Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2332 Raw 2439 : Endless Storm with Ten Thousand Waves Surging to the Sky

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Chapter 2332 Raw 2439 : Endless Storm with Ten Thousand Waves Surging to the Sky

“Ninth Brother, it is not your words that count in this world!”

Auspicious clouds churned in the sky. Looking like a bodhisattva descending upon the world, Yuan Zhen threw a palm strike at the blood moon.

The ninth altar appeared. The essence of the fragments of the eight shattered altars gathered and formed the ninth altar. Thousands of dragon images swarmed around it on the ground and soared up.

The Fourth Prince Wang Yun rejoiced as he stabbed his Yan Imperial Sword into the fierce sacred flames.

The repeated changes could no longer be simply described as the next wave arriving before the first wave ended. Instead, they were more like an endless storm with ten thousand waves surging to the sky.

Just as everyone felt shocked at the Ninth Prince Wang Yan’s arrival with a strong momentum, Yuan Zhen suddenly charged over. He used a vast Buddhist Might to shake the sky, attacking the blood moon.

Before anyone could see the results of the golden Buddha palm hitting the blood moon, the ninth altar suddenly formed. Then, a person that no one expected ascended the ninth altar while bathed in a Buddhist light.

One pair of eyes did not seem sufficient; everyone felt at a loss as to where to look.

Many thoughts filled everyone’s mind. The stunning chaos stupefied them.

“That is the legendary ninth altar!”

“To think that there really is a ninth altar…”

“Nine is the limit of digits, something that points to the peak and occupies great Luck. The Fourth Prince Wang Yun is really surprising. If he can perfectly merge his Great Dao into the Dragon Vein, he will become ridiculously strong.”

“The ninth altar does indeed occupy great Luck. However, one needs the right fate to be able to shoulder it.”

The many princes and guests were all flabbergasted at this sight in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, their minds short-circuiting for a while.

The instant Yuan Zhen appeared, the expression of Xiao Chen, on the Demon Blood Vulture, changed slightly.

Although Xiao Chen had been waiting for Yuan Zhen to appear, he never thought that Yuan Zhen would do so that way.

“Purify the masses and prove my enlightenment. I swear not to become a Buddha while hell is not empty!”

The Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva…

Suddenly, Xiao Chen’s many doubts cleared.

No wonder Yuan Zhen asked him, “Will you kill me?” back then for no apparent reason.

It turned out that Yuan Zhen carried the karma of the Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva. However, Xiao Chen did not know by what means, be it reincarnation, possession, or a seal.

“Everything is empty and void. Only Buddha is supreme!”

The most surprised one had to be Xi. His plan failed repeatedly. The Ninth Prince unexpectedly returned with a strong momentum. Then, Yuan Zhen suddenly arrived and threw his grand plan into disarray.

The appearance of the Ninth Prince already opened some small cracks in the blood moon. The Fourth Prince starting to gather Dragon Essence was like adding frost to snow.

If Xi were careless, when Yuan Zhen’s palm strike tore through the demonic clouds and landed on the blood moon, the blood moon might shatter.


Xi decisively extended his hand and waved. Then, the blood moon suddenly transformed into a spinning black hole and reverted to the black cloak, which slowly descended from the sky while flapping in the wind.

The golden Buddha palm headed towards Xi’s group after Yuan Zhen waved, having struck nothing since the blood moon turned back into a cloak.

The golden Buddha palm already covered the sky and sun. As it fell, it looked like the sky was falling.


On the Demon Blood Vulture’s back, Xiao Chen’s and Chu Chaoyun’s eyes gleamed as they took advantage of the situation to attack.

They flew towards the black cloak without hesitation. They could not let Xi continue controlling this cloak. Otherwise, if the blood moon rose again, it would be difficult to deal with.

“Black Lotus Secret Technique, destroy!”

“Azure Lotus Secret Technique, grow!”

Ming Xuan and the Azure Lotus Holy Daughter Yang Qing showed grave expressions, taking a step forward while standing side by side.

After they formed hand seals, they threw simultaneous palm strikes.

A black swastika spun in reverse on Ming Xuan’s forehead, giving off a black Demonic Might containing the power of destruction. An azure lotus bloomed under Yang Qing’s feet. Then, a gentle Buddhist light spread out, looking like Auspicious Signs and erupting with a storm-like lifeforce.

