Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2321 Raw 2428 : Everything Clear and in Good Order

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Chapter 2321 Raw 2428 : Everything Clear and in Good Order

The eight altars in the core region were built on the ancient Dragon Veins of the Yanwu Dynasty.

The dynasty’s Dragon Veins were vast, dense, and ancient.

The various princes needed to inlay the seal of their Great Dao into the Dragon Vein. Eventually, their Yan Imperial Swords would become unique, becoming the true holy swords of the dynasty.

Wang Yan looked at the Yan Imperial Sword in the blazing sacred flames before turning to the rest and saying, “I’m going in. I’ll leave the ferocious beast waves to everyone.”

Xiao Chen and the others watched as Wang Yan leaped up and entered the sacred flame. Then, he sat down cross-legged.

The refinement started officially. Only the princes understood the danger they faced.

No one knew whether the princes could succeed or not. However, if the guests could not block the ferocious beast waves, their prince would definitely fail.


When Wang Yan entered the sacred flame to refine the Yan Imperial Sword, the altar underfoot started shaking. Auspicious Signs fell like snow from the sky, landed on the ground, and turned into a gentle warmth in Xiao Chen’s and the others’ bodies, feeling very comfortable.

Xiao Chen carefully observed the effects of the Auspicious Signs that came from the dynasty’s Dragon Vein. He felt some minute changes in his Divine Energy.

To think that there are such benefits. With sufficient Auspicious Signs, I can thoroughly consolidate my initiate 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor cultivation, Xiao Chen thought joyfully as surprise flashed on his face.

Everyone knew that after one broke through a bottleneck, one needed to stabilize one’s cultivation for some time instead of blindly raising it further.

The falling Auspicious Signs nourished the body and purified Divine Energy. Their effects were extraordinary and could help Xiao Chen save on this time.


Just as the group marveled at this, the ground shook. A mass of black figures appeared in the distance; it was an endless, flood-like wave of ferocious beasts.

Qin Zhuolin thought for a while, then said, “I understand now. These ferocious beasts are here for the Auspicious Signs as well. The further the prince is in the refining, the stronger the effects of the Auspicious Signs. At that time, it will attract stronger ferocious beasts.”

The blazing auras of the ferocious beasts put great pressure on everyone from afar.

Under the pressure, the tall altar shook. The vast horde of ferocious beasts came on with a surging momentum.

The Heavenly Book Scholar looked around with a grim expression. Then, he suggested softly, “Brother Qin, you are skilled with the Dragon Seeking Arts, able to read the Luck of the mountains and rivers. How about we leave commanding the colossal lava beasts to you?”

Qin Zhuolin smiled faintly and replied, “Not a problem, I was thinking the same thing.”

“Senior Feng, Senior Hao Kai, the two of you are 6-Vein Sovereign Emperors. Would you remain to defend the Ninth Prince, preventing other guests from coming to sneak-attack him? The moment something happens to His Highness, it will be over for us.”

Naturally, Senior Feng and Hao Kai did not reject the suggestion, agreeing without hesitation.

“Brother Xiao Suo, you wield the Scarlet Blood War Banner. I’m afraid I will have to leave the job of charging and breaking through the enemy lines to you and Brother Wu Meng.”

“Not a problem.”

Xiao Suo grinned as he soared into the air with Wu Meng, jumping off the altar and charging towards the multitude of ferocious beasts.

The Heavenly Book Scholar made clear and orderly arrangements, dealing with every aspect. Then, he finally looked at Xiao Chen and requested with some uncertainty, “Xiao Chen, would you pass me the tyrant emperor’s commander tally to use?”

The tyrant emperor’s commander tally was a supreme treasure containing one million Yin Soldiers, a powerful killing weapon.

It would be hard to get an ordinary person to hand it over. If Xiao Chen were unwilling…


Just as the Heavenly Book Scholar considered how he should persuade Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen directly handed the tyrant emperor’s commander tally to him.

Since the Heavenly Book Scholar seemed to have a good grasp of the overall situation, Xiao Chen felt more confident. Then, he asked directly, “What should I do?”

On the other hand, the Heavenly Book Scholar was stunned for a moment. Then, he smiled after receiving the tyrant emperor’s commander tally. “Many thanks for your trust. Xiao Chen, you are the strongest among us. I hope that you will patrol the surroundings and wait for an opportunity to act. I’ll leave the hard work of killing beast kings and forcing back the other princes to you.”

“That’s fine with me.”

Xiao Chen pushed off gently with his feet and leaped up, turning into a streak of purple light. The Demon Blood Vulture swooped beneath him and caught him as he began falling.

