Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2327 Raw 2434 : I Have Acknowledged a Ruler, and I Draw My Saber for That Ruler

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Chapter 2327 Raw 2434 : I Have Acknowledged a Ruler, and I Draw My Saber for That Ruler

Azure Dragon!

The Azure Dragon image opened its eyes. This Azure Dragon image that appeared behind Xiao Chen looked different from all the dragon images that appeared before. It looked very distinct, showing realistic scales in fine detail. Its eyes contained a spiritual light, looking alive.

The pure royal Azure Dragon’s Dragon Might made the dragon image behind Xiao Chen look like a living ancient Divine Dragon.

After the Ten Thousand Dragons Art broke through to the third layer, the ten thousand dragons returned to being one. Furthermore, there was the effect of entering Xiao Chen’s true name into the royal genealogical record.

When the Azure Dragon appeared, all the princes and guests in the core region could not help looking over.

The royal Azure Dragon’s Dragon Might spread throughout every corner, feeling like water and mist simultaneously, real and ethereal.

After the Dragon Might seeped into the various cultivators’ bodies, the fear and trembling it engendered was palpable.


Sikong Shu and the Silver Dragon King, who already made an arrangement with the Eighth Prince and were preparing to attack Wang Fei together, were utterly stunned.

These two possessed noble bloodlines far surpassing that of regular Great Desolate Eon bloodline outstanding talents. They clearly understood that Xiao Chen’s Dragon Might was different from the rest.

“A mixed-blood dragon? Is this really a mixed-blood dragon? Why do I not believe it?”

The Silver Dragon King’s voice trembled slightly. Even though he had a Grade 7 Silver Dragon bloodline, he still felt some fear. It was like he met a Dragon King and wanted to kneel and prostrate himself. This feeling was incredibly absurd.

Although the Holy Beast bloodlines’ outstanding talents also felt a deep-seated fear in their hearts, it was not the bone-deep fear of the Dragon Race cultivators.

“Azure? Could it be that Divine Dragon Race that fell?”

Sikong Shu thought about some secret records in the Martial God Palace. His expression changed, turning uncertain.


The powerhouses in the palace clearly noticed the extraordinariness of the Azure Dragon image behind Xiao Chen.

“Interesting. This is a very genuine, royal Divine Dragon’s Dragon Might. However, there is no Azure Dragon among the Six Colored Divine Dragons…”

“It was rumored that there were seven Divine Dragons fifty thousand years ago. However, it seems like someone intentionally erased all information about the seventh. Even the various Holy Lands’ records of these rumors are sparse. No one knows what happened.”

“This is the Martial Epoch. Who is so capable of forcing the various super factions to consider this matter taboo?”

“Strange things are happening one after another during this year’s succession race. I wonder if it is a portent of something.”

The various feudal lords and Noble Clan powerhouses showed misgivings on their faces, foreboding awakening in their hearts at the same time.

Some of the powerhouses showed grave expressions, not daring to speak.

Although the Azure Dragon’s past was taboo, the factions with tens of thousands of years of inheritance still knew a little about it.

These factions even knew who erased all information about it.

It was that person who stood at the peak of the Martial Epoch, the horrifying existence that no one dared to defy or even discuss.

Today, the Azure Dragon bloodline, which that person wiped out, had a surviving member appear.

How could this not evoke fear and unrest in the people who knew this secret, daunting them from speaking?

The imperial ancestral temple’s Imperial Ancestor felt slightly stunned upon seeing the Azure Dragon image. Then, he smiled calmly. “The Martial Epoch has indeed reached its end. Even the race that person personally wiped out has so boldly appeared. How weak has he become already?”

However, the Yan Emperor, who was restrained by the patriarchs, could not smile. It looks like the Yanwu Dynasty cannot avoid the great calamity that the Hidden Spirit Temple’s abbot mentioned.

Damn it! Why do these people think that the Demonic Dao Hall will listen to their commands?


