Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2355 Raw 2462 : Where Is my Path?

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Chapter 2355 Raw 2462 : Where Is my Path?

“Suiren Ji! Are you trying to rebel?”

Anger appeared on Mu Zifeng’s face. This Suiren Ji was not giving him face at all.

Suiren Ji knew that Mu Zifeng had already discussed and come to an agreement with Xiao Chen. To think that he made things difficult at the last step.

Suiren Ji ignored Mu Zifeng’s anger as well as the other Doyens’ anger.

Suiren Ji maintained that sinister expression. In any case, Xiao Chen was a person who repaid kindness with kindness and evil with evil. He was a ruthless person who would avenge all grudges.

However, Suiren Ji considered Xiao Chen’s character acceptable. As long as Xiao Chen promised, Suiren Ji would believe him.

It looked like Mu Zifeng would issue the command for the other Faux Gods and Doyens to attack Suiren Ji together soon.

Xiao Chen raised his hand to forestall this. He felt somewhat sorrowful in his heart. Suiren Ji’s threat evoked some pity.

This was the epoch changing. Even a strong Faux God felt so worried and humbled.

If it were the past, as an aloof Faux God, Suiren Ji could just ignore Xiao Chen.

Now, Suiren Ji showed a cold expression, saying words that could drag everyone down, threatening a 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor junior.

No Faux God would have done such an embarrassing thing in the past.

Xiao Chen said calmly, “I can promise you that regarding the grudge between us, as long as you stop targeting me, I naturally will not do anything to you. As for your descendants or blood relatives in the Heavenly Alliance, I will not touch them at all.”

“That’s what I’m waiting to hear.” Suiren Ji immediately changed his expression, revealing a faint smile upon hearing Xiao Chen’s words.

Mu Zifeng showed a serious expression, not caring about Suiren Ji’s little tricks. Then, he said softly, “Doyens, let’s all work together and open the seal on the Nine Heavens Origin Gathering Formation.”


“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

All the Doyens and Faux God experts took out their Heavenly Alliance medallions and dripped blood onto them.

The medallions promptly released bright light, projecting many ancient and mysterious talisman scripts that took many shapes. The sight appeared intoxicating.

After a while, the many Heavenly Alliance Doyens’ medallions gathered together and formed a door that glowed with a mysterious, hazy purple light. The door of light showed a snowy scene with plum blossoms blooming proudly. This was the symbol of the Heavenly Alliance.

Mu Zifeng and the Doyens stopped what they were doing, looking at the door of light with complicated expressions.

“This door will send you into the core of Heavenly Divine Mountain, a blessed land formed using the Nine Heavens Origin Gathering Formation,” Mu Zifeng said gravely as he looked at Xiao Chen.

As Xiao Chen was about to step in, Mi Zifeng said, “There is one thing I need to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“After you enter, you cannot come out for one year unless the resources of Heavenly Divine Mountain have been truly drained. The Nine Heavens Origin Gathering Formation will automatically be destroyed. The space in there is distorted. One year outside equals ten years inside.”

Xiao Chen turned around and asked, “Do you mean that I have to stay in there for ten years before being able to come out?”

Mu Zifeng nodded and said, “That’s right. The purpose of this Heavenly Divine Mountain is to nurture the new Epoch Master. Only a super faction can create such a blessed land. Once the seal is open, there is no turning back. Until the one hundred thousand-odd years of the Heavenly Alliance’s resources are completely drained, you will not be able to come out.”

“Do the other super factions have similar blessed lands?” Xiao Chen asked.

“Naturally. Their inheritances might be even more ancient, so you have to do your best and not waste any of the resources. You cannot come out even if you want to.”

Xiao Chen thought to himself, This means Ao Jiao, Mo Chen, and the others will have to wait for a whole year.

Had I known, I would have made some arrangements in advance.

“Please help me to take care of Ao Jiao, Mo Chen, and the others. I hope to see them after a year.”


Right after Xiao Chen spoke, he stepped through the door of light, entering the Heavenly Divine Mountain’s core.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The Doyens’ medallions returned. Xiao Chen had vanished.

Mi Zifeng murmured, “I have bet more than one hundred thousand years of Heavenly Alliance’s Luck on you. I hope that you will not disappoint me.”


At the same time, the various leaders of the Universe Origin Sect, the Martial God Palace, and the Profound Heaven Holy Land ignored the Divine Master’s summons to the Faux God World. All of them made similar preparations as the Heavenly Alliance.

To them, the Divine Master was already at the end of his rope.

The Martial Epoch would be ending soon. Heading to the Faux God World would just be dying with the Divine Master.


Light flashed, and the world spun around.

Xiao Chen felt dizzy for a while. When his vision cleared up, he found himself in a mist-wreathed pool.

Overhead, he saw countless stalactites hanging from the ceiling, shining with bright, flowing light and Spiritual Energy.

“Plop! Plop!”

Spiritual water looking like dew dripped off the stalactites’ tips into the pool.

Xiao Chen gently pushed off the ground and soared into the air to pluck a stalactite.

