Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2334 Raw 2441 : Where Is the Ethereal Immortal Palace?

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Chapter 2334 Raw 2441 : Where Is the Ethereal Immortal Palace?

Dragon Egg’s egg…

Naturally, the Dragon Egg that White Egg spoke of was the Heavenly Dragon. However, it said that it sensed the Heavenly Dragon’s aura from Jiang He.

Xiao Chen suddenly recalled Jiang He saying that he came from Ancestor Dragon City the first time they met.

Now that Xiao Chen thought about it carefully, how could a mixed-blood dragon enter Ancestor Dragon City so early?

If Jiang He were the Heavenly Dragon’s son, that would explain it.

No matter what the Heavenly Dragon did, he was still the Heavenly Dragon, a respected and revered existence in the Divine Dragon Empire.

The Heavenly Dragon’s children would naturally have special privileges.

Ignoring what Xiao Chen thought at the moment, Jiang He currently showed black lines on his face, embarrassed by the Black and White Eggs circling him.

“Xiao Chen, what exactly are these two fellows?”

Jiang He could no longer stand the two puppets sniffing around him like dogs, so he quickly sought help from Xiao Chen.

“Let him off for now. I have a question for you two: did you manage to catch that person?”

Xiao Chen was more concerned about the Thunder Sovereign’s death. If that person did not die, Xiao Chen could not remain at peace.

White Egg smiled and said, “That is natural. How can failure be possible with the two of us on the job? However, while the Bloodsucking Vine body was destroyed, his soul managed to flee, escaping into that person’s Buddhist treasure.”

Xiao Chen looked in the direction that White Egg pointed. It was the Black Lotus Sect Venerate Ming Xuan, who was fighting with Chu Chaoyun.

“I have to truly destroy him sooner or later.”

Murderous intent filled Xiao Chen’s eyes. In his heart, the Kunlun Realm’s Thunder Sovereign would always be a person he had to kill.

“This scene is really bustling,” Jiang He sighed when he saw the grand chaotic battles between Sovereign Emperors.

Fortunately, this was an ancient land. If it were the imperial capital Yan City, it would have been destroyed long ago.

After Xi donned his scarlet dragon sacred cloak, he stopped fighting with Wang Yan. He called his guests together and rushed towards the ninth altar.

Yan Cangming and Zhen Yuan appeared at some point.

It seemed like the two sides planned to work with the other princes to chase Wang Yun from the ninth altar.

The previously chaotic scene continued for a while before calming down.

Yuan Zhen, who used the ninth altar’s power to fill the sky with auspicious clouds, ended up everyone’s target.

The second round of the succession race seemed like the final race to become the crown prince, with various characters coming on stage.

Before the first commotion ended, another one started. There would always be some unexpected developments.

“How are you related to the Heavenly Dragon? Xi would not have captured you for no reason. As far as I know, the Heavenly Dragon did know the location of the inheritance key; he discovered it at the Azure Dragon’s old lands,” Xiao Chen asked Jiang He after recovering his wits.

Since I have saved you already, if you continue to keep this a secret, you are not sincere.

Jiang He showed a grave expression. “My father is the Heavenly Dragon. However, I really do not know the location of the inheritance key. If you saved me because of that, you are going to be disappointed. That Xi even searched my soul and found nothing.”

“We are both of the Dragon Race and can be considered old friends. I did not save you because of the inheritance key. However, I just have some things that I wanted to clarify with you.”

Xiao Chen felt no guilt over Jiang He’s suspicions. He sounded very honest and natural as he spoke, not showing anything strange.

As for what Jiang He thought, that was his problem.

“I believe you.” Jiang He smiled faintly, extending a hand to Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen smiled and reciprocated his action.

The two shared a firm handshake for a moment, establishing trust between them.

Due to knowing each other, sometimes all it took was one second for trust to be established, just like now.


Chu Chaoyun descended from the sky and landed beside the two. He seemed well; it looked like he did not get injured despite fighting against two.

“This Yuan Zhen hid himself deeply and made plans for everything. He managed to push a prince with practically no presence to this stage, disrupting many people’s plans.”

With the Buddha image’s support, Wang Yun’s refinement of his Yan Imperial Sword did not get interrupted, despite Xi and Yan Cangming joining in.

Farther away, Wang Yan, Xiao Suo, and the others gathered together, showing slight frowns. They hesitated over whether to join in to destroy the ninth altar.

