Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2328 Raw 2435 : Three Sabers Converged

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Chapter 2328 Raw 2435 : Three Sabers Converged

“I have acknowledged a ruler, and I draw my saber for that ruler!”

Right after Xiao Chen spoke, he unsheathed Heavenly Slayer.

The Heavenly Slayer Saber, which equaled a Superior Grade Soul Tool, was forged with Demonic Tribulation Thunder Gold and had an ancient Thunder Dragon Soul infused into it. It was perfectly compatible with Xiao Chen’s Thunder Dao and contained the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent.

If Xiao Chen used it at full power, he could destroy the sky, causing the sun and the moon to turn lightless and the stars to fall.

Xiao Chen had already demonstrated Heavenly Slayer’s strength and unparalleled might once already when he drew it to kill five princes in one saber strike.

The moment the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent was brought out, one would only harm oneself if one did not kill.

While sensing the great power contained within the saber, he infused his Soul Energy and Divine Energy into the saber without holding anything back, driving this saber at full power.

The withdrawn Heavenly Dao’s killing intent immediately appeared, spreading out through the sky and waiting to be unleashed.


Xiao Chen did not hesitate. He wielded the saber and turned into a flash of purple electric light, appearing by Wang Fei.

“Good that you came. I will make sure that you never return!”

Wang Fei happened to worry that after he left the range of his altar’s Dragon Essence, he could not go and take the initiative to kill Xiao Chen.

Who could have imagined that the other party would bring out his Soul Tool and charged over?

What was this if not seeking death? No Soul Tool could compare to Wang Fei’s Ruler Dao Yan Imperial Sword in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The saber and the sword clashed. Xiao Chen brought out his saber skills to their limits. The two immediately exchanged hundreds of moves. However, the powerful saber moves firmly suppressed Wang Fei.

Wang Fei’s sword skills appeared to have hundreds of openings to Xiao Chen. In a few breaths, bleeding wounds covered his body. All these were wounds left by Heavenly Slayer.

However, Wang Fei did not care. His wounds healed at a visible pace, recovering in an instant. Even though he was disadvantaged, he never cowered and continued displaying a strong battle hunger.

“Humph! It is practically impossible for you to kill me in this Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. I have already received the acknowledgment of the dynasty’s Dragon Veins, perfectly merging my Great Dao with them. In this place, I am heaven!”

Wang Fei did not care about the wounds on his body. It did not matter how horrifying the wounds were or that he was at a clear disadvantage, firmly suppressed by Xiao Chen. The dragon image materialized by the dynasty’s Dragon Veins appeared arrogant, baring claws and fangs amid his maniacal laughter.

This dragon image materialized by the dynasty’s Dragon Veins fought with the Azure Dragon around Xiao Chen.

The two fought in the sky. The Azure Dragon image and the golden Dragon Vein’s manifestation spread all over the core region’s sky, blocking the vast starry sky and materializing boundless mysterious phenomena. There were strong winds, lightning, thunder, and many more.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. When fighting in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, the other party held too great an advantage.

Wang Fei had perfectly merged his Great Dao with the Dragon Vein, gaining the acknowledgment of this place. Furthermore, he could make use of one hundred thousand-odd years of the Yanwu Dynasty’s accumulations.

It was as Wang Fei said. Even if Xiao Chen landed a thousand saber strikes on him, it was no different from scratching an itch as long as Wang Fei did not receive severe injuries.

On the other hand, if Wang Fei landed a sword strike on Xiao Chen, his Azure Dragon Divine Body would find it hard to endure.

This situation was simply like cheating.

Without Heavenly Slayer to fight with the other party’s Yan Imperial Sword, there would be no way to fight such an opponent; the only option would be to flee far away.

Xiao Chen needed to wait for a fatal opening. There was hope with Heavenly Slayer in his hand.

The battle between these two was already very intense.

However, the great battle below was even bloodier and more brutal, even intenser.

