Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2319 Raw 2426 : Your Words Do Not Coun

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Chapter 2319 Raw 2426 : Your Words Do Not Coun

“Forfeit or die!”

Xiao Chen’s words were filled with murderous intent. When he drew his Tyrant Saber by one centimeter, he shattered the Second Prince’s mental defenses and made the Second Prince’s mind collapse.

“Thud! Thud! Thud!”

The light seared the Second Prince’s eyes, making him feel a fiery pain. Blood leaked out of his mouth as he staggered a few steps back.

Then, the Second Prince stumbled and nearly toppled over. Enduring the huge pressure, the other princes stepped forward to support him.

“Second Elder Brother!”

“What’s wrong?”

Covering his eyes with his hand, the Second Prince said, “You all should leave; don’t bother with me.”

“Let’s leave together. We still have a chance.”

Is there still a chance?

The Second Prince grieved in his heart. He told the other princes to go, but he did not leave. It was not that he could not but that he dared not.

This was because Xiao Chen did not permit the Second Prince to go. He only gave the Second Prince two choices: die or forfeit.

If the Second Prince did not want to die, he could only forfeit.

The Second Prince had no other choice. After pushing away the other princes, he shouted, “I told you all to leave. Don’t bother with me. I forfeit!”

As soon as the Second Prince declared his forfeiture, his figure faded slowly until it vanished. The imperial ancestral temple patriarchs had sent him out.


Ten guests left with the Second Prince. The pressure on Wu Meng and the others protecting Wang Yan decreased immediately.


Xiao Chen sheathed his saber and looked around. Then, he fixed his gaze on the two princes who followed the Second Prince.

“Go! Go! Go!”

These two princes’ hearts pounded heavily as a chill spread throughout their bodies, making them feel strangely horrified.

The two princes quickly called their guests and left this place.

Xiao Chen ignored the princes who left. He turned around and looked at the other side.

The Demon Blood Vulture alone suppressed the four princes led by the Fifteenth Prince.

Most of these princes’ guests had flown into the air to attack Wang Yan. Not many of them remained on the ground. The Demon Blood Vulture looked like a burning Blood Phoenix, dyeing the sky scarlet. When it flapped its wings, it kicked up a blood rain and a foul wind.

The blood rain had a venomous and corrosive nature, and the wind contained a Yin-attributed fire. If one carelessly came in contact with the wind or rain, one could end up covered in wounds.


Suddenly, the Demon Blood Vulture opened its beak, and a horrifying suction appeared.


A strong wind blew, and the boundless suction pulled these people toward the Demon Blood Vulture’s maw.

The four princes drew their Yan Imperial Swords with unsightly expressions. They tried to resist but failed even after arduous effort. Their bodies slowly rose toward the Demon Blood Vulture.

While in the Yanwu Dynasty’s territories, the Yan Imperial Swords in the princes’ hands could provide them with boundless combat prowess.

This effect was several times stronger in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

However, the situation did not improve after the princes drew their Yan Imperial Swords. This showed how horrifying the Demon Blood Vulture’s strength became after its transformation in the cocoon.

When the Demon Blood Vulture saw that it still had not swallowed up the princes, it got impatient, and scarlet flames erupted on its body.

The Demon Blood Vulture’s body swelled at a visible pace. When it spread its wings out, it plunged the surrounding five thousand kilometers into darkness.

Phoenix Flame Burning the Plains!

After that, the Demon Blood Vulture suddenly turned into intense flames and charged over. Flames instantly covered the ground, appearing as vast as a sea with howling waves.

Without exception, all four princes fell screaming into the flame sea.

“Your Highness!”

When the guests attacking Wang Yan saw the situation, it startled them. They had to stop blocking Wang Yan’s path to the altar and turn around to rescue their princes.

Wang Yan, who had been slowly approaching the altar step by step, no longer faced any resistance. He leaped into the air and ascended the altar.

Wu Meng and the others released their bated breaths, revealing joy on their faces. When they blocked the forty-odd Sovereign Emperors earlier, the situation had been very dangerous. Fortunately, they pulled through.


At a mound far away from the altar:

The Seventh Prince’s group excitedly observed everything that happened in the battle.

When Wang Xu saw that Xiao Chen alone had scared away the other princes, he frowned slightly. “This Xiao Chen is somewhat…terrifying. No wonder he managed to wreck First Brother’s wedding. We cannot underestimate him.”

The skinny, old man at the side laughed coldly, “Haha! No matter how difficult he is to deal with, he is just a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor in the end. There is no need for Your Highness to worry.”

