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Chapter 2333 Raw 2440 : Familiar Aura

With the two Eggs appearing, who could fight them?

Two tornadoes—one black and one white—surged over, charging at the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows.

Xiao Chen maintained a calm expression, not worried about the Black and White Eggs losing.

With Xiao Chen’s current strength, he was equal to a 5-Vein Sovereign Emperor. Hence, the two Eggs would have the strength of a 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor at least.

The two Faux God puppets took reference from him, always one cultivation grade higher than him.

Given a cultivation of six Divine Veins, the Black and White Eggs’ combat experience, their tacit cooperation, and the special characteristics of puppet bodies, Xiao Chen could not think of any reason for them to lose to the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows.

No, he should be addressed as the Thunder Sovereign now.

At this thought, murderous intent appeared in Xiao Chen’s eyes again, as too many outstanding talents had died in the Kunlun Realm because of the Thunder Sovereign.

To think that the Thunder Sovereign dared to appear before Xiao Chen and expose his identity.

Xiao Chen did not mind killing the Thunder Sovereign again, eradicating him.

A person who was willing to kill off everyone in the world for his own benefits should not exist.

“Puppets? You want to use two puppets to kill me? Xiao Chen, you are still as naive as before!”

When the Thunder Sovereign sensed the Black and White Eggs’ auras, he initially felt somewhat shocked, as he would still face some pressure when fighting against two 6-Vein Sovereign Emperors.

However, these are only puppets… The Thunder Sovereign smiled sinisterly. Hehe! They are not even worth mentioning!

Countless vines tangled together and burst out as two beams of scarlet electric light that charged at the two tornadoes. A loud rumble rang out, and the strong wind scattered.

Shock waves spread out. Xiao Chen gently pushed off with his feet and moved back several steps. Then, he scattered the shock waves with a palm strike.

Two sets of demonic scarlet vines repeatedly struck the Black and White Eggs. Then, the demonic vines untangled, looking like many scarlet snakes that opened their maws to bite the two.

Before entering the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, the Thunder Sovereign had shown the horror of this attack. At that time, the demonic vines bit the Heavenly Wolf Empire’s Tuoba Yao and instantly sucked away most of the other party’s Qi and blood. It had looked horrifying and evil, shocking everyone.

Just as the Thunder Sovereign prepared to execute the same move, he suddenly remembered that the puppets did not have a body of flesh; they were forged of tempered divine materials and formations.

When the many scarlet snakes bit the two puppets, the scene of the two puppets sustaining severe injury did not appear. Unlike Tuoba Yao, the Black and White Eggs remained intact.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

When the Thunder Sovereign tried to withdraw the scarlet vines, the Black and White Eggs caught them and punched them. Their fists shattered the scarlet vines that were like the Thunder Sovereign’s arms, instantly blasting the ten-kilometer-long scarlet vines into nothing.

“Hehe! These pieces of wood are not capable enough!”

“Trash! He turned himself into something neither human nor ghost, but even so, his strength remains so-so.”

After the Black and White Eggs pressed near the Thunder Sovereign, they launched an endless barrage of attacks. The two Eggs layered their Dao Domains, displaying seamless cooperation.

In mere moments, the Thunder Sovereign found dealing with the two Eggs difficult, unable to run.

The two Eggs’ mockery angered the Thunder Sovereign. They spoke loudly and arrogantly, but he could not do anything about it.

The Black and White Eggs’ combat experience equaled a Faux God’s.

The first time Xiao Chen met them, he nearly got humiliated into giving up the Martial Dao. That was how horrifying they were.

If the Thunder Sovereign treated these two as only ordinary puppets, he would suffer greatly.

Xiao Chen ignored the fight. Instead, he stared at the black cloak that the Thunder Sovereign held.

Clearly, this thing was very important to Xi. Xiao Chen had to snatch it away.

“Die!” the Thunder Sovereign roared. He was already sick of the two Eggs’ humiliation. Dazzling, piercing electric light burst out of his body as he gave off the Dao Might of a sixth-layer Thunder Dao Domain, knocking the Black and White Eggs into the air.

However, it did not end with this. The Thunder Sovereign’s Dao Domain continued to strengthen, reaching the eighth layer in an instant. Then, thousands of scarlet vines shot out from his body.

The many scarlet vines covered the sky like electric spears, surging over with a vast might.


Everywhere the spears passed, scarlet electric light spread in the air, showing no gaps.

The Thunder Sovereign’s peak strike brought out the limits of his Thunder Dao Domain. It arrived explosively, instantly hitting the Black and White Eggs and exploding them into countless shards.

