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Chapter 2343 Raw 2449 : Move Aside!

When Lin Feng saw the group frantically charging over to the Ethereal Immortal Palace’s entrance, he cursed as he moved aside hastily.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Riding on his lotus platform and bathed in Buddhist light, Yuan Zhen was the first to rush in.

Before Yuan Zhen entered, he glanced at Lin Feng.

After hesitating for half a second, he ignored Lin Feng and directly charged inside.

Indeed, no matter how one looked at it, it was extremely strange that Lin Feng and Jiang He appeared inside the Ethereal Immortal Palace, which everyone despaired of opening.

Naturally, it would be best if he could capture these two. However, just because he delayed here did not mean that others would as well. If he waited here a little and lost the initiative, he might lose everything from just one misstep.

Close at Yuan Zhen’s heels, the Silver Dragon King, Wenren Yu, and the others also charged into the Ethereal Immortal Palace. Some gave Lin Feng and Jiang He a couple of glances, and some completely ignored them.

The doors were already open. Nothing else was more important than charging into the Ethereal Immortal Palace.

However, some people were not willing to let Lin Feng and Jiang He off.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Xi’s group of three blocked Lin Feng and the unconscious Jiang He, bad intentions obvious in their eyes.

Then, Xi attacked without a word.

The scarlet dragon image around him roared and charged at Lin Feng at lightning speed.

To Lin Feng’s eyes, the scarlet dragon image carried a horrifying dynasty’s Demonic Might as it surged over. This scarlet dragon image seemed boundlessly vast, grand and majestic, exuding an overwhelming aura.

Lin Feng, who had already fought a bitter battle in the Ethereal Immortal Palace, showed an unsightly expression when facing this attack.

Even if he could receive it, this attack would severely injure him. At that time, he could be easily captured.

Naturally, the best choice would be to abandon Jiang He and leave alone.

Just as Lin Feng felt put on a spot, a figure shielded Lin Feng and unhesitatingly swung his sword.

“Eternal Primal Chaos!”

“Swish!” The sword light quickly sliced through the scarlet dragon image, cutting it in half.

How strong! Lin Feng thought to himself. To think that this figure broke the scarlet dragon image with one sword strike.

“Whoosh!” The two halves of the scarlet dragon image returned to Xi’s side and reformed.

“Xi, don’t be so ruthless,” Chu Chaoyun said as he looked at Xi’s group of three.

Xi smiled faintly and asked, “Don’t you want to know how he entered the Ethereal Immortal Palace?”

Chu Chaoyun retorted expressionlessly, “I would be more concerned about whether you can catch up to the others if you continue to delay here.”

After Chu Chaoyun spoke, Xi’s expression suddenly turned sullen.

If Chu Chaoyun had not blocked him, he would not have delayed for so long. Given his strength, it would not take much effort.

“After fleeing previously, you have gotten bolder.”

Killing intent gathered in Xi’s eyes. His expression turned unclear, making it unfathomable.

“Although you are strong, I have never truly feared you. No one here understands you better than me.”

Chu Chaoyun calmly faced the other party’s threat, not showing any fear.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Just at this moment, two figures flew over. It was Xiao Suo and Hao Kai.

“Brother Chu, do you need help?” Xiao Suo asked softly as he landed beside Chu Chaoyun while wielding his Scarlet Blood War Banner.

“Let’s go.”

When Xiao Suo and Hao Kai arrived, Xi withdrew his aura and left decisively.

While watching the three leave, the remaining people released their bated breath. Xi’s strength was too unfathomable. They could not afford to let their guard down when facing him.

Chu Chaoyun glanced at the many Immortal corpses coming to surround them. Then, he frowned and said, “Enter the Ethereal Immortal Palace first. These Immortal corpses seem like they do not dare to enter.”

“We cannot enter. There are ancient Immortal beasts and Great Desolate Eon ferocious beasts in there. Those are even more horrifying,” Lin Feng warned. When he heard that they were going to enter the Ethereal Immortal Palace, he recalled his terrible experience inside.

“No matter how horrifying it is, it would not be more horrifying than this. Let’s enter first,” Hao Kai said with lingering fear as he eyed the Immortal corpses.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

When the group stepped up to the Ethereal Immortal Palace’s entrance, the Immortal corpses indeed did not go any farther.

“I’m going to enter. Are you coming with me?” Chu Chaoyun asked as he looked at Xiao Suo and Hao Kai. He had to fight for the Wings of Time; he could not possibly remain here all the while.


Xiao Suo shook his head and said with determination, “We are going to wait for Brother Xiao Chen here.”

“Alright. You can stay here, then. However, I have to bring this person with me.”

As Chu Chaoyun shifted his gaze to Jiang He, his expression did not change. However, his words greatly startled the rest.

Chu Chaoyun wanted to bring away Jiang He.

