Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2329 Raw 2436 : Blood Moon Rises, Demonic Imperial Sword Appears

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Chapter 2329 Raw 2436 : Blood Moon Rises, Demonic Imperial Sword Appears

“I have a saber. After it is cleansed, it illuminates three lives!”

Three saber lights converged and pierced Wang Fei above the altar illuminated by resplendent holy light.

Wang Fei’s lifeforce ebbed at a visible pace. No matter how much Dragon Essence the dynasty’s Dragon Vein replenished, it could not slow the ebbing of lifeforce.

The three figures merged slowly, looking like space and time layering over each other. Many scenes flashed, showing Xiao Chen’s past, present, and future. However, these scenes appeared blurry and distorted, passing in a flash; no one could make out what were in those scenes.

No one expected this to happen.

From start to end, Xiao Chen never truly held the advantage against Wang Fei, who was supported by the dynasty’s Dragon Vein. No one felt that he could defeat Wang Fei. Even if defeat were possible, he could not have killed Wang Fei.

However, Wang Fei was dying now. This was true and not faked at all!


“Damn it! How can this be! How did Wang Fei die…”

The imperial ancestral temple’s Imperial Ancestor in the palace in the clouds was utterly stupefied. Fluster flashed in his eyes.

Although Wang Fei’s lifeforce had not yet vanished, at their level, they could tell that Wang Fei was already dead.

Wang Fei died the instant the three sabers converged.

Right now, it was merely the supreme Dragon Essence of the dynasty’s Dragon Veins forcibly extending Wang Fei’s life. However, this was just like filling a bottle with a big hole at the bottom.

No matter how much water one poured into the bottle, the bottle would never be full. It would eventually empty out.

“Imperial Ancestor…”

The other patriarchs looked at the Imperial Ancestor, at a loss. Those looks clearly asked, “What should we do now that Wang Fei is dead?”

The patriarchs never planned for Wang Fei’s death.

With the dynasty’s Dragon Vein supporting Wang Fei, he should have been an unparalleled existence in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. He would be the heaven of that world. How could he die at another person’s hands?

With Wang Fei’s death, many of the patriarchs’ later plans could not be executed.

The expression of the restrained Yan Emperor flickered. Shock flashed in his eyes, and the Yan Imperial Sword in his hand trembled slightly.

Now, the Yan Emperor could draw his sword again.

However, the Yan Emperor appeared ashen, showing no desire to draw his sword. His heart fell still, as though it had died. He had no opinion whatsoever.

The Yan Emperor should hate Xiao Chen, but he could not do so. The imperial ancestral temple’s people pushed Wang Fei to the front, providing unfair assistance and propelling him to the edge of the deep abyss.

However, the imperial ancestral temple’s patriarchs were the Yan Emperor’s seniors. He could not hate them, either.

Now, the Yan Emperor was the loser. The imperial ancestral temple’s patriarchs were losers as well.

Can the Yanwu Dynasty avoid the calamity? With this thought, the Yan Emperor could not help closing his eyes in despair, feeling discouraged.


Inside the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb:

The Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors fighting stopped their movements simultaneously. They looked doubtfully at Wang Fei, who had three sabers stabbed into him above the altar.

“First Brother is going to die?”

The Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince changed their expressions slightly, showing joy and surprise in their eyes.

With the First Prince dead, the danger that they worried about was eradicated. The guests under the First Prince would also be ejected.

That meant that the crown prince position would end up with one of them.

Wait, that’s not right. There’s still one more person…

Wang Feng said indifferently, “The next one needs to be Ninth Brother. You have no objections, right?”

Thirteenth Prince Wang Yi smiled sinisterly. “I was thinking the same.”

The two did not feel any grief over Wang Fei’s death. Instead, they quickly targeted their next competitor.

Such coldheartedness was shocking.

Right now, only the Ninth Prince was still refining the Yan Imperial Sword. If he could perfectly merge his Great Dao into the Dragon Vein, he could become a second “First Prince” with his Massacre Great Dao.



Yan Cangming, who was chatting with Lin Feng, felt greatly startled. Then, his expression changed dramatically.

Yan Cangming raised his eyebrows and looked at the distant Lord Xi. The other party still maintained a calm expression; Yan Cangming could not make out what Xi was thinking.

“You seem surprised. It seems that Wang Fei should not have died?”

Lin Feng astutely noticed Yan Cangming’s expression. It seemed like there were more secrets to this.

Yan Cangming withdrew his gaze. Then, he said after some thought, If that person wanted to, no one could kill Wang Fei. Since Wang Fei died, it means that there was no more value to the First Prince. Senior Brother, I can no longer understand this situation. If possible, I hope that you can help me at the crucial moment. Consider the Flood Dragon Humans and help your junior brother. The world is facing a great change. Our Flood Dragon Human Race is facing an opportunity that might not appear even in one hundred thousand years.


Yan Cangming said all this to Lin Feng through a voice projection. After that, his figure flashed, leaving the somewhat confused Lin Feng.

The world is facing a great change. Our Flood Dragon Human Race is facing an opportunity that might not appear even in one hundred thousand years.