He bit down, and a crisp sound rang out. As he expected, it was spiritual milk.


Xiao Chen took only a bite, and the spiritual milk manifested as a storm in his body, falling into his Divine Energy Sea.

He looked around and muttered, “This place is indeed a blessed land. There are no impurities in the Spiritual Energy at all. If another person were sent here, he would not be able to finish absorbing all these within a century.”

However, it was different for Xiao Chen. His Ten Thousand Dragons Art had already reached the third layer, and he had formed an Azure Dragon essence soul.

The Azure Dragon essence soul that he just formed cried piteously for nourishment. It happened to require vast quantities of resources.

If even that was insufficient, Xiao Chen still had the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art. Once he materialized the Demonic Cloud Bird, he would not need to fear being unable to consume it all.

As he walked around the place, he sensed that time flowed slower. He sank into contemplation, not rushing to absorb the spiritual milk here.

Xiao Chen had his own thoughts on this. Regarding resources, the various super factions would not differ by much.

Such super factions had inheritances that were even more ancient than the Heavenly Alliance’s.

There would not be a way to determine superiority just based on cultivation. When Xiao Chen came out, he might even be weaker than the representatives of the other super factions.

Hence, these ten years were crucial. It should not be used just for absorbing all the resources here to raise his cultivation.

Instead, he should use them to understand his Dao. Aside from the Cycle Great Dao, he had to build up all his Dao.

Compared to Xi, Chu Chaoyun, Wenren Yu, Qin Ming, Yan Cangming, Yuan Zhen, and the others, Xiao Chen had more Dao. Hence, his path was more complicated and even harder.

Xiao Chen dual cultivated Immortal Cultivation and Martial Cultivation. At the same time, he also possessed a fate with Buddhism. Many people in the Buddhist sect could not compare to him in their usage of the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen also cultivated an ancient Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique, the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art. Simultaneously, he had an Azure Dragon Divine Body.

Xiao Chen was an Immortal and Martial dual cultivator, divine and demonic in one body. Furthermore, he had a Buddhist heart.

He needed to understand his Dao within these ten years rather than use the natural treasures that were everywhere here.

Perhaps it had something to do with his experience with Xi Wangmu, but he maintained an indifferent attitude towards the spiritual milk from the one hundred thousand-odd years of the Heavenly Alliance’s accumulations.

Xiao Chen maintained his calm. He was just like an ordinary person unmoved and indifferent when walking on a mountain of gold.

In contrast, when Qin Ming, Wenren Yu, and the others entered their respective blessed lands, jubilation immediately filled them.

They did not hesitate to circulate their Cultivation Techniques and quickly absorb the surrounding natural treasures at a horrifying speed.

How long were ten years?

Xiao Chen did not know. Since he entered the Nine Heavens Origin Gathering Formation, he pondered his Immortal and Martial dual cultivation, divine and demonic in one, as well as his Buddhist heart, considering how to merge them all and walk a path that belonged only to him, Xiao Chen. To take a path that no one before and after ever took.

After one year passed in the blessed land, Suiren Ji, Hua Tianyang, and the Doyens sought Mu Zifeng out in a fluster.

“Alliance Chief, not to mention ten percent, but the resources in the blessed land have not even drained by one-thousandth!”

“What is Xiao Chen doing? Is he sleeping in there?”

“That fellow had better not waste our efforts. Whether he absorbs it or not, after ten years pass in there, Heavenly Divine Mountain will be destroyed.”

The Doyens looked flustered, but Mu Zifeng managed to pacify them and got them to leave. However, he also wondered in his heart, Xiao Chen, what exactly are you doing?

Soon, two years passed in the blessed land.

The spiritual milk in the Nine Heavens Origin Gathering Formation formed by the various treasures did not decrease at all. Hence, the Doyens sought out Mu Zifeng again.

Three years…four years…five years…

Eight years passed in the blessed land in the blink of an eye.

However, the resources in the Nine Heavens Origin Gathering Formation did not decrease at all. Now, not only Hua Tianyang and the Doyens felt restless but even Mu Zifeng as well.

“Everyone…what should we do? Whether Xiao Chen is willing or not, Heavenly Divine Mountain will crumble soon. However, the resources in there are not decreasing,” Mu Zifeng said helplessly with a sullen expression as he faced everyone.

He had not anticipated this situation before him at all.

Actually, they had discussed this several times already. However, they could not reach a conclusion in the end.

“Should we swap him out?”

After some thought, Hua Tianyang said, “Since the resources in there have not decreased, we can give it a try. We can open the seal and send someone else into the Nine Heavens Origin Gathering Formation to absorb the resources.”

“Who should we swap in?”

“Swap him with Jiang He, then. He is the Heavenly Dragon’s son. Coincidentally, he absorbed the entire Ethereal Immortal Palace and is in our Heavenly Alliance. He also wants to be the Dragon Emperor, so we can reach some sort of deal.”

Someone softly made a suggestion, and silence immediately descended.

Swapping someone in meant abandoning Xiao Chen.

Mu Zifeng closed his eyes and said, “Don’t speak first. Let me think.”