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Chapter 2365 Raw 2472 : Faux God Exper

Xiao Chen showed an unsightly expression as he looked at the Golden Crow Empire’s capital.

After he noticed something off with the capital, he had guessed that the Martial God Palace had targeted Little Yellow Feather.

Unexpectedly, he had guessed the worst-case scenario.

While a pure-blooded Holy Beast was still young, it would be a powerful weapon with the epoch change at hand.

If one did not care about Little Yellow Feather, one could use a Secret Technique to overdraw on its lifeforce to bring out the strength of a mature Golden Crow.

That would simply be unimaginable, allowing one a considerable advantage in a battle between potential Epoch Masters.

There definitely were Faux Gods guarding the Golden Crow Empire. Its Luck was also the strongest among the eight great empires.

However, it could not resist the combined efforts of the other seven great empires.

Faux Gods had worked together to seal off the entire capital in a barrier. This prevented Xiao Chen from knowing what was happening there.

To the 10-Vein Sovereign Emperor, breaking the barrier would not be too difficult.

The difficult thing was breaking the barrier without startling the Faux God experts. That was practically impossible.

Xiao Chen had no idea how strong Faux Gods were. He could not be sure that he could fight Faux Gods with his current strength.

After thinking for a while, he gave a simple report about the Golden Crow Empire’s situation to Mu Zifeng.

“Don’t act rashly for now. I’ll get Suiren Ji and the Doyens to assist you. With your current strength, it is not yet time for you to face Faux Gods.”

“How long do they need?”

“Half a day will do.”

Xiao Chen put away the Heavenly Alliance medallion. Then, he sat cross-legged on the summit, thinking, Half a day…can Ao Jiao wait for half a day?

What if the Martial God Palace’s people manage to break into the Solar Divine Temple and try to snatch Little Yellow Feather away? Given Ao Jiao’s character, she would definitely fight to the death.

“No. I cannot gamble on this.”

Compared to putting Ao Jiao in danger, Xiao Chen would rather be the one to face Faux Gods. He absolutely could not let the past repeat itself.

Ao Jiao had already died for him once in the Sky Dome Realm when he underwent his Heart Tribulation.

“Faux God… Let me experience the strength of a Faux God, then.”

Xiao Chen grasped his saber’s handle. Then, with a war cry, he drew the Tyrant Saber.

The unprecedented Flawless saber Dao, which surpassed the epoch, materialized thousands of saber lights when driven by the Cycle Great Dao.

The boundless, resplendent saber lights soared up behind Xiao Chen. As the dazzling saber lights spread out in rings, they layered over one another, looking like he held up a sun behind him.

The hundreds of millions of ordinary people and cultivators in the vast Golden Crow Empire saw this shocking scene.

Another sun suddenly appeared in the sky, competing with the real sun with its radiance. No one could immediately tell which was the real one.

However, this sight lasted for only an instant, making everyone wonder whether they saw wrong.

The sun moved like lightning, shooting toward the capital.

The surroundings of the capital initially looked normal, like nothing was going on.

Then, a ring of light suddenly appeared, encasing and sealing the entire capital.

This made the vast and majestic capital look like it lay in a birdcage.


The blazing sun in the sky crashed into the capital at lightning speed.

In the next moment, the ground shook, and terrifying shock waves erupted above the capital.

The shock waves spread out for five hundred kilometers around. The instant the shock waves shattered the mountain Xiao Chen stood on, he flew into the air and landed on the capital’s grand walls.

Xiao Chen shattered the Faux Gods’ barrier with one saber strike from the Tyrant Saber. He used pure, absolute force, not any tricks or shortcuts.

The white-clad Xiao Chen stood on the city wall, his clothes fluttering in the strong wind.

He took in the entire capital. The initially bustling, flourishing capital lay in ruins. No intact buildings remained for five thousand kilometers, an imperial capital handed down since ancient times destroyed.

It was not Xiao Chen’s saber strike that had demolished it but the huge battle that had taken place before he arrived.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

The sound of intense battle came from afar, ringing endlessly.

Xiao Chen turned his head to look, peering through the dust, and saw two Faux God experts fighting on a tall mountain in the city.

Many Sovereign Emperors fought each other at a perfectly intact empty land below, engaged in intense battles.

That was the Solar Divine Temple.

The Faux God experts fought above the Solar Divine Temple. The Martial God Palace Sovereign Emperors below had already broken the Solar Divine Temple’s formations, charged in, and started their final slaughter.

