Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2331 Raw 2438 : Whose Words Count?

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Chapter 2331 Raw 2438 : Whose Words Count?

“Brother Xiao, this king will share this world with you!” Xi said, smiling under the blood moon as he looked at Xiao Chen, who was on the Demon Blood Vulture.

Xi’s words immediately caused a huge commotion.

What was going on?

Why did Xi suddenly say this? Could Xiao Chen be old friends with this Xi?

In hindsight, if Xiao Chen’s strange saber move had not killed the First Prince Wang Fei, Xi could not have achieved his current might.

Chu Chaoyun eyed Xiao Chen with suspicion on the Demon Blood Vulture, pondering this.

Xiao Chen said calmly, “Don’t overthink. The Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb is where I saw him for the first time. However, he should have some connection to Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun.”

“Back then, Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun had another identity, the Demonic Dao Hall’s Hall Master. Perhaps he is a descendant of the Azure Dragons…but one whose bloodline is extremely thin,” Chu Chaoyun speculated, considering other possibilities. Perhaps he could explain Xi’s words with this.

“Azure Dragon bloodline? That’s impossible. Aside from mine, there is no other Azure Dragon bloodline. Although the Kunlun Realm has the Azure Dragon Totem, it only provides the Azure Dragon Martial Soul, still a distance away from a bloodline.”

Xiao Chen pondered some more before saying, “His earlier words have two possibilities. First, to sabotage me and make me a scapegoat. After all, I killed Wang Fei; there is no denying that. The second possibility is that I am an important pawn in his eyes; without me, he cannot start the new epoch. Both possibilities might be right.”

“Cut the crap. What do you want?!”

As the two discussed on the Demon Blood Vulture, a furious shout came from below.

It was the Eighth Prince Wang Feng. He had already had enough of this. This Demonic Dao expert came out of nowhere and messed up the succession race, causing him to lose all opportunity.

Most importantly, this was the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. He could not stand an outsider issuing commands and acting supreme.

When Wang Fei acted arrogant and supreme, Wang Feng had not felt this upset. After all, Wang Fei was still from the royal bloodline.

However, what did this fellow count for?

“What exactly do you want?”

The other princes definitely shared Wang Feng’s feelings. They could not understand what Xi was trying to do.

“I’ve already said it. The succession race has already ended. You princes performed well. Now, it’s time for you to return to where you came from. The imperial ancestral temple will reward you according to your accomplishments.”

Xi smiled, not getting angry at this group of princes with icy expressions and murderous intent in their eyes.

“Do you think it ends just because you say so?”

“Yes, it ends just because I say so.”

Xi’s smile vanished right after he spoke, suddenly replaced by a cold expression.

Then, Xi focused on the Eighth Prince Wang Feng.

The two’s eyes met. Then, the strange scarlet cross appeared in the depths of Xi’s mysterious left eye. A demonic sea lay below the cross, and it looked like horrifying monsters slept in the waters.


“Thump! Thump! Thump!”

Boundless fear spread in the Eighth Prince’s heart as the horror in its depths amplified infinitely.

His heart pounded increasingly faster and harder, feeling like it would leap out of his chest.

Wang Feng held his chest, unable to say a word as he turned pale.

“Plop!” Wang Feng suddenly went flying back. When he landed, he bounced heavily on the ground a few times like a rubber ball.

With every bounce, he vomited a large mouthful of essence blood, a cruel sight.

“Your Highness!”

This greatly startled Dao Yan and the other guests, prompting them to rush over.

Only Wenren Yu, Mu Yunzhu, and Gu Yuhan showed grave expressions, exchanging voice projections.

Do you see any openings?

No…he only took one glance and immediately closed his demonic eye. I vaguely sensed a blurry imprint. However, before I could check it in detail, I felt a sense of boundless horror and did not dare to continue.

It was more or less the same for me. This person’s demonic eye is too horrifying. Furthermore, he did not target us, and it was already that terrifying.

Wenren Yu looked up at the blood moon and entered deep thought. This Xi was indeed terrifyingly strong.


The other princes inhaled sharply, unable to hide the horror in their eyes.

Xi severely injured the Eighth Prince with just one look. How strong was he?

“What should we do? Senior Sikong, Senior Silver Dragon King, what should we do…”

This development frightened the Thirteenth Prince into trembling, completely panicked out of his wits.

Compared to the rash Eighth Prince, the Thirteenth Prince performed even worse in dire straits.

Sikong Shu and the Silver Dragon King did not reply. They were wrestling with a deeper problem.

The blood moon hung high in the air, existing in the sky and slowly consuming the dynasty’s Dragon Veins. How did Xi do this?

The Royal Court must have laid a massive, powerful formation to control this ancient land. Furthermore, the imperial ancestral temple had managed and improved it over so many years.

Calling it an ancient formation would not be an exaggeration.

However, it looked like the blood moon in the sky had become the new core of the formation. Now, a Demonic Dao prince grasped this ancient formation, something simply inconceivable.

When one carefully thought about the mysteries behind this, it inspired fear.

Sikong Shu and the Silver Dragon King exchanged glances. These two were crafty and experienced people, so they quickly guessed some things.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Just as the two were about to say something, the Thirteenth Prince backed away with horror on his face. Xi had looked over.