“In the end, they are just puppets!”

The Thunder Sovereign panted as he snorted coldly. The earlier strike had consumed a significant amount of his Demonic Qi Divine Energy. His Great Dao Energy was even drained.

Even a true 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor would find surviving hard after being struck by this.

“Hehe! How terrifying! It nearly blasted us into pieces.”

“Hahaha! Again! Again!”

The shattered pieces suddenly gathered on the ground, and the Black and White Eggs reappeared, not showing any damage.

Earlier, the two Eggs had disassembled their bodies at the critical moment.

While it looked like the Thunder Sovereign shattered them, the two had actually taken the initiative to disassemble themselves. They had not gotten struck at all.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Before the somewhat stunned Thunder Sovereign could react, the Black and White Eggs charged over again.

The two Eggs destroyed the vast Bloodsucking Vine body, destroying the many vines until only the main branch remained.

The Thunder Sovereign no longer dared to continue fighting, quickly fleeing.

“That is…”

Suddenly, a bright light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. The vine holding the black cloak broke, leaving the black cloak flapping through the air.


Xiao Chen’s figure flashed. Moving at lightning speed, he snatched the black cloak.

When he flipped it over to look, he saw a scarlet dragon figure embroidered inside the black cloak. When he held it, the black cloak seemed like it was alive. Then, his Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art started circulating uncontrollably.

The excited Xiao Chen wanted to use his Demonic Qi Divine Energy to control this black cloak.

However, he helplessly discovered an invisible membrane keeping his Divine Energy and Soul Energy out.

After analyzing it for a while, Xiao Chen understood. His Cultivation Technique was wrong for controlling this black cloak.

“Damn it! Scram!”

Xi, whom Wang Yan was delaying, glanced over and discovered the black cloak in Xiao Chen’s hand.

Feeling incensed, Xi swept his sword across and forced back Wang Yan, who had been holding on bitterly.

Wang Yan’s palm tore, and his Yan Imperial Sword trembled endlessly, nearly falling out of his grip.

After Wang Yan landed, he staggered back one hundred steps before managing to neutralize the force from the other party’s sword strike.

How terrifying! Is this the other party’s true strength?

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

After Xi exposed his strength, knocking back his opponent with one sword strike, his figure flashed and appeared before Xiao Chen.

“Return the sacred cloak to me or die!”

Xi showed a stern expression, an unprecedented panic flaring in his eyes. Clearly, this sacred cloak was of crucial importance to him.

Xiao Chen faced this person for the first time. He did not look at the other party’s left eye as he said calmly, “If you were fully confident of killing me, you would not be wasting time speaking with me. I can give you the sacred cloak, but you have to agree to something first.”

Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he said indifferently, “Speak.”

“Hand Jiang He over to me.”

After verifying that he could not control the black cloak, Xiao Chen made this decision after some thought.

Perhaps he could use this opportunity to rescue Jiang He.

Xi seemed not to care about anything but this black cloak.


Xi did not hesitate, showing a smile.

The scarlet cross appeared in the depths of the horrifying demonic eye again. Then, it started spinning at an incredible speed.

After a while, the demonic eye tossed out a figure. It was the Ghostly Shadow Bandit, Jiang He.

Xiao Chen honored his promise, tossing the black cloak to the other party.


Xi casually caught the sacred cloak and flipped it around, wearing it again.

The long cloak extended to his calves. The scarlet dragon on it moved around like it was alive, appearing extremely strange.

“You can have this trash, then.” Xi smiled faintly, disappearing with a flash and ignoring Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat, feeling like he had overlooked something. Xi agreed faster than Xiao Chen expected.

“You made a loss…I am useless to him. He just wanted to find the location of the inheritance key from me. However, once he wears the sacred cloak, it is as good as wearing the entire Xuewu Dynasty,” Jiang He said softly after a sigh as Xiao Chen supported him.

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “It is not that simple…never mind. It is already worth it to get you back.”

“Hahaha! A brother indeed!” Jiang He laughed delightedly when he heard that, not feeling down from his imprisonment but happy instead.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The Black and White Eggs returned from hunting down the Thunder Sovereign. After they landed, they moved around Jiang He.

Black Egg sniffed and said, “What a familiar aura…”

“He seems similar to a certain person but different. Hahaha! I know! You are Dragon Egg’s egg, right?” White Egg said happily after bursting into laughter.

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows and looked at Jiang He. He is the son of the Heavenly Dragon?