Xiao Chen could feel countless pairs of eyes—both overt and covert—looking at him with suspicion or confusion in the Golden Crow Empire’s capital.

“This humble self is Bai Jue. Might I ask which faction’s Faux God you are? Why are you interfering in the private matters of my Martial God Palace?”

As Xiao Chen sized up the place and prepared to head to the Solar Divine Temple, an old man descended on the city walls from afar.

This old man wore gray robes and had a pale complexion with a scarlet mark on his forehead. This was a Faux God expert with the Great Desolate Eon White Marsh Beast bloodline.

Bai Jue eyed Xiao Chen suspiciously, wondering which faction this Faux God belonged to. To think that this person was so young!

However, after he sized up Xiao Chen for a while, his suspicion deepened. Why does he not seem like a Faux God?

There is no divine nature at all. However, what about that earlier saber strike?

Xiao Chen did not respond. Xiao Chen noticed that Bai Jue held a crystal treasure pagoda shining with a silver light in his left hand. As Bai Jue spoke, he silently circulated his Divine Energy. The barrier that Xiao Chen broke earlier slowly recovered, trying to envelop the Golden Crow Empire’s capital again.

Xiao Chen thought, It looks like this old man is anxious to reseal the capital.

Then, he connected this to the Faux God experts fighting above the Solar Divine Temple.

Xiao Chen instantly understood. The silver pagoda in the old man’s hand could isolate the protective formations.

The protective formations drew on the vital force of the world from the entire Golden Crow Empire. However, the pagoda suppressed them to just within the capital. This practically reduced the formations to mere decorations.

Xiao Chen looked around, and indeed, the many Sovereign Emperors who had charged into the Solar Divine Temple got chased out. The Golden Crow Empire Sovereign Emperors grew stronger the more they fought.

Given that, as long as Xiao Chen delayed this Faux God, preventing him from reerecting the barrier, he did not need to worry about Ao Jiao and the other people in the Solar Divine Temple.

When the Heavenly Alliance experts arrived, the Golden Crow Empire would survive this calamity.

“Acting all mysterious!”

Bai Jue finally determined that Xiao Chen was not a Faux God. Upon seeing Xiao Chen remain silent, he became enraged.

The incensed Bai Jue raised his hand and smashed it down towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen immediately felt like Bai Jue’s hand covered the sky, isolating him from the world.

The entire world turned pitch-black as it started to reject Xiao Chen. Unprecedented loneliness surged over.

This startled Xiao Chen. He had never heard of such an attack before.

Although Xiao Chen was startled, he did not panic. He was like a saber abandoned at the darkest corner of the world.

However, this saber was a masterpiece throughout the ages. Even if the entire world abandoned it, the darkness could not cover up its light.


Xiao Chen sent out a strand of saber light. The instant the saber light flashed, color returned to this dark world.

Then, the Golden Crow Empire’s capital slowly reappeared; Xiao Chen was back.

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen chopped the huge palm descending from the sky in half. However, the powerful impact still sent him flying. This shook his blood vessels and tore his internal organs. The Divine Seal in his Soul Pool became like a candle flame in the wind, wavering and looking like it might go out at any moment.

How terrifying!

Even though I blocked the killing move of a Faux God, the shock wave is still lethal.

After a Faux God lit up their Divine Flame, any casual strike would be supported by their Faux God Flame. These attacks not only injured the physical body but also battered the Divine Seal.

If one got careless, one could be destroyed.

Xiao Chen circulated the Cycle Great Dao, cycling life and death and using the power of cycles to negate the shock waves.

When Xiao Chen landed, the wavering Divine Seal in his Soul Pool had already stabilized and was burning strongly once more.

“You are truly a Faux God expert. This Xiao has learned a lot,” Xiao Chen said sincerely as he looked at Bai Jue. A Faux God expert was indeed incredible.

Bai Jue’s earlier palm strike would have destroyed a 9-Vein Sovereign Emperor. Even Xiao Chen’s survival was a fluke.

When Xiao Chen was isolated, he had not gotten flustered or anxious. He had not hesitated to draw his saber. Had he delayed, the consequences might have been dire.

“This Xiao?”

A brilliant light flashed in Bai Jue’s eyes. After some thought, he said, “You are the potential Epoch Master raised by the Heavenly Alliance, Xiao Chen.”

“That is me.”


Bai Jue could not hide the wild joy on his face amid his guffawing. “We searched high and low for you but could not find you. Now, we ended up finding you here by chance. You are really bold and arrogant. To think that you dare to face a Faux God expert! If I kill you, we won’t need a Holy Beast pet anymore.”