Inside the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb:

The Ten Thousand Dragons Art circulated wildly in Xiao Chen’s body. Waves surged up in his vast Divine Energy Sea, materializing thousands of dragon images that looked different from each other.

Xiao Chen did not give Wang Fei a chance to launch another sword strike. He soared into the sky practically the instant the Azure Dragon image appeared.

“Boom!” Countless dragon images shot out from Xiao Chen’s Divine Energy Sea and entered the Azure Dragon image behind him.

The Dragon Might of the Azure Dragon image skyrocketed, shaking the surroundings with its roars.

Ten thousand dragons returning to one!

Xiao Chen’s figure soared up and gently stepped on the sword Qi made of the dynasty’s might, which Xiao Suo and the others worked together to block—and it cracked.

Xiao Chen appeared like the incarnation of the Azure Dragon. When he landed, the towering Azure Dragon image merged with him. A dragon claw layered over his feet.

The moment Xiao Chen landed, this sword light, materialized by one hundred thousand years of the dynasty’s accumulations, seemed to sustain a ruthless claw strike from the ancient Azure Dragon.


The sword light, which already showed small cracks, instantly shattered. A dynasty shattered, reduced to dust, before everyone’s shocked gaze.

“Pu ci!”

The First Prince, who was unruly and without fear, declaring himself supreme in the sky above the altar, vomited out a mouthful of blood as he collapsed. The resplendent holy light dimmed at an incredible pace.

This was how the Ruler Dao was. He could grow strong quickly, but his strength could also plummet quickly.

The somewhat stupefied Wang Fei continuously fell as his mind went blank.

“First Prince, don’t panic. His kick seemed to be casual, but he actually stored up power for a long time. He cannot bring out such a horrifying strike in a short period. You should quickly destroy the remaining two altars while the Ruler Dao’s might is still resplendent.”

At the crucial moment, Lord Xi’s voice rang out, rousing Wang Fei from his punch-drunk state.

“Right, I still have a chance. If I want to recover from my injuries, I have to continue snatching Dragon Essence. I cannot lose! I cannot lose!”

A frenzied look appeared in Wang Fei’s eyes. Just as he was about to crash into the altar, he let out a heart-wrenching cry, “Those who obey me flourish; those who oppose me die!”

The initially tyrannical words sounded crazed and sorrowful when Wang Fei roared them.

The resplendent holy light materialized by the Ruler Dao on the altar suddenly died while Wang Fei’s eyes turned red.

When he attacked with his sword, he bet all his Great Dao Energy, Divine Energy, Soul Energy, and everything else he had on this final sword strike.

After this sword strike, he seemed to age a century. Now, his eyes turned completely bloodshot.

The First Prince had pushed himself into desperate straits.


The dynasty sword light that erupted out from the Yan Imperial Sword split into two, heading for the remaining altars belonging to the Sixth Prince and the Eleventh Prince.

The two dynasty sword lights carried everything of Wang Fei’s, his will, his ambition, his madness, even his life.

Compared to the sword light he sent at the Ninth Prince, this was even mightier.

The expressions of the Eleventh Prince and the Sixth Prince changed dramatically, turning extremely unsightly and taking on a shade of purple.

They had thought that the Ninth Prince would end up taking the sword strike and buying time for the two of them. Earlier, they had been rejoicing. Now, they even expected to die.

The earlier scene already proved that although the First Prince was terrifyingly strong, as powerful as a peak 7-Vein Sovereign Emperor, he was not ridiculously strong to the point of invincibility.

As long as the brothers were willing to work together, having the courage to go through life and death as one, showing unprecedented courage and endlessly surging hot-bloodedness, they could block this sword strike.

However, the two princes could not bet on this. The guests under them were not as determined as Xiao Suo and the others, willing to go all out and risk death.

No one could trust the others not to abandon them. If they forcibly received this sword strike, they would fall and die an unsightly death.

The two princes did not dare to bet on this. They cried out reluctantly at nearly the same time, “Retreat!”


