Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2330 Raw 2437 : This King Will Share This World with You

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Chapter 2330 Raw 2437 : This King Will Share This World with You

The blood moon made of the black cloak soared increasingly higher. In mere moments, it reached the sky.

The pitch-black Demonic Qi shrouded the sky, making the blood moon appear indistinct amid the demonic fog. This made it hard for people to tell whether this was the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb or the Xuewu Dynasty’s boundless demonic region.

Before the first commotion of the succession race passed, another commotion started.

Everyone knew that most of the First Prince’s guests were of the Demonic Dao.

After all, while the matter of the imperial ancestral temple’s patriarchs working with the Demonic Dao faction to balance the Hidden Spirit Temple was a secret, there were still people who knew about it.

At the very least, the various feudal lords and Noble Clans’ powerhouses had an inkling.

If the weak Royal Court did not want to be controlled by others, they could only use a scheme to balance the other factions.

However, it looked like the imperial ancestral temple’s patriarchs had lost control. They had never had control over the people of the Demonic Dao in the first place.

A small change appeared in the expressions of the various feudal lords and Noble Clans’ powerhouses.

“Soaring Dragon Marquis, what do you think the situation is?” someone asked the Soaring Dragon Marquis. The succession race had already gone out of control. The various feudal lords all felt some unease. It seemed like the Royal Court had lost control of the situation long ago.

The Soaring Dragon Marquis frowned slightly and replied after some thought, “We should just wait and adapt to the situation. The Royal Court is where the dynasty’s Luck gathers. It has been here for more than one hundred thousand years already. Even if a Faux God were to come, he would not dare to be unruly.”

Although the Soaring Dragon Marquis said that, he still had a bad feeling, as the Yan Emperor had yet to make an appearance.


Inside the palace in the clouds:

The Imperial Ancestor walked to a corner, and a pitch-black figure stood before him. Even though it was a projected image, the overwhelming Demonic Might from this figure’s eyes was palpable.

The two communicated quickly. During the conversation, the Imperial Ancestor’s expression changed several times. In the end, he still helplessly nodded his head.

When the projected image vanished, the Imperial Ancestor’s expression recovered. Then, he slowly headed to the front.

The fog in front dispersed, and he walked onto the platform.

The Yan Emperor, whose eyes were tightly shut, suddenly opened them. Then, he asked indifferently, “Who were you speaking to?”

The Imperial Ancestor paused for a moment, but he did not step away from his position. After a while, his figure appeared at the top of the clouds before the many powerhouses in the palace. He said, “Everyone, do not panic. Everything in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb is under the Royal Court’s control. The succession race will continue.”

“Yes, Imperial Ancestor!”

The Imperial Ancestor’s pronouncement reassured the various feudal lords and Noble Clans’ powerhouses.

Since the Imperial Ancestor said that, there was no need to worry. After all, this was an important place of the Royal Court, with one hundred thousand years of the dynasty’s accumulations.

However, the succession race turned even more confusing, making the results unpredictable.


Inside the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb:

Demonic clouds covered the sky, and a blood moon hung high in the heavens.

Xi held the mutated Demonic Imperial Sword, showing an incomprehensible smile under the blood moon.

The Black Lotus Sect Venerate, the Azure Lotus Holy Daughter, and the many Demonic Dao experts stood behind him, presenting a strong line-up.

The sudden change caught everyone off guard, making them frown.

The Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince stood together. The two of them showed confused expressions, not knowing what Xi wanted to do.

What was even more baffling was that Xi could hold the First Prince’s Yan Imperial Sword; this seemed very queer.

The two felt somewhat worried, vaguely feeling that this succession race had taken a different direction.

When the two looked at the blood moon in the sky, they felt like they were having a nightmare. It felt like the Xuewu Dynasty had taken over and occupied this place.

“What agreement did First Brother and the imperial ancestral temple make? To think that they brought such a monster into the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb!”

A gleam flashed in the Thirteenth Prince Wang Yi’s eyes. He no longer dared to act rashly.

Wang Feng whispered, “Observe the situation and adapt accordingly. If he is just waiting for the Ethereal Immortal Palace to appear, the situation might not be too bad.”

The best scenario would be that Xi was interested only in the Ethereal Immortal Palace. However, the worst was unimaginable.

