Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2349 Raw 2456 : Visited This Place

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Chapter 2349 Raw 2456 : Visited This Place

What was love?

It was like a person drinking, not leaving until drunk.

If it were to describe Xi Wangmu, perhaps another line was needed: not returning even if drunk.

Love for a lifetime, not leaving until drunk, not returning even if drunk.

Xiao Chen’s emotions felt somewhat heavy. After he saw Xi Wangmu disappear, the sky was empty. His heart felt equally empty.

If you get to reincarnate, I hope that you won’t be lovestruck. Just be yourself, be magnificent and excellent.

After a while, Xiao Chen perked up and checked the changes in his body.

After consuming the entire Immortal Burial Lake, he had easily broken through Small Perfection Sovereign Emperor, reaching 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

Xiao Chen clearly felt that the potential from Immortal Burial Lake had not been fully expended yet.

However, his physical body could not endure it at this moment. Thus, the remaining potential from the boundless natural treasures of Immortal Burial Lake was stored up, waiting to be used.

However, what Xiao Chen could not understand was the difference of the new Divine Vein from his first three Divine Veins. It was purer and more transparent. Aside from driving his Divine Energy and Soul Energy, it served more to drive his Cycle Great Dao.

Previously, he had used the states of massacre, despair, grief, ruin, pain, destruction, and death to materialize the state of cycle.

From massacre to death, it was actually a cycle of life to death and death back to life.

Immortal Burial Lake abandoned these seven complicated states. Or rather, it directly derived the Life Dao and Death Dao from the seven states, going straight to the nature of cycles.

All Dao led back to one. Everything in the world lived and died.

No one could avoid the power of cycles. The basic nature of life and death was a cycle.

It was neither the pure power of life nor the pure power of death. Instead, it merged the special characteristics of the two to produce a brand-new Great Dao Energy.

It could lead to life from death, and it could bring one from life to death. It could also continue this in an endless cycle, generating a power that could tear spacetime.

After grasping the Cycle Great Dao, Xiao Chen gained many more comprehensions about principles that he had not understood with the state of cycle.


Just at this moment, the Ethereal Immortal Palace in the air shook continuously.

Xiao Chen stopped thinking and looked up. He saw cracks appear in the beautiful and perfect Ethereal Immortal Palace.

The Ethereal Immortal Palace shuddered continuously, looking like it would crumble. This startled Xiao Chen.

“Xi Wangmu just departed, and something happened to the Ethereal Immortal Palace. Could the Ethereal Immortal Palace have been Xi Wangmu’s palace when she was alive?”

That might be the case. Otherwise, there would be no way to explain why the Ethereal Immortal Palace appeared above Immortal Burial Lake.

Given the Ethereal Immortal Palace’s beauty and magnificence, only Xi Wangmu could possess such an excellent gem.

Regardless of what Xiao Chen thought, this Ethereal Immortal Palace started crumbling at a visible speed.


Many exquisite gems glowing with spiritual light shot out and fell like rain.

Xiao Chen stretched out his hand and caught a pure-white jade. He could distinctly sense pure Spiritual Energy in the white jade.

What was more surprising was that although the Ethereal Immortal Palace was crumbling, every piece of white jade still seemed to be connected to it.


As the Ethereal Immortal Palace crumbled, a starry river flowed into the sky with countless stars flashing.

However, that was not the shocking thing for Xiao Chen. The shocking thing was that after the Ethereal Immortal Palace crumbled, he heard the sounds of intense battle and various familiar voices shouting.

He had not seen the Ethereal Immortal Palace’s doors open after he was pulled to the bottom of the lake. He did not know what happened later.

He had thought that everyone left after failing to open the Ethereal Immortal Palace’s doors.

Unexpectedly, all of them were there, and they all entered the Ethereal Immortal Palace.

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed. Before the Ethereal Immortal Palace crumbled completely, he withdrew his aura and hid.

He looked over and saw confusion on those people’s faces.

Clearly, the sudden collapse of the Ethereal Immortal Palace caught those people somewhat off guard.

