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Chapter 2315 Raw 2422 : Deal

A face appeared in the strange open pit—a face belonging to Chu Chaoyun, whom Xiao Chen knew.

Just as Xiao Chen felt puzzled, Chu Chaoyun broke out of the ground and flew towards him.


Xiao Chen pushed off the ground and moved back a step. Then, he sized up the dirt-covered Chu Chaoyun. Finding it strange, he asked, “Who pursued you until you ended up in such a miserable state, having to bury yourself in the ground like a dead man?”

Without a doubt, the person before Xiao Chen was Chu Chaoyun.

Were it not Chu Chaoyun, there would be no way to explain who could give step by step directions to Xiao Chen.

Furthermore, given Chu Chaoyun’s state, he clearly had been significantly injured and had yet to recover.

It could be concluded that Chu Chaoyun received significant injuries in a fight, which prompted him to hide here. Or perhaps, he had gained the inheritance of this place before Xiao Chen discovered him.

Xiao Chen felt that his guess should be close.

Chu Chaoyun did not deny anything. After some thought, he said, “I got you to come because I have something to tell you. You have to be careful of a certain person.”


“The Xuewu Dynasty’s First Prince, Xi!”

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows, then asked softly, “Are you talking about that black-clad person wearing the half-face mask by the First Prince’s side?”

“Yes. I have been investigating him under the orders of the Universe Origin Sect for a long time already. I discovered some clues at the Abyssal Underworld previously, and the situation is not good.”

“What do you mean?”

Chu Chaoyun closed his eyes and thought for a while before opening them again. Then, he said, “You should know about the great war between righteous and demonic that happened one hundred thousand years ago, right? The Black Dragon King unified the Abyssal Underworld’s nine layers, broke the World Tree, and destroyed the Heavenly Realm. Henceforth, there were no more new True Gods in the world.”

“I know that. Everyone in the Great Thousand Realms should know that. So…what are you trying to say?”

Xiao Chen revealed a suspicious expression. He had heard this many times before and learned about it many years ago.

“During that battle, many True Gods fell. The Heaven Bridging Peak shattered, and the World Tree broke. The Martial Epoch already came to an end. However, one person defeated the Black Dragon King and forcibly rescued the Martial Epoch from the calamity, resulting in the Martial Epoch’s extension.”

Xiao Chen did not say anything. He knew that Chu Chaoyun referred to the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor. The Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor had used the Wings of Time Transcendent Grade Soul Tool to defeat the Black Dragon King.

He gestured to Chu Chaoyun to continue, not interrupting him.

“However, that is not what I want to talk about. The thing that I want to talk about has something to do with you.”

“Something to do with me?”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. What exactly does Chu Chaoyun want to say?

“The great war between righteous and demonic resulted in the eternal True Gods falling. From then on, no one could ever live forever and surpass reincarnation, becoming independent of the world. Those with ambition have guessed that the Martial Epoch will end and want to start a new epoch, becoming the new Epoch Master.”

Epoch Master!

Xiao Chen felt slightly stunned. This was not something new. The dragon spirit had told him this as well, wanting him to restore the Azure Dragon’s glory and establish a Divine Dragon Dynasty, starting a new epoch.

With these simple words, that dragon spirit meant that it wanted Xiao Chen to end the Martial Epoch and lead the Azure Dragon bloodline to rule the new epoch by becoming the new Epoch Master.

“Perhaps you don’t understand; let me explain it this way. You can treat the Martial Epoch as a dynasty. After the great war between righteous and demonic, the dynasty was already on its last legs. The various feudal lords are looking to take over and transition to a new regime.”

Chu Chaoyun said, “Then, your Azure Dragon bloodline’s Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun could no longer resist fifty thousand years ago.”

Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun!

Xiao Chen felt startled. He looked at the other party with some shock and said, “That is a great secret. Even if you are the Universe Origin Sect’s Holy Son, you should not know that.”

Chu Chaoyun smiled and said, “Don’t bother with how I know it first. How much do you know about this Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun?”

“I only know that after he showed his ambition, someone defeated him. Then, the Azure Dragon bloodline got destroyed, and the Golden Dragon bloodline ascended.” Xiao Chen spoke half-truths, anticipating what Chu Chaoyun could tell him.

Xiao Chen did not know much about Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun in the first place. The dragon spirit did not tell him much about this person.

“Aside from being the Dragon Race’s Dragon Emperor back then, he had another identity, the Palace Master of the Demonic Dao Hall.” Chu Chaoyun unhurriedly mentioned a piece of information that shocked Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled embarrassedly. “Tell me more. Let’s see what else you can tell me.”