Sikong Shu and the Silver Dragon King looked at the blood moon above them, showing grave expressions.

The Silver Dragon King sent a voice projection, This person is called Xi. He is the First Prince of the Xuewu Dynasty. The Demonic Dao Hall’s Hall Master thinks highly of him. If there are no surprises, he will be the next Demon Emperor, ruling over the people of the Demonic Dao. It looks like he is determined to obtain the treasures in the Ethereal Immortal Palace.

Sikong Shu replied calmly, It’s not that simple. There are many factions within the Demonic Dao. Since he could bring the Black Lotus Church and the Azure Lotus Church under him, he clearly has great ambitions. It’s not going to be as simple as just the Ethereal Immortal Palace this time.


Xiao Chen, who was anxiously treating his injuries on the Demon Blood Vulture, noticed a figure descending.

It was Chu Chaoyun, who had hidden somewhere. Now, he revealed himself and landed next to Xiao Chen.

Chu Chaoyun looked at Xi below. Then, he said after some thought, “This is very surprising. I thought that the threat from him would get resolved after you killed the First Prince. Now, I no longer understand what he is trying to do.”

“You don’t understand? It is very simple. Ships travel around for the sake of profits, even when the seas and rivers surge. If you set aside the minor details, it is clear that he used me to kill the First Prince so that he could maximize his profits.”

Xiao Chen made a bold guess that no one dared to consider. This startled Chu Chaoyun, preventing him from replying immediately.

The Yanwu Dynasty had been around for several hundred thousand years. Its territories were vast, and accumulations were deep. Wanting to control the entire Yanwu Dynasty alone would be like a lunatic’s ravings, simply too exaggerated.

“Is that not a little too far-fetched?” Chu Chaoyun said uncertainly after a pause.

After all, if Xi’s objective was only the Ethereal Immortal Palace, he did not need to expose his identity. Letting the First Prince be in the limelight and attract any aggression would be better.

“After eliminating all other possibilities, the remaining one is the truth, no matter how ridiculous and unbelievable it is. Do you know who is behind me, aside from the Heavenly Alliance?”


Chu Chaoyun frowned. He had long felt that Xiao Chen knew some things that he did not.

“The Hidden Spirit Temple. Without the Hidden Spirit Temple’s help, my strength could not have grown so much before the succession race. This is no longer a simple succession race. Right now, all eight super factions of the Martial Epoch are here; all of them have made their moves and prepared contingency plans.”

There was still one more thing that Xiao Chen did not say. Back then, Xiao Chen saw both Sword God Su Hanshan and Spring Snow Bladesman Pan Huang at the Hidden Spirit Temple. Was that just a coincidence?

How could that be a coincidence? The strongest swordsman and the strongest bladesman had appeared at the Hidden Spirit Temple at the same time. From the very beginning, this battlefield was a battlefield for the entire Martial Epoch.

A bright gleam flickered in Xiao Chen’s eyes. He looked over and saw the Martial God Palace’s Sikong Shu and the Silver Dragon King standing proudly next to each other, remaining hidden and waiting.

The Profound Heaven Holy Land’s Wenren Yu carried a zither on his back, standing quietly behind Dao Yan.

The Underworld God Hall’s Yan Cangming and Zhen Yuan stood together. It looked like the people of the Demonic Dao already stood on the same side. However, a closer look suggested there was still some distance.

“There is still one more person,” Xiao Chen murmured as he looked around. He frowned heavily when he could not find the person he was thinking of.

“There is still another person?”

Chu Chaoyun felt confused, not knowing whom Xiao Chen meant.

Xiao Chen did not answer. He only scanned the surroundings with his eyes. However, he still did not discover that person, unable to find that person’s hiding place.

However, Xiao Chen knew that that person would definitely be in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

Otherwise, that person would not have asked Xiao Chen “would you kill me” for no apparent reason.


The blood moon hung high in the air, looking as resplendent as fire.

The imperial-robes-clad Xi tightly grasped the Demonic Imperial Sword. He sensed that the sword in his hand had already completed its transformation into a Demonic Imperial Sword, so he opened his eyes.

His left and right eyes were different from each other, giving him a sinister air.


Xi calmly said some domineering words inspiring fear. Then, he gently swung the Demonic Imperial Sword in his hand, splitting the altar beside him in half.