The guests of the Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince charged at the altar at the same time. The Azure Lotus Holy Daughter and the Black Lotus Sect Venerate led people to block them.

Close to forty Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors immediately attacked frantically. Among them were super experts like Dao Yan, Wenren Yu, the Silver Dragon King, and Sikong Shu.

Killing moves and Soul Tools appeared in the chaotic battle. Great Desolate Eon bloodlines were activated, and boundless Demonic Qi spread out. The battle looked very bitter and desperate.

At this point, the succession race already involved life and death.

The Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince needed to stake everything they had on this in order to gain that minuscule chance.

The two’s desire and obsession over the crown prince position surpassed those of the other princes. Naturally, their guests would be reluctant to fail like that.

Dao Yan, who could materialize an ice small world after comprehending a tenth-layer Dao Domain, advanced quickly, sweeping through the place without fear. No opponents lasted more than three exchanges with him.

Just when Dao Yan thought that he could charge over, a monk with delicate facial features and a lotus-like aura blocked him. This was Ming Xuan, once the Black Lotus Church’s Holy Son and now the Black Lotus Sect Venerate.


Dao Yan expressionlessly threw a palm strike, and a soul-deep chill surged out.

His tenth-layer Dao Domain was very horrifying. Regular Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors would find it hard to block a blow from Dao Yan. Their Dao Domains would shatter in an instant.

“Secret Technique, destroy!”

Ming Xuan did not fluster, pressing his thumb to his index finger’s tip and forming a hand seal with one hand. Then, he thrust this hand seal forward.

A boundless Buddhist Might surged forward. This eliminated the pressing chill, be it substantial or an ethereal attack on the soul.

Dao Yan was slightly startled. Then, he saw the indistinct Black Lotus Demonic Buddha image behind Ming Xuan, and he immediately understood.

“So, it is an evil disciple of the Buddhist sect. Humph!”

Although Dao Yan had been planning to use his ice small world on the mysterious black-clad man who had not taken action yet, he let out a cold snort and materialized his ice small world, encasing Ming Xuan.

Ming Xuan looked around. He could see the figures of the others in his surroundings. However, he could sense a hazy barrier separating him from these people. It was like they were in a different world.

Of course, that was not the most important thing. The most important thing was that Ming Xuan felt a strangely immense pressure from the world, like the world rejected him. This felt very unbearable, and his Dao Domain got completely suppressed.

Ming Xuan’s Soul Energy and Divine Energy even got restricted; he could not circulate them smoothly.

“A tenth-layer Dao Domain is really horrifying.”

As Ming Xuan carefully sensed the various discomforts within his body, no panic appeared on his face.

As Dao Yan watched, finding the lack of reaction strange, Ming Xuan tapped himself between his eyebrows; then, a Buddhist swastika spun in reverse there.

“Those who oppose me die!”


The initially golden Buddhist symbol instantly turned black after spinning in reverse, releasing a stronger Buddhist Might.

An ancient Buddhist light traveled from the distant past, breaking through the small world’s limits and landing on Ming Xuan.

Instantly, the various discomforts vanished. Then, Ming Xuan smiled and said, “With this Buddhist light supporting me, even if I cannot defeat you, it is more than enough to block you.”

“We will have to try first before we know.”

Dao Yan showed a sullen expression. He was not resigned to being blocked here.

Intense battles took place around the altar.

The two princes worked together, bringing a storm-like force to destroy the First Prince’s altar in one go.

The Demonic Dao experts under Wang Fei made their move. However, they were disadvantaged in numbers and looked like they would lose soon.

Even so, Xi showed no intention to intervene. He just looked around and fixed his gaze into the distance.

Damn it.

When Yan Cangming sensed Xi’s gaze, he cursed in his heart. Then, he turned to the Sixth Prince, who was beside him. “Your Highness, you no longer stand a chance. Please forgive me for this offense. I have to follow the agreement and help the First Prince to ascend the throne. Please forgive me.”

