Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2352 Raw 2459 : Dramatic Change in Situation

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Chapter 2352 Raw 2459 : Dramatic Change in Situation

At the top of the ancient Yan Emperor Tree:

From the moment the fight began, Wang Yun held a suppressive advantage. Finally, he managed to injure Wang Yan severely.

After Wang Yan got knocked back by a sword strike, his accumulated injuries all erupted. As he went flying, his face filled with reluctance.

How hateful!

What an unsatisfying loss! If Wang Yun were indeed stronger than Wang Yan, Wang Yan could accept his defeat. However, Wang Yun was not even equal to him. In fact, Wang Yun was much worse.

Wang Yun only relied on the vast Dragon Essence in the ninth altar to firmly suppress him. He used only the dynasty’s might, and Wang Yan had no room for utilizing his skills.

The other party used power to break technique. Regardless of what killing move or Martial Technique Wang Yan executed, Wang Yun only used one sword strike infused with the dynasty’s might materialized by Buddhist Might.

Wang Yan felt confident of defeating the other party in three moves if the Dragon Essence they each had were comparable.

However, there were no ifs in the world. Regarding dissatisfaction, he was even more dissatisfied than the eliminated Eighth Prince and Thirteenth Prince.

“How unfortunate…Having reached this step, I end up returning with nothing.”

Wang Yan felt very guilty, feeling like he let down Xiao Chen and the Heavenly Book Scholar. Along the way, the two risked death to support him.

Sorry. It looks like I will still disappoint you in the end.

Wang Yan knew that his chances against Wang Yun were not high from the start. However, he had hung on bitterly until now, so he had no regrets.

Nevertheless, Wang Yan still felt very guilty when he thought about Xiao Chen and the others.

That’s not right!

Just as Wang Yan closed his eyes in despair, he suddenly remembered the silk pouch that Xiao Chen handed him in Black Wind Ridge.

Back then, when Wang Yan wanted to open it, Xiao Chen stopped him, telling him not to open it unless necessary.

With this thought, Wang Yan opened his eyes. Just as he was about to fall off the ancient Yan Emperor Tree, he ferociously pushed off the air and stabbed his sword into the tree. Then, he dropped to one knee before standing back up.


Doubt flashed in Wang Yun’s eyes. Earlier, he had felt the other party lose his fighting spirit.

There was already no chance of victory, so why did Wang Yan suddenly stop?

“Ninth Younger Brother, there’s no need to keep struggling. We are brothers, after all. I do not want to injure you too severely. All the more, I do not want to kill you,” Wang Yun said indifferently. However, he spoke the truth.

Of the many princes, the Fourth Prince did not feel much resentment or murderous intent for Wang Yan.

However, if Wang Yan insisted on continuing, then Wang Yun could not be blamed for being merciless.

“Do you think that victory is already at hand?”

“Isn’t that so?”

Wang Yun showed a smile of mockery. His ninth brother, Wang Yan, was only so-so; he was still so naive even until now.

“I don’t think so.”

Wang Yan narrowed his eyes, and a sharp look flashed in them. Then, he opened the silk pouch that Xiao Chen gave him.


The instant Wang Yan opened the silk pouch, a dazzling, piercing radiance flared.

Wang Yun used his left hand to shield his eyes. When he squinted, his expression changed dramatically.

Wang Yun saw a heavy jade strip with clear waves rippling inside and nine dragon images coiled around it.

That…that is a jade strip with nine dragon images.

When this jade strip appeared, it shocked not only Wang Yun but also the many observers in the palace’s drill ground.

Being able to obtain three dragon images around a jade strip during the first round was already very incredible.

Obtaining five dragon images could already be considered heaven-defying.

As for nine dragon images, it was unheard-of during past succession races.

“Damn it!”

Wang Yun could no longer maintain his calm, cursing out as he charged over while holding his Yan Imperial Sword upraised.

Wang Yun wanted to end this battle before Wang Yan could absorb the Dragon Essence from the jade strip.

“Xiao Chen, you really gave me a huge, pleasant surprise.”

A smile appeared on Wang Yan’s face. The criticality of this silk pouch far surpassed his expectations.


Wang Yan raised his Yan Imperial Sword to the sky, and the nine dragon images immediately gathered there. The Yan Imperial Sword in his hand erupted with a sun-like light as his own dynasty’s might increased rapidly.

The resplendent Yan Imperial Sword’s aura forced back Wang Yun, who initially held a suppressive advantage.

In mere moments, Wang Yan’s dynasty’s might matched the other party’s, then surpassed it.

Wang Yun, who charged over, could only watch as all this happened. Horror flashed in his eyes.


With a war cry, Wang Yan soared into the air. A sword light flashed, and the sword image containing the Massacre Great Dao pierced through the Buddha image in the air, destroying it.

