Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2338 Raw 2445 : Ethereal Immortal Palace Appears

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Chapter 2338 Raw 2445 : Ethereal Immortal Palace Appears

The Ethereal Immortal Palace keys trembled.

Without any warning, the Ethereal Immortal Palace keys in everyone’s hands suddenly started trembling.

“Wait a moment.”

Sikong Shu stopped the Silver Dragon King and Qin Ming, who were going to attack Jiang He. Suddenly, the key that he held gave off a faint glow and trembled endlessly.

Qin Ming and the Silver Dragon King looked at the key, their expressions changing slightly.

“What’s going on?” Qin Ming looked at Sikong Shi in confusion.

Sikong Shu could not help his anxiety. “Despite being in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb for so long, the key has never shown any strangeness. Now, it suddenly started moving, like something is summoning it.”

Clearly, the key would not tremble for no reason. There had to be a reason.

What was the reason?

Naturally, the first thought was that the Ethereal Immortal Palace would be appearing.

“Is the Ethereal Immortal Palace going to appear?” the Silver Dragon King asked excitedly, unable to hide his emotions.

“It is possible. Looking at this, perhaps the Ethereal Immortal Palace might not be connected to Jiang He. Perhaps we were wrong previously. Just leave Bai Yunfei and Xiahou Wu to stand guard outside. There’s no need to continue chasing,” Sikong Shu said softly after some thought, watching Jiang He go far away.

Perhaps the Ethereal Immortal Palace might appear in the next moment.

At that time, it might be hard to avoid conflicts. It would be stupid to split their forces to chase after Jiang He.

Sitting on his lotus platform at the sea of bitterness, Yuan Zhen quietly watched the key hovering in front of him.

“It’s appearing?”

Yuan Zhen frowned slightly. He did not feel as excited as the Silver Dragon King and Qin Ming did.

Instead, his eyes looked hollow and empty, not showing joy or grief.

“It looks like the Ethereal Immortal Palace is really appearing. Where will it be?”

Yan Cangming clutched the key with his right hand, trembling slightly as he swept his gaze through the place, his eyes radiating a terrifying aura.

The keys trembling for no reason shocked everyone, interrupting what they were doing.


“Congratulations, I am going to spare you,” Xi said indifferently as he looked at the wound-riddled Xiao Suo. Then, he ignored Xiao Suo, leaving to meet up with Ming Xuan and Yang Qing.

“What’s going on?”

Xiao Suo’s battle hunger had yet to scatter. However, his wounds prevented him from continuing the fight.

If Xi had persisted, Xiao Suo might give out after a while longer.

However, Xi suddenly lost all interest in Xiao Suo, put on his black cloak, and immediately went far away.

“Never mind, I should treat my injuries first.”

Xiao Suo did not overthink. He consumed a Medicinal Pill and silently retreated.


Chu Chaoyun and Xiao Chen exchanged looks. The Ethereal Immortal Palace keys in their hands trembled.

The Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries?

Jiang He just brought out the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries, and the Ethereal Immortal Palace keys immediately showed a change. This was too much of a coincidence.

Perhaps everyone’s attention had been focused on the Ethereal Immortal Palace keys’ strange movements, so they might overlook this detail. However, Xiao Chen, who also grasped the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries, did not miss this detail. He muttered in his heart, The Heavenly Dragon really knows something about the inheritance key?

However, asking Jiang He about it now is already too late.

Everyone focused on the keys in their hand. Previously, everyone targeted Jiang He. Now, they just watched him leave after a few glances.

Before the Ethereal Immortal Palace appeared, everyone naturally had to capture the Heavenly Dragon’s son, who was highly likely to have a connection to the inheritance key.

Now that the Ethereal Immortal Palace was about to appear, continuing to chase after Jiang He would be putting the cart before the horse.

Xiao Chen took a quick look. Aside from a few weaker Sovereign Emperors chasing after Jiang He, the super experts, like Dao Yan and Yuan Zhen, did not take the initiative to attack.


Just as the two pondered the keys’ movements, the trembling keys struggled free from their hands and flew in a certain direction.

The keys shot out like meteors in the dark sky, looking like flowing light.

It was not just Xiao Chen’s and Chu Chaoyun’s keys that did that. The Ethereal Immortal Palace keys of Yan Cangming, Xi, Yuan Zhen, Wenren Yu, and Sikong Shu all went out of control.

“Hahahaha! After it!”

However, most of them did not show any fluster on their faces. Instead, they showed wild joy.

The Silver Dragon King roared and chased after the flowing lights wildly, together with Sikong Shu and Qin Ming.

“The Ethereal Immortal Palace is really going to appear!”

Yan Cangming showed a fervent look in his eyes, appearing excited and joyful.

“This is not the time to get excited yet. It will be perfect only if we get our hands on the Wings of Time,” Zhen Yuan said calmly at the side.

“Right. Let’s move too.”

Yan Cangming suppressed the excitement in his heart and slowly recovered his calm. Then, he showed a stern expression.