“Jiang He?”

Xiao Chen saw Jiang He floating in the air with his eyes tightly shut; he was unconscious. Light continuously flowed out from his chest as the restriction in his body dissipated quickly.

Xiao Suo, Hao Kai, and Lin Feng protected Jiang He, arduously fighting Qin Ming and Yan Cangming.

Although the Ethereal Immortal Palace had crumbled, these people did not stop fighting. After being stunned for a moment, they resumed fighting.

Qin Ming and Yan Cangming attacked viciously, showing no mercy. They wanted to chase away the three and kill Jiang He.

On the other side, Buddhist light shone, and Buddhist chanting rang out endlessly.

Yuan Zhen sat on his lotus platform, firmly grasping a five-colored Divine Stone. He fought against four by himself, holding off Wenren Yu, Dao Yan, Ming Xuan, and Yang Qing.

They did not stop fighting. When the Ethereal Immortal Palace crumbled, the fight only became even more chaotic.

The Silver Dragon King and Sikong Shu, both veteran Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors, did not participate in the fights. They just stared at the mysterious and unfathomable Xi.

Xi wore his scarlet dragon cloak and stood upright with his hands held behind his back, as though the battles before him were completely unrelated to him.

“Why is the lake dried up?”

Xi appeared somewhat puzzled as he eyed the deep pit that was the dried-up lake from the air.

Is the crumbling of the Ethereal Immortal Palace related to Immortal Burial Lake’s drying up? This thought immediately flashed through Xi’s mind. Never mind…the restriction will be undone soon. I’ll check it out after I obtain the Wings of Time.

The Silver Dragon King and Sikong Shu also noticed the dried-up lake.

However, the two did not move, mainly because Xi seemed overly strange. Furthermore, he possessed unfathomable strength. The two did not dare say they could defeat him with certainty. They feared being unable to stop him if he suddenly erupted while one of them had left to investigate the dried-up lake.

Thus, keeping an eye on Xi took priority. They needed to see what he was up to.

The two believed that Xi, who had not taken action yet, knew some sort of secret.

Hence, the two wanted to keep an eye on Xi, even if they gained nothing.

The hidden Xiao Chen frowned heavily, feeling very suspicious.

An observer could see things more clearly or objectively than those involved.

From Xiao Chen’s observer’s angle, he noticed various strange details when paying some attention.

The shock waves from the various fights, be it Demonic Qi Divine Energy or Spiritual Energy Divine Energy, silently entered Jiang He’s body. They sped up the removal of the restriction in Jiang He’s body.

Someone planned this!

Xiao Chen quickly figured out that someone was using Jiang He to lay a trap, drawing everyone to fight in order to remove the Heavenly Dragon’s restriction in Jiang He’s body.

Is the Wings of Time inside the five-colored Divine Stone in Yuan Zhen’s hand?

Naturally, the five-colored Divine Stone Yuan Zhen held did not escape Xiao Chen’s notice. With the space-time fluctuations it gave off, it could hardly go unnoticed.

Xiao Chen frowned heavily, his thoughts racing.

Although he did not know what happened after he entered the lake, he could sense a scheme amid the chaotic scene before him.

Chu Chaoyun!

Xiao Chen suddenly thought of a name. Now, he appeared stunned with his mouth slightly open.

Earlier, he was still wondering who used Jiang He to lay this trap. Later, he was surprised to realize that Chu Chaoyun was not around.

Xiao Chen instantly thought of a possibility.

“Pu ci!”

Just at this moment, a resplendent and dazzling light came from Jiang He’s chest, as dazzling as the sun.

The five-colored Divine Stone in Yuan Zhen’s tight grasp went out of control. It struggled free and flew towards Jiang He’s chest.

Soon, it looked like the resplendent light at Jiang He’s chest would swallow up the five-colored Divine Stone.

Suddenly, space rippled. A blurry figure seemed to be born amid Primal Chaos.

This figure appeared above Jiang He without any warning and placed his palm on Jiang He’s back.