In that instant, the two altars shattered. Two waves of vast, shocking Dragon Essence headed for Wang Fei like gales, endlessly surging over.

“Hahahaha! Hahahaha!”

Wang Fei stopped falling and started to rise slowly amid maniacal laughter.

The initially extinguished holy light on his altar reignited with even more resplendent light.

The sword strike that Wang Fei bet everything on allowed him to not only return to his peak but even reach another level.

“We can’t wait anymore. Charge!”

When the Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince saw this scene, their complexions turned pale from fright.

They did not dare to delay any longer; they needed to risk it all now. This was now a fight to the death.

The First Prince had backed them to a cliff’s edge. They had no other choice but to fight.

Wang Fei smiled faintly, not caring about this. He said indifferently, “Block them.”

The mysterious man Xi flung out his sleeves. The Azure Lotus Holy Daughter and the Black Lotus Sect Venerate led a few Demonic Dao experts and charged over.

A frantic battle between Sovereign Emperors started at lightning speed.

Be it the Divine Sword Pavilion’s Dao Yan and the Profound Heaven Holy Land’s Wenren Yu under the Eighth Prince or the Silver Dragon King and Sikong Shu under the Thirteenth Prince, they all could be called super experts.

With such extremely horrifying strength, just a single one of them could wreak havoc in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

Now, these people worked together to attack the First Prince.

At this point, the succession race was already out of control. The people outside felt somewhat fearful for some reason.

“Xiao Chen, thank you for giving me this opportunity. Otherwise, who knows when my Ruler Dao Domain would break through its limits?”

Wang Fei, whose strength significantly increased, smiled at Xiao Chen. However, extremely cold, murderous intent filled the depths of his eyes.

“Big Brother…”

Xiao Suo, who already landed on the altar, looked at Xiao Chen with some worry. Wounds covered his entire body. His right arm was nearly crippled, swinging weakly on its socket.

Wu Meng and the others appeared pale as they supported Xiao Suo. They were in similarly bad condition.

Xiao Chen, who was wrapped in the Azure Dragon, looked at Wang Fei expressionlessly. His thoughts moved at lightning speed.

This Wang Fei was indeed a ruthless person. Even in a sure-lose situation, he managed to climb back to the top.

When facing a stronger Wang Fei, Xiao Chen could not think of another method to fight against him, aside from drawing Heavenly Slayer. Of course, this did not include the Dragon’s Gate Forbidden Art.

However, Xiao Chen had already drawn Heavenly Slayer once when he rescued Wang Yan from being surrounded, draining most of his Divine Energy and Soul Energy.

Crushing the sword light with his foot earlier also exhausted a lot of energy.

Xiao Chen still had not recovered from drawing Heavenly Slayer, a Soul Tool that rivaled a Superior Grade Soul Tool. If he did so again, he would overdraw on his physical body and injure his foundations.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen’s odds of victory were only even if he drew Heavenly Slayer again.

Should he draw Heavenly Slayer, or not?


Xiao Chen fought a mental battle. However, he decided with practically no hesitation.

The Heavenly Slayer Saber Soul Tool appeared in Xiao Chen’s hands once again. Then, he held the saber horizontally and grasped the handle.

“Big Brother, you cannot draw that saber anymore!” Xiao Suo shouted hoarsely, his expression changing slightly when he saw the situation from the altar.

A Soul Tool was also known as a Forbidden Treasure. The word forbidden separated it from ordinary treasures. Naturally, one could not use it wantonly without consequences. Otherwise, Xiao Chen could have drawn the saber long ago and killed everyone.

Wang Yan, who was in the sacred flame anxiously refining his Yan Imperial Sword, opened his eyes. When he saw Xiao Chen’s actions, his expression changed dramatically.


Wang Yan only just started speaking when a saber light interrupted him. He saw Xiao Chen draw Heavenly Slayer.

The dazzling saber light looked like the sun. Xiao Chen drew the saber by only one centimeter, but about three meters of the sky shattered.

“I have acknowledged a ruler, and I draw my saber for that ruler!”