Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2354 Raw 2461 : Fate Is Difficult to Defy

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Chapter 2354 Raw 2461 : Fate Is Difficult to Defy


The golden Kāśyapa Buddha statue that had been on Spirit Vulture Mountain since the start of the Martial Epoch shattered.

Mu Zifeng and Suiren Ji both stared, wide-eyed, clearly extremely shocked.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The instant the golden Kāśyapa Buddha statue shattered, two figures appeared above the vast territory of the Yanwu Dynasty.

One figure covered the sky with demonic clouds. Everywhere this figure passed, overwhelming demonic clouds followed, shrouding half the Yanwu Dynasty’s territories.

The other figure looked towering, giving off a terrifying deathly aura. Everywhere he passed, life withered, materializing an Underworld God image.

These two people were the Demonic Dao Hall’s Hall Master and the Underworld God Hall’s Hall Master. Among the Demonic Dao Faux Gods, they were the most horrifying existences.

Mu Zifeng muttered, “No wonder…no wonder the imperial ancestral temple’s patriarchs are so confident, daring to work together with the Underworld God Hall and the Demonic Dao Hall. It turns out that the Buddhist sect’s Luck already reached its end. That’s why they are so daring.”

As they spoke, a horrifying Faux God battle broke out.

Light and shadows flashed. When Xiao Chen looked into the distance, he saw that the entire Yan City, except for the palace, was now rubble.

However, he could not clearly see the scene inside the palace.

It seemed like boundless power had twisted space there, blurring the view and preventing others from seeing inside.

“Let’s go. This place is not safe. Let’s return to the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters first.”

Mu Zifeng gave Suiren Ji some instructions. Then, a Transcendent Alloy warship appeared, and he called Xiao Chen and the others aboard.

“My Misty Rain Pavilion…” Su Ye muttered as she looked at Yan City, her eyes brimming with disbelief.

A business inherited for thousands of years had gotten destroyed the instant the Faux Gods started fighting, vanishing into nothing. No one could accept this.

When the epoch changed, all order would collapse. This was just the beginning.

However, once it began, everything would plunge into chaos and frenzy. All this would end only when the new epoch started.

“Su Ye, let’s go.”

Xiao Chen felt sorrowful. However, at the same time, he understood that once all order collapsed and the Faux Gods felt fear, the strong powers no longer had order to regulate them. Such cruel sights would be logical.

The group boarded the Alloy warship in silence.

When the many Faux Gods clashed earlier, the number of people killed by the shock waves could no longer be counted using just the thousands.

Xiao Chen worried for Pan Huang. However, his strength was limited. All he could do was to pray for the other party’s safety.

“Xiao Chen, come with me for a while.”

Mu Zifeng stood up and looked at Xiao Chen, wanting to speak to him alone.


Xiao Chen happened to have many questions as well. After letting Ao Jiao, Mo Chen, and the others know, he followed Mu Zifeng so that he could ask them.

“I know you have many questions in your heart. Go ahead and ask.” Mu Zifeng smiled after he sat and looked at Xiao Chen.

“Why were you with Suiren Ji?”

Xiao Chen felt that it was strange. These two were always at loggerheads with each other, so why did they suddenly appear together? Previously, Suiren Ji had an overbearing attitude towards Mu Zifeng. The two were like fire and water, unable to coexist.

Mu Zifeng thought for a while before saying softly, “Actually, now, you should address me as Alliance Chief Mu.”


This revelation slightly startled Xiao Chen. He only managed to recover after a while. “You are now the Heavenly Alliance’s Alliance Chief?”

“Yes. Thanks to you, Alliance Chief Hua decided between Suiren Ji and me before the succession race ended. Your performance in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb far surpassed Lin Feng’s, so I became the Heavenly Alliance’s new Alliance Chief.”

Mu Zifeng added indifferently, “You also should have discovered that the various super factions seemed to have sent out a representative. They bet everything on their faction’s representative, hoping that their representative can become the new Epoch Master. Naturally, my Heavenly Alliance could not continue to spread out our resources. We needed to choose between you and Lin Feng.”

