Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2325 Raw 2432 : Wang Fei Gets Ahead

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Chapter 2325 Raw 2432 : Wang Fei Gets Ahead

“Those who obey me flourish; those who oppose me die!”

These words echoed endlessly in the vast core region of the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. The Ruler Dao’s dynasty’s might shook the sky and ground.

Resplendent holy light came from the First Prince’s altar, illuminating the entire core region like the sun.

This made the altars of the other princes appear dim.

“This is the Ruler Dao?”

The various princes within the sacred flames on the altars opened their eyes at the same time. Heavy shock and horror flashed in their eyes.

No one had expected the First Prince Wang Fei to merge his Ruler Dao with the dynasty’s Dragon Vein so quickly. This seemed inconceivable, inspiring disbelief.

Everyone believed that merging the Ruler Dao would be much more difficult than the other Great Dao.

It could not possibly successfully merge so quickly, getting ahead of the other princes.


Even the aloof Yan Emperor in the palace felt greatly startled. His hand, which held the genuine Yan Imperial Sword, trembled slightly as he said, “Impossible…”

“How is it impossible? Facts proved that the First Prince is indeed mandated by heaven, the person to revitalize my Yanwu Dynasty.”

The Yan Emperor turned his head back and saw the imperial ancestral temple’s Imperial Ancestor. Then, he suddenly understood. “You…you all have already crossed the line. The ancestral teachings said that the succession race has to be fair. Disobeying the ancestral teachings means the end of my Yanwu Dynasty.”

Everyone knew that the imperial ancestral temple managed the entrance to the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. It knew most of the secrets of the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. If the imperial ancestral temple patriarchs had assisted, then the First Prince’s inconceivable speed in merging his Ruler Dao with the dynasty’s Dragon Veins was entirely explicable.

However, this was as good as predetermining who would be the crown prince.

This defied the ancestral teachings, completely ignoring them. The foundations of the dynasty would be shaken.

“A great calamity is approaching, and the Yanwu Dynasty will be in the eye of the storm. If we do not change, we will be destroyed. Don’t think that I do not know that you sneaked out to Spirit Vulture Mountain. However, that group of baldies did not agree to help, right?”

The expression of the imperial ancestral temple’s Imperial Ancestor did not change. He just coldly looked at the current Yan Emperor, his gaze exceptionally chilly.

The Yan Emperor felt startled. He had not expected the other party to know his movements so well.

“From your vacant look, that group of baldies from the Hidden Spirit Temple probably did not agree. Humph! Those baldies have always been aloof and put on an appearance of being above the world. However, they are just resigned to their fate of collecting incense and worshiping that demonic Buddha of theirs.”

The imperial ancestral temple’s Imperial Ancestor said indifferently, “You want to draw your sword? You can’t do it, right? You have already become the past. The new Yan Imperial Sword will soon be born. Just accompany us and watch the final act; then, obediently hand over your throne.”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Right after the imperial ancestral temple’s Imperial Ancestor spoke, many imperial ancestral temple experts appeared in the aloof cloud palace.

The Yan Emperor showed an unsightly expression. When he saw the many patriarchs appearing behind the Imperial Ancestor, he felt utterly helpless.

Suddenly, the Yan Emperor understood why the abbot did not agree to his request.

It was because the dynasty was no longer in his control. The patriarchs’ faction had already deeply rooted itself in the dynasty.

The various feudal lords and Noble Clan powerhouses in the hall below did not know that a coup dtat silently took place above. The imperial ancestral temple’s patriarchs conspired against the emperor and removed him.


Inside the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb:

The First Prince Wang Fei soared into the resplendent, holy light, gazing coldly at the surroundings. A ruler’s tyranny that looked down on the world made the surrounding princes tremble.

“Damn it! How can this be?!” the Eighth Prince Wang Feng exclaimed in shock and rage. His Wind Great Dao was only half a step away from perfectly merging with the dynasty’s Dragon Vein.

In his opinion, he should be ahead of Wang Fei, no matter what.

Merging the Wind Great Dao was much simpler than the Ruler Dao.

“This is not good.”

The expressions of Dao Yan and the Profound Heaven’s Holy Son Wenren Yu changed at the same time as Wang Fei, who was high in the sky, fixed his gaze on Wang Feng, who was within the sacred flame.

“Eighth Prince, quickly leave the altar. Otherwise, the consequences will be dire.”

Wang Feng showed an unresigned expression. “Give me a moment more, and I can perfectly merge my Wind Great Dao with the dynasty’s Dragon Vein!”

“There’s no time. Placing your mark is already sufficient.”

Dao Yan and Wenren Yu did not give Wang Feng a chance to say anything more, working together to yank the Eighth Prince out of the sacred flame. Then, they shouted, “Quickly leave!”

