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Chapter 2344 Raw 2450 : Not up to Him

“It looks like you do not understand me. Move aside!”

Chu Chaoyun did not even consider Xi’s suggestion, directly rejecting it.

“Are you sure?”

Xi’s face sank. He showed a cold expression as he said, “This time, I will not allow you to flee.”

Chu Chaoyun retorted indifferently, “Is that so? If the two of us fight at full power, Jiang He will die for sure, whether you are willing or not. He will die before the Heavenly Dragon’s restriction is removed. Who knows whether the inheritance key will be destroyed because of that. Are you sure you want to fight?”

If the two fought at full power, they would definitely lose control at the end, given their strength. That would no doubt implicate the unconscious Jiang He. The results went without saying.

“Are you threatening me?”

Xi’s expression turned extremely sullen. Although he did not want to admit it, what Chu Chaoyun said was highly possible.

“Did I? I was just stating the facts. Do you still think that we are the same kind of people?”

Chu Chaoyun smiled faintly, looking at Xi calmly.

Xi gave Chu Chaoyun a deep look. He now discovered that he found Chu Chaoyun unfathomable, not knowing how to define him.

Chu Chaoyun could be said to value friendship, but he was not like Xiao Chen, who would unconditionally protect the people by him and those important to him. In his place, Xiao Chen would not have threatened Xi with Jiang He’s death.

While Chu Chaoyun could be said to prioritize profits and benefits, he refused to work with Xi, the option that would have brought him the greatest benefits.

Chu Chaoyun seemed contradictory.

Chu Chaoyun wanted to act on his feelings, but he practically had to act according to the situation. The description that best defined him was “a person without a choice.”

Such a person was the most pitiful before the end of an epoch.

“Living like you is really tiring.”

Xi showed an expression of pity. Then, he said indifferently, “I do not have to force you. Whether you are willing or not, time will slowly force you to make a choice. I just have to wait patiently.”

After Xi spoke, he faded away, slowly vanishing before Chu Chaoyun.

Chu Chaoyun’s smile froze, betraying an unprecedented sorrow. That was a helplessness that showed after someone saw through his pretense.

The scene of Xiao Chen turning around and drawing his saber in Black Wind Ridge when he learned the truth appeared once again in Chu Chaoyun’s mind.

That saber strike had scattered the sinister winds that had lingered in Black Wind Ridge for ten thousand years, venting the dissatisfaction in Xiao Chen’s heart.

That saber strike demonstrated the determination in Xiao Chen’s heart. Even if he had to lose his opportunity, he would not hesitate to draw his saber. No matter how difficult it was, he would always advance and face the difficulties, never shrinking back.

Chu Chaoyun collected his thoughts. Then, he continued forward while carrying Jiang He on his back, expressionless.


There were ancient Immortal beasts and Great Desolate Eon ferocious beasts.

Things were not going well for Yuan Zhen and the others searching for the Wings of Time. There were all sorts of obstructions along the way.

However, these people were either outstanding talents among outstanding talents, known as demonic geniuses, or peak Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors.

No matter how strong the ancient Immortal beasts and the Great Desolate Eon ferocious beasts were, they were not comparable to the unkillable Immortal corpses outside.

These people advanced rapidly, bringing out their trump cards, and kept heading deeper into the Ethereal Immortal Palace.


“Damn it. We can’t catch up.”

After Xiao Suo, Lin Feng, and Hao Kai crossed that sea of flames, they could not see Chu Chaoyun at all.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and did his best to recall something. After a while, he opened his eyes and said, “I know where he will be.”


Xiao Suo and Hao Kai looked at Lin Feng questioningly.

After some thought, Lin Feng said, “He should be going to a large hall, where Jiang He and I first appeared. In hindsight, that place should be the core of the Ethereal Immortal Palace. However, there were Immortal beasts and ferocious beasts everywhere. I did not dare to remain there, so I charged out with Jiang He.”

Xiao Suo thought for a while and said, “Had you not left, you might have already obtained the Wings of Time.”

“I did not see the Wings of Time. Of course, I did not think that this was the Ethereal Immortal Palace at that time,” Lin Feng said honestly. Back then, he was confused and did not know how he had arrived there.

Hao Kai said, “Let’s not talk about this for now. Lead us over.”

“Come with me.”

The group saw corpses of ancient Immortal beasts and Great Desolate Eon ferocious beasts on the ground along the way. The blood had yet to dry, and a bloody stench hung in the air.

The three did not progress very quickly. On one hand, Lin Feng needed time to recall. On the other hand, they occasionally ran into Immortal beasts or ferocious beasts.

Fortunately, Xiao Suo and Hao Kai were here. One had inherited the Scarlet Blood Pirate King’s indomitable will, and the other was a 6-Vein Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor. When the three worked together, no Immortal beasts or ferocious beasts could defeat them. They continued charging forward in such a manner.

After one hour, Lin Feng pointed to an exit at the passageway in front and said, “If I recall right, it is the hall in front.”

“Let’s go over and take a look.”

The group traversed the passageway and entered the hall.

The scene before them immediately brightened, turning somewhat glaring.

This was a vast, circular hall with a high vault that had the stars, the sun, and the moon moving on it, looking dazzling.

The hall’s pure-white jade floor looked seamless, without any cracks, giving off a piercing, snow-white light.

Upon suddenly entering this bright hall, the three felt this somewhat hard to adapt.

“This is the place,” Lin Feng murmured as he sized up the hall. Although he had been here once, he had not remained here for long before the Immortal beasts and ferocious beasts rushing in from all directions scared him into fleeing.

Now that he was here again, he could not help scrutinizing the place out of curiosity.