Xiao Chen let out mocking laughter. “This is really interesting. Inadvertently, I helped you to become the Heavenly Alliance’s Alliance Chief.”

Mu Zifeng waved it off and said, “It does not matter. I am clear on how you are. In nicer terms, we are cooperating. In harsher terms, we are using each other. However, it does not matter. We do need each other. Such a relationship is ironclad.”

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows. As he looked at the other party, he discovered something different about Mi Zifeng.

After a while, Xiao Chen understood where the change was.

Previously, Mu Zifeng was a person who prioritized benefits. However, he would at least do it covertly. Now, he made no effort to hide anything, going straight to the point.

Xiao Chen suddenly said, “Lord Mu, you changed.”

Mu Zifeng narrowed his eyes as he smiled. “Yes, I have changed. The epoch is changing, and we face a calamity. Who knows what the future holds? Even Faux Gods feel horrified and restless. Why continue putting on a pretense? I might as well live carefreely.

“Let’s put it this way. The Heavenly Alliance will focus all its resources on you, help you become the Dragon Emperor. However, there is one condition. If you successfully start the new epoch, you need to bless the Heavenly Alliance. I need you to swear on this. Swear it with your soul.”

Xiao Chen felt slightly stunned upon hearing this. He indeed did not expect Mu Zifeng to be so direct.

He hesitated on whether to agree to the other party’s terms.

Even without the Heavenly Alliance’s resources, he had already absorbed the entire Immortal Burial Lake. Furthermore, there was the Azure Dragons’ treasure trove. There was no need for too many resources.

The only thing Xiao Chen really needed was assistance from the Heavenly Alliance when he fought to become the Dragon Emperor.

“You can have fifteen minutes to think about it. I’m not in a rush.”

Seeing Xiao Chen remaining silent, Mu Zifeng immediately understood that Xiao Chen had other sources to rely on.

“There’s no need. I agree. I swear on my name, Xiao Chen, that I will not forget about the Heavenly Alliance if I start the new epoch. I will not forget about Lord Mu’s grace and will protect you.”

Xiao Chen chose to agree without needing to think for long.

The Faux God battle’s cruelty, the instant destruction of Yan City, made Xiao Chen feel that it was better to have shelter.

Now that order had collapsed, there was no way to restrain the Faux Gods. There was no truly safe place in the Great Thousand Realms.

When Xiao Chen agreed, joy lit up Mu Zifeng’s face. This was especially because Xiao Chen’s oath mentioned him specifically.

Mu Zifeng smiled cheerfully and said, “Good. From now on, you are one of us. What else do you want to know? I will tell you everything I know.”

“You keep saying that the epoch is changing. I want to know, when exactly will the Martial Epoch end?” Xiao Chen asked a question after thinking for a while.

Mu Zifeng frowned. After some thought, he replied, “Strictly speaking, the Martial Epoch ended the moment the Black Dragon King broke the World Tree. However, the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor suppressed the Black Dragon King back then, preventing the Black Dragon King from destroying the world. This allowed the Martial Epoch to extend until now.

“When the Black Dragon King appears again, the Martial Epoch, which is already at the end of its rope, will formally reach its end. At that time, all those who lit up their Divine Flames, all the Faux Gods who already have too deep a connection with the Martial Epoch, will fall.”

Xiao Chen asked, “Is it just like back when the Immortal Dao crumbled, reincarnation was destroyed, and the Immortals fell?”


“I know where the Black Dragon King is sealed. Can we summon the Faux Gods to reinforce the seal?”

Xiao Chen had been preparing to deal with this after he became the Dragon Emperor. However, he had no choice but to say it now.

When Mu Zifeng heard this, he felt slightly startled. Then, he said, “There’s no need.”

“Why?” Xiao Chen asked, confused. He was still thinking of going to reseal the Black Dragon King after he became the Dragon Emperor.

“Do you know how the Black Dragon King was sealed back then? The Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor used the last bits of the Martial Epoch’s Luck to seal him. Furthermore, from a certain angle, the Black Dragon King’s appearance is fated. Even without the Black Dragon King, another expert will appear to destroy the Martial Epoch.”

