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Chapter 2317 Raw 2424 : Altars

“Let’s go!”

The Ninth Prince Wang Yan and his guests left Black Wind Ridge and headed for the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb’s core region.

At the same time, the other princes also made their final preparations and headed over.

After slaughtering ferocious beasts for thirty days, the Fourth Prince Wang Yun appeared excited. To think that he really managed to survive the first round.

The strength of his guests was below average among the many princes. His overt forces were much weaker than the Ninth Prince Wang Yan’s.

“Mister Yuan, thank you very much,” Wang Yun said as he looked at the hooded Yuan Zhen.

“You are too polite.”

A hoarse voice came from Yuan Zhen, saying calmly, “This is very normal. The other princes focused on fighting for inheritances and would suffer losses. While the opportunities are great, the risks are great as well. We have been killing ferocious beasts from the start. As long as we could last to the end, clearing the first round was guaranteed. Your Highness, there is no need to be overly shocked.”

This fellow…

The Fourth Prince and his other guests felt that this Yuan Zhen was overly calm. As he spoke, he exuded a faint pride that upset everyone somewhat.

However, Wang Yun did not care about what the others thought. He asked, “Mister Yuan, are we going to fight in the second round? I feel that we do not have much of a chance. I am already quite happy with clearing the first round. When we leave the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, I will definitely reward everyone.”

By surviving the first round, the Fourth Prince would be conferred a higher noble rank than the princes who left earlier. He never dared to imagine such benefits previously.

“Many thanks, Fourth Prince.” The other guests all performed cupped-fist salutes and expressed their gratitude. Honestly speaking, even though they did not seek out inheritances in this round, they had killed many ferocious beasts. These ferocious beasts contained Dragon Essence, and their entire bodies were treasures.

After killing ferocious beasts for thirty days, they had accumulated vast wealth from the ferocious beast materials.

Furthermore, the Fourth Prince promised them a reward, so this trip was already worth it.

However, Yuan Zhen laughed coldly, “Why not fight? Our chances are infinitely large in this round. While we had to be careful in the first round, there is no need to worry during the second round. Just wait. Soon, the other princes will come to seek out Your Highness to discuss cooperation.”

“Why is that?” Wang Yun asked, feeling puzzled and showing a confused expression.

Yuan Zhen explained, “During the first round, the other princes probably suffered some casualties to their guests. Some of the ambitious but average-strength princes will seek out other princes to help them. They will promise the other princes benefits and then kick them away after they get what they want.

“However, Fourth Prince, all of your guests are fully intact. Furthermore, you are known to be weak. Everyone feels that they can control you without fear of you doing anything. With such temptation, I don’t believe they won’t seek you out.”

The Fourth Prince’s expression turned slightly unsightly after Yuan Zhen spoke these words, not really believing Yuan Zhen’s explanation.

Suddenly, Wang Yun showed a strange expression as he looked at Yuan Zhen in disbelief. “Just now, the Third Prince, the Eighteenth Prince, and the Seventeenth Prince all sent me voice projections, wanting me to join their teams. They promised me some benefits and sounded extremely sincere.”


Yuan Zhen guffawed under his hood. He said after some thought, “Just follow whoever promises you the most benefit. Usually, such people are the least trustworthy. You should just agree for now. When he thinks that he has you fully under his control, deal him a fatal blow and kick him away.

“These people all think that you are an easy target. However, you are not weak at all in reality. Killing ferocious beasts in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb is actually the most stable way to grow stronger. The more one fights under the spatial pressure, the more one acclimatizes to the spatial pressure here, and the stronger one’s combat prowess will be.”

The eyes of the other Fourth Prince’s guests immediately lit up. Now, they saw Yuan Zhen in a new light.

Wang Yun appeared somewhat gloomy. Then, his expression changed. “Alright, I’ll listen to Mister Yuan. Since they want to treat me as a stepping stone, there is no need to be polite with them. I’ll do that, then.”

Yuan Zhen’s lips curled up under the hood in a strange smile that the others could not see.

There were eight mysterious altars scattered about in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb’s core region.

The altars were several hundred meters tall, looking like small mounds. Ancient talisman scripts were carved all over them, with the Yan Emperor’s sacred flame lingering in the center of each altar, endlessly burning as they awaited the successors’ arrival.

However, it was not easy to approach an altar. Colossal lava beasts guarded the surroundings.