A black demonic image suddenly appeared in Zhen Yuan’s eyes. The demonic figure soared up, surging and gushing around.

If Xiao Chen were here, he could recognize this as the Black Dragon King’s demonic nature, which Zhen Yuan absorbed in the Soaring Dragon Great Realm.


In the next moment, the demonic figure burst out of Zhen Yuan’s body. Then, it wrapped around him and Yan Cangming before turning into a black tornado and rushing off.

Everywhere the black tornado passed, sand and rock flew as winds howled. The sky changed color, inspiring chills.

None of the people who possessed the Ethereal Immortal Palace keys wanted to fall behind. They all used their strongest methods to move like lasers, relentlessly chasing at lightning speed.

“Did you see Jiang He?”

After Xi met up with Yang Qing and Ming Xuan, he immediately asked about Jiang He.

Ming Xuan replied after some thought, “After the strange movements of the Ethereal Immortal Palace keys, I feared that there would be a great change, so I did not give chase but waited for Lord Xi. I only sent a few people to pursue him, but I don’t know if they succeeded.”

“What’s wrong? Does Jiang He still have a use?” the Azure Lotus Holy Daughter asked softly, her eyes sparkling.

Xi explained, “The Ethereal Immortal Palace key would not make strange movements for no reason. The mystery in Jiang He has not been solved yet. My instincts tell me that he will be very useful.”

“What should we do now? Should I chase after him?” Ming Xuan asked as he looked at Xi, raising his eyebrows.

Xi’s expression remained the same as he replied indifferently, “There’s no need. If there is some link to him, he will not be able to flee. Let’s chase after the Ethereal Immortal Palace keys.”

Xi flung out his cloak, and the scarlet dragon roared, carrying the three into the air.


Jiang He, whom Xi said could not escape if he was connected, was not in a good situation at this moment.

Although no super experts chased after him, those Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors on his tail included Demonic Dao outstanding talents, Great Desolate Eon bloodline cultivators, and sect Elders.

A 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor like Jiang He could not afford to go against such people.

Fortunately, Jiang He comprehended the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries, so these people would find it hard to catch him so soon.

However, if this continued and he ran out of Divine Energy, he still would not escape.

Jiang He had not even dreamed of coming to participate in the succession race. However, he ended up facing a great calamity for no reason at all, making him feel depressed.

Oh no!

Jiang He’s expression suddenly changed slightly. Then, he drew his saber, turned around, and swung it.


Jiang He’s saber light landed on a gigantic snake body. A strong rebound sent Jiang He flying back while leaking blood from his mouth.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Two figures landed. It was the White Marsh Beast Empire’s Bai Yunfei and the Hound Lion Empire’s Xiahou Wu.

“Jiang He, I have waited a long time for you.”

Bai Yunfei smiled faintly. Sikong Shu had ordered him and Xiahou Wu to wait at the periphery to prevent Jiang He from escaping, in case Xiao Chen managed to help Jiang He break out of the encirclement.

Xiahou Wu said indifferently, “Jiang He, just obediently come with us. Since we are all from the Martial God Palace, we will not make things too difficult for you, unlike those Demonic Dao Sovereign Emperors.”

Jiang He’s path forward was blocked, and there were pursuers behind. His situation immediately turned extremely bad.

Jiang He’s mind raced as his heart sank in helplessness.

He thought about how free and unfettered he usually was in the Great Thousand Realms. No one could do anything about him because of the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries.

However, in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, he finally realized that it was not that others could not do anything about him but that he had not run into a true expert yet.

The Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb gathered elite Sovereign Emperors who had gone through countless rounds of selection and elimination, practically assembling the strongest Sovereign Emperors in the entire Martial Epoch.

Jiang He’s free and unfettered nature was greatly limited in this Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.


Suddenly, two beams of black light surged over. Everywhere they passed, lifeforce drained. The two beams of light instantly blocked Bai Yunfei and Xiahou Yun.

“Whoosh!” Grim Reaper Lin Feng descended from the sky and landed behind Jiang He.

“Come with me.”

Lin Feng did not explain. He grabbed Jiang He and brought him away.

“You are…”

“I’ll explain later.”

Seeing a lack of murderous intent from Lin Feng, Jiang He put away his suspicions and quickly left with him.

By the time Bai Yunfei and Xiahou Wu dealt with the formidable death’s mysteries, the two were out of sight.

“This place should be safe for now,” Lin Feng said calmly after landing and checking the surroundings.

Along the way, Lin Feng had explained his identity: Xiao Chen’s friend in the Heavenly Alliance.

Jiang He smiled bitterly. In the end, I still cannot escape being saved by Xiao Chen, a good friend.

Fortunately, Jiang He had a cheerful nature and did not mind this. Just as he was about to say something, Lin Feng interrupted him, “The Ethereal Immortal Palace is appearing.”

Lin Feng looked into the distance. Seven beams of flowing light slowly gathered, looking like seven divine birds linked at head and tail as they formed a circle like a vast sun in the sky.