Now, only Hao Kai, Senior Feng, Qin Zhuolin, and the Heavenly Book Scholar remained on the altar.

“Brother Qin, these colossal lava beasts contain vast Dragon Essence in their bodies. If you can get the dynasty’s Luck to support them, their strength can increase to another level,” the Heavenly Book Scholar told Qin Zhuolin as he tightly grasped the tyrant emperor’s commander tally.

“Is that so? I’ll give it a try…”

Qin Zhuolin pointed casually and murmured, “Drawing the Earth as a Dragon.”


Dragon Qi immediately erupted out from the ground below, where two-hundred-odd colossal lava beasts stood. When supported by this Dragon Qi, the lava beasts’ bodies gave off crunching sounds. Then, their vast bodies steadily shrank at a visible speed.

After a while, they had shrunk by half. However, their auras doubled in strength, feeling incredibly shocking.

Qin Zhuolin laughed, “It really is effective.”

The Heavenly Book Scholar did not appear surprised. He looked to the front and said, “They are coming.”

Xiao Suo and Wu Meng looked at the relentlessly approaching ferocious beasts from the very front. The shock in their hearts was indescribable.

More than one thousand ferocious beasts as strong as 1-Vein Sovereign Emperors charged over. The world turned dark in the face of the ferocious beasts.

The ferocious beasts appeared in all shapes and sizes. They also possessed different attributes.

Some had surging flames all over their bodies. Some had fur that looked like snow, giving off an icy chill. Some hid in the ground and slowly dug their way forward.

These ferocious beasts were as strong as Sovereign Emperors. However, they were just ferocious beasts, after all.

A human cultivator could easily chop down ferocious beasts with the same level of strength. Ferocious beasts were far inferior to humans in terms of intelligence, Martial Techniques, experience, schemes, and comprehension and usage of the Great Dao.

However, after the ferocious beasts reached a certain number, their numerical superiority could offset these weaknesses.

“Arise! Scarlet Blood Battle Hunger!” Xiao Suo roared as he bravely brandished the scarlet banner in his hand.

A blood-like banner flapped in the wind, looking like waves.

As the banner moved, the entire sky turned into a continuously surging blood sea.

Wu Meng felt startled, somewhat horrified by the battle hunger in the Scarlet Blood War Banner. No wonder the Heavenly Book Scholar dared to send Xiao Suo out here.

With Xiao Suo menacing the ferocious beasts, at least half of them would be daunted and would not charge over.

Xiao Suo tightly grasped the war banner, and a towering, bloody figure appeared behind him, also holding a war banner.


The Scarlet Blood War Banner headed for the surging ferocious beast wave. When Xiao Suo swung it, strong winds howled together with blood waves, sending the ferocious beasts at the front flying and crashing into other ferocious beasts and shattering many of them. Blood filled the place.

The startling strike from the Scarlet Blood War Banner disrupted the ferocious beast wave radiating a surging killing Qi. At least dozens of ferocious beasts got crushed in an instant. The most important thing was that the unparalleled momentum of these ferocious beasts dissipated.


Xiao Suo and Wu Meng exchanged glances. Then, killing Qi erupted from them amid maniacal laughter as they directly charged over.

Xiao Chen, who circled in the air, glanced at the ferocious beast wave before withdrawing his gaze.

The first wave of ferocious beasts did not have any beast kings; they were all ordinary ferocious beasts.

Given Xiao Suo and Wu Meng’s strength, even if they entered deep into the ferocious beast wave, they would not get trapped there. They could easily extricate themselves at any time.


The two blocked hundreds of ferocious beasts. The remaining ferocious beasts continued heading for the altar like a wave.

However, there was no semblance of a formation, and their momentum was broken. They just looked like a mob of ragtag soldiers.

“It is my turn.”

Qin Zhuolin smiled and pointed to the front.


The shrunken lava beasts suddenly stood up and released startling auras.

“Roar!” The half-size lava beasts bellowed endlessly.

The flames on their bodies erupted with resplendent light, burning the sky. Countless blazing stones fell from the sky like meteors.

Under Qin Zhuolin’s command, the evolved colossal lava beasts rushed forward, charging towards the ferocious beasts that wanted to destroy the altar.

The sacred flames burned endlessly on the tall altar as Wang Yan sat within them.

The black aura of massacre shrouded Wang Yan as he showed an uncertain expression. It was not easy to place the mark of massacre on the dynasty’s Dragon Vein.

Hao Kai and Senior Feng stood to the left and right, cautiously scanning the surroundings.

A flash of scarlet flames continuously circled the altar in the sky.

The defenses around the altar were orderly and tight.

This made the princes that had gathered in secret curse. They could not find any openings in this battle formation.