“Indeed, you are not a good fellow!” Xiao Suo said with an icy gaze as his figure flashed to shield Jiang He and Lin Feng.

Chu Chaoyun looked deeply at Xiao Suo. After some thought, he said, “He is the crux to the Wings of Time. I need to bring him with me. However, I promise not to hurt him or kill him.”

“Do you think that I will let you take him away?”

Xiao Suo showed a cold smile, looking at Chu Chaoyun with a murderous gaze.

“It is not up to you.”

Right after Chu Chaoyun spoke, his figure turned blurry. Everywhere he passed, space turned chaotic, making it hard to locate him.

“Where is he?”

Hao Kai and Xiao Suo charged forward. However, they could not find Chu Chaoyun at all, greatly startling them.


A beam of light flashed. Chu Chaoyun picked up the unconscious Jiang He and bypassed the two.

“Damn it! After him!”

The three cursed and broke into a mad dash. The carefree Chu Chaoyun in front turned his head back to glance at them.

The three saw a golden light flash in Chu Chaoyun’s eyes; then, a golden flame spewed out and formed a sea of flames blocking them.

“It’s the Universe Origin True Flame!”

Hao Kai inhaled sharply. He stretched out both hands to stop Xiao Suo and Lin Feng.

“Why are we stopping? That fellow is already far away.”

Xiao Suo looked enraged. While he looked like a crude, rude ruffian when he traveled the sea, he was loyal and forthright. In his heart, loyalty took priority. After receiving grace from another, he would never forget it.

Xiao Suo received everything he had from Xiao Chen. Without Xiao Chen, he could not have obtained the Scarlet Blood Pirate King’s inheritance and reached his current heights.

Xiao Chen was a benefactor of Xiao Suo’s. Hence, he would be willing to do anything for Xiao Chen out of loyalty.

Such a person hated betrayal the most, unable to bear even the thought of it.

If Xiao Suo could, he would go over and chop down Chu Chaoyun now. To think that he even went to help Chu Chaoyun face Xi earlier.

In the end, this fellow was a liar, no different from Xi.

Lin Feng had a grave expression as he looked at the fiercely burning, golden flames. Then, some fear flashed in his eyes. “This is a Universe Origin True Flame that surpasses Rank 9. It already borders on the Universe Origin True Flame’s Origin Flame. If we rashly charge over, we will die a miserable death.”

Hao Kai said after some thought, “Unexpectedly, there is such a strong person hidden by our side. He is not much weaker than Xi. However, I have a way to deal with this flame.”


“Fight fire with fire!”


A resplendent flame suddenly flared around Hao Kai. The Solar True Flame blazed fiercely.

Hao Kai wanted to use his Solar True Flame to burn away Chu Chaoyun’s Universe Origin True Flame.

Although the other party’s flame was stronger than his, the other party was far away. If he continuously used his Soul Energy to control his Solar True Flame, he would eventually burn away the sea of flames before him.

However, this would take some time.


After leaving Xiao Suo and the other two behind, Chu Chaoyun moved continuously, endlessly rushing forward.

Everywhere he passed, there were corpses of ancient Immortal beasts and Great Desolate Eon ferocious beasts. Yuan Zhen, the Silver Dragon King, and the others who had gone ahead must have used their trump cards.

Foul blood stained the beautiful, jade-like walls and floor red.

However, the strange thing was that as the blood seeped into the jade, the walls and floor glowed brighter.

Chu Chaoyun did not get that far before he frowned slightly and stopped.

A person walked out from the corner in front. That person looked at Chu Chaoyun with a smile. It was the Xuewu Dynasty’s Xi.

A strange look flashed in Chu Chaoyun’s eyes. Then, he said, “It looks like you also figured out that the so-called inheritance key is Jiang He himself.”

Xi smiled faintly and said, “I can only say that the Heavenly Dragon possessed extraordinary means. Normally, Jiang He was just Jiang He. However, when he appeared where the Ethereal Immortal Palace was predicted to appear and brought out the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries, he activated the inheritance key hidden in his body, achieving the purpose of calling out the Ethereal Immortal Palace.”

“What do you want?” Chu Chaoyun asked, not commenting on what Xi said.

“Naturally, I want to take out the inheritance key from his body. Don’t you want to do that too? Since you know me very well, how could I not guess what your plan is? Hehe! Actually, I should have shown up later, after you have killed him for the inheritance key.”

Xi narrowed his eyes slightly and smiled somewhat playfully. “There is no need to pretend anymore. We are the same kind of people. Coincidentally, if we worked together, it would be easier to break the Heavenly Dragon’s restrictions. Then, we can fight over the inheritance key after it comes out.”

Chu Chaoyun showed a derisive smile. “I have never thought of killing him. It looks like you do not understand me. Move aside!”