Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2346 Raw 2453 : That’s Right. It’s Me!

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Chapter 2346 Raw 2453 : That’s Right. It’s Me!

Xi Wangmu’s wide and loose clothes spread out like flowers blooming as she knelt by the grave, caressing the nameless tombstone.

Her tears had already dried up, only leaving boundless loneliness and an unchanging sorrow.

Just as Xiao Chen was wondering why there was a grave in his Soul Pool, Xi Wangmu, who was in front of the grave, stood up and said softly, “Come out, then.”

After Xi Wangmu spoke, Xiao Chen, who was originally just an observer, unable even to control his consciousness, seemed to get dragged out by some power. Then, he took form and appeared in his Soul Pool.

Xi Wangmu turned to look at Xiao Chen. Although she looked at him from an equal height, she gave an impression of aloofness, a cold, noble pride that only looked down from above.

Xiao Chen felt startled. He did not know what kind of existence Xi Wangmu was now, but she was ridiculously strong.

“You must be very curious and confused. Ask all your questions. Back when he made this Immortal Burial Lake for me, he said that he would appear before me again one day. So, he got me to leave behind this undying strand of a remnant soul to await your appearance.”

Xi Wangmu’s words caused Xiao Chen to reveal a bitter smile. What is this?

If my life had already been planned by someone else long before the Martial Epoch started, then persevering in maintaining my character and morality throughout my life was just a huge joke.

Xiao Chen’s heart broke down at this moment, feeling that he had lived his life for nothing.

“I do not want to ask anything, and I do not want to know anything. Please leave my Soul Pool and send me out of Immortal Burial Lake. I, Xiao Chen, still have friends in mortal danger. I am worried about them,” Xiao Chen replied calmly, doing his best to assuage the storm in his heart.

Xiao Chen dual cultivated the Righteous Dao and the Demonic Dao; he also dual cultivated Immortal Cultivation and Martial Cultivation. There were terrifying demonic thoughts hidden in his heart. However, he possessed an extraordinary mental state. Normally, he could maintain his balance. Or perhaps, it might be more accurate to say that he already perfectly merged them.

There were no openings. The Immortal was Xiao Chen, the demon was Xiao Chen, the Buddha was Xiao Chen, they were all Xiao Chen. Only his heart and character never changed.

However, Xi Wangmu’s words and this strange grave shook his resilient heart and character.

The demonic thoughts were like a ferocious tiger in his heart. Once it was unleashed, even Xiao Chen would feel terrified of it.

Seeing the stubbornness and persistence in Xiao Chen’s eyes, Xi Wangmu trembled. They are too similar…

This person’s temperament perfectly matches that of the Sky Dome Immortal Lord of back then, that Sky Dome Immortal Lord who showed disdain for everything, even Immortal Ancestors.

A person’s appearance can easily change. However, a person’s temperament is difficult to imitate.

He once said that he would come. However, all I see is a grave. The one before me is only his reincarnation.

Xi Wangmu calmed herself and said after some thought, “I am unable to remain for long. If you turn and leave now, all the doubts in your hearts might never be resolved. Are you sure you don’t want to know anything?”

Xiao Chen revealed a self-mocking smile as he said helplessly, “If one’s life is predetermined and arranged in advance, one would just be the shadow of another person. What is the difference between resolving and not resolving these doubts and knowing these secrets? It’s pointless…completely pointless.”

Now, Xiao Chen understood. He was a pawn of the Sky Dome Immortal Lord, the reincarnated Sky Dome Immortal Lord using the Azure Dragon’s karma to enter the Martial Epoch.

The scene that Xiao Chen once saw in the Three Life Mirror had actually said it all already.

Back when the Sky Dome Immortal Lord made a deal with the Azure Emperor, he successfully reincarnated into the Martial Epoch. However, he needed to inherit the Azure Dragon bloodline’s karma and accomplish the Azure Emperor’s final wish.

There was no need to guess what the Azure Emperor’s final wish was. It would be none other than to bring back the glory of the Azure Dragon bloodline and make it flourish.

However, there was no way for Xiao Chen to guess the purpose of the Sky Dome Immortal Lord in reincarnating. He also did not want to know.

Since Xiao Chen consumed that Immortal Pill, it meant that the Sky Dome Immortal Lord transmigrated along with the Azure Dragon bloodline’s karma.

Without all this, what would Xiao Chen be? Nothing at all, not even a fart.


Xiao Chen’s thoughts shifted towards insanity. Suddenly, he found it extremely unbearable, falling to his knees and holding his heart. An obsession that he could not control surged through his body like a flash flood. Now, he lost control of his heart and character, showing a pained twisted expression.

In his immense discouragement, the demonic thoughts in the depths of his heart raced around like wild horses breaking free of restraints, slowly escaping his control.

Xi Wangmu’s expression flickered. How much suffering and responsibilities has this youth had to endure during his short life?

