Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2336 Raw 2443 : Left without a Choice

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Chapter 2336 Raw 2443 : Left without a Choice

Betray you! Abandon you! Kill you!

These words were like blows to Xiao Chen’s head, rendering him speechless for a while, unable to figure it out.

Still, Xiao Chen also felt like he woke up from a dream as he had thought of what the other party said before.

Back then, at Black Wind Ridge, when the sinister winds had not yet scattered, Chu Chaoyun had spoken about the great momentum with him.

At that time, Xiao Chen had considered all this. Who could control themselves when borne by the great momentum? Who could guarantee that their minds would not change? Who could say that they would not be left without a choice?

Back then, Xiao Chen swung his saber because he did not believe in fate or the great momentum. He just wanted to swing his saber to chop off all restraints.

However, it was not that simple.

Even now, Chu Chaoyun had not told him how he got into the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

Xiao Suo had the Pirate Alliance behind him. After he succeeded the Scarlet Blood Pirate King’s indomitable inheritance, who could guarantee that he would not get swept away with the great momentum?

Hao Kai was an expert from the Golden Crow Empire. He came to help Xiao Chen only because of Ao Jiao.

Without Ao Jiao, no one knew how Hao Kai would treat him.

As for Jiang He, who could guarantee that he really did not know the inheritance key’s location? No one but him.

Who were Xiao Chen’s friends, and who were Xiao Chen’s enemies?

The scarlet flame that came out of Xi’s demonic eye after burning through countless worlds and barriers was like a flashing bloody tear.

After Xi forced back Xiao Suo and the others, he chose not to attack. This made Xi’s words sound extremely convincing.

Had Xi not said these words earlier but chosen to attack, no one could have blocked him.

This scarlet flame from the depths of his eye that burned through countless barriers and worlds was more terrifying than many people thought.

Xiao Chen’s heart wavered. He was nearly sure that the other party was a backup plan of Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun.

Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun was of the Azure Dragon bloodline. Given that Xiao Chen also possessed the Azure Dragon bloodline, he and Xi would both be on the Azure Dragon’s side.

If that were true, Xi’s words were even more believable.

“The bright moon in the sky. Have you never thought about whose blood dyed the bright moon red?

“You have held the scarlet dragon cloak as well. Don’t you find it familiar? Others would not understand, but you should. You should decide for yourself who should be trusted and who should not.”

Xi’s words were too impactful, causing Chu Chaoyun, Jiang He, Xiao Suo, and Hao Kai to sense something off with Xiao Chen.

If it were in the past, Xiao Chen would not hesitate like this.

“If I handed Jiang He to you, what would you do?” Xiao Chen asked after some silence, looking up at Xi.

When Xiao Chen said this, the expressions of Chu Chaoyun and Jiang He changed greatly. They felt a heavy blow to their hearts.

Jiang He felt like his heart shattered, suffering incredible pain. A cold smile appeared on his face; he knew that Xiao Chen still suspected that he did not tell the truth about the inheritance key.

However, Jiang He really did not know the inheritance key’s location.

Chu Chaoyun showed a complicated expression, feeling somewhat disappointed. In the end, Xiao Chen was just a person. Before the great momentum, he could not remain unaffected.

This also freed Chu Chaoyun somewhat. This is good as well. There won’t be so many excuses. Everyone is just left without a choice; it is just a different set of causes and effects. I can feel less guilty about this.

However, for some reason, the various memories from the Kunlun Realm and Sky Dome Realm flashed through Chu Chaoyun’s mind. Deep in his heart, he still felt boundless sorrow. Time was truly merciless.

Xiao Suo tightly gripped the Scarlet Blood War Banner, feeling like he could not bring out his strength. His expression appeared restless.

The Scarlet Blood Pirate King’s indomitable combat prowess vaguely seemed to be slipping out of his control.

Xiao Suo wondered, If Xiao Chen really hands his friend over, is this Big Brother still worthy of allegiance?

Hao Kai’s expression flickered, a strange look flashing in his eyes, but it quickly recovered to normal. He just needed to remember Ao Jiao’s instructions.

Xi’s expression relaxed slightly. The scarlet flame dimmed slowly as he gave his answer. “Whether he knows the location of the inheritance key or not, one thing is for sure: he is the one that is the most deeply connected to the inheritance key and the Heavenly Dragon. Since he cannot provide any information when he is alive, then let him die. In any case, it is just a piece of trash dying; there will not be any loss. If I really can obtain information about the inheritance key, then I will hold an advantage. No matter what, I come out the winner!”

This was what Xi wanted to do after Xiao Chen handed Jiang He to him. He spoke frankly, not hiding anything.

Who knew, after Xi spoke, Xiao Chen drew the Tyrant Saber on his back. He said softly, “Sorry, I’m afraid I cannot hand him to you. It does not matter whether he is my friend or my enemy; I cannot forgive myself for handing a friend over to die.”

