Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2351 Raw 2458 : Immense Change Imminen

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Chapter 2351 Raw 2458 : Immense Change Imminen

At the top of the ancient Yan Emperor Tree:

The Ninth Prince Wang Yan and the Fourth Prince Wang Yun fought an intense battle. However, the situation was not optimistic.

Wang Yun had refined his Yan Imperial Sword at the ninth altar. Nine was the number of limits; hence, the ninth altar contained much more Dragon Essence.

The other princes had already lost the rights to compete to be the crown prince. They could only watch from the ancient tree.

The Eighth Prince Wang Feng and the Thirteenth Prince showed dissatisfaction on their faces. The two of them were the hot-favorite princes after the First Prince.

Unexpectedly, after the First Prince died, the ones that truly ascended to the top of the ancient Yan Emperor Tree were the two brothers that they did not think highly of.

This was especially so for Fourth Prince Wang Yun. Everyone had taken him for a fool all along, treating him as a joke. No one had expected him to clear the first round.

However, who knew, this fool overturned everyone’s expectations and now stood at the top of the ancient Yan Emperor Tree.

Then, in the final fight with the Ninth Prince Wang Yan, Wang Yun had been suppressing Wang Yan along the way, firmly holding the upper hand even though Wang Yan grasped the Massacre Great Dao, something much more exquisite than the other party’s Buddhist Might.

In terms of martial prowess, the Fourth Prince could not compare to Wang Yan, who possessed rich combat experience from being on the battlefield for a long time.

However, Wang Yan could not do anything.

The ninth altar contained extremely vast Dragon Essence. The might of Wang Yun’s Yan Imperial Sword far surpassed Wang Yan’s.

Hence, Wang Yun could break technique with force. He did not need exquisite killing moves and Martial Techniques to use the sword in his hand to firmly suppress Wang Yan.

“Ninth Brother, you are still not giving up?”

Wang Yun held up his Yan Imperial Sword at the top of the ancient tree, which stabbed into the clouds. His sword shone with a Buddhist light, and Buddhist halos shone behind him. When he swung his sword, it was like Buddha appearing in the sky. Buddhist chanting rang out endlessly, the sword’s might looking like it could level mountains and rivers.

Killing intent filled Wang Yan’s eyes. However, he could not do anything about the situation. The other party’s vast dynasty’s might flooded the place.

Wang Yan looked like he was besieged by a vast army. Killing intent filled him as he fought until he was bathed in blood. Unfortunately, the killing never ended. Even after killing to exhaustion, he might not be able to charge out from the encirclement.

“It looks like it is only a matter of time before Wang Yan loses,” Xiao Suo sighed as he looked into the distance, observing the battle at the top of the ancient Yan Emperor Tree.

Hao Kai nodded slightly. Although he had not interacted with Wang Yan for long, he still admired Wang Yan’s character.

It would be hard to avoid feeling somewhat upset at seeing the prince that he escorted lose to another person.

Xiao Chen maintained a calm expression, not showing any emotional fluctuations.

Xiao Chen had protected Wang Yan along the way, doing his best. Now, Wang Yan could only rely on himself in this final battle. Regardless of the outcome, Xiao Chen only hoped that Wang Yan did not have any regrets.

Xiao Chen could tell that Wang Yan’s Martial Dao accumulations surpassed the Fourth Prince Wang Yun’s.

After all, Wang Yan had guarded the borders for a long time. When he attacked the enemies, he led the charge. The soft Wang Yun, who spent all his time in the imperial capital, could not compare.

Unfortunately, Wang Yan’s aura was completely suppressed. The Dragon Essence in his Yan Imperial Sword was no match for the other party’s.

If Wang Yan remembered the silk pouch that Xiao Chen gave him, the victor might not be certain.

However, it did not matter anymore. The First Prince was already dead.

Xiao Chen could accept the outcome, regardless of who became the crown prince.

At the moment, he had other worries.

Many commotions happened during the succession race in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, developing the situation to this point.

It was hard not to worry about why the imperial ancestral temple kept covering for Xi and his cohort. Right now, Xiao Chen was worried about Ao Jiao, Su Ye, and the others at the palace.

“Big Brother, should we go over to take a look?” Xiao Suo said as he looked at Xiao Chen. Most of the other princes’ guests had already left the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

“Let’s leave this place first.”

They thought to themselves, Forfeit! Then, a vast force from underground connected to Xiao Chen’s and the others’ bodies and souls and sent them out.

In the next moment, Xiao Chen opened his eyes, and a different scene greeted him.

The group immediately relaxed as they no longer felt the pressure from the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The instant Xiao Chen appeared in the palace’s drill ground, he sensed ten-odd asphyxiating Soul Energies scanning them.

Xiao Chen felt startled. He had come in contact with a Faux God Flame before and could clearly sense it.

Every strand of Soul Energy scanning him contained a Faux God Flame.