Destruction and lifeforce. The two worked together to attack, clashing with that massive Buddhist palm.

Xi soared into the air, wanting to collect the black cloak.

A figure arrived in the air, holding up a sword to chop down. Killing intent filled the air, blocking Xi from a distance like a silver river.

Xi showed a somewhat angry expression. When he raised his head to look, he saw that it was the Ninth Prince Wang Yan holding his Yan Imperial Sword up to stop him.

“You are seeking death!”

Xi became enraged. The scarlet cross appeared in the depths of his left eye, sending out boundless horror to attack Wang Yan.

Intense horror instantly gripped Wang Yan’s body and soul, making his figure tremble slightly. However, he remained calm and dealt with it with a cool mind. The killing intent in the air turned into specks of light coalescing on his sword.


The sword erupted with a blazing sword light. Wang Yan’s wrist moved slightly, and a flash of sword light illuminated Xi’s eyes.

The instant the sword light covered the other party’s demonic eye, Wang Yan used boundless courage to suppress the fear in his heart and charge over.

At this moment, with Wang Yan’s Massacre Great Dao perfectly merged with the dynasty’s Dragon Vein, he was no weaker than the earlier First Prince.

The sword light swept over. One hundred thousand years of the dynasty’s accumulations surged over like a raging river. When driven by the Massacre Great Dao, the dynasty’s accumulations appeared like a vast army letting out roars of “Kill!”

Xi was forced to battle with the Demonic Imperial Sword, firmly delayed by Wang Yan.

“Ming Xuan, Yang Qing, ignore that Yuan Zhen. Help me to snatch back the sacred cloak!”

At the same time, Xiao Suo wielded the Scarlet Blood War Banner and charged over with the Heavenly Book Scholar, Wu Meng, and the others. They started a chaotic battle with the guests under Xi, preventing them from providing reinforcement.

Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun chased after the black cloak in the air.

Chu Chaoyun frowned slightly after glancing around and seeing Ming Xuan and the Azure Lotus Holy Daughter charging over, having dealt with the earlier palm strike.

“I’ll go and block them.”

Chu Chaoyun did not hesitate. His figure flashed, and he pushed his hands out in both directions.

The Universe Origin True Flame burned fiercely, materializing a screen of fire to block Ming Xuan and the Azure Lotus Holy Daughter.

Chu Chaoyun did not give the two a chance to react. He immediately drew his sword and spread his Primal Chaos Great Dao.

Chu Chaoyun’s figure turned blurry, preventing Ming Xuan and Yang Qing from locking on to his exact position.

The Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince, who startled awake on the ground, looked at the ninth altar in the air.

A crazed look appeared in their eyes. This would be their only chance to compete against the Ninth Prince. They had to chase Wang Yun off and monopolize this ninth altar.


Wang Feng and Wang Yi lead their guests in a charge, radiating overwhelming auras.

With the two of them, that should be more than enough to chase Wang Yun off.

However, just as the group approached the ninth altar, Buddhist chanting rang out, and Wang Yun’s many guests appeared.

These guests all held Buddhist treasures and stood in different positions according to Yuan Zhen’s instructions. Then, they simultaneously activated the Buddhist treasures in their hands.


In that instant, Buddhist chants overlapped, and a huge Buddha image appeared, encasing the surrounding five thousand kilometers.

Upon careful scrutiny, this Buddha image looked remarkably similar to the Kunlun Realm’s Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Many attacks landed on the Buddha image, producing metallic clangor. However, Wang Yun, who was on the altar, did not suffer any injury whatsoever.

“Mister Yuan has incredible foresight. He guessed that these princes would go crazy.”

“Indeed. His actions of giving us Buddhist treasures and laying a formation ahead of time were actually useful.”

“Don’t get distracted. It’s time to change the formation.”

“Alright. Hidden dragon in the abyss, the divine moves to the eight extremes, visiting nine palaces and not changing the ten directions!”

The guests’ positions while holding the Buddhist treasures changed continuously as a dragon image on the ground soared. As the formation changed, the dragon image moved within the Buddha image, slowly making this Buddha image more substantial.

“Damn it! How can it be like this?!”

The Buddha image barrier left the two princes at a loss. To think that it could use Dragon Essence to turn more substantial. The princes cursed in frustration.