Right after Xiao Chen spoke, Jiang He, who was preparing to leave, felt stunned. A smile appeared on Chu Chaoyun’s face; his sorrow eased. While time was merciless, not everything should be blamed on time.

Some things and some people would always remain the same, no matter how long had passed.


The dimmed scarlet flame that came out of Xi’s eyes brightened. Then, he asked seriously, “Are you sure? Do you know how miserably you will die when those people react, when the baldy in the sky makes up his mind?”

The strangeness of this place had long attracted the attention of the Silver Dragon King, Yan Cangming, Wenren Yu, and the others.

However, they had not connected the predictions to the inheritance key yet. They were still watching to see what Xi wanted to do with Xiao Chen.

However, once they understood the connection, Xiao Chen, who still had to protect Jiang He, would become everyone’s target and get surrounded mercilessly.

No one could survive being surrounded by so many strong enemies.

“There is no need for you to care about that. You should understand my thoughts the moment I drew my saber.”

Xiao Chen showed a calm expression, showing no emotional fluctuation.

As a bladesman, when he drew his saber to protect someone, he had already set aside life and death.

When a gentleman drew his saber, it was a promise of life and death. There was no need to say anything; everything was written on the saber.

Those who understood would not ask anymore.

Silence… No one said anything. However, they could feel Xi’s aura growing increasingly terrifying. The heavy aura made it hard to breathe.


“For half my life, I went through ups and downs, homeless and miserable; for half my life, I was peerless, traveling around without fear.

“My body is like a sword, filled with a firm and unyielding pride; my heart is like the sun and the moon, shining bright for ten thousand years…”

The Scarlet Blood Pirate King’s indomitable battle hunger traveled through time and space, arriving again.

Xiao Suo used his body of flesh and blood to wield the Scarlet Blood War Banner, forcibly driving the indomitable battle hunger. As he waved the war banner, it fluttered like the waves, flapping noisily in the wind and repelling Xi’s aura.

Then, Xiao Suo thrust his banner out. He used his fearless courage and the Scarlet Blood War Banner’s indomitable battle hunger to take the initiative to attack Xi.

“You all go. I’ll block him.”


A cold light flickered at the tip of the banner as the indomitable battle hunger coalesced on that point. If there were a star here, it could even pierce through the star.

“Let’s go.”

Determination flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he decided in the time it took for a spark to fly. He could not waste the opportunity that Xiao Suo created.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

His group executed their Movement Techniques, leaving quickly.


Xiao Suo steeled himself for death as he thrust his banner forward. When it was about to strike Xi’s chest, the other party raised the right hand and grabbed the banner. The tip of the banner trembled and buzzed endlessly.


As the banner tip trembled, the ground shook intensely. It seemed like the world was no longer stable.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The figures of Ming Xuan and Yang Qing flashed by Xiao Suo’s left and right, turning into two beams of dull light—one black and one azure—as they gave chase.

The auspicious clouds in the sky churned like waves. Yuan Zhen, who sat on the lotus platform in the sky, suddenly stood up.

A bright light flashed in Yuan Zhen’s eyes. Clearly, he had made up his mind and figured out that Jiang He was the crux to the Ethereal Immortal Palace’s appearance.

Yuan Zhen gently jumped off the lotus platform and descended at lightning speed together with the Buddhist Might that filled the sky.

“The Ethereal Immortal Palace must have something to do with Xiao Chen or someone with him,” Qin Ming said with a grave expression when he saw Yuan Zhen and Ming Xuan chasing after Xiao Chen.

The eyes of Sikong Shu, who had been clutching the Ethereal Immortal Palace key while searching for signs of the Ethereal Immortal Palace, suddenly lit up in understanding.

“I understand now. After them! Jiang He must know the location of the inheritance key. That fellow is the son of the Heavenly Dragon. No matter what, we must grab hold of him!”

Right after Sikong Shu spoke, he led the Silver Dragon King and Qin Ming in frantic pursuit of Xiao Chen.

All those here were outstanding talents. The ones who held the Ethereal Immortal Palace keys had the potential to start the new epoch.

These outstanding talents had the determination of the super factions behind them. Calling them the strongest outstanding talents in the entire Martial Epoch would be no exaggeration.

Perhaps they did not understand before. However, when they saw the current situation, they managed to guess the connection between the inheritance key and Jiang He.

Yan Cangming and the Profound Heaven Holy Land’s Wenren Yu looked up simultaneously in the direction Xiao Chen had taken.

Then, their figures flashed as they gave chase without delay.

Xiao Suo, who tightly gripped the Scarlet Blood War Banner, gritted his teeth, his facial features scrunched up and twisted in madness. However, he could not push forward any further.

The thing that grasped the Scarlet Blood War Banner was not a hand but a scarlet dragon claw.