Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2326 Raw 2433 : Sharing Life and Death

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Chapter 2326 Raw 2433 : Sharing Life and Death

“There’s no rush. This is not the time to be anxious. There is someone else even more anxious than you are.”


Wang Yun looked at where Yuan Zhen pointed. That was the altar where the Ninth Prince Wang Yan was. Doubt flashed in Wang Yun’s eyes.

“Haha! Stop looking already and hide first,” Yuan Zhen said after turning. Then, he pulled on his hood, hiding his face deeper in it.

“Mister Yuan, please tell me where the ninth altar is,” Wang Yun said eagerly as he shifted his gaze to Yuan Zhen, his eyes shining with fervor.

Wang Yun had never felt so close to being the crown prince before. Since young, he had always been a joke to the many princes, often bullied by them. All the while, he had endured and forced himself to smile.

If I can become the crown prince… Wang Yun tightly clenched his fist as he felt a surge of hot-bloodedness.

Yuan Zhen looked around and noticed Wang Yun’s expression. Then, he smiled faintly and said, “Not bad. I like the state you are in right now. However, this is not yet the time to tell you. Come and hide with me first. The degree of destruction from the coming great battle will surpass your expectations.”

“Great battle?”

Wang Yun appeared somewhat confused. With his first brother’s strength now, who would dare to fight him?

Yuan Zhen felt somewhat helpless at being associated with this idiot. He sighed in his heart and gave a simple explanation, “The tallest tree in the forest will be blown down by the wind first. After those brothers of yours startle away, they will understand one thing: they only stand a chance if they work together and charge over to destroy your first brother’s altar. Did you not see how your first brother’s guests are all standing guard around the altar, not daring to move away?”

Wang Yun looked over, and indeed it was so.

The Xuewu Dynasty’s experts and the 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor Zhuo Yu were not at ease, despite their relaxed appearance. They warily eyed the surroundings, maintaining a tight guard and not showing any opening.

Then, Wang Yun thought of the great battle that Yuan Zhen spoke of. This horrified him. If it was as Yuan Zhen said, just an alliance of the Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince, bringing together those ridiculously strong guests, could bring out an unimaginably destructive power. Furthermore, there were still the guests of the other princes.

Wang Yun startled to his senses and shouted, “Go! Go! Go! We have got to go quickly!”

“Don’t mess around and come with me.”

Yuan Zhen shook his head slightly and led the way, bringing this group of guests and the Fourth Prince far away.


The storm in the core region intensified. After the First Prince absorbed the Dragon Essence from another altar, his strength reached an indescribable level. Just his gaze inspired fear.

At this moment, aside from Wang Fei’s altar, there were only three altars left—the Eleventh Prince’s, the Ninth Prince’s, and the Sixth Prince’s. The other altars had all been destroyed.

At the Eleventh Prince’s altar, Grim Reaper Lin Feng and the Universe Origin Sect’s Chu Feng showed extremely unsightly expressions.

“Are we defending or giving up?” the Eleventh Prince asked the two, feeling uncertain and hesitant in his heart.

Chu Feng replied after some thought, “There’s no rush. He will definitely attack the Ninth Prince Wang Yan next. Your Highness, you should quickly finish refining the Yan Imperial Sword and perfectly merge your Great Dao into the Dragon Vein. Only then do you stand a chance against him.”

Lin Feng looked around and added calmly, “There are still many variables. The Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince seem to be getting impatient.”

“That’s right. Eight Brother and Thirteenth Brother will definitely not just sit and watch First Brother continue his show of power!”

The Eleventh Prince made him his mind, no longer hesitating. Then, he focused on refining his Yan Imperial Sword.

The greater the danger, the greater the opportunity. The Eleventh Prince did not want to give up just yet.


Inside the fierce sacred flame, Wang Yan opened his eyes slightly and peeked at the First Prince Wang Fei; the shock in his heart had yet to fade.

Too fast. This was simply too fast. This did not give much time to react. The First Prince Wang Wang Fei easily swept through the place, destroying four altars. Now, he was already inconceivably strong.

The Ruler Dao’s tyranny boosted Wang Fei’s ego to the point of depravation, making him go crazy from power.

Wang Fei attacked viciously and decisively, eliminating two prominent opponents and two weaker princes. Now, no one could compete with him.

“Ninth Prince, fate has turned messy. I can see the situation on all sides. Several mandates of heaven are in conflict.”

The Heavenly Book Scholar frowned heavily. At the crucial moment, his Divination Dao failed, making him feel self-reproachful. “However, Your Highness’s fate shows a clash between Yin and Yang, an antagonistic fate where fortune or disaster is hard to determine…I suggest for Your Highness to avoid clashing head-on.”

“Those who obey me flourish; those who oppose me die!”

After Wang Fei finished refining the Dragon Essence he just absorbed, he shifted his gaze to Wang Yan amid maniacal laughter.

As the others expected, the First Prince’s next target was the Ninth Prince Wang Yan.

“Xiao Chen, do you dare to receive a sword strike from me?!”

When Wang Fei saw Xiao Chen on the altar, his long-repressed murderous intent finally burst forth without reservation.