That meant several Faux Gods had already arrived in the Yanwu Dynasty.

The Soul Energies containing Faux God Flames left as quickly as they arrived, there for less than a thousandth of a second.

Those who were weaker could not sense them.

Xiao Chen understood that these Faux Gods were checking whether the Wings of Time was on them or not.

A sudden chill ran down Xiao Chen’s back, and he felt somewhat celebratory.

Fortunately, the Wings of Time had not appeared in the Ethereal Immortal Palace. Had he obtained the Wings of Time, at least ten-odd Faux Gods would have attacked him the moment he returned to the palace.

At that time, it would be hard to escape death even with the Cycle Great Dao.

However, it was hard to say as well. With so many Faux Gods gathered here, the five Righteous Dao super factions had to have people here. If so, the Heavenly Alliance’s Faux Gods would be among them.

If the Heavenly Alliance’s Doyens knew that Xiao Chen obtained the Wings of Time, they would definitely protect him to the death.

Regardless, Xiao Chen would become the center of the dispute; survival would not be guaranteed.

Xiao Chen remained silent and handed Jiang He to Xiao Suo. Then, Ao Jiao and Su Ye’s group walked over to them.

“Your Highness the Divine Daughter, I managed to fulfill my orders,” Hao Kai said respectfully when he saw Ao Jiao.

“Senior Hao Kai, thank you,” Ao Jiao quickly responded softly.

Then, Ao Jiao shifted the gaze of her beautiful eyes to Xiao Chen and said begrudgingly, “Why did you push yourself so hard? You have no idea how worried we were.”

Indeed, there were many setbacks in this succession race, putting Xiao Chen at risk of death several times. While he did not think about it when he was in the situation, the observers felt startled and worried.

“Aren’t I still alive? There’s no need to worry.”

Xiao Chen felt Ao Jiao’s concern, which kindled warmth in his heart. Then, he stepped forward and pinched her cheek.

After meeting Xi Wangmu, Xiao Chen came to understand many things. He should not wait and end up feeling regret after the people by him were gone.

When he saw Ao Jiao, many suppressed emotions surged up in his heart.

Ao Jiao’s youthful face immediately flushed red. Then, she tugged at Xiao Chen’s hand and said, “What are you doing? Many people are watching.”

“Ahem. Ahem. Young Master Xiao, this is our Golden Crow Empire’s Divine Daughter. Please don’t go overboard,” Hao Kai reminded softly while coughing.

Xiao Chen pulled his hand back and looked around. Indeed, several gazes were focused on them.

Xiao Chen saw Xi smiling faintly at him, a playful expression on his face, which had a white bandage, covering his left eye, wrapped around it.

Yan Cangming and Zhen Yuan, who fought to the death with Xi in the battle earlier, joined up with Xi once again.

Several people looked over with hostile gazes as well, like Qin Ming, who gritted his teeth. Naturally, Xiao Chen ignored all of them.

At this moment, the many eliminated princes had their gazes fixed on the light screen, watching Wang Yan’s battle with Wang Yun at the top of the ancient Yan Emperor Tree.

There could be only one victor in this battle. Only one could become the crown prince.

However, Xiao Chen had a bad feeling. Whether the Wings of Time appeared or not, having so many Faux Gods gathered in the Yanwu Dynasty was not a good sign. A battle between Faux Gods could happen with one careless mistake.

At that time, the consequences would be dire.

Xiao Chen worried about Xi and Yan Cangming. Of the two, one was the First Prince of the Xuewu Dynasty, ruling over the Demonic Dao Hall. The other was an outstanding talent of the Underworld God Hall, representing the factions of the nine layers of the Abyssal Underworld. These people had an enmity with the Righteous Dao factions.

Now that the First Prince was dead, they should have lost their protection. However, they still dared to remain openly in the palace.

This gave Xiao Chen a bad feeling. After some thought, he said, “Everyone, stay close to me. Something is not quite right.”

The calm before Xiao Chen felt like the calm before the storm, which worried him all the more.

So, Xiao Chen got Su Ye and the others to stand closer to him.

If anything happened, he would bring everyone into the Divine Universe Stele.

Su Ye and the others did not doubt Xiao Chen at all. Upon hearing that, they flocked to Xiao Chen, standing around him.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen thought of something. He asked, “Did the Yan Emperor appear?”

As long as the Yan Emperor was around, he could bring out his Yan Imperial Sword. Even Faux Gods would fear him in the Yanwu Dynasty.

Su Ye frowned heavily and replied, “The Yan Emperor appeared at the start but never again after that.”

When Xiao Chen heard that, his heart skipped a beat. His foreboding intensified.

Just at this moment, the people around started discussing the succession race.

“The Fourth Prince is going to win!”

On the light screen, Wang Yan eventually could no longer hold out at the top of the ancient Yan Emperor Tree. Wang Yun managed to knock him into the air with a sword strike.

Blood spurted from Wang Yan’s wound, a cruel sight.