Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2323 Raw 2430 : When Heavenly Slayer Is Drawn, There Is No Need to Turn Around

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Chapter 2323 Raw 2430 : When Heavenly Slayer Is Drawn, There Is No Need to Turn Around

“It’s the fourth wave already.”

The Heavenly Book Scholar showed a grave expression as he looked at the ferocious beasts spread across the boundless land from the altar.

A strong, bloody stench hung in the air. Blood formed rivers on the ground, and corpses piled up like mountains.

The Dragon Essence in the ferocious beasts’ bodies shone with a green light after they died. As it floated in the air, it looked like ghost flames.

Xiao Suo, who was at the very front, showed no emotion on his face. He had wandered the forbidden seas for a long time, so he did not find the scene before him strange. Compared to the blood sea in the Scarlet Blood Pirate King’s inheritance, this was nothing.

Wu Meng sat on the corpse of a ferocious beast, wiping blood off his weapon. He also grasped the Massacre Dao and did not show much fatigue.

However, the howling ferocious beasts were stronger and more savage with each wave. The two felt the pressure mounting, no longer as at ease as they had been at the start.

On the Demon Blood Vulture, Xiao Chen opened his eyes. The Auspicious Signs in the sky fell like snow, much denser now compared to the start. When he stretched out his hand to catch some, they melted into his palm.

After sensing the various wondrous effects the Auspicious Signs brought when they entered his Divine Energy Sea, he muttered, “The fifth wave is coming. Are those dancing clowns still not going to show themselves?”

Right when Xiao Chen said that, a flash of iridescent light appeared at the limits of his vision, looking like a surging wave.

When he looked around, he did not see the other princes or guests.

They had apparently hidden and withdrawn their auras. It looked like after their first lesson, those people realized how incredible Xiao Chen was and did not dare to be careless.

If those people did not take the initiative to expose themselves, he would find it challenging to root them all out amid this chaotic scene.

Aside from killing two beast kings, Xiao Chen had nothing to do during these ferocious beast waves.

He remained on the Demon Blood Vulture and refined the Auspicious Signs, stabilizing his 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor cultivation.

They are moving!

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows when he sensed the strong, accumulated killing intent in the surroundings.

This group of people finally could no longer wait.


Xiao Chen turned and quickly looked to the north.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Xiao Chen saw five strands of sword light suddenly appear. When they merged, they brightly lit the sky.

A vast dynasty’s might spread out, and a vast dynasty coalesced above the sword lights.

That was the dynasty’s might from five Yan Imperial Swords being drawn at the same time. This stunned the other princes in the core region.

On the altar, the Heavenly Book Scholar showed a grave expression. He said, “Do not panic. Hold your positions; the plan remains the same.”

Hao Kai and Senior Feng, who were entrusted with the great responsibility of defending Wang Yan, perked up and paid attention, not daring to be careless.

The princes’ Yan Imperial Swords could amplify their strength severalfold in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

The stronger their Dragon Essence, the more ferocious the combat prowess.

With five Yan Imperial Swords appearing at the same time, no one dared to be careless. The pressure felt like a mountain.


Xiao Chen’s figure flashed, leaving a purple electric mark in the sky as he went to investigate.

Then, a figure flew over in the air, radiating an overwhelming Emperor Might and blocking Xiao Chen.

This person was the skinny, old man under the Seventh Prince. Xiao Chen had some impression of his Heavenly Wood Cage.

“Step aside.”

Xiao Chen saw the five princes leading their guests toward the altar, moving over step by step. He did not have time to waste on this old man.


Right after Xiao Chen spoke, he drew his Tyrant Saber and chopped down from the front.

“Grass grows tall, and nightingales fly in the air, showing an endless cycle!”

The skinny, old man smiled coldly, and an exuberant lifeforce burst out from his body. Many lush tree branches around him tangled up into balls, continuously growing after being destroyed. No matter how tyrannical Xiao Chen’s saber move was, he could not eradicate these tree balls.

Xiao Chen executed more than one thousand saber strikes in the blink of an eye. Saber lights spread out, and lightning bolts crisscrossed, looking very mighty.

However, that skinny, old many relied on his superior cultivation, only defending and never attacking.

The old man would retreat continuously. As long as Xiao Chen could not severely injure him with one move, he would remain undefeated.

Wood shards flew in the air, scattering throughout the place.

The skinny, old man’s figure appeared indistinct amid the endless tree balls that regrew after being destroyed. He sneered, “My cultivation is higher than yours. You cannot imagine the vastness of my Divine Energy. Although you are terrifyingly strong, I will not show any openings if I do not attack.”


Xiao Chen moved back and stopped attacking. He frowned slightly. This shameless old thing was indeed somewhat difficult to handle, which made him consider retreating.

Xiao Chen did not want to waste time here; protecting the Ninth Prince was more important.

“You want to leave? I do not agree to that. This old man’s words are the ones that count!”

Clearly, the skinny, old man was upset at Xiao Chen for blocking the Seventh Prince’s entire team alone earlier.

Now that he saw some helplessness appear on Xiao Chen’s face, he could not help feeling pleased. Then, he roared furiously as his Dao Might erupted. His terrifying Wood Dao Domain spread out, instantly covering the sky.

The moment the Wood Dao Domain reinforced the wood shards flying all over the place, they started shooting at Xiao Chen in dense clumps.

Xiao Chen showed a cold expression as he layered his three Dao Domains, materializing a boundless saber move.

He raised a tight screen of saber lights, thoroughly defending himself without exposing any gaps.

However, the skinny, old man’s attacks appeared extremely strange. The wood shards actually stuck to the saber lights and grew rapidly, looking like grass growing on rocks. When the grass’s roots penetrated the rock, they could shatter it.