Wang Fei did not bother speaking any nonsense, merely raised his sword. One hundred thousand-odd years of the dynasty’s accumulations turned into a towering sword light, looking like a sharp sword piercing through the sky and leading towards the altar where Wang Yan was.

This was already even more horrifying than the peak strike of a 7-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

Most importantly, this was in the depths of the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. Even if a genuine 7-Vein Sovereign Emperor were here, or even an 8-Vein Sovereign Emperor, they would not be able to achieve such might.

The unparalleled sword light far surpassed the previous four sword strikes.

This sword strike was executed with the sword light giving off the dynasty’s might, something that represented the legendary dynasty that survived a long time through all sorts of storms.

The sword’s might made this vast and boundless core region seem incredibly insignificant.

Defend or retreat? It all depended on Wang Yan’s thoughts.

Xiao Chen closed his eyes, letting the strong wind from the sword’s might blow his clothes and long hair.

Wang Fei called Xiao Chen out, challenging him to receive this sword strike. However, it was not Xiao Chen’s choice.

It was not a question of whether Xiao Chen could receive this sword strike or not. If Wang Yan chose to retreat, then taking this sword strike would be meaningless.

“This prince has never disappointed anyone. Since everyone is not giving up on me, I will definitely not disappoint everyone. Please help me block this sword. We will share life and death!”

Wang Yan’s calm pronouncement seemed indistinct before the vast sword’s might. However, it was like tar that lit up the hot-bloodedness in the hearts of Qin Zhuolin, the Heavenly Book Scholar, and the others. When facing this startling sword strike, they showed no intention of retreating.


“My name is Xiao Suo. Today, I hold up the banner with my flesh and blood, willing to take a lifetime of injuries. Scarlet Blood Pirate King, grant me an indomitable battle hunger!”

For half my life, I went through ups and downs, homeless and miserable; for half my life, I was peerless, traveling around without fear. Xiao Suo roared, igniting his lifeforce. Then, the scarlet war banner flapped in the wind.

The indomitable battle hunger that Xiao Suo inherited from the Scarlet Blood Pirate King traveled through time and space, coming from the distant past and breaking through the barrier of time and space. Then, it turned into a scarlet sun, lighting the place up and forcing back Wang Fei’s sunlike radiance.

“A great sun like the sky, the true flame never extinguishes!”

The Golden Crow Empire’s Hao Kai turned black like tar without changing his expression. Then, he became a fiercely blazing Solar True Flame.

When Hao Kai’s eyes turned golden, his Great Desolate Eon bloodline activating fully, a Golden Crow continuously circled the altar.

“Pointing to the Sun as Heaven, Drawing the Earth as a Dragon!”

Qin Zhuolin brought out his Dragon Seeking Arts to the limits, pointing one finger to the sky and one finger to the ground.

One finger happened to point at the scarlet sun materialized from indomitable battle hunger. This small altar immediately seemed like it held up the sky when facing the sword strike materialized from one hundred thousand years of the dynasty’s accumulations.

The other finger pointed to the ground, summoning the image of a Dragon Vein with Drawing the Earth as a Dragon to support the resplendent Golden Crow.

“The Righteous Qi of the world, the sun, the moon, and the river of stars!”

The Heavenly Book Scholar held nothing back, slowly unfolding his fan. He materialized Righteous Qi using the sun, the moon, and the river of stars to support this world.

Aside from Xiao Chen, Wu Meng and the others on the altar did their best, even drawing on their lifeforce to block the unparalleled sword strike materialized by one hundred thousand years of the dynasty’s accumulations.


Xiao Suo took the lead in charging, wielding the scarlet banner and thrusting it at the blazing sword light.

The scene was like a grasshopper trying to block a carriage, an action with utter disregard for life. The many powerhouses in the palace found this hard to watch.


The instant the war banner came in contact with the sword light, Xiao Suo vomited a mouthful of blood. Cracks appeared in his right hand, which held the war banner.

Xiao Suo’s indomitable battle hunger managed to block that unparalleled sword light.

This scene shocked the onlookers everywhere, as it appeared too inconceivable.

Even the Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince did not dare to receive this sword strike. To think that a guest under the Ninth Prince succeeded.

“Brother Xiao, I’ll come and help you!”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

When it looked like the cracks on Xiao Suo’s arm were about to spread through his body, five figures soared into the air at the same time.

Qin Zhuolin gathered all the power of the world he could draw on his body, turning into a dragon image. Then, he charged at the sword light materialized by the dynasty’s might together with the Golden Crow that Hao Kai transformed into, one on the left and one on the right.

“Crack! Crack!”

Before many disbelieving gazes, small cracks appeared in that sword light; it looked to be on the verge of crumbling.

The First Prince’s expression changed dramatically. How can it be like this?

The Ruler Dao that the First Prince cultivated did not permit him to fail like this. Once the Ruler Dao failed, it would injure the foundations of his Great Dao.

However, just as he prepared to launch another sword strike, he suddenly felt a chill.

The First Prince looked in the direction of the chill’s source. He saw that Xiao Chen had opened his eyes at some point on the altar.

A towering Azure Dragon image reaching the sky materialized behind Xiao Chen, containing a pure royal Divine Dragon’s Dragon Might.