“Chu Chaoyun!”

The new arrival was Chu Chaoyun, who had laid this scheme out in secret and waited for a long time.

“Ka ca!”

A crisp sound rang out. The resplendent light at Jiang He’s chest coalesced into a key covered in talisman scripts.


When Chu Chaoyun appeared, anger immediately erupted on Xiao Suo’s face. He ferociously swung his Scarlet Blood War Banner and charged at Chu Chaoyun.

However, the others no longer focused on Chu Chaoyun but on that key shining with golden light.

The inheritance key!

The Silver Dragon King, Sikong Shu, Wenren Yu, the other outstanding talents, and the veteran Sovereign Emperors breathed heavily.

They immediately recognized the key. This was the inheritance key that everyone sought in their dreams but could not find.

“Heaven Swallowing Demonic Eye!”

Just at this moment, the leisurely Xi standing upright with his hands behind his back suddenly made a move.

A dense scarlet flame burned in Xi’s left eye. That scarlet flame in the depths of his eye burned through the barriers of countless worlds and came out. As it burned at his forehead, it erupted with an incredibly horrifying suction.

Xi’s left eye was like a bottomless hole. Everything around went out of control and flew towards his left eye.

The demonic eye swallowed everything—the sky, the ground, everything.

“Damn it! What’s going on?”

This startled everyone, their expressions turning flustered. They found their bodies hard to control as they got dragged towards Xi’s left eye. Even the Silver Dragon King and Sikong Shu, who kept their guard up against Xi, did not expect Xi to be so strong.

Only three people managed to stabilize themselves amid the suction.

Chu Chaoyun’s figure turned blurry as he gently pushed with his feet, wanting to enter an obscure space to get free.

Yuan Zhen pressed his palms together and chanted endlessly. The Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva’s huge figure appeared behind him.

Zhen Yuan’s eyes turned pitch-black. Both of his eyes had a black dragon image slowly swimming in them.

The three of them plus Xi started a four-sided struggle. The others only felt the world spinning around as a whirlwind spun them around.

Blood tears continuously dripped out of Xi’s eyes. Clearly, he found fighting so many outstanding talents by himself strenuous.

This was especially so with Chu Chaoyun, Yuan Zhen, and Zhen Yuan. While they struggled against the suction, they also did their best to prevent Xi’s demonic eye from swallowing the inheritance key and the five-colored Divine Stone.

The four sides struggled against each other, not daring to relax. Their efforts caused the view of this place to turn blurry as space twisted.

Life to death, and death to life. As long as the world exists, the cycle never ends!

While the four-way struggle continued, a flash of saber light containing the power of cycles swept out.

This saber strike looked ordinary. However, everywhere it passed, it swept through the mysterious phenomena like it was breaking dead branches, easily shattering all those in its way.

In the saber light’s wake, the initially twisted space and chaotic scene reverted to normal.

“Pu ci!”

The saber light sent Xi, Chu Chaoyun, Yuan Zhen, and Zhen Yuan, who were in a tense stalemate, flying while vomiting blood.

The group still struggling in the demonic eye’s whirlwind of suction got shot out.

Xiao Chen sheathed his saber and slowly stepped forward from the darkness. Then, he stretched out his hand and collected the inheritance key and the five-colored Divine Stone.

If Xiao Chen still had not made a move, Xiao Suo and the others might have been swallowed up by Xi’s demonic eye.

The consequences would have been dire, so Xiao Chen had to send out that saber strike.

“Xiao Chen!”

The various outstanding talents sprawled on the ground showed shocked expressions when they saw Xiao Chen appear while holding his saber.

Then, they saw Xiao Chen use the inheritance key to open the five-colored Divine Stone without hesitation, drawing outcries from some people.


The inheritance key easily broke the five-colored Divine Stone, instantly melting it. The resplendent power of spacetime rippled like lakewater.

However, the expected Wings of Time did not appear. Only a series of words floated quietly in the air.

“Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun visited this place…”