Wang Yun opened his eyes on the altar. When he saw the angry but helpless appearance of the Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince, he smiled in delight. Then, he said indifferently, “Eighth Younger Brother, Thirteenth Younger Brother, you two never expected such a day, right? Hahaha! The person that you bullied since young retaliated, but you are unable to do anything about it.”

The Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince bit on their lips, not saying anything. Their eyes showed unresigned looks.

The Ninth Prince turning the tides and rising could be explained. After all, he had been guarding the borders and nurtured his killing Qi, rendering countless contributions.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen helped the Ninth Prince, making up for the Ninth Prince’s weakness of lacking a faction within the imperial capital.

However, the Fourth Prince lacked any capabilities, known as a piece of trash since young. To think that he could ride over their heads from an aloof position and mock them.

The various factions in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb’s core region started a chaotic battle for the sake of their various goals. Battles took place everywhere, casting shadows over the land.

Yan Cangming and Zhen Yuan pulled themself out of the fights, unexpectedly not participating.

Logically speaking, the two should be helping Xi. However, they chose to help neither side for some reason.

“Should we help? I feel that we can try gambling on this!”

Zhen Yuan looked into the distance, at Xi’s situation. He was raring to fight, battle hunger filling his eyes.

“No. That fellow is far from exposing his full potential. Let’s wait and see how many trump cards he has. The more he exposes, the better our chances are.”

Yan Cangming calmly made a choice, showing a smile on his face.

Unexpectedly, the situation had flipped around so quickly. This was simply a heaven-sent chance for them.

After Yuan Zhen dealt his strike, he sat down cross-legged on a lotus platform in the sky, closing his eyes to rest.

Yuan Zhen did not chase after Xi. He just continuously chanted the scriptures and used the power that Wang Yun gathered to keep the sky filled with flashing, golden auspicious clouds.

The previously vast and mighty demonic clouds continuously retreated.

As for Xiao Chen, he showed a faint frown. He remained silent as he looked at the man shrouded in bloody shadow.

Just as Xiao Chen was about to grab the black cloak that the blood moon had transformed into, scarlet lightning appeared from nowhere and grabbed the cloak first.

“It’s him!”

The first time Xiao Chen met this mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows at the ancient True God city, he had found this man somewhat familiar.

The second time Xiao Chen met this person, the man had appeared during the fight over the Five Element Divine Lightning. However, he had not been with Ming Xuan at that time. This was Xiao Chen’s third time seeing this person.

The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows clutched the black cloak and let out a strange laugh. Then, he asked hoarsely, “Do you want it?”

Xiao Chen maintained a calm expression and said, “Do you know me?”

“Hahaha! How funny! Truly funny! Xiao Chen, you still have not recognized me? This is really disappointing.”

The bloody shadow covering that person faded slowly. Unexpectedly, his true body was a Bloodsucking Vine.

However, the shocking thing for Xiao Chen was that the face that the Bloodsucking Vine formed appeared familiar yet strange.

That was a face that Xiao Chen had forgotten long ago, a face that should not appear in the Great Thousand Realms.

This was the Kunlun Realm’s Thunder Sovereign, a contemporary of the Azure Emperor. The Thunder Sovereign had laid a grand scheme to rule the Kunlun Realm using the Dark Church.

“To think that you are still alive!”

A murderous intent flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes before disappearing. His expression changed slightly, unable to cover up his surprise.

“Haha! If the Black Lotus Church had not kept a strand of my soul, allowing me the possibility of rebirth in the Great Thousand Realms, would I have worked so hard and so obediently?”

The Thunder Sovereign laughed sinisterly, “I look forward to seeing how long can you last against me in your current state.”

Xiao Chen had been severely injured during his fight with Wang Fei, expending a lot of his energy.

Since he still had not recovered much of his energy, he would have difficulty holding his own against an opponent of the Thunder Sovereign’s caliber.

However, Xiao Chen remained calm, not showing any fluster. He said indifferently, “Sorry, I’m going to have to disappoint you. Since you chose to reveal yourself, I can only kill you again.”

“I am Black Egg!”

“I am White Egg!”

“Hehe! We two Eggs have come! Who dares to fight against us?!”

The Black and White Eggs had already turned impatient in the Divine Universe Stele. With Xiao Chen calling them out, they immediately jumped out in a rush, both erupting with a horrifying 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor’s aura.

Then, the two Eggs turned into tornadoes—one black and one white—and charged at the Thunder Sovereign.