Upon seeing Xiao Chen’s expression turning increasingly twisted, Xi Wangmu stepped forward and pressed down on his forehead.


Xiao Chen went crazy. His eyes turned jet-black, and he released an overwhelming demonic flame.

Even Xi Wangmu felt great pressure. To think that she could not suppress the demonic thoughts in Xiao Chen’s body.

“You bitch, scram! I am not some dog-shit Sky Dome Immortal Lord. I am Xiao Chen. I cannot possibly become another person’s pawn in my life!”

The demonic thoughts filled Xiao Chen’s heart, infinitely amplifying his negative emotions.

They created a boundless hatred for the Sky Dome Immortal Lord, even prompting Xiao Chen to show boundless murderous intent for Xi Wangmu, who was before him.

“Trying to suppress me? It is not that simple. Die!”

The demonized Xiao Chen erupted with shocking strength, driving all the Soul Energy in his entire Soul Pool.


Shock flashed on Xi Wangmu’s face as Xiao Chen knocked her away.

“Hehe! Feeling afraid now? This is my—Xiao Chen’s—Soul Pool, after all. It is not a place for you, you horrible bitch. If you still don’t get out, then don’t blame me for being impolite.”

The demonized Xiao Chen broke through the restrictions he placed on himself, becoming like a violent hurricane.

In this Soul Pool, he could burst forth with a strength that surpassed the strength of his true body. He managed to push Xi Wangmu back.

The two started a huge battle. Xi Wangmu used her supreme Immortal Arts to combat Xiao Chen’s demonized Cultivation Technique and Martial Techniques.

At first, Xiao Chen did not hold much of an advantage. However, he slowly discovered that Xi Wangmu was holding back, worried that she would kill him by accident and not wanting to hurt him.

After discovering this opening, he started laughing wildly. Now that he gained the upper hand, he pressed his advantage, starting to attack even more fearlessly.

This Xiao Chen looked unparalleled, growing increasingly arrogant.

Xi Wangmu snorted coldly and sent out a God Killing Seal with the flip of her hand. Her magnificent clothes and long hair fluttered. Her beautiful appearance looked like a frozen rose, erupting with a horrifying aura.

When the God Killing Seal came out, it swept through all of Xiao Chen’s attacks like they were withered branches.

The demonized Xiao Chen screamed in agony, severely injured from the attack.

After he landed, he held his chest and coughed continuously. However, the ferocity in his eyes did not fade.

Just as Xiao Chen was about to get up and fight again, he suddenly discovered Xi Wangmu standing on the gravestone and looked up, revealing some despair.

“I once saw him sweep through hordes of demons. Even when the powerful demonic Immortals worked together, they could not last more than one hundred moves against him. I also once saw him ascend a spiritual mountain alone; all the deities and Buddhas did not dare to show up. He once got angry over a beautiful woman. He entered the Kunlun Realm and stormed the Heavenly Court, piercing through the clouds. One hundred thousand heavenly soldiers, three thousand Immortal Lords, and eight Immortal Ancestors could only watch as he carried away the beauty.

“The name of Sky Dome shook the three realms. Everyone knew about him. He was the leader of the three thousand Sovereign Lords, living up to his reputation as the Immortal Epoch’s strongest person. However, so what? In the end, he was just a pitiful worm. When faced with the changing of the epoch, he could not protect any of his family, his loved ones, or his friends.”

Xi Wangmu revealed a mocking expression as she continued indifferently, “He could not even protect himself, returning to dust and leaving me behind. In the end, everything mundane returned to nothing. How pitiful and miserable. Why do you need to live under that person’s shadow? Why abase yourself to the point of losing yourself?

“You have one thousand reasons—ten thousand reasons—to turn into a demon. However, this is the only reason you cannot turn into a demon for. If you do, I will really look down on you. Remember, you can be Sky Dome, but Sky Dome can never be Xiao Chen. You hold all possibilities. He…he was just a pitiful worm who could not protect anyone.”

The demonized Xiao Chen’s eyes slowly cleared. The demonic flames on his body eventually scattered.

Xi Wangmu’s words were like a blow to his head, forcibly pulling him back from the brink of despair.

Escapism was a sign of the weak.

Not only did it not solve the problem, but it also gave the demonic thoughts a chance to push the situation to what Xiao Chen did not want to happen.

In Xiao Chen’s heart, the karma that the Sky Dome Immortal Lord left behind made him feel helpless and was the weakness that he feared mention of the most.

In the end, Xiao Chen needed it to face it head on.


Xiao Chen slammed his palm against the ground and soared up. Then, he looked at Xi Wangmu, who stood on the tombstone.

At this moment, there was no more resentment or obsession in his eyes, only calm.

“Tell me, what is the Sky Dome Immortal Lord’s final wish? I, Xiao Chen, will accomplish it for him.”

That’s right. It’s me. It’s me, the White Robed Bladesman Xiao Chen!