Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2348 Raw 2455 : Like a Person Drinking, Not Leaving until Drunk

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Chapter 2348 Raw 2455 : Like a Person Drinking, Not Leaving until Drunk

Xi Wangmu’s words sounded like she spoke to herself. However, in reality, she also answered some of Xiao Chen’s questions.

The opportunity in Immortal Burial Lake was left to Xiao Chen by the Sky Dome Immortal Lord.

If Xiao Chen could grasp it, he would gain this opportunity. If he failed, he would stay behind, becoming a living dead person to accompany Xi Wangmu.

Not wanting to delay, Xiao Chen asked, “Senior, do you know if there are any tricks to the opportunity in Immortal Burial Lake?”

If Xiao Chen had some clues, grasping the opportunity would be easier.

Xi Wangmu replied softly, “Life above the surface and death under the surface, a line separates life and death. However, I can live only under the lake. Going above means death to me. The epoch has changed, life to death, and death to life.”

Life to death, and death to life?

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up in sudden understanding. It turned out that Xi Wangmu already knew what the opportunity the Sky Dome Immortal Lord had left for him was.

“What will happen to you after I leave?” Xiao Chen asked nervously as he looked at Xi Wangmu’s back. Somehow, he felt that Xi Wangmu had lost all hope and wanted to seek death.

“Me? I have been waiting for someone for so many years. Now, that person has arrived.”

Xiao Chen pressed further, “What I mean is, what will happen to you if I obtain Immortal Burial Lake’s opportunity?”

“Why are you so confident? It is still not certain whether you can leave Immortal Burial Lake or not.” Xi Wangmu smiled faintly as she turned around to look at Xiao Chen.

“You just told me earlier. Immortal Burial Lake’s opportunity is—”

“Is that so?”

Xi Wangmu interrupted Xiao Chen, showing an unfathomable smile that did not seem like a smile.

Who knew whether Xi Wangmu was acknowledging it or denying it?

Right after she spoke, her figure floated up slowly. Showing neither grief nor joy, she said, “The opportunity is right in front. Grasp it properly.”


The moment Xi Wangmu’s figure vanished, Xiao Chen’s consciousness came out of his Soul Pool, returning to reality.

Reality was not as calm and casual as his Soul Pool. Immortal Burial Lake was like a boundlessly deep abyss. His body was still in the dark waters, continuously sinking.

Xiao Chen’s lifeforce continued to ebb. Even more critically, he could not circulate his Soul Energy or Divine Energy.

Xiao Chen could only watch as death slowly approached.

Without a doubt, this incredible feeling could inspire despair.

However, Xiao Chen no longer felt as panicked as he initially had. He opened his eyes in the dark lake water, showing a calm and peaceful look in his clear eyes, which seemed even clearer than the lake water.

Xi Wangmu had said, “Life above the surface and death under the surface, a line separates life and death. The epoch has changed, life to death, and death to life.”

Her words ended there. While it seemed like she had said nothing, she had already given it away.

The epoch has changed, life to death, and death to life…only the cycle never ends.

The opportunity of Immortal Burial Lake was the nature of the epoch changing, the Cycle Great Dao.

Xi Wangmu had seen through it all long ago. However, while she had seen through it all, she did not say it. She was waiting for a person. However, that person was not the Sky Dome Immortal Lord but Xiao Chen.

Xi Wangmu would rather use a lie to cheat herself for her entire life, pretending not to see through it all, pretending to be waiting for a person.

This was because that person was the love of her life, the Sky Dome Immortal Lord!

No matter whether you loved me or not, no matter whether you lied to me or not, at the very least, I was once a person worth entrusting something to in your heart.

When the epoch changed, many people could not help themselves. Many said things they did not mean; many lied and cheated. I am already satisfied with gaining your trust.

I would rather be misunderstood by you, letting you think that I jumped into Immortal Burial Lake for the sake of not ruining my beauty.

In Xi Wangmu’s heart, she only did this to help the Sky Dome Immortal Lord guard this lake from the start to the end.

As Xiao Chen expected, he could circulate his state of cycle freely.

As the state of cycle circulated slowly, he eventually stopped sinking.

He closed his eyes and focused on circulating the state of cycle. His ebbing lifeforce returned to his body one hundred times—one thousand times—faster.

A black-and-white light ring appeared behind Xiao Chen, looking like life and death cycling.