If one wanted to use an altar, one had to defeat the lava beasts.

The strongest First Prince had already rushed over long ago and was currently embroiled in an intense battle.

The flames on the altar burned fiercely. Occasionally, colossal lava beasts leaped out of the flames, seemingly endless.

The First Prince stood at the back, calmly watching his guests block these colossal lava beasts that had the strength of Sovereign Emperors.

A careful look would discover that the First Prince’s guests did not use their full power. They only dealt with these colossal lava beasts casually, showing no intention to kill them.

“Your Highness, it is more or less sufficient.

Zuo Yu, the royal guards’ commander beside Wang Fei, said when he saw that close to five hundred colossal lava beasts had already accumulated.

As long as one did not kill the colossal lava beasts after they jumped off the altar, the colossal lava beasts would help one guard the altar after one occupied it, blocking the ferocious beast waves.

If one climbed the altar earlier, the number of colossal lava beasts one could use would be less.

Of course, only the princes with stronger accumulations could use such a move. The other princes would not dare deal with so many colossal lava beasts at the same time.

Wang Yan’s expression did not change as he looked at the evil-eyed, half-face-masked man not far away. Then, he asked softly, “Lord Xi, what do you think?”

Xi smiled faintly and replied quietly, “We can add another one hundred more. We can’t manage any more than that.”

Just at this moment, the Eighth Prince Wang Feng led Dao Yan and his other guests over to the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb’s core region.

Wang Feng looked around and saw the First Prince’s group fighting the colossal lava beasts.

“First Brother is really fast.”

Dao Yan withdrew his gaze. A vicious look flashed in his eyes as he suggested, “Your Highness, this might be an opportunity. Only two guests are guarding the First Prince; the others are fighting the lava beasts. The others won’t be able to pull themselves out of the fight quickly. If you are willing to take risks, we can take this opportunity to kill the First Prince in a lightning-quick strike, completely eradicating your greatest potential problem.”

This was indeed a crazy plan. However, if it succeeded, the First Prince would be eliminated during the second round. This was indeed an excellent opportunity.

However, there were many uncertainties; the risk was high.

Wang Feng’s heart pounded heavily. He calmed himself from the excitement of this great temptation only after a long time. Then, he replied seriously, “There is no need to take such a risk. We should proceed with this round in a stable manner. There are still seven altars; we can just casually pick one.”

Dao Yan appeared somewhat disappointed when he heard that. However, he did not say anything more.

“I’m afraid we have to stop now. Your Highness, please climb the altar now,” Xi said softly with a slight frown.

Wang Fei asked in confusion, “Why?”

Zuo Yu glanced at the Eighth Prince’s group and explained after some thought, “Lord Xi is worried that the Eighth Prince might charge over and surround the three of us while the other guests are occupied and unable to come and help. In that case, we cannot guarantee Your Highness’s safety.”

Xi raised his eyebrows and smiled mysteriously as he looked at Zuo Yu. A look of admiration flashed in his eyes.

Wang Fei thought for a while. Indeed, Zuo Yu and Xi will have no problem protecting themselves when surrounded. However, the same is hard to say for myself.

“Climb the altar.”


Wang Fei soared into the air, flying over the many colossal lava beasts to get to the altar. The lava beasts continuously leaped up, trying to block him.

The Black Lotus Sect Venerate, the Azure Lotus Holy Daughter, and the mysterious man clad in bloody shadows blocked all these lava beasts, ensuring a clear path for Wang Fei.

Just as Wang Fei was about to reach the altar, he drew his Yan Imperial Sword, unleashing a dazzlingly resplendent sword light.

The sacred flame burned endlessly, sending out powerful heatwaves that cast a red glow on Wang Fei’s face. His expression looked somewhat crazed.

The crown prince position is mine!

Wang Fei gave a war cry as he stabbed the Yan Imperial Sword into the fierce flames.

A holy light shot out from the altar, instantly piercing through the clouds and entering the starry sky, forming a resplendent light pillar that connected the ground to the sky.

A dragon image soared in the light pillar. Its roars spread into the surroundings.

The previously incredibly fierce, colossal lava beasts below the altar knelt obediently after hearing the dragon roar.

Xi, Zuo Yu, and the others stepped on the kneeling lava beasts as they headed for the altar step by step.

When the other princes saw the light pillar from afar, their expressions flickered. Their footsteps quickened significantly.