Mu Zifeng explained, “When an epoch reaches its end, there will always be existences like the Black Dragon King appearing, bringing the apocalypse and destruction. There can only be new life after destruction. Only then can the epochs continue in an endless cycle.”


“There is no why. Every epoch moves towards destruction like that. Then, the new epoch is born. This is fate.”

After some thought, Mu Zifeng said, “Is fate difficult to defy?”

Xiao Chen could not help feeling some doubt. If he started a new epoch, then it could not avoid being destroyed in the end.

In that case, what was the point of the epoch existing?


Three days later, the Alloy warship arrived at the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters.

Mu Zifeng made arrangements for everyone before bringing Xiao Chen to Heavenly Divine Mountain alone.

Heavenly Divine Mountain was a divine mountain made by gathering all of the Heavenly Alliance’s boundless resources.

When Sovereign Emperors cultivated on this mountain, they received boundless benefits.

Previously, Xiao Chen did not hold a high position, able to cultivate only at its foot or waist.

“Come, I’ll bring you to the summit of Heavenly Divine Mountain.”

The Alliance Chief’s residence was at the summit of Heavenly Divine Mountain. Previously, Hua Tianyang managed it. Now, Mu Zifeng did.

“Greetings, Alliance Chief!”

After Xiao Chen entered the residence, he discovered that the Heavenly Alliance Doyens and Faux God experts were all there, including the old Alliance Chief Hua Tianyang and Suiren Ji. They all looked at Xiao Chen.

Mu Zifeng looked around and said calmly, “Xiao Chen already swore the oath, imprinting it on his soul. If he becomes the new Epoch Master, he will bless the Heavenly Alliance. As long as everyone’s family and descendants are in the Heavenly Alliance, they will peacefully survive the epoch changing. Of course, that is if Xiao Chen manages to become the Epoch Master.”

Xiao Chen understood after he heard that. No wonder these Faux Gods still obeyed Mu Zifeng’s orders despite only being able to wait for death. It turned out that they had descendants or blood relatives that they could not abandon.

“Alliance Chief, the Divine Master sent word earlier, calling the leaders and Faux God experts of the five Righteous Dao super factions to the Faux God World. He wants to discuss how to deal with the revolting Underworld God Hall and the Demonic Dao Hall,” one of the Doyens said.

Mu Zifeng mocked, “Ignore him. No one will listen to him now. Does he think that he is still the Epoch Master? If we go to the Faux God World, are we to die with him? I gathered everyone here today to get everyone to agree to open the Nine Heavens Origin Gathering Formation and let Xiao Chen enter it to cultivate.”

The Nine Heavens Origin Gathering Formation!

Upon the Heavenly Alliance’s establishment, it had erected a Spirit Gathering Formation to absorb the essence of the Spiritual Energy from the supreme treasures gathered in Heavenly Divine Mountain over a long time.

The Alliance Chief could not open it on his own authority.

The Alliance Chief could open it for people to cultivate in it only after obtaining the agreement of all the Doyens and Faux God experts.

Right after Mu Zifeng spoke, the other Doyens agreed one after another. Finally, only Suiren Ji remained silent.

“Suiren Ji, you object?” Mu Zifeng asked with a frown.

Suiren Ji showed a cold expression as he laughed sinisterly. “What objection can I have? Xiao Chen, this old man once had a grudge with you. Although you repay kindness with kindness, you are also ruthless and repay grudges. You are not a good person, either. I have only one question. After you become the Epoch Master, will you put down this grudge? I am not begging you. If you are unwilling to let go of it, I don’t care. Either way, I will die. There is no need for me to show any concern over this.”

Just like how the Immortals fell after the Immortal Epoch ended, all the Faux Gods could not avoid being buried with the Martial Epoch.

Suiren Ji’s words seemed like a question. In reality, he was threatening Xiao Chen.

If Xiao Chen was unwilling to put down this grudge, Suiren Ji did not need to worry about anything. After all, Suiren Ji would die either way.

At that time, he could use his Faux God strength to kill the people Xiao Chen cared for.