Help your junior brother… Yan Cangming’s words lingered in Lin Feng’s mind, prompting Lin Feng to enter deep thought.

There is still the most crucial thing. Who was Yan Cangming speaking about? Given his tone, he feels reverence and fear for this person.

Who exactly is so horrifying?



Xiao Chen’s three figures merged slowly. Many scenes flashed, looking like time and space layered over each other. These scenes showed his past, present, and future. However, these scenes were blurry and twisted, only flashing by; no one could clearly see these scenes.

A scarlet flame surged over, and the Demon Blood Vulture swooped down from the sky, catching the unstable Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen sheathed his saber and pressed his hand to the wound on his chest, appearing somewhat pale.

That earlier strike was both the Three Life Flower and not the Three Life Flower.

Xiao Chen had used his state of cycles to drive the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique and executed the Three Life Flower.

Xiao Chen transcended the past and the future, merging three saber strikes. Wang Fei, who showed an opening, would die for sure.

Initially, Xiao Chen wanted to execute the even stronger Merciless Killing. However, Merciless Killing was challenging to control. He did not feel fully confident in controlling it. Hence, he could only settle for the next best thing, the mature Three Life Flower. Otherwise, he could not have killed the First Prince, who had become one with heaven here.

No matter how severe the injuries, Wang Fei could instantly recover by relying on the horrifying Dragon Essence, nearly unkillable.

However, doubt filled Xiao Chen’s eyes. He did not relax at all.

The instant Xiao Chen executed Three Life Flower, he had felt a flash of horrifying killing intent. He had never felt such horror from killing intent before.

Xiao Chen nearly failed in executing the Three Life Flower; he had even thought of giving up.

However, that killing intent suddenly vanished after that person seemed to have verified something, resulting in Xiao Chen successfully executing the Three Life Flower.

What was he verifying?

A bright gleam flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. He verified that my saber strike could kill Wang Fei. After that, he chose to give up.

That’s right. That must be the case.

If my saber strike would only severely injure Wang Fei, that person would have made a move to block my saber strike. Since my saber strike could kill Wang Fei, he chose to give up and let it happen.

There is only one reasonable explanation for this. He could not kill Wang Fei, who was one with heaven in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

Either that or he would have had to pay a huge price to do so. Therefore, he let me do it instead.

Xiao Chen looked at the altar below, at the black-clad, half-masked, evil-eyed Xi.

Heavy suspicion flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. However, he did not feel any regret even if he got used by someone.

Xiao Chen had three purposes in coming to the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb: to aid Wang Yan in becoming crown prince, to wait for the Ethereal Immortal Palace, and a third purpose that he never said to anyone, only keeping it hidden deep in his heart. However, he had never forgotten this purpose, something carved into his heart: killing Wang Fei!

Wang Fei needed to die. He had to pay the price for the death of Ling Yu, Xiao Chen’s little martial nephew.

Even if Xiao Chen ended up having to deal with the endless pursuit of the entire imperial ancestral temple, he had to kill Wang Fei.

When Xiao Chen saw Ling Yu’s suicide that day, he swore in his heart to do so. He had already waited for this day for a long time.

As Wang Fei’s body fell off the altar, he sensed his lifeforce flowing away. Despair filled his eyes.

Wang Fei was unresigned to dying like that.

As Wang Fei looked at Xi, who was at the foot of the altar, some hope appeared in his eyes.

This was a man whom he found unfathomable, possessing horrifying strength. Perhaps…perhaps he still had a chance.

“Lord Xi, save me…if I die, you will not have a chance, either,” Wang Fei muttered as he looked at Xi with hope.

Xi replied calmly, “Sorry, Your Highness, you are already dead. Even a True God cannot save you.”

“No!” Wang Fei shouted while clutching his Yan Imperial Sword, filled with despair. However, no matter how much he despaired, he could not change facts. The moment he hit the ground, his body scattered like sand.

Everyone—both inside and outside the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb—looked at this scene with incredulity.

The unparalleled, arrogant Wang Fei, who had merged his Great Dao with the dynasty’s Dragon Vein and declared that those who obeyed him would flourish and those who opposed him would die, had died.

Not even scraps were left. The person who everyone thought would become crown prince had died.

“Si! Si! Si!”

When the First Prince died, the bodies of his guests started flashing. These were the rules of the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. After the prince died, his guests could not remain in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

However, as these people’s figures slowly turned blurry, the black-clad, masked man suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed the First Prince’s Yan Imperial Sword.


A demonic light immediately burst out of the sword and shot into the sky, turning the sky dark in an instant. The Azure Lotus Holy Daughter and the others whose figures had already blurred reverted to normal when Xi grabbed the Yan Imperial Sword.

“There are some tricks behind this Yan Imperial Sword. Wait, that’s not right… It should be the Demonic Imperial Sword now!”

Xi suddenly removed his black cloak, revealing the evil and noble imperial robes underneath. These were the imperial robes of the Xuewu Dynasty.

Then, he tossed the black cloak into the air, turning it into a rising blood moon.