“Pu ci!” Wang Yun vomited a mouthful of blood after many sword images struck him and knocked him to the ground.

Once Wang Yun lost the advantage of Dragon Essence, his true level instantly revealed itself. He got defeated in one move.

“How can it be like this?”

Wang Yun stared at Wang Yan blankly. Clearly, he could not accept this. Previously, he had been suppressing the other party all the while. However, when their dynasty’s might were roughly equal, he lost in one move.


Cracks appeared on the Yan Imperial Sword in Wang Yun’s hand before it shattered.

Wang Yun had forcibly occupied the ninth altar with insufficient accumulations. That disparity led to his instant defeat and his Yan Imperial Sword shattering. After losing his Yan Imperial Sword, he was ejected from the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

No one expected the dramatic change in the situation. In the end, the one that climbed to the peak, becoming the crown prince, was the Ninth Prince Wang Yan.

None of the princes’ Yan Imperial Swords, save the one in Wang Yan’s hand, existed any longer in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.


The dynasty’s Dragon Veins hiding underground in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb poured into the ancient Yan Emperor Tree and merged with Wang Yan, who was at the top of the tree.

In the next moment, the huge light screen in the drill ground shattered, materializing a bright light.

Holding his Yan Imperial Sword, Wang Yan emerged from the bright light, walking over step by step and appearing before everyone.

“We respectfully welcome Your Highness, the crown prince,” the various feudal lords and Noble Clan powerhouses greeted after they stood up.

Regardless of the many twists and turns in the succession race, Wang Yan was now the crown prince and would become the next Yan Emperor.

Wang Yan showed a smile and looked around. Joy filled his heart.

“If you are the crown prince, then what am I?”

Just at this moment, a disharmonious voice rang out. Wang Yan’s expression changed slightly.

Wang Yan looked in that voice’s direction and saw Xi, who only had one eye exposed, smiling mockingly at him, who had the dynasty’s Dragon Veins infused into him.

Wang Yan’s face sank. “I thought that you already left. To think that you are still here. How bold of you!”

The sudden situation startled the various feudal lords, the many princes, and the many guests at the drill ground.

“Why must I leave?” Xi countered with a smile.

Right after Xi spoke, the imperial ancestral temple’s Imperial Ancestor walked out of the palace in the clouds. Then, he said coldly, “Wang Yan, your guests cruelly killed the First Prince. You cannot escape punishment. The patriarchs have already decided to strip you of your crown prince position.”


These words were like thunder, shocking all the feudal lords and causing a huge commotion.

Wang Yan said with a sullen expression, “I want to meet my royal father. You have no right to remove my qualifications to be the crown prince!”

“I’m afraid that it is not up to you,” Xi said indifferently with a cold smile.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Hundreds of figures with surging demonic flames on them came out of the vast palace. All of them were elite Sovereign Emperors of the Demonic Dao Hall.

These figures surrounded the entire drill ground. Overwhelming Demonic Might immediately spread into the surroundings.

The ones in charge of the Yanwu Dynasty’s palace instantly changed. The imperial ancestral temple experts that should have appeared were nowhere in sight. Now, the Demonic Dao Hall controlled the palace.

The expressions of the many feudal lords and princes changed dramatically.

Right now, all the Yanwu Dynasty elites had gathered in the palace. This was like wrapping everyone up like a present and handing them to the Demonic Dao Hall.

Up in the palace in the clouds, the restrained Yan Emperor trembled with anger. “You…to think that you all have gone so crazy, turning into the Demonic Dao Hall’s dogs!”

The imperial ancestral temple’s Imperial Ancestor said expressionlessly, “The epoch is changing. If we want to continue the glory of the Yanwu Dynasty, we need to do this.”

The sudden turn of events somewhat horrified everyone.

How could the Yanwu Dynasty fall in an instant, occupied by the Demonic Dao Hall?

“How could it be like this? To think that the Demonic Dao Hall’s people took control of the palace like that…” Senior Feng and the Heavenly Book Scholar said. They frowned in worry, unable to understand what happened.

Xiao Chen looked around and said after some thought, “It is not just that. The Underworld God Hall’s people are mixed in here as well. They probably planned this long ago. If the First Prince did not die, the imperial ancestral temple’s Imperial Ancestor would have had a trump card to bargain with. Now, they can only be subordinate to the other side.”

“What should we do?” Ao Jiao asked somewhat anxiously.

After the Demonic Dao Hall took control of the entire palace, the imperial ancestral temple’s experts had to obey the other party.

This was equivalent to the factions of the dynasty and the Demonic Dao Hall working together to surround them. There was no way to escape at all.

“The sword, hand it over.”

Xi climbed onto the drill ground and walked over to Wang Yan, wanting the Yan Imperial Sword that represented the dynasty’s inheritance.