Practically speaking, the Fourth Prince Wang Yun was now the Ninth Prince’s greatest competitor.

At this moment, there was nothing right or wrong with the Ninth Prince’s thoughts.


Before the Ninth Prince could make a decision, Wang Yun laughed maniacally on the altar as he pulled his Yan Imperial Sword out.

Wang Yun’s sword gave off a bright Buddhist light. He actually perfectly merged the Buddhist sect’s Great Dao into the Yanwu Dynasty’s Dragon Vein.

This scene surpassed everyone’s expectations.


The many patriarchs in the palace in the clouds were all stupefied.

The imperial ancestral temple’s people had been pushing the Hidden Spirit Temple away, not letting the Hidden Spirit Temple participate in the succession race and even supporting the Xuewu Dynasty’s Demonic Dao Hall instead.

Hence, when the Fourth Prince pulled out his Yan Imperial Sword, they all felt stunned.

The sword giving off a bright Buddhist light meant that the patriarchs no longer had control of the situation.

The restrained Yan Emperor showed a mocking smile.

These patriarchs tried to play a balancing game, wanting to toy with the Demonic Dao and the Buddhist Dao in the palm of their hands.

However, they did not know that they were just pawns in the eyes of those two factions.

Behind the smile was boundless sorrow.

The Yan Emperor knew that no matter the results, the Yanwu Dynasty was over.

The imperial ancestral temple’s Imperial Ancestor felt extremely anxious. He walked to the corner again and communicated with that mysterious black shadow.

From what the Yan Emperor overheard, the Imperial Ancestor seemed to be saying that the succession race was already completely out of control. They could no longer control anything. The third round would start soon, and the winner would be the crown prince. The original plan was an utter failure.

“Who were you speaking to?” the Yan Emperor asked again after the Imperial Ancestor finished.

The Imperial Ancestor showed a cold expression as he said indifferently, “The Fourth Prince should be a piece you put in with the Hidden Spirit Temple, right? Although I know you walk closely with the Hidden Spirit Temple, I did not expect you to be so deranged. Had I known earlier, I would have crippled you. As for who I was speaking to, you naturally will know after the succession race ends!”

When the Yan Emperor heard that, he wanted to let out loud laughter. However, his heart had already died; he could not laugh. His expression looked even more unsightly than crying. This group of people was truly beyond saving.


When Wang Yun pulled out the Yan Imperial Sword in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, the altar under his feet shattered.

The entire core region started shaking intensely, and the ground exploded.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed. When the many Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors attacked frantically, they did not manage to make this ancient land truly crack and explode.

However, many visible cracks now appeared in the ground.

What being had such strength? It was even more horrifying than so many Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors added together.


The ground tremors intensified. A terrifyingly strong aura brewed underground.

Shock waves spread out, forcing everyone, including Xiao Chen, to retreat continuously.

“How strong!”

The shock waves alone were already unblockable. After Xiao Chen landed, he felt like a baby when he sensed this aura that surged over, forcing him to continue backing away.

“Ka ca!”

Before everybody’s eyes, a small flaming sapling appeared in the core region.

Before anyone could get shocked, the sapling grew startlingly fast, shooting up explosively.

The sapling immediately grew to the size of a mountain. As the tree branches shook, a boundless lifeforce drifted down.

When bathed in this green light, everyone’s injuries healed at a visible rate.

The tall tree continued to flourish. However, as it was already very large, it gave the impression that its growth rate had slowed. It vaguely seemed like the image of a vast dynasty rising.

The Yan Emperor Tree!

This was the Yan Emperor Tree, the manifestation of this dynasty’s one-hundred-thousand-odd years of accumulations. This was a Dynasty Divine Tree that fed on the dynasty’s Dragon Veins for nourishment and had grown for more than one hundred thousand years.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Unable to suppress the impulse in their hearts, the various princes rushed towards the Yan Emperor Tree.

For the third round, the prince that could stand at the top of the divine tree in the end would be the dynasty’s crown prince.

However, many people remained still under the towering tree.

It was not just that. They all showed doubtful expressions on their faces.

Where was the Ethereal Immortal Palace?

The divine tree already appeared, and the succession race was coming to an end. However, there was not even a single sign of the Ethereal Immortal Palace.

The various outstanding talents holding Ethereal Immortal Palace keys looked around, trying to find clues to it.

Was it not time yet? Or was this prediction false like the previous predictions?