When Xi looked around, the princes that he looked at quickly retreated.

These princes all feared that the Eighth Prince’s tragedy would befall them.

Looking at this scene, Sikong Shu sighed and said, “There is no more chance. These princes are all frightened out of their wits. We cannot do anything now. If not for the blood moon in the sky, even with Xi’s demonic eye, he might not necessarily win.”

When the princes forfeited, the guests naturally would be forced out.

Not everyone could be like Xi, grabbing the Yan Imperial Sword and forcibly transforming it into a Demonic Imperial Sword.

Now, it was practically clear that Xi had a secret deal with the imperial ancestral temple. It was just not clear what the deal entailed.

The Silver Dragon King’s eyes gleamed. “Something’s not right. Did you notice that the blood moon’s consumption of the Dragon Essence is slowing down? It seems like something has changed.”

Sikong Shu looked over. Indeed, it was so. The countless strands of silk-like crystalline Dragon Essence flying up had slowed slightly. If one did not look carefully, one would not notice it.

Xi, who was menacing the princes, did not notice this, either.

“Still not retreating?”

Xi frowned slightly. The baleful aura coming from his body seemed substantial, a terrifying pressure. Then, he said indifferently, “I won’t always be in such a good mood.”

As Xi’s aura erupted, the blood moon in the sky burst forth with resplendent light.

The horror in the many princes’ hearts magnified; they looked like they would crumble soon.


Just at this moment, a dragon roar erupted from underground. Then, a dazzling holy light shot up.

“Your words do not count in this world!”

The Ninth Prince Wang Yan showed a stern expression within the light, slowly soaring as he held his Yan Imperial Sword.

Auspicious clouds surrounded Wang Yan, and a dragon image appeared behind him, displaying a vast, indistinct dynasty’s might.

“Wang Yan!”

“It’s Ninth Brother. His Massacre Great Dao perfectly merged with the dynasty’s Dragon Vein!”

Wang Yan, whom everyone had believed severely injured and half-dead from that the sword strike from the blood moon, reappeared, presenting a Massacre Great Dao that perfectly merged with the dynasty’s Dragon Vein.

He seemed unscathed. His stern face showed a hidden but boundless killing intent.

The soaring Dragon Essence headed for Wang Yan, flying over quickly.

The demonic clouds in the sky shook, and small cracks emerged on the blood moon, which had been consuming the dynasty’s Dragon Veins.

The Silver Dragon King said after some thought, “So, that is the case. The moment before his altar got destroyed, Wang Yan already perfectly merged his Great Dao with the dynasty’s Dragon Vein. However, that attack severely injured him, so he remained hidden and waited until he returned to his peak before showing himself.”

On the Demon Blood Vulture, Xiao Chen also felt greatly startled. However, he showed a faint smile.

Wang Yan had done well. It was worth Xiao Chen protecting him until now. Remaining hidden until fully recovered before coming out to deal a blow to Xi was a good choice.

Had Wang Yan been rash and attacked at the first moment, Xi would have destroyed him.

Now, it would not be so easy to destroy Wang Yan, who arrived with strong momentum.

Most importantly, Wang Yan’s appearance gave the other princes confidence. At the very least, the super experts like Dao Yan, Sikong Shu, and the others were not forced to leave, spoiling Xi’s plan.

“If you want to salvage the situation with your strength, it will not be that easy!”

Xi’s expression changed. Clearly, he had not expected Wang Yan to remain hidden, then appear when things were going his way.

Hope and courage were the nemeses of the horror from Xi’s demonic eye. This development would significantly discount its might.

Now, scaring the various princes into forfeiting with one glance would be difficult.

Xi needed to kill Wang Yan as fast as he could.

Just as Xi was about to lead Ming Xuan and the others in a charge, something strange happened.

“Purify the masses and prove my enlightenment. I swear not to become a Buddha while hell is not empty!”

A vast Buddhist Might arrived from the western sky. Auspicious clouds blocked out the sun, looking like a gushing river and continuously forcing back the demonic clouds in the sky.

[TL Note: In Chinese Buddhism, paradise is said to be in the west, probably because India, where Buddhism came from, is to the west of China.]

The Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva’s great ambition resounded in the air, traveling through time and space from the previous epoch.

Boundless beneficence descended from the sky, making Yuan Zhen appear like a bodhisattva appearing in the world.

Yuan Zhen appeared solemn and dignified as he sat cross-legged on a lotus platform, forming a supreme dharmic seal with his hands. Various profound scenes appeared as he threw a palm strike.

“Everything is empty and void. Only Buddha is supreme!”

Vast and pure beneficence materialized an ancient Buddhist nation behind him. His palm strike materialized as a golden Buddha’s palm as large as a mountain.

After breaking through the demonic clouds, it flew towards the blood moon.

At the same time, the fragments of the eight altars in the core region gathered in the air, turning into a new altar amid loud sounds.

Dragons congregated on the ground. The dragon images bathed in Buddhist Might thronged the new altar.

Then, a person descended from the sky, showing an expression of wild joy as he landed firmly on the altar.

Wang Yun laughed maniacally as he stabbed his Yan Imperial Sword into the altar. “Ninth Brother, it is not your words that count in this world!”