Various mysterious phenomena appeared in the lake.

A figure soared up above the Great Thousand Realms and entered the deep abysses, searching for supreme natural treasures. One-hundred-thousand-year-old Immortal herbs were reduced to only a drop of dew. All the dew formed by the boundless supreme natural treasures accumulated slowly, forming a pond. Then, a spring. Then, a pool. Finally, the lake that Xiao Chen was in.

It turned out that the Sky Dome Immortal Lord had formed this Immortal lake by collecting all the supreme natural treasures before the Immortal Epoch ended.

Then, the Sky Dome Immortal Lord had used the different attributes of the supreme treasures to derive the Cycle Great Dao, eventually creating the Immortal Burial Lake that inspired terror in those who heard of it.

Life above the surface and death under the surface.

This line looked simple, but it already touched on the power of laws, nearly able to create a world.

When Xiao Chen circulated the state of cycle, he activated the plan that the Sky Dome Immortal Lord left behind.

Xiao Chen’s body became like the entrance to a bottomless abyss, wildly sucking in Immortal Burial Lake’s water.

If others watched, they would be shocked to discover the lake surface of the entire Immortal Burial Lake lowering at a visible pace.

In merely a few breaths, Xiao Chen absorbed half of the entire Immortal Burial Lake.

After about eight minutes, Xiao Chen’s upper body appeared above the lake as he stood in it.

The lake water continued dwindling. Now, it had sunk to Xiao Chen’s knees. The black-and-white light ring behind him already materialized an inky world made of only two colors—black and white.


When the last drop of lake water disappeared, Xiao Chen suddenly opened his clear eyes. A spiritual light surged in them.

At this moment, Xiao Chen’s state of cycle finally reached the Great Dao.

The opportunity that the Sky Dome Immortal Lord had prepared surpassed Xiao Chen’s imagination.

Not to mention allowing Xiao Chen to drive the Cycle Great Dao freely, the lake water formed by countless Immortal Epoch supreme treasures also brought him unimaginable benefits.

With a thought, Xiao Chen felt shocked to discover that his cultivation already surpassed 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor. At some point, he had opened the fourth Divine Vein and broken through from Small Perfection Sovereign Emperor to Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor.

However, this Divine Vein seemed somewhat special, different from the other three Divine Veins.


Just as Xiao Chen was about to check the new Divine Vein, loud sounds rang out in the surroundings.

The flying Immortal corpses suddenly shattered, turning into dust in the strong wind after Xiao Chen absorbed Immortal Burial Lake.

Xiao Chen’s chest suddenly tightened, anxiety appearing on his face.

When he looked up, he saw a person standing in the air in front, seeming to move with the wind. This person looked very beautiful, capable of ruining nations with her beauty, exuding a noble air.

“Xi Wangmu!”

Xiao Chen’s joy scattered, leaving him feeling hollow. Then, he rushed towards Xi Wangmu.

Xi Wangmu turned back and smiled, looking like she heard Xiao Chen’s call. This smile looked like spring arriving. However, this smile looked lonely as well, inspiring sharp, prickly heartache. Then, she stretched out her hand.

Xiao Chen pushed hard against the ground and soared into the air. When it looked like he would touch that white-jade hand, Xi Wangmu’s entire body shattered, disappearing with the wind. She appeared for a brief moment and showed a beautiful smile. Then, she scattered with the wind.

Xiao Chen landed in disappointment. He closed his eyes and remained silent, unable to speak for a long time.

The ancient sages were all lonely. Their hopes and efforts came to nothing after a long time in the mundane world.

With Xi Wangmu’s great beauty, she would be like an ice lotus blooming at the summit of the Kunlun Mountain, a woman who attracted the attention of millions of Immortals.

In the end, she scattered like a flower. Before the changing of epochs, she was helpless.

After a long time in the mundane world, how many people, how many things, how many dreams were reduced to nothing?

Saying that the Sky Dome Immortal Lord was unparalleled in the world was plainly false. Being able to shake up the three realms was nothing compared to Xi Wangmu’s smile.

However, Xiao Chen somewhat envied the Sky Dome Immortal Lord for having an admirer like Xi Wangmu.

There were many women in the world, but how many of them could do what she did, pretending that nothing happened despite figuring it out? How many of them could hold on to their love until their death, even if the other party loved someone else?

What was love?

It was like a person drinking, not leaving until drunk.