Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2350 Raw 2457 : Results Imminen

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Chapter 2350 Raw 2457 : Results Imminen

“Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun visited this place…”

There was nothing at all.

After using the inheritance key to open the five-colored Divine Stone’s seal, the expected Wings of Time did not appear. Instead, there was a line that rendered everyone speechless.

Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun visited this place?

When the usually calm Xiao Chen saw these words, even he could not say a word, either.

These words stupefied everyone. What the heck?!

Everyone had made plans, laid traps, used various trump cards, and fought to the death. In the end, they only obtained a line of words, a merciless mockery from Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun.

Xi felt even more disbelief than Xiao Chen. He had remained calm and unperturbed all the while, believing that his plan was perfect.

Xi’s mind went blank as he muttered, “That’s impossible! Absolutely impossible. If Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun took away the Wings of Time, he would definitely hide it in the Demonic Dao Hall. If it were in the Demonic Dao Hall, how could I not know about it? Where did I go wrong?”

Chu Chaoyun remained silent. He showed a complicated expression as he looked at the words in the air.

It was like he saw Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun mocking the Divine Master. A person that died fifty thousand years ago fooled the powerhouses of the various super factions.

While there were no Faux Gods here, in reality, those that could reach this step had the support of super factions. When they stood here, they represented not only themselves but also the terrifying factions behind them.

“What the heck is going on?!”

Qin Ming bit his lips, confusion written across his face. His father had sworn that the Wings of Time was definitely hidden in the Ethereal Immortal Palace.

So, why was there nothing after the inheritance key opened the seal?

“There’s no need to think further. Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun must have taken away the Wings of Time. He fooled us,” Sikong Shu said unhappily, showing a sullen expression.

Anyone would feel upset at being fooled by a dead person.

“Crack! Crack!”

Just at this moment, cracks appeared at the edge of this space and spread out like a spiderweb.

When everyone looked up, they saw that the space-time passageway formed by the seven Ethereal Immortal Palace keys had shrunk as well.

“Oh no! This space-time secret realm is breaking up.”

Everyone immediately felt somewhat flustered. This place was like a secret realm within this space-time crack, something incredibly stable. Hence, this development was really strange.

Earlier, the Ethereal Immortal Palace crumbled, and Immortal Burial Lake vanished for no reason. Now, the five-colored Divine Stone was already open.

The important pillars maintaining the space-time secret realm might already be gone.

If they did not get out before the secret realm broke, then they might be lost in a space-time stream forever.

“We cannot remain here.”

“Let’s go.”

The Ethereal Immortal Palace was gone, Immortal Burial Lake was gone, and now, the Wings of Time was gone. Even this secret realm was going to shatter.

If they delayed, only death awaited them. Even if they did not want to go, they had to.

Zhen Yuan and Yan Cangming stood side by side, suspicion gleaming in their eyes.

“Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun visited this place…what a visit,” Yan Cangming said somewhat hatefully, feeling depressed.

Zhen Yuan said indifferently, “This is still acceptable. Let’s go. The results of the succession race should be coming out soon.”

“However, the outcome of this succession race seems to be meaningless.”

Zhen Yuan paused for a moment and smiled. “Also…the outcome was already decided from the start. Let’s go. The original plan does not change.”


“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Many figures flashed immediately, flying towards the space-time passageway in the sky. No matter how dissatisfied they were, being fooled was being fooled. They needed to leave now.

“Lord Xi.”

Ming Xuan and Yang Qing arrived by Xi’s side, having noticed something off with him.

Xi’s left eye looked like a bottomless pit; no one dared to look at it. He appeared pale and muttered to himself nonstop.

Ming Xuan frowned slightly. “Lord Xi, we should go. If we still don’t go, this place will collapse.”

Xi pressed his hand over his left eye and stood up slowly. Then, he looked at Xiao Chen, who was currently caring for Jiang He.

Xi seemed to be wondering whether the other party had faked his expression.

“Ming Xuan, could Xiao Chen have already obtained the Wings of Time before this, then mysteriously resurrected from Immortal Burial Lake? Even I could not understand that final saber strike.”


While Xi spoke, the space-time secret realm started to shake, and the cracks grew larger.