Now, only one altar remained in the core region. Only Wang Yan continued to refine his Yan Imperial Sword anxiously, hoping to merge his Great Dao perfectly with the dynasty’s Dragon Vein.

“It is time for the succession race to end.”

Xi looked around and fixed his gaze on Wang Yan within the fiercely burning sacred flames. Then, he showed a cold smile.

Xi’s unfathomable aura was even more horrifying than the First Prince Wang Fei’s.

“Oh no!”

On the Demon Blood Vulture’s back, Xiao Chen’s expression changed as he realized what Xi was going to do.

Xiao Chen wanted to fight again. However, as soon as he stood up, he vomited a mouthful of blood. Right now, he was in no condition to fight.

A flash of sword light carrying the dynasty’s might landed on Wang Yan’s altar, coming from a place that no one anticipated.

It was a similar dynasty’s might, but the dynasty might that this sword light contained was the Xuewu Dynasty’s.

The sword light turned into a blood dragon materialized by the dynasty’s accumulations. Before Xiao Suo and the others on the altar could react, the sword wind swept them away.


The dynasty’s might contained in the sword wind was overwhelming. Xiao Suo and the others were too severely injured to block it and ended up getting swept away mercilessly. After that, they could only watch as the sword light descended, and the blood dragon opened its huge maw to swallow up the entire altar.


As the sacred flames scattered, the blood dragon instantly destroyed the altar.

All eight altars in the core region were destroyed; not a single one remained.

Xiao Chen held his chest as he coughed endlessly and stared at the blood moon in the sky.

That sword strike flew out from the blood moon earlier.

No one expected a sword strike to fly out from the blood moon. This caught everyone off guard, including Xiao Chen.

Upon careful scrutiny, he found that the blood moon contained a dragon image of unknown strength.

A dragon hid in the moon, existing in the sky.


Without any warning, a pair of dragon eyes suddenly opened in the aloof blood moon, looking down on all life. The boundless sky seemed like its body.

A boundless pressure suddenly appeared on everyone’s shoulders. Everyone’s eyes widened with horror as they gaped at the blood moon in the sky.

The blood moon was like a sovereign arriving, wanting to swallow up mountains and rivers.

“Si! Si! Si!”

Countless strands of Dragon Essence in the core region flew into the sky, looking like silver silk threads. Then, the demonic clouds swallowed them.

The blood moon in the clouds became even more vibrant as a result.

This is too similar!

Xiao Chen’s heart pounded heavily as his hand trembled. This blood moon looked extremely similar to the one in the Azure Dragons’ old lands.

How is Xi connected to Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun?

“You are right. He is indeed trying to control the Yanwu Dynasty. The blood moon hides a clone of the Xuewu Dynasty’s Dragon Vein. It is currently consuming the Yanwu Dynasty’s Dragon Veins bit by bit. It looks like the imperial ancestral temple has submitted to the Demonic Dao Hall. The situation is not good,” Chu Chaoyun sighed, helplessness coloring his words. The other party had already achieved a strong momentum. The other guests and experts had just been through a huge battle and were drained. No one dared to make a move at this moment.

If Xiao Chen had not killed Wang Fei, things might not have gone so smoothly.

However, Xiao Chen could not be blamed. Chu Chaoyun had also had the same plan: to kill Wang Fei and make Wang Fei’s guests leave.

However, the plan could not keep up with the times.

“Should I be saying ‘those who obey me flourish; those who oppose me die’ as well?” Xi quipped as he showed an innocent smile. Then, he casually swung the Demonic Imperial Sword in his hand.


A flash of sword light appeared, sending out ripples to the front. It looked like a casual, careless swing, but it carried a boundless force like the surging waves, containing a vast Demonic Might.

“Silver Dragon’s Rage!”

“Furious Chop on the Stars!”

“Ocean and Sky Fist Light!”

“Griefful Cloud Palm!”

When the surviving princes and guests saw the ripple-like sword strike, their expressions changed drastically. They launched their killing moves at the same time while retreating quickly. The weak bore the brunt of the attack, sustaining severe injuries, and vomited blood.

With a casual swing of the sword, Xi forced back many people.

Then, Xi turned to the Demon Blood Vulture and smiled. “Brother Xiao, this king will share this world with you!”