The core hall had a vast star chart above with flashing stars and the sun and the moon shining together, illuminating the entire hall, looking very dreamy.

When one stood in it, one automatically felt like one’s body and soul turned immaterial, a somewhat unrealistic feeling.

There was an even more resplendent, five-colored Divine Stone set on a stone pillar in the center of the hall. Red, orange, yellow, green, and blue lights flashed, showing many changes.

An azure liquid that looked like water seemed to flow inside the five-colored Divine Stone, the ripples created by space-time fluctuations.

Xiao Suo said, “So, the space-time fluctuations that we sensed outside came from this five-colored Divine Stone.”

“Could the Wings of Time be sealed in it?”

Hao Kai showed a grave expression, thinking of a possibility.

“It is possible,” Xiao Suo said softly with narrowed eyes.

Lin Feng looked around and noticed many passageways leading to this hall. Soon, the others would arrive as well.

The Ethereal Immortal Palace had Immortal beasts and ferocious beasts. Furthermore, it had many winding passages with many turns, like a maze.

If not for Lin Feng having been here once, they could not have rushed over before the others. However, they should not be faster by much.

“What should we do now? That Chu Chaoyun is not here.”

Xiao Suo glanced at the five-colored Divine Stone, then ignored it. He felt somewhat depressed at not finding Chu Chaoyun.

“Let’s wait first. Since he is here for the Wings of Time, he will definitely come here. Someone is coming.”

Hao Kai, who was speaking, frowned slightly. Then, the three quickly raised their guard, moving to the edge of the hall.


A Buddhist light filled the dreamy hall. It was Yuan Zhen who entered first. He flew in, seated on the lotus platform. Upon closer scrutiny, his lotus platform was stained with blood.

Clearly, he had killed many beasts on the way here.

“The Wings of Time!”

The instant Yuan Zhen saw the five-colored Divine Stone, he sensed the space-time ripples it contained. His expression changed slightly.

He immediately concluded that the Wings of Time was sealed in the five-colored Divine Stone.

“Thud! Thud! Thud!”

Just as Yuan Zhen was about to make his move, the Silver Dragon King, Qin Ming, and Sikong Shu rushed in from another passageway, charging in while covered in blood.

Qin Ming’s gaze fell on the five-colored Divine Stone, and his crazed eyes suddenly blazed. The Wings of Time!

“I finally found it. After so much effort, I finally found it.”

Boundless joy appeared on Qin Ming’s face. When he looked around and saw Yuan Zhen, intense murderous intent flared in his eyes.


Yuan Zhen showed a disdainful smile on the lotus platform, his eyes gleaming with obvious mockery.

Before the two sides could fight, Wenren Yu, Dao Yan, Yan Cangming, Zhen Yuan, Xi, Ming Xuan, and Yang Qing arrived from different passageways.

Looking around, nearly all the holders of the Ethereal Immortal Palace keys had charged over with their companions.

This was the place that hid the Wings of Time!

Killing intent gathered in Xiao Suo’s eyes as he searched around. However, he did not see Chu Chaoyun’s figure.

Damn it! Where is that ingrate hiding?

Qin Ming, Wenren Yu, and the others showed cautious gazes as they eyed their opponents.

If one failed to pay attention at this crucial moment, one might get killed.

The Wings of Time was right before them. Anyone would know that there was only one Wings of Time. Whoever wanted to monopolize it would face the attacks of others. No one dared to act rashly.

The atmosphere slowly turned strange. At some point, Qin Ming’s three, Wenren Yu, and Dao Yan slowly drifted together.

Yan Cangming, Zhen Yuan, and Xi also slowly converged.

Everyone expected that a battle to the death was imminent.

Banding together was human instinct when faced with death, so everyone had a mutual understanding of one another.

The two sides happened to split into Righteous Dao and Demonic Dao. As for the Buddhist sect’s Yuan Zhen, he remained neutral, not leaning to either side.

Everyone ignored Xiao Suo’s group of three as they had an irrefutable connection to Xiao Chen.

Clearly, neither the Righteous Dao side nor the Demonic Dao side could tolerate Xiao Chen’s existence, even implicating Xiao Suo’s group of three.

“Yuan Zhen, the Hidden Spirit Temple has always been a Righteous Dao faction. By not siding with us, are you hoping to escape with the prize while we fight it out?” Qin Ming asked coldly as he looked at Yuan Zhen, who sat on a lotus platform.

While Qin Ming spoke, Xi and Yan Cangming also looked at Yuan Zhen.

Clearly, neither side would permit a strong existence to just wait and watch them fight.

If Yuan Zhen did not express his stance, the two sides might work together to finish him off to prevent him from benefiting from their fighting.

Facing Qin Ming’s overbearing attitude, Yuan Zhen replied indifferently, “Buddha but not Buddha, demon but not demon. This monk does not want to get involved with either of your two factions.”

These words immediately incited hostility from both the righteous side and the demonic side.


Just as the two sides were about to work together to deal with Yuan Zhen, the five-colored Divine Stone on the stone pillar suddenly flew into the air.

Everyone looked up and saw a person descend from the starry sky.

Jiang He’s eyes remained shut as his front faced the ground. A complicated pattern on his chest shone with light as he slowly descended. It seemed like a certain restriction in his body slowly dissipated with the light.

One descended from above, and one rose into the air. Jiang He slowly got closer to the five-colored Divine Stone.

Everyone appeared somewhat confused. Only Xi showed a cold smile. He had long expected that Chu Chaoyun would undo the Heavenly Dragon’s restrictions at the crucial moment.

Whether Chu Chaoyun was willing or not, he had to do so. The choice was not up to him.