiao Chen, Qin Ming revealed a heavy murderous intent in his eyes. That look of hatred was shocking.

Bai Yunfei and Xiahou Wu both knew that Xiao Chen once trampled Qin Ming into a pile of meat paste in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. Qin Ming had nearly died. Now, the name “Xiao Chen” was already taboo for him.

No one dared to mention Xiao Chen before Qin Ming.

“That Jiang He seemed somewhat unfathomable!” Xiahou Wu changed the topic, pointing to the southwest of the plaza, where the people from the Heavenly Dragon Palace stood.

After Jiang He reached the Divine Dragon Empire, he used his identity as the Heavenly Dragon’s son to obtain the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s slot.

Qin Ming showed a cold expression as he commented indifferently, “I heard that he refined the entire Ethereal Immortal Palace and already comprehended the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries. He could be considered an opponent worth paying some attention to. However, that is all.”

“That person is the top beauty of your Dragon Race?”

Bai Yunfei looked around, and his gaze fell to where the people of the White Dragon Palace gathered, across the plaza from them.

A beautiful figure stood amid many figures, looking extraordinary with an air of purity. She possessed a beauty capable of destroying nations, showing a great charm. Anyone would recognize her with just one glance.

A look of strong desire flashed in Qin Ming’s eyes. He snorted coldly. “That’s right. That’s her, Liu Ruyue! That woman has always ignored my affection for her, embarrassing me before others several times. Let’s see if she dares to reject me after I become the Dragon Emperor!”

Xiahou Wu smiled and said, “In that case, I’ll congratulate Brother Qin in advance on obtaining both the world and the beauty.”

At this moment, where the people of the White Dragon Palace gathered:

A young woman following Liu Ruyue frowned and said, “Elder Sister, that Qin Ming is giving you that wicked look again. He must be thinking of something evil.”

This young woman was Liu Ruyun, the White Dragon King’s daughter, the White Dragon Race’s little princess.

“Just leave him be. Someone will deal with him.”

Liu Ruyue appeared somewhat sorrowful, holding practically no hope for this fight to become the Dragon Emperor.

Unexpectedly, the Martial God Palace interfered directly with the fight to become the Dragon Emperor. If Qin Ming had not obtained the Martial God Palace’s inheritance, she would be able to put up a fight, given her strength. However, the other party was already being nurtured as a potential Epoch Master.

A 9-Vein Divine Vein Realm cultivation and an awakened Golden Dragon bloodline. None of the competitors, including Liu Ruyue, was a match for him.

This so-called competition to become the Dragon Emperor was just a show, one that would allow the other party to become the Dragon Emperor with justification.

However, Liu Ruyue had also heard about an overt plot taking place in this competition to become the Dragon Emperor.

Someone secretly contacted the potential Epoch Masters of both Righteous Dao and Demonic Dao, inviting them to work together and kill that person who betrayed the Divine Dragon Empire.

That person managed to face Yuan Zhen, who had an entire Buddhist nation supporting him, all by himself. When they exchanged palm strikes, he had not appeared disadvantaged and managed to leave easily.

That terrifying strength inspired horror in all the other potential Epoch Masters. When they learned that Xiao Chen would come to Ancestor Dragon City to compete to become the Dragon Emperor, they conspired to make this place his burial ground.

For some reason, Liu Ruyue felt worried, hoping that this person would not appear.

A vague figure had always lingered in the depths of her memories. However, no matter how hard she tried, she could not clearly recall that figure.

“Ruyue, what are you thinking about?” the White Dragon King asked softly as he walked over and looked at Liu Ruyue.

Liu Ruyue recovered her wits and murmured in reply, “I was thinking, since this is just a formality, can’t we just forfeit?”

“Father, that’s right. Why put on a show with them, giving him the chance to take the Dragon Emperor position with justification?” Liu Ruyun said quickly with obvious approval of this thought.

A pained look flashed in the White Dragon King’s eyes. He countered bitterly, “Do you think that the other Divine Dragons do not think that as well? However, we need to put on this show, as we all have the Dragon Race bloodline. Our fates are tied to the entire empire; we cannot struggle free.”

“Father, had you known that the competition to be the Dragon Emperor would turn out like this, would you still have focused on grooming me to fight for the Dragon Emperor position?” Liu Ruyue asked softly.

The White Dragon King’s heart skipped a beat. He had known all these years that as Liu Ruyue’s strength gradually increased, she had started to sense some deficiencies in her memories.