The wood shards relied on the vigorous lifeforce to break Xiao Chen’s screen of saber lights.

After that, wood shards continuously fell on Xiao Chen’s body and grew wildly.

Soon, trees covered Xiao Chen’s body, holding down his body. The roots pierced his skin like tentacles, penetrating deep into his body and wrecking his internal organs, absorbing the vigorous lifeforce in his body.

His strong Azure Dragon Divine Body provided the trees with an even better growing space. Even the skinny, old man felt somewhat shocked at the explosive growth of the trees.

“Haha! Do you feel that your defeat is very wronged? Often, people who appear very strong are actually not even worth a strike. On the contrary, unremarkable things like grass or wood shards are extremely tenacious, able to bring out inconceivable power.”

The skinny, old man laughed sinisterly. Then, he held his hands together and continuously infused his Divine Energy into the many trees on Xiao Chen’s body.

At this moment, Xiao Chen looked extremely strange. As he hovered in the air, many trees grew all over his body, completely covering him; even his face could not be seen. Only a pair of eyes peered through the crisscrossing tree branches, gazing calmly at the skinny, old man.

Xiao Chen just let the Divine Energy pour into the trees on him, appearing like he was helpless and had accepted his fate.

Soon, the skinny, old man could no longer continue laughing. The lifeforce on Xiao Chen seemed boundless.

The burgeoning trees growing to towering heights seemed somewhat out of control. The lifeforce was so vigorous that it scared the skinny, old man.

“How can it be like this? Given his cultivation, he should have turned into a dried-up corpse after my seeds absorbed so much lifeforce.”

The skinny, old man felt greatly startled. However, he could no longer withdraw, so he gritted his teeth and persisted.

“I really wanted to continue playing with you. However, I do not know what methods you used, but my Demon Blood Vulture is restrained as well, so we will stop here.”

Fiendish Saber inheritance, All Things Rejoicing Together! Xiao Chen shouted in his heart. The many trees growing wildly on his body got assimilated by All Things Rejoicing Together. Every tree, every tree branch, and every tree leaf burst out with resplendent saber light simultaneously.

The lifeforce that terrified the skinny, old man turned into countless saber lights that surged out.


Xiao Chen did not give the skinny, old man a chance to react, sending the saber lights shooting at him.

When the saber lights scattered, holes riddled the skinny, old man. He became like a broken kite, wobbling as he fell heavily.

Xiao Chen, who was covered in the many trees, gently twisted his body and slid out like water. The roots wanted to grasp him firmly but failed.

When Xiao Chen slipped free, the vast mountain-like trees in the air exploded and were reduced to ashes after losing the vast lifeforce from his body.

Xiao Chen floated down and walked over to the front. The skinny, old man was already incredibly weak.

Although wounds covered the old man’s body, he still laughed maniacally. “Xiao Chen, it’s over for you. You can turn your head back to look…turn your head back to look, and you will know what despair is!”

The five Yan Imperial Swords above Wang Yan’s altar burst out with resplendent sword lights.

The boundless sword move covered the entire altar. The Heavenly Book Scholar, Hao Kai, and Senior Feng showed incredibly unsightly expressions.

Now, it was no longer a matter of whether they could block the peak strike from the five princes using their Yan Imperial Swords.

Even if they blocked it, the resulting shock wave might destroy the altar.

Wang Yan, who was in the eye of the storm, would die for sure.

Qin Zhuolin controlled the colossal lava beasts below the altar and fought with the five princes’ guests. He showed rage on his face, feeling helpless. Despite wanting to help, he could not free himself to do so.

On the other side, the Demon Blood Vulture cried out miserably, its belly stuck to the ground.

It tried its best to flap its wings and fly. However, the moment it kicked up some wind, it felt so much pain that it screeched loudly, unable to fly.

A black ball in its body felt as heavy as a star, anchoring it to the ground.

Mister Lu held his hands behind him as he stood upright in the air. He laughed maniacally and said, “After swallowing my Prison Star Pearl, you will have to remain lying down, no matter how horrifying you are.”

At the front lines, Xiao Suo and Wu Meng were deep within the ferocious beast wave. At this moment, Qin Zhuolin, who was supposed to send the colossal lava beasts to reinforce them, got delayed by others.

The two suffered unspeakable misery, bitterly holding on as danger surrounded them.



“It’s over for the Ninth Prince!” The many powerhouses in the palace in the sky sighed when they saw the scene on the huge screen.

Although this development was somewhat sad, it was to be expected. How could there be a chance after being targeted by five princes at the same time?

Such a result was just a matter of time.

“Something’s wrong! Look!”


Just at this moment, something strange happened. A saber light had flown over at some point. Everywhere the saber light passed, the sky was like a piece of cloth neatly sliced in half.

“Ka ca!”

The strange thing happened in an instant. Before anyone could see where the saber light came from, it chopped the five princes with surging momentum above the altar in half at the waist.

The peak strike launched with five Yan Imperial Swords immediately crumbled, scattering like fireworks in the air.

“Go in peace.”

Xiao Chen took one step forward in the air and sheathed Heavenly Slayer. His tall and erect body looked like a lone peak. The instant he sheathed Heavenly Slayer, he stabbed the tip of the scabbard at the skinny, old man at lightning speed.

Despair appeared on the debilitated, skinny, old man’s face as he muttered, “Turn around...Turn around…”

“Sorry, I do not have a habit of turning around.”


Heavenly Slayer landed together with its scabbard, crushing the skinny, old man into powder and shattering his Divine Seal.

Even at death, the skinny, old man did not get to see Xiao Chen turn around.

He did not understand that when Heavenly Slayer was drawn, there was no need to turn around.