Wang Xu nodded and said, “Naturally, I know that. How can this prince be a piece of trash like Second Brother, pressed to the point where he forfeited before even drawing his sword?”

“Seventh Prince, look over there!”

Wang Xu looked over, and his expression appeared slightly startled. The Demon Blood Vulture’s strength shocked him.

“What demonic pet is this?”

The skinny, old man narrowed his eyes. After a while, he said, “A Demon Blood Vulture, it should be a Demon Blood Vulture. Furthermore, it is one with a mutated bloodline. A Demon Blood Vulture undergoing reversion, this is interesting.”

Greed flashed in Wang Xu’s eyes. He said, “Demon Blood Vultures are rare as it is; one with a mutated bloodline is even rarer. It would be incredible if it were in my hands. Come, charge over with me. Ninth Brother is about to reach the top. Hahaha!”

It looked like Wang Yan would soon surmount the altar.

Impatient from the wait, Wang Xu guffawed as he prepared to charge over. He wanted to take advantage of the time when Wu Meng, Hao Kai, and the others had just finished a battle to get the upper hand, not giving them a chance to rest.


The group had just leaped off the mound and were about to take action when a strong wind containing boundless saber intent surged over.

The wind swept up the sand and blew right in the faces of Wang Xu’s group, sending their clothes flapping and preventing them from opening their eyes.

“What the heck?!”

Wang Xu squinted at the front and saw a blurry figure slowly walk out of the sand cloud and wind.

That figure slowly turned distinct amid the swirling sand.

Wang Xu saw a familiar set of silver armor with dragon motifs. That figure possessed delicate facial features that looked sharply defined, radiating a sharpness from his face. From just one look, this person’s tyrannical air surged over like a slap in the face.

Who else could this be but Xiao Chen?

“How arrogant!” someone among the Seventh Prince’s guests shouted. That person used his Emperor Might to force back the wind and sand cloud.

Xiao Chen, who wore the Alloy Dragon Armor, smiled, not showing any care.

He just let the strong wind blow on him, his long hair fluttering in the wind. He exuded a sense of calm and indifference.

Wang Xu showed a gloomy expression as he said coldly, “Xiao Chen, you don’t think that I am a piece of trash like my Second Brother, to be scared into forfeiting before you even send out a saber strike, do you?”

Xiao Chen replied softly, “Naturally not. I managed to scare the Second Prince mainly because his guests were not by his side. The Seventh Prince is currently surrounded by your guests, so naturally, you are confident.”

The moment Xiao Chen said that, irrepressible rage surged in Wang Xu’s heart.

Wang Xu was a smart person. He immediately understood what Xiao Chen meant.

Xiao Chen was saying that Wang Xu was a piece of trash like the Second Prince; Wang Xu just had more guests by his side.

The skinny, old man smiled faintly. He patted the Seventh Prince’s shoulder and said, “Seventh Prince, there is no need to be angry. Leave this fellow to me. You all go quickly and attack the altar. He is delaying so that the Ninth Prince’s guests can recover their strength.

“Hehe! Trying to play tricks before me. Young man, you are too inexperienced!”

Wang Xu felt startled upon hearing that; this fellow nearly angered him into irrationality. This was the best opportunity to attack the Ninth Prince’s altar. There was no time to waste on nonsense with Xiao Chen.

“Humph! Let’s go. There’s no need to bother with him.”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Ten people soared into the air, intending to fly over Xiao Chen and charge to the Ninth Prince’s altar.

Xiao Chen closed his eyes, remaining calm.

Sixth-layer Thunder Dao Domain!

Fourth-layer Ice Dao Domain!

Third-layer Saber Dao Domain!

The three Dao Domains layered on Xiao Chen’s body. The pure Dao Might on his body even surpassed that of a small world materialized by a tenth-layer Dao Domain.

Then, he opened his eyes and drew his saber.

As Xiao Chen released a Dao Might that surpassed that of a tenth-layer Dao Domain, his Tyrant Saber erupted with a boundless saber intent that surged up and covered the sky.

When Xiao Chen sent out his saber strike, it seemed to become one with heaven. The guests who were about to fly over him all grunted as though receiving heavy blows. Blood leaked out of their mouths as the boundless saber intent descending from the sky severely injured them, sending them plunging to the ground at lightning speed.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

This saber strike forced back nine Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors along with the Seventh Prince.

With the Dao Might that surpassed that of a tenth-layer Dao Domain, the Alloy-Dragon-Armor-clad Xiao Chen was like the Dragon God descending upon the world, ruling over everything.

Xiao Chen held his saber horizontally as he looked straight at the skinny, old man. He said indifferently, “I did not agree to let them go over. Your words do not count; mine do.”