However, Liu Ruyue never confronted him about it. Clearly, she still deeply respected this father-in-name.

“If I could choose, I absolutely would not let you participate in this competition to be the Dragon Emperor,” the White Dragon King said directly without hesitation.

When the White Dragon King saw Xiao Chen many years ago, a certain thought deep in his heart wavered.

He had wondered whether bringing Liu Ruyue from the Sky Dome Realm to the Great Thousand Realms for the sake of the White Dragons’ interest had been the wrong decision.

Honestly speaking, he felt somewhat at a loss. If Xiao Chen really came, with Xiao Chen’s current strength, how should he face Xiao Chen? Like Liu Ruyue, he hoped that Xiao Chen would not come.


Just at this moment, the light of the blazing sun shone on the dignified Dragon God sculpture, making it look golden and glittery, dazzling and magnificent.

The ancient Dragon God sculpture stood in the center of Dragon God Plaza, coiling as it towered proudly like a majestic lone peak.

The most eye-catching thing was its forceful and powerful dragon claw. Beneath the Dragon God’s gaze, it appeared divine.

“The time has arrived. The competition to become the Dragon Emperor now begins. Palace Masters, please send out your nominees. Whoever can stand on the dragon claw and catch the attention of the Dragon God will become the new Dragon Emperor!” the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor announced loudly as he stood up from his throne.

Right after the Dragon Emperor spoke, Murong Yan, the Red Dragon Palace’s nominee, entered Dragon God Plaza. He charged in like a flaming meteor and landed heavily in the plaza, radiating a fiery light.

The Blue Dragon Palace’s Situ Changfeng followed close at his heels, leaping up gently.

The various nominees landed in the Dragon God Plaza one after another. However, they did not arouse any cheers or attention.

Everyone knew that the results of this competition to become the Dragon Emperor was practically decided.

The crowd only paid some attention when Jiang He entered. After all, the Heavenly Dragon was a respected existence in the Divine Dragon Empire.

Several people viewed Jiang He in a new light when they saw that he had managed to succeed his father’s will and comprehend the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries.


A vast, ancient Dragon Might suddenly erupted as Qin Ming entered Dragon God Plaza.

Qin Ming displayed his 9-Vein Divine Vein Realm cultivation, instantly overshadowing the other six. The ancient Golden Dragon’s roar attracted everyone’s attention, eliciting startled gasps.

Such might was even stronger than many of the older-generation 9-Vein Sovereign Emperors

Jiang He did not spare Qin Ming much attention. He focused his gaze on the Dragon God sculpture. This sculpture was thirty kilometers tall, standing majestically in this vast plaza.

Even at the edge, Jiang He could still clearly feel the Dragon God’s might and pressure. This would only become more horrifying when he got closer.

Qin Ming held an advantage with his cultivation and his ancient Golden Dragon bloodline.

Indeed, the moment he landed in Dragon God Plaza, he immediately charged over.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

After he passed the edge, many ancient dragon generals appeared in Dragon God Plaza. As if they traveled through space and time, they arrived wearing heavy armor.

These dragon generals stopped everyone from approaching, swearing to uphold the Dragon God’s prestige.

Qin Ming showed an expression of disdain. He advanced fearlessly while wielding his Emperor Dragon Sword and easily crushed the dragon generals that materialized along the way.

In mere moments, the disparity between Qin Ming and the rest was clear.

“In the end, it will be Qin Ming, who obtained the Martial God Palace’s inheritance. No one else ever showed such poise during the past competitions to become the Dragon Emperor.”

“He is too strong. At his speed, he will probably set a record.”

“Those ancient dragon generals seemed very weak before him.”

“Indeed. If not for seeing people like Situ Changfeng and Murong Yan fighting bitterly, everyone would think that the dragon generals are merely decorations.”

Qin Ming’s unparalleled poise excited everyone. All the Dragon Race disciples in the surroundings felt shocked.

Just as Qin Ming was about to enter the Dragon God sculpture’s vicinity and start climbing it, the entire Ancestor Dragon City suddenly started shaking. Then, a melodious saber hum rang out. A flash of saber light eclipsed the proud, blazing sun and the sky for five thousand kilometers around.

The sky immediately plunged into darkness.

The eyes of Ao Jiao and the Heavenly Alliance experts, who stood among the Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples, lit up. “Xiao Chen is here!”