However, they were still a step too late. Wang Fei drew his sword, and a vast dragon image appeared.

One hundred thousand years of the dynasty’s accumulations appeared to its limits within the sword. When the sword light landed, the Eighth Prince’s altar shattered, turning into so much rubble.

Wang Feng felt somewhat distraught. “My altar…”

The altar debris hovering in the air looked like the bubbles of a dream, floating around and showing different colors.

It’s over…all over…

The horrifying shock waves spread out, and boundless Dragon Essence vented from the shattered altar, turned into dragon images, and flew to Wang Fei in the air, making his might and pressure grow.

“Hahaha! Those who obey me flourish, those who oppose me die!” Wang Fei shouted again when he felt the overwhelming power in his Yan Imperial Sword, sinking into delirium.

The might of one sword strike had shattered the altar of his greatest opponent. The soaring power stoked Wang Fei’s ego infinitely larger.

“Things are not good.”

The Thirteenth Prince Wang Yi’s expression flickered. Then, he said decisively, “Retreat.”

After dealing with the Eighth Prince, the First Prince’s next target would be the Thirteenth Prince, without a doubt.

Given that, the Thirteenth Prince might as well retreat earlier. There was no need to seek a perfect merger of his Great Dao with the dynasty’s Dragon Vein. He had already left his mark, which meant that there was still hope; he could still fight back.

The altar was already useless. If the Thirteenth Prince sought perfection, he would be destroyed.

Damn it…

Although Wang Yi had calmly analyzed the merits and drawbacks, he still felt very reluctant.


Sikong Shu, the Silver Dragon King, and the other Great Desolate Eon bloodline outstanding talents protected the Thirteenth Prince Wang Yi as he jumped off the altar to flee.


As soon as Wang Yi jumped off the altar, the First Prince Wang Fei’s attack arrived.

The altar shattered in that instant. The sacred flames scattered and burned the ferocious beasts, causing them to shriek and scatter.


Wang Fei smiled coldly as the Yan Imperial Sword in his hand wildly sucked the Dragon Essence that leaked out of the shattered altar.

Aside from me, everyone else is an ant!

The Ruler Dao, this was the Ruler Dao. The stronger the show of power, the stronger one would be. The First Prince had destroyed the momentum of the Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince one after another, making his own momentum soar to a level that others could not reach.

Lord Xi and his people maintained calm expressions below the altar. It was like they knew this would happen.

“Terrifying. How is First Brother so strong?”

The Third Prince, who had snatched an altar, had just jumped into the sacred flames. He did not even have time to refine his Yan Imperial Sword yet.

When he saw everything that happened before him, he felt stupefied. There was simply no way to compete.

“This is not good!”

The Third Prince’s expression changed dramatically when he felt a killing Qi encase him, locking him in place and causing his entire body to tremble.

“First Elder Brother, First Elder Brother…I have no intention to fight with you. I’ll forfeit!”

Horror filled the Third Prince’s heart, making him stammer a little. He wanted to cry but lacked the tears to do so.”


Wang Fei did not give the Third Prince another chance to speak. He swung his sword down, destroying the Third Prince along with the altar.

The destruction of the altars happened in rapid succession.

Wang Fei had launched three sword strikes and destroyed an altar with each one. Three sword strikes demolished three altars.

Those watching carefully could tell that this was not the First Prince’s power. Wang Fei seemed to have borrowed the power of the dynasty’s Dragon Veins.

While no other prince had perfectly merged his Great Dao into any of the dynasty’s Dragon Veins, the dynasty’s Dragon Veins would treat Wang Fei as the true crown prince.

The dynasty’s Dragon Veins in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb were equal to one hundred thousand years of accumulations in the Yanwu Dynasty. Right now, First Prince Wang Fei was like the manifestation of the dynasty’s accumulations. When he held the Yan Imperial Sword, the mandate of heaven supported him.

From a distance, the Fourth Prince Wang Yun saw the Third Prince die and felt a chill run down his back.

If he had not listened to Yuan Zhen earlier, he would be the dead one.

Wang Yun said sincerely, “Mister Yuan, many thanks for saving my life.”

Under the hood, shock flashed in the eyes of Yuan Zhen’s previously calm face. Clearly, he was surprised at the strength that Wang Fei displayed.

“There’s no need to thank me. We are in the same boat. Saving you is akin to saving myself.”

Wang Yun did not take Yuan Zhen’s words to heart. He asked anxiously, “Mister Yuan, where exactly is the ninth altar that you mentioned?”

Yuan Zhen replied indifferently, “There’s no rush. This is not the time to be anxious. There is someone else even more anxious than you are.”

Wang Yun felt slightly stunned. Then, he looked in the direction that Yuan Zhen indicated. It was the Ninth Prince Wang Yan’s altar.