After some thought, Ming Xuan replied, “Perhaps he received another opportunity, but the Wings of Time should not be with him. Otherwise, how could we even survive? He would have dealt with us. Then, when the epoch changes, he would not even have a single opponent.”

Xi remained silent. He leaned toward Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun having taken away the Wings of Time.

However, he found it strange. If Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun had the Wings of Time, why did he not use it against the Divine Master back then?

There had to be more to this.

“Let’s go.”

Xi looked at the collapsing secret realm and stopped hesitating. Then, he said, “Let’s leave first. Our plan is not over.”


Before leaving, Xi gave Xiao Chen a deep look, a complicated gaze in his right eye.

Soon, aside from Xiao Chen, Xiao Suo, Hao Kai, and Lin Feng, who were taking care of Jiang He, only Chu Chaoyun remained in this secret realm.

Chu Chaoyun stood a distance away. However, when he wanted to go over to the others, he saw Xiao Suo’s murderous look.

Chu Chaoyun shook his head and sighed before heading to the space-time passageway.

“Big Brother, can he be saved?” Xiao Suo asked somewhat anxiously. It looked like the secret realm would collapse, but his big brother did not show any intention to leave.

This could not help inspiring anxiety, making the rest worry.

Xiao Chen did not move because of this, remaining in deep thought. It was like he did not hear Xiao Suo.

Jiang He’s condition seemed extremely strange. He still showed all the signs of life, but his Divine Sea turned dim, and his soul showed no fluctuations; he looked like a living corpse.

After a while, Xiao Chen looked at his right hand. The inheritance key in his palm gave off a faint light.

Could it be…?

A thought occurred to Xiao Chen. Then, he looked at Jiang He before shifting his gaze back to the inheritance key.

Could Jiang He’s soul have been merged with this inheritance key?

I can only bet on this. Xiao Chen extended his hand and pushed the inheritance key back into Jiang He’s chest.


In the next moment, Jiang He’s chest erupted with resplendent light.

The jade shards of the Ethereal Immortal Palace turned into beams of rainbow light and entered Jiang He’s chest.

The starry river in the sky and the many stars followed, as well.

Soon, a brand-new Ethereal Immortal Palace formed at Jiang He’s chest and merged into his body.


Xiao Suo, Lin Feng, and the others gaped at this scene with incredulity.

After absorbing the entire Ethereal Immortal Palace, Jiang He’s body glowed with a faint crystalline light.

Jiang He looked like a beautiful jade. He underwent a complete transformation from the inside out.

Xiao Chen revealed an expression of enlightenment, understanding some things.

Indeed, there was no Wings of Time in this Ethereal Immortal Palace, and the Heavenly Dragon had known about this.

He must have discovered some of Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun’s secrets in the Azure Dragons’ old lands.

By leaving the inheritance key in Jiang He’s body, the Heavenly Dragon only wanted to give him a great opportunity. All of this was just Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun’s plot.

After learning of Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun’s plot, the Heavenly Dragon went along with it and left an opportunity for Jiang He.

Since he had the Wings of Time fifty thousand years ago, why did he not use it against the Divine Master?

Xiao Chen would have to ask the Heavenly Dragon personally to get the answer. Otherwise, the only other place was the Azure Dragons’ old lands.

Xiao Suo looked at the crumbling edges of this space. As the secret realm broke down, he said with some despair, “It’s over. It’s collapsing.”

“Don’t worry.”

Xiao Chen slung Jiang He over his shoulder and said, “Come with me.”

Xiao Chen drove the Cycle Great Dao and gently pushed off with his feet. Then, he reconnected the shattered space with the power of cycles.

After Xiao Chen passed, the space immediately re-shattered.

The space crumbled in Xiao Chen’s wake, as he had relied on the power of cycles to connect the space forcibly.

Leading the four, Xiao Chen soared through the air and escaped just before the passageway closed.

The four following behind Xiao Chen all felt incredibly mystified.

They suddenly discovered that Xiao Chen had undergone a life-transforming change after sinking to the bottom of the lake.

Xiao Chen exuded an indescribable serenity. His eyes were clear and calm, leaking a faint transcendent air.

Previously, this was not obvious to the rest. Now, it was incredibly clear.

“The outcome of the succession race is about to be revealed,” Xiao Chen murmured as he looked at the top of the ancient Yan Emperor Tree after they exited the passageway and returned to the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.