Before the Sixth Prince could answer, Yan Cangming brought Zhen Yuan and the many Abyssal Underworld experts away.

This development stunned Wang Ming, his expression turning extremely unsightly. Unexpectedly, this group of people was so unreliable.

Wang Ming did not believe that he no longer stood a chance. Otherwise, he would have just forfeited.

Uncertainty flashed across his face, his heart feeling very unresigned. However, he did not do anything in the end.


A figure appeared before Yan Cangming. It was Grim Reaper Lin Feng.

Xiao Chen was buying time for Wang Yan, taking the initiative to draw his saber and fight the unparalleled Wang Fei.

Lin Feng could not interfere in that overly intense battle, unable to help. However, it looked like the Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince held the advantage. If they destroyed the altar, it would resolve Xiao Chen’s danger.

Even if Lin Feng could not block everyone, he had to block Yan Cangming at least.

“Zhen Yuan, bring them to go help. Leave this place to me,” Yan Cangming instructed with a calm expression before shifting his gaze to Lin Feng.

Zhen Yuan did not say anything, leading the other Abyssal Underworld Sovereign Emperors away to help Wang Fei.

Although Lin Feng blocked Yan Cangming, the appearance of Zhen Yuan’s group greatly eased the pressure on the Black Lotus Sect Venerate and the others.

The suppression flipped around; the situation of the First Prince’s side improved significantly.


Yan Cangming and Lin Feng brought out their Death Dao Domains to the limit. Dense black lines appeared on their faces.

When their auras peaked, they attacked in an instant, then moved back after making contact.

Black Death Qi floated around the two, forming thousands of dark netherworld flowers.

Lin Feng looked at the moving black lines on his palm and thought to himself in surprise, To think that Yan Cangming’s strength has already reached such a level.

“Senior Brother, you are not a match for me. Please move away.”

Yan Cangming showed a distant gaze on his calm face, not showing much hatred.

Then, he continued in a somewhat hoarse voice, “Levels can no longer describe the gap between us. I have already touched the origin of death. Today, I am the chessmaster, but you are just a chess piece. Given the situation, if you insist on moving alone like Xiao Chen, who drew his saber again, only death awaits you.”

Lin Feng frowned slightly. He was here on Suiren Ji’s orders to represent the Heavenly Alliance in helping the Eleventh Prince.

He did not know that the succession race in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb involved a battle on a deeper level.

“This succession race already involves the direction of the cycle of epochs. This is not something you can understand.”

Yan Cangming showed a cold and stern expression. His gaze lent him a vast and distant air like a vast and boundless ocean.

Lin Feng smiled and said, “Indeed, I do not understand that. I only know that Xiao Chen is my friend. With you helping, the two princes will lose for sure. Naturally, I need to help him by blocking you. You say that I do not understand. However, did you ever understand that I have always taken you as my beloved junior brother?”

Yan Cangming looked up and saw Wang Fei holding the upper hand, appearing like the Heavenly Dao.

On the other hand, Xiao Chen’s aura was no longer as strong as it was initially. It was a downhill battle with danger all around. Yan Cangming retorted indifferently, “It does not matter. The moment he chose to draw his saber, he was fated to die today. This is his fate. It will not change whether you block me or not.”

“I have a saber. After it is cleansed, it illuminates three lives!”

Just at this moment, something strange happened in the sky. A blue lotus bloomed under Xiao Chen’s feet. Then, his figure split into three, looking like time shifted. Each figure executed a saber strike that pierced Wang Fei’s chest.

The three figures represented the past, the present, and the future.

The three sabers converged, and the First Prince’s vast lifeforce ebbed slowly. No matter how the Dragon Vein supported him, it could not reverse this.

Wang Fei showed an extremely incredulous expression. He could not understand how he had gotten struck.