“This is no longer important. The most important thing is that he nearly won. Unfortunately, he lost to that person. After so many years passed, no one showed the same strength and courage that Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun did. No one could overthrow this shaky dynasty and start a new epoch.”

Chu Chaoyun continued, “However, it is different now. The various super factions and Faux God experts sense the threat and pressure intensifying. Although they do not know the exact reason, most are not surprised, as the epochs do change to continue the cycle. The old epoch’s peak experts would fall with the old epoch, swept away with the dust of history, just like those True Gods.

“That time is fast approaching. Whether one is willing or not, the various super factions will make their choice. No one can avoid this impending calamity. The person who defeated Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun can only watch as this happens, unable to do anything.”

Xiao Chen narrowed his eyes. He said after some thought, “I roughly know why you know these secrets already.”

“Why?” Chu Chaoyun looked at Xiao Chen in interest.

“Because the Universe Origin Sect is ambitious and has placed its hopes on you, hoping that you will become the Epoch Heir and start the new epoch, preserving the Universe Origin Sect’s benefits in the new epoch. As for why you were investigating Xi, it must be because he is the hope of the Demonic Dao Hall…” Xiao Chen unhurriedly voiced his guess.

Now, Xiao Chen roughly understood that this Yanwu Dynasty’s succession race actually gathered all those qualified to become the Epoch Heir.

Chu Chaoyun said softly, “That is roughly it. Do you want to know who fought Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun?”

“There’s no need. I can guess. He is the Martial Epoch’s Epoch Master, who is also the Divine Master who manages the Faux God World. In reality, the five super factions of the Righteous Dao are his pawns. However, momentum has been established; the Martial Epoch will be destroyed. Hence, these pawns are no longer willing to be used.”

Xiao Chen added calmly, “Given that, the five Righteous Dao super factions are all partly responsible for the destruction of the Azure Dragon bloodline back then. Hence, the five Righteous Dao super factions worked together to make Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun’s matter a taboo.”

Shock flashed in Chu Chaoyun’s eyes. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen could connect everything so quickly.

It looks like I have somewhat underestimated him. Perhaps he also knows many secrets like I do.

“So, did you seek me out to work with me to deal with Xi?”

Chu Chaoyun nodded. “This person is too strong. Even more terrifyingly, he allied with the Abyssal Underworld’s group. The strong allied with the strong. I can’t think of anyone who can fight him. If the Ethereal Immortal Palace appears, the Wings of Time will probably end up with him.

“In the entire, vast Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, you are the only one that I trust who trusts me.”

If it were in the past, Xiao Chen would agree without hesitation if Chu Chaoyun said such things.

However, the situation was somewhat different now.

If Chu Chaoyun wanted to start the new epoch, there would be a fight between them.

Epochs rose and fell in an endless cycle.

The Martial Epoch was about to be crushed by the boundless momentum of fate. These people looked like proud sons of heaven, appearing like the blazing sun. However, in reality, they were just left without a choice, being pushed along with the flow to make a decision.

Following Xiao Chen’s silence, the atmosphere between the two turned somewhat strange.

Not even considering the long term but just the short term, if the Ethereal Immortal Palace appeared and they defeated Xi, would Chu Chaoyun let Xiao Chen have the Wings of Time?

“How did you get here?” Xiao Chen suddenly asked an unrelated question as he raised his head to look at Chu Chaoyun.

“Me? I came on my own, not following any prince. I roughly understand your thoughts. Business is business. Let’s not talk about friendship today then, only benefits. If you agree to help me, I will lend you a hand as well. This place is the tomb of a certain tyrant emperor of the Yanwu Dynasty. Before he died, he killed more than a million cultivators to make Yin Soldiers to accompany him in death…”

[TL Note: As a reminder, Yin Soldiers are something like refined ghost soldiers functioning like puppets.]

Chu Chaoyun added, “If you agree, I can give the commander tally to you, which will let you control these one million Yin Soldiers to aid the Ninth Prince in clearing the second round.”

Right after Chu Chaoyun spoke, a black metal token appeared and hovered above his palm.

This black token had a Great Desolate Eon ferocious beast carved on the obverse. It looked alive and shone with a scarlet light. A viscous inky substance covered the token, making it look even stranger.

Xiao Chen shifted his gaze from the token to Chu Chaoyun’s face. Then, a meaningful light flashed in his eyes.

Entering the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb without coming with a prince, avoiding the many imperial ancestral temple experts, how did Chu Chaoyun do it?

“What do you think?”


Xiao Chen reached out and grasped the tyrant emperor’s commander tally. Then, he turned and left.